1st Birthday Robot Cake Topper Commission I created in Feb 2014. Request for a robot cake topper holding up one finger depicting his first birthday standing on a silver gear. theaweomerobots.com

Robot Birthday Cake Topper Red Zed on Flickr.

Robot 3 of 4 in the week long robot birthday cake topper party! Red Zed thoughtfully loves his balloon. Red Zed thoughtfully loves his balloon, eagerly awaits to be part of a birthday party Adopt Zed

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Commission: Two Story House Robot Sculpture on Flickr.

Custom robot sculpture I created in November 2013, a gift from mother to son based off the illustrations by the son. ‘The Two Story House’ robot was a delight to create. Vest, hat and single cute eye. theawesomerobots.com

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Robot Business Card Holder Silver Sam on Flickr.

Robot Sculpture Business Card Holder Silver Sam with a big smile on his face greetings all who approach your desk and welcome them to take a card. Sam is silver and blue with a white card holder in his lap. Adopt Sam

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Commission: Robot Cake Topper Classic Style with Hair on Flickr.

Of the over 100 robot couples I’ve made so far, this is only the 2nd set to actually have hair. :D

Requested details: Silver bodies, classic black tux and white dress with pearl necklace. Hair based off of human counter parts. Robot sculpture combining polymer clay, wire woven into coil springs, varnish and a little heart handmade by HerArtSheLoves. theawesomerobots.com

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