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Witch Tips for City Witches

City Witch Tips for all of my fellow witches stuck in apartments, dorms or other city areas.

  • If you can’t burn incense you can make your own sprayable incense by mixing alcohol (usually vodka or rubbing) with essential oils and a bit of oil, spray in the air to act like incense
  • If you are unable to go outside for whatever reason to get rain water (in my case just no where to collect it safely), fill a jar or glass with regular water and keep it near a cracked window to charge it with the wind, sound and scent of the rain outside. Same goes for storm water
  • Trapped in city and unable to get ocean water? Sea salt mixed with rain/storm water can be an excellent substitute
  • To continue on with water substitutes, if you can’t collect snow crushed ice from your fridge will suffice
  • Low key warding/protection you can use: spray moon water, salt water or sprayable incense about your apartment or dorm, place sigils under doormats, furniture, inside cupboards, etc; place crystals about hidden or out in the open, sweep and dust out the door or towards windows
  • If you need melted wax to seal a jar or for any other magical purpose, but can’t burn candles, by a wax melter and melt that wax and imagine the light from the burner acting like a flame (plus they are rather cheap, I got mine for 25 bucks)
  • Need stars in your craft but too much light pollution? Glow in the dark stars on your ceiling or wall can work just as well for visualization. Print out pictures of your favorite constellations or planets and place them up on your walls or on your altar. Live video feed of the night sky can also be easily found on the internet
  • Bath magic is amazing for low-key ‘in the woods’ witches. Use teas, milk, oils, herbs, bath bombs, bubble baths, salts, etc that relate to your intent. It is also a good place to meditate if you have roommates or family around that would disturb you otherwise
  • If you do for whatever reason need to burn a candle, birthday candles are small, melt fast, and don’t create a lot of smoke or smokey scent
  • Sigils are another great low-key form of magic. To boost them up, use color magic related to the color you draw them in, write them using quills made of feathers related to your intent, use colored paper, rub a drop of essential oil on them, charge them with crystals or in your windowsill
  • You don’t have to burn sigils to activate them, which is hardly an option when you are in a dorm or apartment. Other options are: Shredding them, erasing them, soaking them in a bath or shower, using body heat or your own pulse, etc
  • Miss having the outdoors and plants around? Windowsill gardens can really help. Small plants you can consider keeping in your windowsill or counter-tops: succulents, cacti, bamboo, lemongrass, basic, rosemary, mint, rosemary, mosses, aloe, snake plant, pothos (and other vines), carrots, beets, shallots, lettuce, spinach, garlic, chives, parsley, oregano, thyme, and marigold
  • Open your window to let the wind and air from outside to help energize you and clear out negative energies inside
  • Fun places to put sigils: under furniture, carved into soap, onto shampoo/conditioner bottles, on your make up, inside phone cases, in shoes, under bandages, sewn into pillow cases and blankets, behind pictures in frames, underside of nail polish, carved into wax squares for your wax melter, keys and keychains, behind mirrors or in medicine cabinets, on bookmarks, on or in binders and pencil cases, on medicine bottles, and water bottles/travel mugs
  • Easy to make and dispose of poppets: carrot sticks (one of my personal favorites), apples or other fruit, clothe, paper, popsicle sticks, paper towels/napkins, toilet paper rolls, eggs, celery stocks, and cotton balls
  • The internet is an amazing thing. Need some sounds to help you focus or meditate? Easily look up the sounds of rain, storms, wind, ocean waves, jungles, forests, etc
  • Christmas lights are fun and great way to use discrete witchcraft. Select ones in the colors you wish for them to bring ie green for growth, yellow for inspiration, white for protection, purple for psychic abilities, etc. 
  • Some everyday things you can use for discrete witchcraft that don’t cost much at all or that you most likely already have: water, table salt, black pepper, paper, crayons/pencils/pens/markers, vinegar, milk, tea, highlighters, make up and beauty supplies, shampoo and conditioner, rubber bands, paperclips, thumbtacks, computer/phone/tablet, music/music player, playing cards, dice, air freshener, perfumes, toothpaste, rice, flour, sugar, honey, and all kitchen herbs and seasonings.
