herat province

AFGHANISTAN. Herat Province. May 27, 2016. A member of a breakaway faction of the Taliban fighters guards a gathering in the Shindand district. The senior leader of a breakaway Taliban faction, Mullah Abdul Manan Niazi said on May 29 that the faction was willing to hold peace talks with the Afghan government but would demand the imposition of Islamic law and the departure of all foreign forces.

Photograph: Allauddin Khan/AP

AFGHANISTAN. Herat Province. Herat. August 2015. Afghan soldiers dance during a ceremony to mark Independence Day. Afghanistan is celebrating the 96th anniversary of its independence from British rule.

Photograph: Jalil Rezayee/EPA

AFGHANISTAN. Herat Province. Herat. August 7, 2013. A former Taliban fighter looks on during a ceremony after joining Afghan government forces. About 100,000 foreign combat troops, 68,000 of them from the US, left at the end of 2014, and NATO formally transferred responsibility for nationwide security to Afghan forces in August 2013. 

Photograph: Aref Karimi/AFP

AFGHANISTAN. Herat Province. Outside Herat. September 13, 2013. Afghan security personnel assist an injured police after a suicide car bombing and a gunfight near the U.S. consulate. Taliban militants attacked the U.S. consulate using a car bomb and guns to battle security forces.

Photograph: Hoshang Hashimi/AP