All too often women believe it is a sign of commitment, an expression of love, to endure unkindness or cruelty, to forgive and forget. In actuality, when we love rightly we know that the healthy, loving response to cruelty and abuse is putting ourselves out of harm’s way.
—  bell hooks
  • person:oh my gosh Taylor Swift can't sing.
  • me:*shoves the Speak Now World Tour Live CD, Riptide Cover and the Pop Goes Live 4 version of Shake it Off.*
  • person:She's still dumb all she writes about is boys.
  • me:*glares and shoves Clean, Bad Blood, Tied Together With a Smile, and The Best Day down their throats*
  • person:well she's such a bitch
  • me:*shows Taylor interacting with her fans, giving them wonderful advice, and sending gifts and being a wonderful person in general*
  • person:oh..i didn't really...
  • me:
  • person:
  • me:fuckin fight me.

nine in the afternoon // panic! at the disco

The signs as random shit in my friend’s room

Aries- This somewhat terrifying duck

Taurus- Inflatable anime moose

Gemini- Juan Pablo

Cancer- Green alien fetus

Leo- Dirk Strider with horrifying anime eyes

Virgo- Halloween cat skeleton with steampunk goggles

Libra- Zombie ducks hanging by fishing line

Scorpio- Domo in a goblet that says “PIMP”

Saggitarius- Old School pegasus blanket pinned to the ceiling

Capricorn- Travel toilet

Aquarius- “BOOB” on the ceiling

Pisces- This green ape with very prominent pecks

Hey guys, it’s story time again! Nothing new here but it was still interesting to hear.

So I met with a friend today who’s a psychologist and has recently taken a 6 months course on body language. I had told her that I liked One Direction but never mentioned the whole Harry&Louis thing, so I decided to put her new knowledge in good use and show her some stuff. I didn’t explain anything and asked her to watch the infamous caress video, she literally went ‘OMG DID YOU SEE THAT’ the moment it happened. I proceeded to explain the whole story to her and she asked me to show her more videos so I did, I showed her all the important moments and since she doesn’t even speak English she figured everything out just with the body language.

She said it was a “body language goldmine” and “the sort of obvious example you would use to teach someone about it”, said they were extremely obvious and told me their micro-expressions showed her so much fond she “couldn’t even handle it”. She told me a body language expert would be enough to convince the doubters and I was like lol you poor soul, that’s not going to work. She couldn’t believe there were actually people out there who didn’t see the love there, she was really interested in the antis and the whole idea of people in such deep denial they felt the need to act out like that. She even mentioned the Stages of Grief.

She also told me someone had clearly coached Louis into changing his behaviour, she said the difference between fetus!Louis and the actual one was “painful to watch”. She said those things happened all the time and that it was a painful process for the person, because they had to teach them how to control every aspect of their conscious activity (how to move and talk, the gestures, the posture, how you touched your hair or your face, the way you laugh and other horrible stuff).

So there it is, stuff that we’ve said 248579 times before but confirmed once again by an expert, and in front of my eyes too!

anonymous asked:

if im correct uve either headcanoned or drawn jade as trans right? im p sure, but also its worth checking idk either way, if you have, have you ever drawn her with stubble? i hc her as trans and i cant see her bothering to shave all the time and.. its such a good wholesome feel.. jade harley with stubble...

fuzzy friend

I love those les amis instagram aestheics where they all have artsy pictures and revolution quotes because honestly if they had instagrams it’d mostly just be zoomed in pictures of each other’s faces captioned “mood”


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Coulson: Man, I really hope May and Jemma have things under control back at SHIELD.

Meanwhile, back at SHIELD:

Please, help me.

So I have this beautiful friend who has a wonderfull Disney blog, but who’s a bit down. Well more than just ‘a bit’.
And she’s claiming that nobody cares about her.

This is her:

Her name is Harriet and she’s the most wonderfull person I’ve ever met.

So please, I wanne prove something to her. 

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