  • Can’t afford gemstones or crystals on college budget? Crackle and dyed quartz you can find super cheap at craftstores and online. I bought a whole bag for 4 bucks. Use them based on their colors and shapes. Can’t afford that but still want to use rocks in your craft? Find some rocks you like outside, again use their colors and shapes to determine their correspondences. Want to use them for a specific purpose? Paint sigils on them in the color that corresponds with what you want! Charge them in your windowsill or with your own energy and intent. There you go!
  • Pocket mirrors are cheap, easy to carry around and great for glamours and on the go magic. 
  • Seriously though, glamour spells are going to be a good option for you. use your make up, skin products, hair care products, brushes/combs, perfume, mirrors, toothbrush/toothepaste and intent. Good to do while you are getting ready for your day
  • Dream magic is another friend of the city witch! Use crystals, sigils, herbs, etc near your bed before you go to sleep, drink some chamomile, get yourself a dream journal (mine is literally a notebook with construction paper on it), keep it and a pen near you. In the morning write down your dreams, your thoughts, how you feel (tired, refreshed, groggy, etc), and interpret them. 
  • Can’t afford tarot cards? Print out some, you can usually find them online and they won’t last as long as a real deck but it is a good temporary solution. Want a Ouija board but can’t keep one or need it to be easily hidden? Print one out, draw on one on paper or cardboard, fold it up and store it once you are done. Want a pendulum but can’t afford one? Use your favorite necklace, bracelet or keychain!
  • Tea and coffee magic is great, make your own tea blends with the herbs you like. Or just buy simple green or black tea and add sugar, milk, etc depending on your intentions
  • As I said before, crock pot magic. The Modern Cauldron: brew and cook all day with it, fill your apartment with the scent of the herbs and food to fill it with the energies they correspond with and you get a delicious meal to come home to! Most dorms allow them. Rice cookers also work well.
  • Can’t afford fresh food? Have to survive on ramen, canned soup, and microwaved meals? That is okay! They even correspond with things! Tomato soup for love, beauty and passion. Beef ramen noodles for strength, courage and longevity. Microwave mac n cheese for beauty and feminity. Look at their ingredients and what they correspond with. Sure its not as glamorous as a making a huge made by scratch traditional meal but its kitchen magic none the less. Stir it with your intent while you cook. It isn’t fancy but it works just as well!
  • Use a notebook or binder for a nice grimoire, decorate it as much as you want on the inside. Print out pictures of nature, animals, planets, stars, places, crystals, etc that you cant’ access/afford and use them in your craft. Spell books and grimoires are powerful tools
  • Don’t have a wand? Use a wooden spoon. Tie a colored string or ribbon to it to correspond with what energy you want it to have and move and flick it as you would a wand. 
  • Knitting, crocheting, and knot magic is very apartment friendly. As well as sewing and embroidering plus it is super calming.
  • Glitter, sequins, and beads are great in witchcraft! Use their colors to determine their correspondences. Put them in spell jars, sachets, bottles, etc. Glitter tip: if you spill any don’t fret, get some packing tape, wrap it around your hand with the sticky part outwards and dab at that glitter spill. You will literally pick up all of the glitter in seconds!
  • Enchant and charge your pots, pans, skillets, and other cookware to make every meal magical
  • Make moonwater in your windowsills. Use it for cleansing, beauty, divination, clarity, protection and purification
  • Take walks. Even if it is a city there is still nature about. Pigeons flying about, potted flowers outside of stores, grass growing in front lawns, etc. Enjoy yourself, even if it is not some wild, vast forest you can still connect with your local nature.
  • Pick up litter or garbage you see outside, being in the city we all see it. The natural world around you will appreciate you helping out. Bring a bag with you when you take your walks or travel and fill it with wrappers you see on the ground.

I hope this was helpful to all of my fellow city and dorm witches!

