heraldic art


Sketch: Honor & Five Male Heralds

From left to right: Tanavast, Kalak, Nale, Ishar, Jezrien, Talenel.

(I really hope they will get more screen time in Oathbringer… Ishar, I’m looking at you!)

EDIT: @lenaxderla Thanks so much for the beautiful Heralds art! (Again!) And these are the mysterious, precious female Heralds *o* (Actually the male Heralds above are prompted by your take.)


Once upon a time almost a year ago I started drawing a comic about the adventures of Inquisitor Anders. I had all the plans, let me tell you, but then I lost my motivation and well

I figured I could at least post the two pages I got done, since I just found them again.

I miss having the energy to draw comics.