She has no name.  That’s what she’s looking for, you see.  It was lost when the bombs fell, when the radioactive fire ignited the tiny sun in her belly.  Green fire seared her veins, burning her humanity away until all that remained was it.  The body.  The anomaly.  Stealth and espionage were her skills, she remembers that much.  But now, even under mild duress, she glows brighter than a light bulb.  Covering up only does so much good - the glow seeps through anything.  And it burns so hot she no longer has memories of the cold.  The clothes are an uncomfortable necessity.  A disguise, as if she were a person still.  Even the folks in Goodneighbor call her ugly, the regular ghouls shy away with polite terror.  They try to help, putting her in a dress, slapping a wig on her head, saying “well, look at how lovely you are!”  They give her names - Jane, Sally, Sue -  but she throws them away, draws up her hood, and keeps searching.  Finding her name won’t fix anything.  She knows that.  But it still gives her hope.

One Hell of a Lover [a CS au]

My Halloween contribution here. I have a tradition. Every Halloween I watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show. This year my muses decided to be assholes and imagine Killian dressed up as Dr. Frank-N-Furter. So, needless to say, this happened. 

If you’re unfamiliar with Rocky Horror, you might want to look it up first. At the very least, google ‘Dr. Frank-N-Furter’ for the appropriate visual. 

This one’s rated M for a reason, my loves. Happy Halloween! 

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In her five years as a bartender at The Rabbit Hole, Emma Swan has seen her fair share of weird, wonderful, and frankly, downright terrifying things.

Tonight, being Halloween, is no exception.

She’s dressed relatively tamely, in a black leotard with a black feathered tutu, her blonde locks twisted up in tight braid-bun, more feathers woven into it. Black swan? Because her last name is Swan… Get it? Okay, so sue her, it’s not the most ingenious costume choice ever, but with Ruby dressed as a slutty Red Riding Hood, and David a strapping Prince Charming, she doesn’t feel too bad.

The customers on the other hand, are certainly… creative is probably the politest way to put it.

She’s already served a couple of blondes dressed as conjoined twins, a pregnant nun, some idiot parading around in a horse mask (she had to ask him three times to remove it so she could check his ID), and another contemptible gentleman (she uses that word loosely) dressed in a skeleton onesie with an inflatable phallus, calling himself “Skeleboner”.

Emma Swan has seen plenty. Not much surprises her these days.

But this?

Sweet lord, have mercy…

This takes the cake.

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Peridot on Twitter is all well and good, but imagine her on AO3.

She’d do a self-insert in Camp Pining Hearts and unironically name her Peri Sue.

Her limited understanding of human reproduction would result in a Pierre/Percy Mpreg storyline, and nobody would have the heart to correct her (well, Amethyst might, but Steven would stop her).

Everyone who left a mean-spirited comment would get called a clod.

She’d write a donut shop AU because the Big Donut is the closest she’s ever come to a coffee shop.  Unconsciously, she’d base Percy and Pierre’s interactions on those of Lars and Sadie.

We’d be treated to detailed descriptions of “Percy and Pierre interlocking touch stumps,” “Pierre gazing into Percy’s electric-blue vision spheres,” and “Percy staring longingly at Pierre’s perfect butt.”

And she would always put trigger warnings on anything involving bondage, the lake, or mirrors.

Rachel calling Unique a Mercedes crossdresser and insulting both Unique and Mercedes. Mercedes who is suppose to be her GOOD friend.

Rachel using Kitty just cause she’s desperate for members.

Rachel naming Marley by calling her mother fat.

Sue being a fangirl

The fact that RIB has Sam still acting dumb

Sam saying him and Rachel are endgame

Sam calling Mercedes a “Old Hag!”

glee referencing Saw

glee is beyond sucking at this point

The Mary Sue Interview: Writer/Director Natalie Leite On Sexuality & Stripping In Bare, With Dianna Agron & Paz De La Huerta

TMS: What made you think of Dianna for the role Sarah?

Leite: I think she’s incredibly talented and such a giving actress. I can’t speak for her, but I think she was at a point in her career that she wanted to take a new step in her career. She is so smart and has so much to bring to the character. And she was willing to go to those places that the character had to that other actresses might not have been comfortable doing.

so i had this terrible idea of drawing a Mary Sue cat as some sort of eldritch god monster. this shit doodle with these two garbage characters is the result

basically Godstar is a godlike entity from the stars, HENCE HER NAME. she originally was called Stargod, but when she became leader of a Clan she just made up called HellClan, she realized Starstar sounded stupid so she swapped around her regular name. also she fangirls over Giygas the same way other Mary Sues fangirl over Scourge.

also, there’s Bluntclaw - he’s the universe’s chew toy because all of the crazy shit in the clans tends to get him involved even though he’s done nothing to deserve it. poor guy.

That’s beautiful. Blunt claw is bae <3 Thank you for the submission. -Admin Desukit

desperate times

Pairing: Dipper Pines x Pacifica Northwest

Summary: It was common knowledge that Pacifica Northwest and Dipper Pines were involved. They hadn’t made it official yet, but as far as everyone was concerned, they were together. Almost everyone, that was.

Notes: the prompt for today was “teenage years”. I started writing this drabble as Pacifica being jealous, but it kind of just turned into her saving Dipper from an awkward social situation? I don’t know. it’s not my best work, but it’s okay enough. I’m too tired to write anything else. in this fic, they’re 16 or 17, and the Pines twins somehow go to high school in Gravity Falls. Kudos to you if you catch the references in the first line of the fic and the last line of dialogue.

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