Bed magick (for my spoonie witches):

The setup:
🌟-Sigils placed under your mattress for pain-free rest and anything else you need!
🌟-Place crystals under your pillow (or in the case) for restful sleep or a specific use. I often place amethyst and Quartz under my pillow for headaches!
🌟-Hang herb sachets above your bed.
🌟-Keep any supplies you want nearby in case you become bedridden.

Bedridden witchy things:
🌸-Play with spare bits of energy in the room.
🌸-Listen to music that makes you feel witchy/powerful.
🌸-Wash your face with a pre-prepared cleansing spray (add herbs and such).
🌸-If possible, open a window for at least five minutes and soak in the sensations of the outside world.
🌸-Read a witchy book/write in your grimoire.
🌸-Hold your crystals or keep them near you.
🌸-Washing your sheets/blankets/pillow case = the ultimate cleanse.
🌸-Meditate and work on breathing.
🌸-Spend some time with your tarot cards or pendulum (you don’t have to use them though!).
🌸-Do some dream magick.
🌸-Drink some herbal tea.

Remember, your witchiness isn’t based on your ability to practice all the time. It’s perfectly acceptable to take as long as you need when you aren’t feeling great.

(This is okay for everyone to reblog and use btw.)
Bedroom Witch Tips

🌿Herb sachets hung above your bed (request herb sachet recipes from me if you’re interested).

🌿Hang Dry herbs upside down in your bedroom (Lavender helps for anxiety and depression… it is very calming or Mugwort for dreams. Mugwort is very invasive, you can find it growing everywhere).

🌿Herbs placed inside your pillow sheet (I place Mugwort leaves inside to active lucid dreams).

🌿Setup an Altar near your bed: add elements of earth, fire, water and air. You can also use your windowsill as an altar.

🌿Place Black Tourmaline under your bed: shields you energetically by taking the electromagnetic frequencies, and instead of absorbing them, tourmaline changes, redirects, cleanses, and purifies the energy. This is how it handles negativity, even energies of psychic attack too!

🌿Place Sigil writings or powders for protection and restful beauty sleep under your mattress.

🌿Keep a dream journal under your pillow! Dreams can help us get a glimpse into our subconscious and the more dreams you write the easier it becomes for you to remember them.

🌿Unless you are allergic, sleep with the window halfway open or cracked to let good energy move around and circulate in your room and keep skin hydrated during the night.

🌿Drink herbal tea before bed each night. (Request free herbal tea recipes from me if interested) Mugwort tea is great to have in the evening before bed to reach high levels of lucid dreaming

🌿Smoking Herbs before bed is great as well. I recommend this book for further reading: Smoke Plants Of North America by M.R. Ross. (Request free Smoke Blend recipes from me if interested). With reverence, Rosemary Milk 🌹

The Wiccan’s Glossary

Bay Leaf can be used to increase psychic awareness. 

Sleeping with Bay Leaves under your pillow can cause prophetic dreams. 

Burning it as incense can promote visions. 

Write a wish/question on your bay leaf & then burn it, conveying it to the spirit realm. If the leaf crackles & burns brightly then the outcome will be positive. If leaf refuses to burn or smokes, then the outcome is negative. 

Carry bay leaves to ward off evil.


HThyHerbal starters! (Please be aware of the fact I’m still very new to herbalism myself!)

Starter herbs; always remember to start with the simpler to grow, easier to use and cost effective herbs. They are just as brilliant as any other herbs!
- Lavender
- Oregano
- Chives
- Sage
- Thyme
- Basil
- Lemon Balm
- Mint

Starter books; the best way to learn and understand the varsity and intensity that herbalism has to offer you is to hit the books, go to your library and ask them if they have herbalism books the older the better. Read gardening books, and also go to farmers markets if you can they have heaps of cheap books that are packed with information.
-Rosemary Gladstar’s - A Beginners Guide to Herbal Medicine.
-Rosemary Gladstar’s - Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health.
-Paul Beyerl’s - The Master Book of Herbalism
(Although this one is very magickal as well)
-Simon Mills - Dictionary of Modern Herbalism
-The Royal Horticultural Society’s Encyclopedia of Herbs.
(This one’s great for herbalists who are gardening as well.)

