Kolivan assumed that the Paladins of Voltron were adults, or at least near the age of human maturity. Keith’s mixed heratige, however, may change his view.

Through a simple gesture, more about Keith’s galra side is revealed to Kolivan, Thace, Antok, and Ulaz.

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Omg when your finals are over/if you have the chance, can you do an imagine based on that mudblood scenario? I’d love to see how it plays out

I am actually proud of this one, It’s really fluffy with some honey badger Newt included. 

Warnings- Mention of blood and the word Mudblood. 

“NEWTON SCAMANDER” You yell barging into the common room. 

Other Hufflepuff’s move out of your way, to be honest, you were quite intimidating when you were like this. You reach the freckled boy who sits at a table fidgeting. 

“Um Hello Y/N” he says nervously, 

“Newt, where is the candy I bought from Honeydukes yesterday?” You ask calmly. 

“U-uh Um, I don’t know why do you ask?” Newt replies, his hands go to his hair and he bites his lip. You raise and eyebrow and give him a glare.

“Oh Alright! My niffler saw the shiny wrapping and he ate it” He bursts out. 

“Newt. the Niffler has been with me in Kettleburns office for all of yesterday and today” You said slowly. 

A dangerous look in your eye. Newt refuses to look you in the eyes, his nervousness is very apparent. 

“OKAY FINE I ATE IT” he confessed. he rested his head on the table he was sitting at. You shake your head, 

“Blaming the Niffler, now that is below you” you scold. 

“I know, I know, I’m sorry” he apologizes. You let out a small laugh, Newt sounds like a puppy sometimes. 

“You owe me, Honeydukes now.” Yous state, Newt’s head pops up as you start walking towards the door 

“And you’re paying!” you yell as you exit the common room. 

Newt runs to get his coat before joining you outside.  

“I can not believe you bought all that Candy Y/n” Newt starts as you both leave Honeydukes, your arms loaded with sweets. 

“I'm practically broke” he complained. 

“It’s your fault, if you hadn’t eaten my candy none of this would have happened” You call as you look over your shoulder. 

Newt is behind you sulking with an adorable pout. You put your candy in your bag before walking over to pouty Newt. You wrap your arms around Newt and look at him, putting on your puppy eyes. He looks down at you and he can’t help but crack a smile, 

“I can’t stay mad at you, but you have to share that candy with me” He said. 

“Okay!” you giggle. 

You grab his hand and you two travel to a little cove you found. It was a circle of trees with some rocks and some flowers. The two of you lean on the rocks and dig into the candy you bought. The sun was shining and everything was calm. 

“Hey Y/n, Do you think Bowtruckles live in that tree over there?” Newt asks, pointing at the Ash tree in the corner. 

“Bowtruckles guard wand wood trees and Ash is one, like my wand” he explains pulling out his wand. 

“Yeah but your wand is also bone and lime” you state. Newt shrugs and walks towards the tree. 

“I’ll be right back!” He yells. 

You sit and watch as he climbs the tree, his wand in his mouth. You were watching him intently when a someone stood over you blocking the sun. You look up and see a couple of Slytherins, Jacob Rosier and Lily Greengrass, standing above you with a smirk. 

You scramble to your feet, “What do you want Rosier” You spat. 

“Oh feisty little hufflepuff aren’t you? I thought all of you were suppose to be nice” He mocked. You roll your eyes, 

“Where’s your boyfriend? off chasing stupid little creatures again?” Lily taunted. 

“They aren’t stupid, Lily. Although I know it’s hard to understand when you’re failing Care of Magical creatures and pretty much every other class” You spat back. 

Lily’s eyes flared with anger, “At least I’m not a disgrace to Wizards you filthy Mudblood” She snarls. 

Your fists tighten, you were proud of your blood heratige but when others call you names it does hurt. Tears start welling up a llittle. 

“Aw is the little baby crying” Jacob asks mockingly. 

“Hey! What the hell do you think you’re doing” A voice yells from behind. Lily and Jacob turn around to see Newt looking furious. 

“Oh look it’s beast boy” Lily scoffed. 

“It’s not very nice to call someone a mudblood Greengrass. Apologize” Newt demanded. Jacob and lily looked at each other before bursting out in laughter. 

“Oh I’m so scared” Jacob jeered at Newt. 

Newt walked in between the two, bumping into Lily on the way, 

“Watch it Scamander.” she growls at him. 

Newt stands in front of you and faces the two slytherins. 

“You really should have apologized” Newt hissed. 

“What are you going to do about it? Bore me to death? Send some flobberworm to att-” Jacob was cut off by Lily letting out an ear-piercing scream. 

“GET THIS THING OFF ME!” She was jumping around while something climbed all over her. 

You stifled a laugh, she look positively ridiculous. Newt ran up to Jacob and looked ready to ram him, Jacob kicked Newt in the knee before Newt could do anything. Newt grabs his knee, Jacob laughed at him but was cut short when Newt sucker punched him in the jaw and the proceeded to kick him in the shin. 

“Like I said, you should have apologized” Newt snarled in his ear. Lily and Jacob ran off, Lily still screaming and Jacob cursing out the two of you. 

Newt sits on a rock and lifts up his pant leg. You ran to him and hugged him, “Newt that was amazing!” you praised. 

You look down at his knee and see it started to bruise and it had dried blood. You pull out your wand, 


The dried blood fades and shows a healed cut on Newt’s Knee. 

“Where did you get this from?” You ask, frowning, it was new, like 2 hours new. 

“Oh, I scratched my knee climbing the tree and I healed it, but I didn’t clean the blood because I saw them talking to you” He explains. You kiss his nose, which was covered in dirt. 

