Noc said he needed a hand with something. Pumpkin tried to be punny and LITERATELY gave him a hand. But now he’s being an ass and won’t give it back.

idfk random idea I conjured while waiting for post limit to reset.

Pumpkin’s mine and Noc belongs to bunny-virus

And some more headshot sketchy things. :D

This time Beskha and Amaya, my perfect beat-up scumbag angels.

Still to this day, this is my FAVOURITE shot.

The joy in that little girls face was overwhelmingly adorable, she was a little sweety. This is what it is all about, it really is. Moments like this when a child is so unbelievably happy to come across  a character they greatly admire and to see their faces light up is priceless.

“1,2,3 say CHEEEEESE!”

This is probably the most hilarious text convesation I've EVER had

I was at college studying, and I sent a message to vanessa complaining. She replied with this picture

Here, a cheer up text


Are you eating my haato?



Ugh I don’t feel very good…




(10 minutes later) 









I’m pretty sure everyone at the college study room saw me making those faces. Worth it.

haunter237 asked:

Chaos was relaxing on a stump. He was just watching the clouds without a care in the world

It was Autumn in a forest at sunset, it seemed like a beautiful night was about to come upon when you began to look around and you see a woman, Ivy, standing by a tree watching you, she seemed creepy looking with her droopy eyes and scar across her face, though there was something about her that made her seem interesting..

  • Meg Meg Meg Nutmeg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Meg is literal sunshine and it is soooo good to see her face 
  • where is Bea though please give me Bea I want to see her face too
  • can someone please make gifs of Meg saying “Hero said that I should do a room tour” and Hero actually saying “room tour room tour ROOM TOUR” in nmtd because that would be fantastic
  • ugh Meg is so cute and adorable and needs to be stopped just kidding Meg never stop being awesome
  • love how the three girls still catch up regularly
  • I’m really glad Hero’s excited for her birthday! considering what happened last year *wince*
  • what does Meg have planned? curious curious
  • “I know I’m intelligent, I’m hot, and I know what I’m doing so who wouldn’t want to date me?” MEG I LOVE YOU
  • oooh will we meet Julia? I hope so…
  • also is Julia dating John? I guess since John is a minor character in LLL… I’m actually curious to see John, to see what he’s like now that he has his life together more
  • Meg trying to give Ben nicknames - amazing
  • what is that hand sign?!?!?!?!?!?!
  • it’s so nice to have this sweet, confident video from Meg as a break from all the flat drama
  • and Meg seems so happy! She’s writing for a magazine, she has friends, she’s happy with her social life… It also seems like she’s more mature now and has her life together, which is lovely to see
  • basically this semi-surprise video was a delight and I can’t wait for more

I wanted to draw andauril‘s Siryn Lavellan again, ‘cause last like I did, I completely messed up her hair. Plus, she has a pretty smile :)