“Excuse me, sir?” I’m usually more resilient when it comes to strangers with clipboards, but I couldn’t bring myself to look away from her perfect, silver eyes. “Do you have a moment to spare for the immaterial?”

“Sure,” I replied, despite my certainty of the regret to come. “How can I help?”

“My name is Lora,” she began. “I died back in March, after having an adverse reaction to one of those magnetic life-extension rings. Upon death, I found myself unable to secure a new body for reincarnation, as my attempt to achieve immortality has apparently placed me in violation of the laws of transmigration. Now, I need five-hundred signatures to appeal the court’s decision. If my appeal is successful, I’ll be allowed to drink from the River Lethe and live again. Would you consider being one of my signatories?”

“Of course I’ll sign for you.” Though I wasn’t quite sold. “But those rings don’t even work. Why would they bother regulating something like that?”

“I was wondering that, too. As it turns out, every attempt to extend life actually drains life from the universe, whether or not it succeeds. Everything from eating food to taking medicine comes at a price to our surroundings. Most of this is considered okay, so you’re not going to end up like me just because you started jogging or eating Cheerios. They specifically care about and regulate methods that don’t work, or fall outside the natural order, as these reduce the net amount of life in the cosmos.”

I paused for a moment. “So, if I sign this petition to extend your life, what life will then be drained from the universe in return?”

A sad look crossed her face. “You will sign, won’t you?”

Death can be a very bureaucratic matter.

Eventually, she may get her second chance by other means.

Even in the worst case scenario, Hell isn’t so bad these days.

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Solangelo on a date the waiter/ waitress flirting with person A and person B gets jealous

Thanks for the prompt! xD This is almost unedited so sorry if there’s any mistakes anywhere

Will glared at their waitress from where he was sitting in a way he hoped was discreet. She was currently talking to the cashier, leaning against the counter, laughing and motioning animatedly as she narrated what seemed like a great story. Will narrowed his eyes at her. He didn’t like her. With her pretty eyes and perfect eyeshadow and her stylishly messy bun. He didn’t like her at all.

“Solace?” Will turned his attention back to his boyfriend in front of him. “You okay?”

“What?” Will shook his head and focused on Nico. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

Nico smiled amusedly, raising an eyebrow. “You’ve been glaring somewhere behind me for the past five minutes. And you haven’t touched your burger and you love your burgers. Are you plotting murder or something?”

“What, no,” Will chuckled uncomfortably and picked up his burger, “I’m fi-”

“You boys want anything else?” An annoyingly familiar voice piped up next to them.

Will turned to glare at the waitress who just wouldn’t stop. “No, we don’t. We’re fine, completely fine!” He tried for a smile at her, though it probably came across as a grimace.

Across the table, Nico looked at him strangely and back at the waitress. “Well, I’d like another coke please.”

“Sure thing, handsome,” Lucy winked, winked, and sashayed back to the counter.

Will gaped and leaned forward on the table, staring at Nico incredulously. “You noticed that, right? You had to have noticed that.”

Nico raised his eyes, looking unimpressed. “What I noticed was you acting completely weird and rude to the waitress.”

“Because she’s been flirting with you since, like, forever!

Nico raised his eyebrows even further up. “Because she called me handsome? That doesn’t mean anything.”

Will rolled his eyes at how dense his boyfriend was acting. “She winked at you, Nico. And she’s been blatantly checking you out ever since we got here. And she’s been here more times than she has at any other table. She’s definitely flirting with you.”

He sat back in his seat, folding his arms across his chest stubbornly. “And I don’t like it.”

Then, to Will’s utter annoyance, Nico started laughing. “Well, you do keep telling me how hot I am.”

Will groaned, hiding his face in his hands. “That’s not the point, Death Boy.” He looked back up, fixing Nico with a glare. “It’s like she can’t see we’re sitting here. Together.”

Sighing, Nico reached out to grab Will’s hand. “We’re not really doing anything remotely couple-y. How’s she supposed to know?”

“And anyways,” he added, his eyes sparkling with amusement, “Why do you care so much? Don’t tell me you’re jealous.”

Will scoffed, not taking his hand away from Nico’s. “No, I’m just expressing my discomfort at my boyfriend being flirted with.”

“So you’re jealous.”

“No! I’m just saying - If I’d been a girl, she wouldn’t have bothered with you.”

Nico shrugged, pulling his hand back to take a slurp from the remnants of his coke. “It is how it is. How about you ignore her and focus on this date?”

