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What about this Suzy person that appears to hold the key to knowing Frisk's backstory?

(undertale spoilers)

There is not much known about Suzy, but we do have a new theory about her role in the game. It will be posted momentarily!

As for the last Anon, here is the deleted tweet in question.

Toby likely meant Monster Kid, considering the kid with the yellow soul is not alive anymore. Their soul is already with Asgore, and I doubt Clamgirl would fail to notice Suzy disappearing!

The "honest truth" about Meiko

She kinda looks like Miyako, but they’re not alike
She’s reserved like Iori, but man… she’s stupid
She has the same hair color as Ken, but has bangs which just shows bad judgement
She annoys me as much as Daisuke does, but I still want him to stay alive though

I think the 02 kids evolved into Meiko and shit happened

LMAO listen I love my roommate but apparently in their last apartment they bought these posters and she wants to put them up in the living room and they are………….a Sherlock poster and a Big Bang Theory poster…………..

I decided to make a Hidge au so here we go

Welcome to YouTube gaming au!

•Hunk and Pidge share a gaming channel and are pretty famous
•their name is HidgeGaming

•they never told their subscribers that they’re dating
•most their fans ship them
•it’s like dan and Phil only they are dating for a fact
•Pidge likes to troll the fans saying that she has a crush on hunk

•they live in an apartment together
•It has chalk board walls so that Pidge can right down her conspiracy theories and so hunk can write down new recipes
•Hunk wrote “HUNK X PIDGE” once on the wall behind where they recorded
•Pidge wrote “love you too!” In between videos

•they are best friends
•If their relationship ever ended they’d still be friends
•no matter how bad it ends

•hunk is super lovey dovey
•he likes to leave little notes all over the place for Pidge
•one time she found one in the middle of a video, on that day all the shippers died.
•he hides behind Pidge when he’s scared
•Pidge also likes to hide behind him when she’s scared
•for this reason watching them play horror games is hilarious, they’re both jumping behind each other and usually ends with Pidge on Hunk’s shoulder

•shay is Hunk’s friend, and when she first showed up as a guest everyone thought they were dating
•Pidge got really jealous
•the shippers freaked

•one time Matt replaced Pidge for a week when Pidge was on vacation before any of the fans noticed
•oh yeah, Matt isn’t missing!

•Allura and coran have a channel called Altea
•It’s a beauty and fashion channel
•they’re still friends with Pidge and Hunk

•Lance has a gaming channel and a beauty channel
•the gaming channel is The Blue Paladin
•the beauty channel is called 2Fab4You

•Shiro and Matt share a channel called Kerberos
•Mainly conspiracy theories by Matt and random other stuff that he dragged Shiro in to
• they do a lot of funny skits that they came up with

•Keith makes a lot of appearances on both of lance’s channels and a few on Shiro’s
•Shiro is his adoptive brother
•he’s thinking if making his own channel but he’s not sure what he’d do

•one time Pidge lost a bet and had to let Allura and Lance do her hair and makeup (which by the way was beautiful!)
•hunk died of cuteness

Feel free to add if you want! Just make sure to tag with HidgeGaming so I can find it!

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why do you hate her?

she tends to ignore what’s canonically happening in the show and nitpicks every insignificant detail in favour of her twisted theories. she’s also very ableist and judges people for headcanons that people use to cope and could work in the storyline being presented. overall, she needs to remember to chill as this is a Disney Channel show aimed for kids.

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what are your general thoughts on butler's gender theories? i feel like i remembering you saying something about it but i cant remember what you said lol

well gender trouble has some issues w equating/comparing gender to race but she’s 10571% addressed that like a million times so well & also it’s like 23 years old so she’s done quite a lot in that time to work & understand intersectionality as a queer white woman & her place in that

also i don’t rly like the term ‘her gender theories’ bc that makes them sound kinda new age-y & doubtful like. it’s gender theory but it’s more so queer theory & Critical Theory as an area of thought & progress is much different than “theories,” just as a language thing to watch out for. atm i think that ppl who don’t align w the gender binary–cis or trans–or are writing abt being agender or two spirit or rly just anything beyond two genders are doing by far the best work in critical gender theory, & i think also that anthropologists are doing some amazing work there too. also like. qwpoc are probably the ppl to look to most in understanding intersectionality, esp ppl who float between poetry, creative non fiction, & essay. i would check out a poet called Loma (“Sad Girl Poems” is their recent chapbook) to kind of get a feel for where i think the most progressive gender theory is happening.

