Earlier, my little brother (who is Pharmercy trash just like me) played a game as Pharah and had a Mercy on his team that he was so excited about. He called me into his room to watch his game as he and the Mercy FLIRTED. He would spam “I’ve got you on my radar” and she would spam “I’ve got my eye on you” right back, and he was really happy. And every time Mercy healed him, he thanked her. It was adorable. (I had to hold back gay tears throughout the entire game, it was so pure).

After the game was over he looked at me and asked “Is Pharmercy canon yet? It has to be canon by now, right?” And, with great sorrow, I had to tell him no. But we are still hardcore shippers that believe Pharmercy will be canon someday.

Anyways, he didn’t seem too bothered by the fact Pharmercy wasn’t canon yet. Instead he just said, “ Oh well, at least Pharah is definitely gay right? So that makes the chances of it being canon better tho right?”

Again I had to inform him that no, Pharah hasn’t been released as a canon lesbian yet. I asked him with thinly concealed excitement “Why are you so sure Pharah is gay tho?”

He looked at me like I had grown two heads. After a while he told me, “Well she reminds me of you. And you are like, mega gay, so I thought she had to be mega gay too…”

I died right then and there, like, he called me mega gay??? And is so sure that Pharah is gay!!!! I’m so proud of my little brother?!?! He is so open to gayness and he is so adorable. I love being Pharmercy trash with him and together we will flirt with all the Mercys, so look out!!!