Handy Hints: When beginning herbalism you may think you’ll have it mastered a lot sooner than you will but don’t stress because really it’s not a topic you can master. Just remember to always aim for further learning, read more books, do more trial and error, make more remedies and always stay positive about it. 

There are so many topics to learn; diagnosis, understanding the human body and how to treat it’s issues, understanding how to grow, harvest and store herbs, dosages, remedies etc. The best way to learn all this stuff is to just do it however you please. Don’t spend hours and days stuck on the one part of something. Just study all different topics and bits and pieces, it’s all about how you organize your informations. Keep a folder/book for each category. (Herbal properties and warnings book/folder, herbal remedy and dosage books, growing, harvesting and storing herb books.) This is an easy way to keep yourself interested and build a solid guideline that you can easily go back to whenever some information slips away! 



#Edible Forest Gardening 101

An “herb spiral” garden accommodates for the unique needs of most culinary herbs. Made of stone, cement, brick–or another material with a high heat capacity–the spiral-shaped structure functions to create a series of different microclimates and drainage conditions.

  • Herbs that prefer dry conditions are planted near the top, where drainage is the best (ie. Thyme).
  • Herbs and other plants that prefer hot conditions are planted near the walls, where they take advantage of radiating heat at night (ie. Rosemary).
  • Herbs that prefer sheltered conditions are planted lower on the structure, where they are sheltered from prevailing winds (ie. Dill).
  • Herbs that prefer cool conditions are planted low on the side of the structure that receives less sunlight (ie. Chervil)
  • Herbs that prefer wet conditions are planted near the base of the spiral, to where the water drains (ie. Mint).

Right now, my herb spiral contains this baffling array or plants:

Mint (Moroccan, Spearmint, Chocolate, Garden, Water), Thyme (Lemon, Lemon Variegated, Lavender, English), Sage/Salvia (Italian, Purple), Chives (Garden, Chinese, Garlic, and Round-Headed Leek) Curry Plant, Lavender, Rosemary, Tarragon, Oregano, Parsley, Dill, Chervil, Sorrel, Black Cumin, and Coriander.

DIY herb spiral (steps):

#herb spiral #DIY #permaculture #edible landscaping #raised beds #herbs

Fanfiction - Draco (Constellations Series)

Previous constellations


Witches all, to burn at the stake.

Amanda Byrne, drowned by an angry mob, didn’t transform into a bat and came flying over her house; but she was a beautiful young woman, with gentle eyes and gentler curves, so respectable men coveted her beyond boundaries of marriage and sense, bringing the wrath of scorned wives upon her. Alice Abbot never casted a spell to shrink a man’s cock, the very reason she was placed in the hangman’s noose; she was a clever girl and a sharp tongue to boot, so her betrothed’s member withered only by the force of her mocking words when he tried to force himself on her. Emma Chance didn’t produce a concoction to make women turn on their husbands, forgetting the roles of dutiful wives; she only wanted to learn how to read and know her figures and by that she burned to ash.

Neither of those girls had a grimoire under their beds; collected herbs in the precise phases of the moon to strengthen their power; prayed to the Mother – the womb of all life – instead of a God made of sin; touched their own bodies in pleasure in the depth of night, with visions of a faceless man; chanted ancient words to save a crop. None of them more of a witch than a common man.

In the New World nothing was truly new – the old ways, prejudices and superstitions had only found new ground to blossom upon, new opportunities for cruelty and patriarchy. Women were still deemed witches when they presented a mind of their own and dared to defy the law of a man’s word. Like a weed, an independent woman must be eradicated, before she could spread and contaminate all the garden.

