I don’t say this often
or do I?
okay I will put it properly,
thank you for being there for me for the past 4 years and ongoing
we didn’t share the same womb
we don’t share the same blood
language or city
you came into this world a little later than me
but till now, despite whatever we have been through at 7 in the morning or 3 at night
you have stuck by me more than a real sibling would.
I think that’s what soulsisters mean.
Rather, how relationships and bonds formed by choice or fate tend be stronger.
In our case, strongest.
You are my family and I hope wherever I go in the future you will be around. I know you will. You have to else I will smack you
You have changed so damn much and I’m still in awe that you thank me for it. But I’m glad I’m one of the reasons.
We share one too many inside jokes, hours long conversations, melodrama etc etc
but I can’t wait to meet you and I really don’t wanna jinx it! *crosses fingers*
Thanks for being that one distinct true friend God has bestowed upon me.
we’re basically the Indian versions of Tiny Fey and Amy Pohler

look at us
fucking nuts.

I love you rabbit!! 😊🐇👯 💟

sorry guys for not being active on here, some updates:

situation with my mom didnt get better she told me she has to get surgery for her current sickness, + has to get care asap for her Hepatitis (idk much about it but she got it cause of her alcoholism ?) cause she doesn’t know what stage its at rn and doctors dont yet either so she will be put under some program and will have intense care so thats that

shes not in a critical state rn everything is okay. im glad she told me everything though and is not hiding it any more. ill still be cosplaying and doing my thing but wont be able to do any other cosplays except for Judal for this year. im still attending megacon etc again sorry i was away just really didnt wanna deal with unimportant drama here while irl important stuff was happening


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What's your favorite thing about Katie Hall?


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idontrecalls, coachellajustin

they’re both amazing!

Aimen is super sweet and informative (a lot of anons go to her blog to ask about j*lena and whatever lol) and I follow her on ig but she hasn’t follow me back yet COUGH COUGH

Lillian is a cutie! love her name it’s so cute and her blog is amazing! I also like her new url even tho justin looked a hot fucking mess at coachella lmao

send me a tumblr user’s url and I’ll tell you what I think of them!  sike pls don’t anymore lol

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I DIDN’T KNOW HER URL THO?? it’s not like people introduce themselves by url u kno. n….that’s…. true. but I mean, I think a p small percentage of all selfies don’t include faces/general face areas, so if u go with like a societal definition then.
then that’s getting into a pretty deep conversation about selfies idk if I’m up to it


and yeah i’m heading to bed so, as riveting as i’m sure deep conversations about selfies are, imma pass this time.