If a 13 year old girl created River Song as an OC for fanfiction, she would get torn to pieces. 

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There's a girl down the street named Susan, but I'M named Susan, too. Can I sue her for plagiarizing MY name? Should I call the cops?

Roughly 99% of plagiarism suits are settled through a battle to the death. 

  • Carrie Facts:
  • Although it was a minor sub-plot in the book (it is mentioned twice), this is the first adaptation of Carrie to mention Sue’s pregnancy
  • Jodie Foster was considered to play Margaret White. Julianne Moore had of course replaced Foster once before in Hannibal.
  • The tagline, “You will know her name,” is a reference to the final line of the title song from Broadway’s Carrie the Musical (“Someday someone will know my name!”).
  • Shailene Woodley turned down the role of Carrie, while Haley Bennett, Emily Browning, Lily Collins and Bella Heathcote auditioned.
  • The poem Carrie reads from in English class is an excerpt from John Milton’s 1671 poem “Samson Agonistes (Samson the Wrestler)”.
  • Ivana Baquero was considered to play Chris Hargensen but Portia Doubleday was cast.
  • Even though there are rumors that Carrie would be released in IMAX, IMAX has actually commented in a Facebook post that they do not have any plans for that yet.

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Mary Sue is the real author of Twelve or so Swatches of Woohoo. It was supposed to be her proof to Daniel that she could totally be sexy if she wanted to and may or may not have been written on a four day wine binge. After she submitted it to an editor she never expected to hear anything (not to mention she was in bed for a week with the worst hangover ever) but when they made her an offer she decided to accept and the book was printed under her clever pen name: Mary Sue Arthur. Like Author, but Arthur? Do you get it? DO YOU? (Okay so she has a terrible sense of humor. Whatever. She’s so rich now she can pay someone to be funny for her.)

sometimes I think about my high school mary sue and I feel very silly because her name was Bloodrose Nightmayre

but then I remember that Mystique’s actual legal birth certificate name is Raven Darkholme and I do not feel any embarrassment at all

I’ma get a monkey and name him Remy, like the weave ;_;
If I get a giraffe I’ma name her Mary Sue
If I get a teacup pig her name shall be Tiffany That’s Hakeem choice not mine cause I was gonna name her pork chop ;-;
Ooo a goat would be a nice edition ;-; his name would be Arnold.
Then a doggy and name him Danifer.