Claire Beauchamp had been moving most of her life, her strangeness frequently unexplained by her foreignness. From the outskirts of London, to an attic in Edinburgh that felt like a furnace, in what would become known as Mary King’s Close, to a cottage near Florence, to an inn in Lisbon, Claire had started over; until there would come a point the word inevitably escaped from someone’s mouth, banishing her. Witch. Sorceress. Defiler. Beelzebub’s harlot. Satan’s whore.

Jumping from peril to peril she had found herself aboard a caravel, her destiny a settlement in America. In Saybrook Colony she had tried to become almost invisible during the first few months, assisting the local physician in his ministrations and overseeing the care of his house, to the best of her abilities. Almost every young woman, who had made the crossing with her, had found marriage by then, maids to become wives, but Claire had no wish to engross the list of earthly properties of any man.

The echoes of the witch trials at Salem still wandered the land, a tale of caution she daren’t ignore. That was until she had found herself amongst the crowd, witnessing the flames carrying Emma away.

Claire’s fists coiled, her lips moving silently in a litany, an old spell being summoned to take away the woman’s pain as fire licked her skin. Powerless to stop the madness, and knowing all too well she risked becoming her companion if she had raised any suspicions by defending her, the only thing left was granting Emma a painless death. That night Claire lit a candle and cursed the man who had made the accusation – he wouldn’t see his next name day. Not death, but blindness – the only suitable punishment for a blind fool.

Julia Beauchamp, her mother and the only branch in a proper English family touched by magic, had explained her the responsibility of their powers. Nature always demanded a balance, a trade of sorts – something taken, something given -, she had told her. So, Claire paid the price of the day’s excessive use of power by kissing the index and middle fingers of her right hand – and when morning rose, she had forgotten entirely the colour of her father’s eyes, never to remember it again.

A new moon equalled a precious opportunity to gather herbs and plants near the river. Under the cover of darkness, it was less likely that someone – with a bit of imagination and a wicked mood – could spot her, triggering uncomfortable questions about her nocturnal activities.

One of the fundaments of practicing witchcraft with roots and herbs was that poison and cure are only separated by the amount of substance used. Some of the items lacking in Claire’s catalogue – mandrake, aconitum, belladonna - were seen as accomplished murder weapons – but she knew their uses to soothe pain, break a fever, efficiently purge someone who ate deadly berries, suffered from palpitations of the heart. She also needed lavender to make herself a dream pillow – since her sleep had been strangely disturbed for a fortnight -, dandelion and heliotrope for some divination tea and some black haw to brew as soon as she got home, as her belly cramped fiercely with her monthly.

A small basket dangling on her arm, her darkest cloak covering her from the night’s mist, a small curve knife to cut the most resistant stems, and Claire was on her way.

The air was fresh and fragrant near the river, as her feet crushed plants and branches, struggling a bit not to slide on the mud, absent of moonlight to guide her. The stars above twinkled – the constellation of the dragon clearly visible in the sky - as if winking at her, complicit with her night’s work. Honeysuckle, hyssop, lady’s mantle, ferns and foxglove quickly found their way to her basket – slightly humming in content, Claire almost laughed in joy spotting a lonely plant, the small flowers dancing in blue in the night’s breeze – forget-me-nots, they were called - and she hadn’t seen one since leaving Europe.

Her fingers slightly brushed the petals, a silent apology for the life she was about to take from its rightful place, as she started to excavate the roots with her blade.

“Who’s there?” A low-pitched voice, undoubtedly male, demanded towards the river bank. “Reveal yourself!”

Shit!” She cursed, ducking to avoid detection. Claire promptly recognized the inquisitive voice - it seemed Father Bain fancied himself a walk before bedtime. She recalled with clearness the glow in his eyes, the pleasure felt as he watched a convicted witch burn, standing beside the Governor and the Magistrate to preside over the execution.

“Are you hiding from me?” He seethed, coming ever closer in her direction. Claire began crawling, searching for the shelter of the nearby bushes. “Only creatures of darkness seek to shelter themselves from the eyes of the righteous! Reveal yourself to the eyes of the Lord, I command you!”

