herb alexander

Retro Pleasantview - Introduction

The year is 1940 and the citizens of Pleasantview are fighting a war. Sims must band together and do their part to defeat the enemy .

But what about the enemy within?

The same Pleasantview characters – retro style! In my newest installation of the game I’ve taken them back 75 years and it’s going to be fun. This is just the beginning!


Tommy the Cat - Primus


Primus - Frizzle Fry

“Hello all you boys and girls, I’d like to take you to the inside world

It’s quite the irregular place to be, but never fear, you’re safe with me.

……Well, maybe….”


So one of my absolute favorite bands, Primus, are playing in Norway for the first time in 14 years this summer! I seriously can’t wait. This is “American Life” off their amazing live-dvd Hallucino-Genetics!