We’re working on expanding our MYSTIC UNICORN brand - with bath products in the testing stage (and potentially lotions). Meanwhile our limited edition Halloween crystal candle Samhain Spice will launch:
4/10 Sydney 10am AEDT
3/10 NYC 7pm EDT
3/10 Toronto 7pm EDT
3/10 London 12 midnight BST
4/10 Auckland 12 noon NZDT

Beautiful photo of foxglove by @gillipearl 🌸🌙

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Moon in Leo Masterpost

Guys, I dropped the ball and missed putting up a Moon in Leo masterpost for the new moon yesterday! However, it’s not the last time the Moon will be in Leo, so better late than never! Moon in Leo is a great time to do magic dealing with love, lust, happiness, self-love, courage, confidence, and success, as well as magic dealing with the element of fire! Here’s what I’ve got for ya:

General Info

Herbs Associated with Power

Herbs for Happiness

Herbs Associated with Fire

Herbs Associated with Leo

Ingredients for Courage**

Herbs for Courage


Self Love Bath**

Lushcraft: It’s Raining Men

Lushcraft: Razzle Dazzle

Lushcraft: Sex Bomb Glamour Bath

Lushcraft: Twilight Love Bath

Lushcraft: Heal a Frozen Heart Bath

Lushcraft: Self Love Bath

Lushcraft: Courage Bath

Glamour and Love Shower Disks**

Love Body Scrub**

Fire Bath

Job Interview Confidence Bath

Aphrodisiac Bath

Tarot Spreads

Qualities of Leo Tarot Spread

Leo Archetype Spread**

Kamiel’s Healthy Love Spread**

Relationship Exploration Spread**

Yes/No Meanings for Relationship/Love Tarot Questions**

Self Love Tarot Spread**

Self Care Spread**

Flirting With Danger Tarot Spread

Relationship Tarot Spread

Oils, Tinctures, Brews, Etc

Leo Oil

Leo Oil II

Joy Oil

Good Vibes Brew**

Caliph’s Beloved Oil

Lust Ointment

Crucible of Courage Oil

Fire Oil

Courage Oil

Happiness Powder

Aphrodite Oil

Spicy Love Drawing Oil 

Candle Oil for Love

Wolf’s Blood Oil

Leo Sachet

Sun Oil

Easy Life Oil

Love Tincture

Sachet for Courage**

Spells, Rituals

The Devil Tarot Spell

Self Transformation Jar Spell**

Strength Tarot Spell

Un-funk Yourself Charm**

Tarot Spell for Self Empowerment

The Sun Tarot Spell

The Magician Tarot Spell

Joyful Candle Spell**

Happiness Charm Bottle**

Emerald’s Self Confidence Spell**

Storm Witch’s Three Pretty Poisons Empowerment Spell**

Happiness Blooms Spell**

A Spell to Strengthen Love**

Confidence Spell**

Inner Strength Charm**

Red Strength Knot Spell**

A Spell to Encourage Self Esteem**

Confidence Candle Spell**

Kitchen Witchery

Foods Associated with Leo

Love Philter

“Give Me Sunshine” Happiness Potion**

Witch’s Love Honey

Love Wine


Leo Incense

True Love Incense

Pele Incense

Sun Incense

Love Incense

Love Incense II

Fire Incense

Courage Incense

Basic Incenses for Love