In your dreams.” Claire whispered. There was no denying she had been alone collecting suspicious items, some of them with clear ties to sorcery – she knew it was enough to charge her in those times, fear epidemic. Being a relatively new settler, with no known family, no husband to speak for her, she would be dead before the following month arrived.

“I feel you, witch.” Father Bain growled, slowly advancing towards her hiding place. “Your vapours of Hell, luring me to the swamp. I shall see you next to your sisters, at the gates of Hell.”

Dinna move.” A voice said close to her ear, making Claire startle and almost scream – but, fortunately, a hand had been ready to cover her mouth, blocking the sound. The man, smelling of something sharp and tangy, like metal, as well as smoke and ale, was barely visible amongst the shadows. “Do ye see that ash tree?” He asked in a murmur. Claire nodded against his hand, making her discontent evident by sniffing mightily through her nose. “Good. Go there and hide. I’ll take care of the wee bastard.”

He let her go and rose to meet Father Bain – in the fraction before she crept to the tree line, Claire saw his outline bathed by the stars, recognizing the settlement’s blacksmith.

“Where are you?!” The priest roared, blindly looking around as he heard movement, his crucifix in hand. Claire rolled her eyes, wondering if he intended to smack someone in the head with it.

“Ach, ‘tis only me, Father.” The newly arrived man said somewhat gently, finally within Bain’s sight. “Didna mean to scare ye. Such a bonny night, is it not?”

“Mister Fraser.” The clergyman said, aghast. “What are you doing here, at such an ungodly hour?”

“Thought I might bathe on the river, Father. Dinna want to wound any lassies’ susceptibilities by doing so in broad daylight.” He shrugged, his voice sounding amused. “Thought ye’d approve of the notion.”

“A bath?” The priest sounded puzzled. “The harvest is a fortnight away still, Fraser. Surely it could wait.”

“I fancy doing it every week.” I could sense the laughter in his words. “Scots an’ all, aye?”

“I thought I’d heard something.” His grouchy eyes swept across the riverbank once again. “I was moved by prayer to come out at the witching hour – it’s a dark moon today and Satan’s creatures are restless on such nights.”

“I’ll be sure to say an extra Hail Mary afore bed, then.” James Fraser nodded. “Goodnight to ye, Father Bain.” The old man pursed his lips, displeased by the night’s outcome, but after a short hesitation turned his back and disappeared, heading towards the settlement.

“Ye can come out, now.” The blacksmith called out to her. Claire slowly walked to him, carrying her basket, half-hidden in the folds of her cloak. Even though she had seen him occasionally in the square, tirelessly working at his anvil, shaping swords and horseshoes with his hammer, or at the town’s council and mass, she had never truly noticed him. Clean of rust and sweat, he was extraordinarily attractive – his straight nose, high cheeks and broad shoulders made him look like a true warrior. A pair of magnificent blue eyes, gemstones containing all secrets of moonlight and stars, stared back at her.

“Thank you.” She offered, her voice hoarse as she attempted a hasty excuse. “I was just walking, taking a breath away from the smell of the settlement. But it wouldn’t look good for an unaccompanied woman to be out here, so I got scared and decided to hide.”

“I see.” He gave her a lopsided smile and, before Claire could stop him, his hand swiftly captured her basket. James Fraser calmly studied its content, raising a brow. “Mandrake.” He touched the brown root with the tip of his fingers, reciting softly. “Thou must come in unto me; for surely I have hired thee with my son’s mandrakes. And he lay with her that night.”

Genesis.” Claire swallowed hard, giving him a tiny smile like a good catholic girl. Her eyes noticed his collar, the worn shirt revealing not only the hard tendons and muscles, but a dangerous silver crucifix peeking from it.

“An interesting harvest ye have here, Mistress.” He presented her with a serious look, even if there was still softness in the corners of his mouth. “I happen to ken most of these wee herbs and their uses – they would suit an apothecary…or a witch’s cabinet.”

