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First name: Hunter | Nickname: Your url or Berry-something probably | Age: 19 | Gender: Cis guy | Sexual Orientation: Bisexual | Nationality: uh. White. | Relationship status: Single | Likes: Buffy, Dawn summers I think was her name, Bramblestar | Dislike: Sonic games, Waffles, Dominos, tomatoes | Random fact: A boss at Just Dance

Dawn summers is too good for this world

crazy to think some of us will die before we have our 24th birthday.
or that one day im gonna hold my kid & they’ll never know that their mom used to have a drinking problem or hurt people or went upstairs with boys that didn’t know how to spell her name. I’ll be their mom who makes them waffles when they’re sad & it’s 4 am & they can’t sleep. I’ll be their mom who’s past won’t matter, I’ll only have loved their dad & not some boy who left me behind in the middle of a road with a flick of a blinker & not a single look back. I’ll be their mom who taught them to say yes mam & no sir, never the wild girl who chugged out of champagne bottles & kissed boys because it made her feel wanted even if she was just used. I’ll be their hero, not some crying drunk staggering to her car at 4 am.

which will I be: will I be dead in 5 years or someone completely different in 10