‘Harry Potter’ Star Makes Stop At Berea College

Posted: Sep 26, 2016 1:01 PM EESTUpdated: Sep 26, 2016 1:21 PM EEST

BEREA, Ky. (LEX 18) - Emma Watson, the actress best known for playing Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films, made a stop at the bell hooks Institute at Berea College last week.

The institute studies the work of bell hooks, who is known for her contributions to feminist theory and the arts, as well as the fact she doesn’t capitalize her name. The name bell hooks is a pen name for Gloria Jean Watkins.

Emma Watson, who recently made headlines for giving a speech at the UN on gender equality and the treatment of sexual assault survivors, spent a few days with hooks and her students.

The visit was not publicized by the school. 

“Happy birthday to my dear friend bell hooks. Here we are earlier this week at the  bell hooks Institute where I spent a couple of days with bell and her students, discussing feminism and learning about the history and diversity of beautiful Kentucky. Thank you bell, thank you Berea College, thank you Kentucky,” reads a post from the actress.
Source: lex18.com + Thanks a lot to Kim !

Meaning of the ML names
  • Marinette Dupain-Cheng:The one who rises to make the bread.
  • Adrien Agreste:The word "agreste" is French for "rustic".
  • Nino Lahiffe:"Lahiffe" means "the descendant of the hero"
  • Alya Césaire:Alya means "scarlet" in Slavonic while Césaire is a French variation of Caesarius, derived from Caesar, believed to mean "hair" or "hairy" in Roman, therefore her name means "scarlet hair" which Alya has. Also, Aimé Césaire is a famous poet from Martinique where Alya is from.
  • Chloé Bourgeois:Chloé means "young green shoot", possibly hinting that Chloé will grow into a better person? Bourgeois relates to the middle-class which discords how Chloé acts as a rich girl who is better than everyone else.
  • Sabrina Raincomprix:Sabrina means "legendary princess" in English, "from the border" in Italian and "from Cyrpus" or "the river Severn" in Latin. "Rien compris", which sounds similar to "Raincomprix", is French for "understands nothing". The surname could also relate to the comic Asterix where there are many puns and wordplays, like in all these names.
  • Mylène Haprèle:Mylène is a contraption of the names "Marie" and "Hélène", meaning "bitter" and "moon" respectively. The meaning of Haprèle is unknown, I assume (I may be incorrect) that it has ties to the English surname "Harper".
  • Alix Kubdel:Alix is a French variation of Alice, meaning "noble" and is also a variation of the name Alex, meaning "defender of man" but I have no idea what Kubdel could mean.
  • Lê Chiến Kim:Kim is a diminutive of Kimball, a Welsh name meaning "warrior chief" and "le chien" is French for "the dog" while "lé chiến" is Vietnamese for "pear war" according to Google Translate. "Chiến" means war and "Kim" means gold, therefore also referring to the golden war
  • Ivan Bruel:Ivan is a Russian variation of the name John, Bruel is a variation of "Breuls" meaning "marshy woodland". Patrick Bruel is a singer and Ivan makes music and sings.
  • Max Kanté:Max means "greatest" and Kanté is possibly related to Kant, meaning "edge" or "corner".
  • Nathaniel Kurtzberg:Nathaniel means "gift from God", Kurtz is German/Jewish surname meaning "short in height" and the suffix -berg is common in Jewish surnames and means "mountain".
  • Rose Lavillant:Rose means "rose" or "flower" but I can't find anything for "Lavillant".
  • Juleka Couffaine:Juleka could be a variation on the name Julia, meaning youth or beauty, "Couffaine" sounds like "coffin", perhaps pointing at Juleka being goth-ish (I don't have a lot of information about Juleka's name).
  • Lila Rossi:"Lila" is an Arabic name meaning "night", "Rossi" is an Italian surname meaning (the plural) of red, "Lila Rossi" = red night.
  • Aurore Beauréal:In French, the Aurora Borealis is called is called "aurores boréales", which is a weather phenomenon, hence Aurore being Stormy Weather.
  • Penny ROLLING & Jagged STONE:(The) Rolling Stone(s). Also Mick Jagger and Jagged.
  • me:*claps at Thomas for all the hidden puns and meanings*

So have you guys seen that post regarding the gem’s outfits being depicted by their reason of regenerating? I think that Jasper cut off Peridot’s hands and that’s why she has floaty fingers and is so scared in this scene:


edit: some people were kinda rude with correcting me about this, but yellow diamond could’ve done that, also.