Claire endured his gaze, straightening her back. Her heart pounded furiously inside her chest, knowing itself in danger – but he had deliberately chosen to protect her. She felt an overwhelming sense of trust towards him.

“Tell me, Claire Beauchamp – are ye a witch?” His voice was husky, but his eyes didn’t yield from hers.

“Yes.” She answered, before she could stop herself. “I am.”

Jamie nodded, not once, but twice – as if she had only confirmed an unshakable suspicion, something as natural as revealing “Yes, I am a maid.”.

“Ye shouldn’t be out here.” He warned her, returning the basket to her hands. “Their thirst for blood is not yet quenched – they will continue their hunt and eventually they might find a lass who truly is a witch. Be careful.”

“Aren’t you going to report me, then?” Claire pressed him, bewildered. “I thought you were a man of faith.”

“I have faith in many things, lass.” Jamie smirked, looking away from her into the river, mindlessly running nearby. “Not only in God, but in good people too. I saw the look in yer eyes as they burned poor wee Emma Chance. The first one I ever saw at the stake who didna scream or trashed.” He looked at her again, his eyes all-knowing. “If ye had any part in it - ye did a good thing for her, Mistress.”

“Thank you.” She adjusted her cloak, feeling utterly discombobulated. “I’m in your debt, Mister Fraser.”

“I ken a rare woman when I see one.” Jamie turned his back and smiled at her above his shoulder. She recognized his silhouette draped in fragments of silver light from her restless dreams. “Ye might yet find occasion to repay me the kindness, once our paths meet again.”

Rereading Pinhoe Egg

1. Everything about this book begs to be animated by Miyazaki. The folk behind the foreground, the frog plague, Marianne avoiding owls on a stolen broomstick, Gaffer’s old herb bed, Joe’s whole character arc, Nutcase walking through walls, Gammer catching a flea (and the whole insanely comedic Moving Gammer scene). These are all moments where Jones’ and Miyazaki’s visions are so in synch, it’s beautiful, it would make a beautiful animated movie.

2. More like Pinhoe Twist… Goddamn those uncles. I love how their family dynamic is first established in the initial Gammer scenes, and then how slowly you see their integrity crack and crumble until you’re begging Marianne to turn them all into snails. But you still really feel for her, her attachment to her family, and her horror at the way they have betrayed her.

3. I love this book so much!!! So many animals, so much excellent magic, so hilarious. I can’t believe I waited so long for a re-read.

@hanta96draw made me wanna’ take a break from angst and write some gosh darn fluff! This drabble is in response to their pic: [x]

Fic requests are open if y’all want some hurt/comfort shizzle!

Keith ruffles Shiro’s hair one day. It’s an accident, of course. Shiro makes a pun, and Keith reaches over, high on the kind of angry fondness that can only come of bad wordplay, and shakes his fingers through Shiro’s hair.

It takes a while to realize, since at the time Keith had been too mortified to process any sensation beyond the gunfire staccato of his own heartbeat—but later, as Keith lies awake and alone on his bed, he remembers how Shiro had drooped under his hand. Keith holds up his right hand and stares at his palm. The stale air of the room passes between his fingers. He sighs.  

It happens again, a week later.

Shiro and Pidge, back from a visit to an uncharted planet, emerge from their lions plastered with leaves and sticks. It takes a moment for the rest of team Voltron to even recognize them under the greenery; a combination of sap, twigs and leaves have turned Pidge and Shiro into walking bushes. “Decontamination unit, now!” Allura cries—and team Voltron sprays away the leaf litter under a barrage of Altean power-hoses.

Despite the space-grade shower, bits and pieces of debris cling to Pidge and Shiro’s clothes like crumbs to a coat pocket. Intermittently, crew members pause to pick stray twigs out from someone’s shirt collar; their shoes; their hair. Keith watches Shiro walk around with a clump of shredded leaves over his ear for an hour before he caves: “Stop,” he says, as they walk down the hall. “You’ve still got leaves in your hair.”

Keep reading