“What did you do that made Lily start screaming?” you ask, you didn’t know of any spell that could do that. 

“Oh that reminds me, Bowtruckles do live in that tree” Newt grins as he pulls a Bowtruckle out of his shirt pocket. 

You gasp as the little green creature climbs Newt like a tree. He sits on top of Newts head and plays with his hair, 

“He was sitting alone and looked rather sad, he perked up at the sight of me and he climbed over to my pocket.” 

Newt says as he picked the Bowtruckle off his head and put him on to yours. The Bowtruckle was climbing all over your hair. You giggled and let him crawl onto your hand, 

“He needs a name” you state. 

“Oh? and what should we name him?” Newt asks, 

“Hm, How about Pickett?” you offered. 

“Yeah, Pickett sounds perfect.” Newt said. 

“Wait, Don’t bowtruckles protect trees?” you question, 

“Yes that would be correct” Newt confirmed, still looking at Pickett in your hands, who’s staring at him. 

“Does that mean you’re his new tree?” you tease. 

“I guess so, hope he doesn’t become too attached though” Newt replies, 

“Bowtruckles can’t have attachment issues right” he ponders. 

“Well, we’ll figure it out, come on we have a new friend to show everyone and more candy to finish” you declare as you stand up and grab your bag. 

Newt follows you and starts talking about bowtruckles. Although one thing runs through his mind as he feels Pickett in his pocket. 

I hope this doesn’t become a regular thing. 

I have a really important paragraph to start due tomorrow and I haven’t started it, also I have a test I should be studying for but Newt Scamander is more important.

Everything you need to know about Star Trek TOS, a guide to writing accurate fanfiction or roleplay.

There are a lot of small subtle details a lot of people get wrong in S.T fanfiction. Hopefully this will help people who want to write or roleplay S.T:TOS without watching all of the episodes or rewatching them and looking for tiny details. Some are easy to slip the mind. 

In this, I’ll cover a range of topics. Click below to see!

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Mon-El and Supergirl. Why I think they fit.

To me at least (I respect that everyone is entitled to see it differently) Mon-El’s addition this season is a good fit for Kara’s development.  Kara wasn’t sent to earth to be Supergirl, she was sent to earth to protect Kal-El.  But that didn’t work out so instead of being a guiding force in Kal’s life, Kal became a guide for Kara. His influence has helped her decide to lead a life of heroism and duel identities.Which is great! This universe and all the others needs as many heroes as possible. But what is also important to note is that every hero that puts on a costume or a mask struggles with which identity is more important or how to lead two sometimes conflicting lives. We’ve seen it in Arrow and The Flash. Last season Kara was trying to figure out how to be Supergirl, and the people she had around her were amazing in thier support. But just like our other heros she needs to figure out how to be more than Supergirl she needs to be Kara too. And not just Kara Zor-El but also Kara Danvers. 

Which brings me to Mon-El.  The moment that really cinched it for me was the moment right before the kiss.  When Mon-El put his hand on Kara’s cheek and said she looked “beautiful with the weight of all these worlds on her shoulders”.  Ironicly with his double vision, he was truly seeing all of her identities and the responsiblities that she carries because of them. Because she’s an alien and because she’s decided to make earth her home she carries the weight of many worlds. If he has just said she was beautiful I wouldn’t have been sold, but he saw her beauty in the life she has decided to lead and in the responsiblity she has taken on. 

Because of these many identiites is why Mon-El is important to Kara’s development.I think he will be a big part of her figuring out both Karas and how they exist with Supergirl.  The writers and other bloggers have said that Mon-El pulls her back to her original mission, the reason why she was sent to earth. He further connects her to Kara Zor-El to her Kryptonian identity and family. Having him around lets her have moments when she can remember and relate to Krypton.And there is an added level of compassion because he is in the same position as she is. They know enough about each other’s planets to see each other as citizens of their planets rather than “aliens”.  However that’s not to say that thier understanding of each other’s culture is without flaw. Which leads to my next point, It’s important that in reconnecting Kara with her Kryptonian heratige that she also explore the idea that her family and fellow Kryptonians made mistakes. Mistakes that cost both planets and mistakes she needs to be careful not to make on earth. The House of El may have god like powers on earth but back on Krypton they were not gods, they were flawed and she is destined to be too, but it shouldn’t stop her from trying to do good. Frankly, The Krypton/Daxam backstory is beautiful symbolism to this lesson. The boy from Daxam and the girl from Krypton together will end the differences that plagued their planets and turn into saviors for earth.

Second, by teaching another alien how to be “human” she’s realizing that it’s not an easy task even for herself.  Personally, I love that Mon-El didn’t just take to the “script” of Mike. He challenged her (in a way only a Daxamite would) and she learned that he needed to be allowed to be his own person. I think this is a lesson that Kara will need to apply to herself.  She told James when she broke up with him that she needed to find out what Kara wanted from work and life. Kara Danvers has been following a script of how to be human, checking off boxes of what she’s supposed to do to fit in (seriously who gets excited about a Fico score). What I’m hoping will happen and the potential I see with Mon-El is for her to realize that there is no script to life.  It is ok to want and enjoy some things (i.e. the drinking scene). And that there needs to be room under all her responisblities for Kara (Zor-El and Danvers).


I though long and hard about what I wanted to do for this project, what I would say and show, and I decided that a little bit of everything would work!
I’m Ari, half Puerto Rican and half Bulgarian. I haven’t been able to connect much with my latinx heratige until last year, and it has really helped my own image of myself. I’m a transgender guy as well as pansexual.