Requested: Can you make one where you’re sad or mad about something and Andy does something to make you feel better?

Rated M: Language 

The Small Things

           A cold breeze brushed over my skin, raising goose bumps on my pale skin.  I ground my teeth together in frustration, the irritation that was still boiling in my gut rolling once more. I brought the cigarette back up to my lips for another drag.

           I was so fucking angry, I couldn’t shake it with just my book and cup of tea like I usually did. Why would he do that? How could he just exclude me from his life like a leper? My brother and I were always so close! But now, his new fling comes along, he closes me out. I hadn’t done anything to give him a reason no to trust me, so why now? All because Haley comes around with her long blonde hair and perfect smile to charm him until he gives her the world? Fuck that.

           “Babe?” Andy’s voice startled me and looked back at him with wide eyes. He was looking at me with concern, the sliding glass door half way open as he leaned out of it. Damn, I didn’t even hear his car pull up.

           “Hey, honey,” I said after clearing my throat. I lowered the cigarette from his line of sight, hoping he didn’t notice.

            With a furrowed brow, he stepped out, closing the door behind him, the walked over to sit in the chair next to me. Fuck, he knew. Sometimes I hated how well he knew me. But hell, it had been that way since we met 6 fucking years ago. Of course, it wasn’t a bad thing.  I just hated not being able to keep my emotions to myself so I would bother him.

           “I thought you were going to quit,” he said, worry evident in his tone,” What’s the matter?”

           I smiled halfheartedly and took my phone out from under my thigh to show him the text from my brother I had got a little over an hour ago. He took it gently from my hand and squinted at the screen as he read. It basically said that because of the current state of things in his life, we couldn’t stay in contact anymore. Haley wanted him to focus on their relationship without any distractions. I was hurt, but more pissed than anything.

           Connor was always family orientated. But the fact that he was so easily manipulated by his girlfriend was what got to me.

           Andy’s eyes widened with shock then he handed the phone back,” Well then,” he sputtered, trying to comprehend what he just read,” That’s a bit extreme. Did you call him to see if it was really him who sent it?”

           I chuckled. Andy didn’t trust her, he had told me the minute we met her,” Sure did. And it was him. I hung up right after he said so.”

           “Fuck.” Was all he could muster. We had a similar reaction. I was speechless as well.

           And for a few moments, we sat in silence. I took another drag and sipped at my tea. I just watched Andy. Bent over with his elbows on his knees, skinny hands clasped together. He looked so wonderful. My little ray of light in a dark room. The setting sun making him have a subtle glow around the edges, blue eyes turned to stained glass as he zoned out. I smiled a bit before going back to my cigarette.

           “Give me,” I looked back at him and he was gesturing for me to hand him the cigarette. Without hesitation, I did. He let it drop to the concrete of the patio and stomped it out before standing up and holding his hand out to me.

           I was a little confused but I set my book and tea down on the table and stood up to take his hand. He led me through the kitchen and into the living room.

           “Go get comfy clothes on,” he ordered. I looked at him strangely and be waved me down the hall.

           “Alright, damn!” I giggled,” Mr. Pushy,” and I went to our bedroom to put on some shorts.

           When I was walking back to the living room, I heard him talking and slowed down drastically, stopping in the threshold. Andy had his back to me and his phone to his ear. And speaking with his interview voice.

           “-really hurt your sister. I understand that you’re trying to focus on your life, but she has done nothing to hurt you in any way. So there is no reason to shut her out.”

           There was a pause, Connor was talking. Hopefully not yelling at Andy. Andy could get vicious if pushed to it. I crossed my arms and leaned on the door frame.

           “Listen man, there’s a difference from that and being manipulated to think so. Talk to your sister,” and he hung up. My brother must have gotten upset. Andy doesn’t hang up on people like that. But he sure doesn’t put up with bullshit either.

           My love turned back and locked eyes with me. I smirked,” Thought you could be slick, huh?”

           He chuckled, walking over and wrapping his arms around my shoulders,” Oh, no, no, no, of course not,” he quoted The Labyrinth.

           I rolled my eyes and hugged him to me, taking in his comforting smell. But it was short lived as he picked me up off the ground and began walking. I groaned as my lungs were compressed and otherwise I just began laughing. He always did that shit.

           With a plop, I landed on the couch and I glared playfully at him. He brushed it off with a sly wink then turned and began putting a disc into the DVD player. There were already drinks on the coffee table, and my entire junk food stash. He knew where that was? That little shit!

           “So why am I in my PJs when it’s only 7?”

           “You and I are going to have a movie night. So to speak,” he shrugged.

           I was confused,” You aren’t going out tonight?” He usually was out and about with his friends on a Saturday night.

           “Nope. I’m not going to leave you alone to grind your teeth and be angry,” he remarked smartly.

           “I do not grind my teeth,” I whipped back.

           He looked back at with his eye brow cocked,” You do too,” and he took off his shirt, tossing it on the back of the loveseat in the corner.

           I ignored it “, And what are we watching?”

           “Game of Thrones,” he grinned as he sat down next to me.

           I jumped on him, practically, smiling ear to ear, cuddling up to his chest,” You would choose our favorite show.”

           “Only because I’d rather see you upset at everyone dying on a TV show rather than being upset at life.”

           “I love you Andy.”

           “And I you, love.”


“It’ll be fine,” her father reassured quietly, scratching his stomach. “I promise ye. You know I’d never hurt you or the bairn.”

“But da!” cried Benita. “I can’t take a risk like this. It’s not just me I’m putting in danger.”

“Listen to your father,” her mother chided. “We’ve looked out for you all your life. Would we hurt you now?”

Benita stared at the bottle for a long moment. She watched the glow ebb and flow and the ethereal steam escape the top. It wasn’t hot, she was sure, some potions had so much power in them they just always looked hot. She wanted to trust them, they were her family. Unlike Leonardo’s parents, hers were goodhearted and simple people. She’d never had to worry about machinations against her or unwarranted attacks on her wellbeing. 

“Benita?” her father’s gentle voice startled her. “You don’t trust me?”

“No, da… I do,” she sighed and reached for the potion.