Jay & Evie protecting each other

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Can you do a percabeth wedding day?

I have head canons.

  • Percy is nervous as hell. He kept pacing around his room once he was ready.
  • Grover and Jason tried to get him to calm down. Also, the pacing got Leo dizzy.
  • Annabeth was shaking, even though her face was calm. 
  • Piper was doing her hair, grinning at her friend.
  • The brides maids were wearing knee length light blue dresses and the groomsmen had matching ties.
  • Chiron agreed to walk he down the aisle. 
  • When Percy sees Annabeth walk down the aisle, he tears up. And when she stands right in front of him, tears are rolling down his face.
  • Annabeth has tears in her eyes but refuses to let them fall. But they do when Percy recites his vows, which he barely gets through without his voice cracking.
  • Annabeth takes a few deep breaths before she could get through the first line of her vows.
  • When they kiss, they could feel each other’s tears on their lips. 
  • Both of them are super excited and are trying to wipe their tears as they go up the aisle. 

And some more headshot sketchy things. :D

This time Beskha and Amaya, my perfect beat-up scumbag angels.

Still to this day, this is my FAVOURITE shot.

The joy in that little girls face was overwhelmingly adorable, she was a little sweety. This is what it is all about, it really is. Moments like this when a child is so unbelievably happy to come across  a character they greatly admire and to see their faces light up is priceless.

“1,2,3 say CHEEEEESE!”

This is probably the most hilarious text convesation I've EVER had

I was at college studying, and I sent a message to vanessa complaining. She replied with this picture

Here, a cheer up text


Are you eating my haato?



Ugh I don’t feel very good…




(10 minutes later) 









I’m pretty sure everyone at the college study room saw me making those faces. Worth it.

Noc said he needed a hand with something. Pumpkin tried to be punny and LITERATELY gave him a hand. But now he’s being an ass and won’t give it back.

idfk random idea I conjured while waiting for post limit to reset.

Pumpkin’s mine and Noc belongs to bunny-virus

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Chaos was relaxing on a stump. He was just watching the clouds without a care in the world

It was Autumn in a forest at sunset, it seemed like a beautiful night was about to come upon when you began to look around and you see a woman, Ivy, standing by a tree watching you, she seemed creepy looking with her droopy eyes and scar across her face, though there was something about her that made her seem interesting..


Tagged by peacockbluey (thank you!) to post my 6 musician crushes. My initial response was “what, only six?” until I narrowed it down, realised that four of the six pictures were in black and white and, being the slight colours/photography nerd that I am, redid my whole list so they were all in black and white. So some of these aren’t necessarily top of my list but it is a worryingly long list so they all count. In order (in case it wasn’t obvious): Joan Jett, all of My Chemical Romance (don’t make me pick a favourite), Hayley Williams, David Bowie, Julian Barratt, and Tim Minchin. I’m going to tag iwatch-thebees, basooniverse, you-know-nothing-of-the-crunch, littleredchucks, and culumacilinte, unless any of you have already done this or just don’t want to.