Will grumbled, picking grumpily at his fries. Nico huffed, pulling Will’s hand towards him. “Will, I don’t get why you’re so worried. Do you really think I might be into her?” Before he could open his mouth to grumble back a half-assed retort, Nico cut across him. “And if you’re really that bothered, we could ditch and go to the park for a walk or something.”

Will sighed, squeezing Nico’s hand. “No, no, it’s fine. Sorry I’m being such a jerk about this, but I just wish people would notice we’re in a relationship for once.”

Nico looked across at him with an intense gaze, studying his face. Just when Will thought he was going to start laughing or shouting or something, he reached across the table, grabbing Will’s face and muttered, “You are such a sap sometimes.”

And just like that, Nico’s lips were moving against Will’s, slowly coaxing his mouth open, his hand moving to the back of Will’s neck. For a moment, Will froze, not sure what to do at such a sudden display of affection. But Nico eased out the tension with his lips, melting Will’s insides into goo. Will sighed contentedly, leaning further into Nico for more but Nico pulled back with a huff of laughter and settled back in his seat, smirking. “Better?”

Will sighed again, “Much.” And leaned back across the table, his eyes set on that delicious mouth of his boyfriend. But Nico pushed him back, chuckling. “I think that’s enough for now.”

Will pouted as he sat back down and turned his gaze as discreetly as he could to the waitress. To his pleasure (he felt a little guilty though), she was staring at their table wide eyed and her cheeks flushed, a tray of coke, probably Nico’s, in her hands. Noticing Will’s gaze on her, she blushed bright red and hurried to their table, set the cup in front of Nico and scurried off into the kitchen before Nico could even say thank you. At the door, the cashier caught Will’s eye and grinned, giving him a thumbs up.

Nico turned to follow his gaze and sighed exasperatedly. “I hope you’re happy with all the humiliation you’ve caused.”

Will looked at Nico, grinning shamelessly. “A little?”

“You’re impossible, Solace.”

Later, as they were walking down the street, Nico hooked his arm into Will’s and smirked at him. “Does this mean you’ll stop staring at that Paolo guy now?”

“I can’t help it! He has the nicest arms.”

Nico sighed dramatically and unhooked his arm from Will’s. “Maybe I’ll go have a conversation with that waitress then.”

“I will never look at Paolo ever again!”

Because Paolo.

here you have a little drawing of modern Rapunzel for your comic!


i’m planning a cosplay almost a year in advance

it’s gonna use a lacefront wig and wefts and a ponytail clip

i’m gonna wear contacts

basically it’s gonna be the first time i go really hard on a costume and it’ll be followed up by me re-vamping velvet and going hard for a second time. 

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I saw your post that you'll continue tomorrow and you haven't got to my request yet, but here's another request. Maddie/Lynn/First Time

Tonight felt very different for Maddie, but a good kind of different, she had this extra warm feeling in her heart for her beautiful partner Lynn. She couldn’t explain exactly how this feeling is, she couldn’t really find the right words to put together for it, they would have to be just the perfect words.
Her eyes stayed glued to her girlfriend, there was something about her that made her look extra radiant tonight, more alluring, it could be the perfume on her perfectly smooth neck, whatever it was, it was making Maddie become slightly heated in between her legs.
She wanted her, she wanted their warm bodies against each other, but at the same time she felt nervous, sure she loved Lynn very much and could honestly not see herself paired up with anyone else in the world, in fact they have been together for a very long time. But they never really made love to each other.
“What are you staring at with your googly eyes?” Asked her lady, breaking her from the thoughts that were clouding up her mind.
“Um…nothing nothing.” Maddie shyly replied, blush clearly making it’s presence on her pretty face.
Lynn giggled and sat up properly on the couch so she was at eye level.
She gently stroked her girl’s cheek causing this tingly feeling inside her body.
“You look like you have something on your mind beautiful…”
“I don’t really think you want to know about that.” Maddie rushed, blushing even more.
“What is it? Now I really wanna know.” Lynn teased with her bad girl smirk.
Maddie took a deep breath, suddenly becomming extremely nervous…this made her partner very concerned, and slightly nervous herself.
“Lynn…I think…I think I want…”
“What?” Lynn encouraged, grabbing a hold of her hand.
“I think I want us to..make love…”
She raised her eyebrows high in shock, a bit of a smile tugging on her lips.
“You do?”
“Yeah but…I’m a little nervous because…it will be our first time.”
Maddie was caught by surprise when she felt her lucious lips press against hers, sliding off them passionately and looking into her pretty eyes…
“Which is why it’s going to be the most special moment of our lives.”
And with that, they grabbed a hold of each other’s hands, their fingers interwining together as they slowly walked into the bedroom…
and had their magical night of passion 💕

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