22 lessons I learnt from the breakup that nearly broke me at 22.

1. It’s okay to cry. Cry like there’s no tomorrow.

2. Its okay to wallow in your sadness.

3. Don’t beg them to come back, EVER.

4. Some nights are hard to get through.

5. Some days you’ll break down again, that’s okay.

6. Its okay to lean on your friends.

7. Everyone deals with things in different ways, at different times.

8. Don’t look at their social media, it only makes you feel worse.

9. Don’t ignore their pictures, look at them all you need to. Yes, it will make you cry and that’s okay too.

10. Don’t ignore your emotions, accept them for what they are.

11. Its okay to be angry or hurt or confused. Its okay to be emotional.

12. There will come a time when you need to get up off the floor and start living again, accept it when it comes.

13. Keep busy, keep people around you keep talking to people. Distract yourself it helps a lot.

14. Even when you think you’re over it and you’re doing okay, you will suddenly miss them…. you will break down again. That is okay too.

15. Listen to sad songs, eat junk food, eat no food, drink tea, pray, cry, kick, scream. Do what ever it takes to make you feel better.

16. Don’t attack them, don’t message them, don’t send angry messages to them or bash them on social media.

17. Forgive them when you can but never forget how they made you feel.

18. No message is also a message. Remember that.

19. Some days you have to resist the urge to call them up and talk to them.

20. Its okay to avoid things that remind you of them for a while.

21. Break stuff, smash stuff, burn stuff. In moderation of course. Get it all out.

22. If they left you, it’s their loss. Learn from your mistakes, learn to live again. Grow and accept that this part of your life is over and it’s time for a new path. A new journey.


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~Excerpts from the book I’ll never write #27

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