•name: Navis! Hello, all!
•pronouns: She/her
•age: 15
•height: tbh I didn’t check but I’m around 5'1-5'2 maybe
•what makes me happy/smile: Alot of things make me smile tbh but um???? Friends (cliche but ye)
•my sign: Cancer (like some fandoms a YY jk ily all)
•my favorite number: 35 (used to be 69 and 420 because I was immature as hell)
•favorite band: Sakura Gakuin and Babymetal is so good!
•favorite show/movie: Um… I don’t watch alot tbh but Lazytown I guess lmao
•favorite book: I don’t read alot of books either but rn I’m reading Ready Player One and it’s pretty good
•favorite anything tbh: My favorite games are Nintendo games in general and DR
•hobbies: drawing, bothering my friends, editing, shitposting, watching people play video games I can’t play, and playing video games myself

So hello, people of all stuff!!!

Yesterday was not only Veterans Day, but it also marked the 95th anniversary of Lenah S. Higbee becoming the first woman to be awarded the Navy Cross. She received this prestigious honor for her service in the Navy Nurse Corps during World War I. USS Higbee (DD-806), commissioned in 1945, was named in her honor, the first U.S. Navy combat ship to bear the name of a female member of the Naval service.



My cousin (who I never, ever talk to) went back to prison for the 3rd time, probably for life this time. My family always ended up taking his dogs when he’d get arrested, and this time my cousins mother decided his dog was too old and just dumped her at the pound. I went there today and fought with them to get her out.

So meet the newest, oldest member of our little family. Her name is Navi, she’s an 8 year old min pin!