OK thoughts that I’m now 7 episodes in to The legend of Korra.

1.Korra is a precious baby angel sent from heaven and can do no wrong.
2.Asami is badass turning against her dad.
3.Is this all just a big metaphor for wwII with the equalists trying to wipe out the benders,the traditionally more privileged members of society in an attempt to make a “perfect race”!?

4.I hate Mako even more than I did 2 episodes ago and I didn’t think that was possible. “ Your trying to stop a war means ur jealouz of me n my girlfrien!1!!” “OoOppPs I was wrong AGAIN.” “No Asami even though we’ve only been dating a month I won’t let you go see your own father who I defended even though he was CLEARLY an equalist.Even if you have already said you are skilled in combat I won’t let you cause I am a Tough BOi and I will preetect u a girl cuz Korra is the only fighting girl cause she’s a tomboy and you ARtEnt S0 clearly you w0nt be able to fite.” *Is shocked when Assami can fight*. APOLOGIZES TO KORRA AND HAS TO FOLLOW IT UP WITH BUT HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW!? TRUST U!? MY FRIEND THE AVATAR!? HA!“.

I have no chill.

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when did you know you were trans ? how did people you know take it ?

uhh i started considering it was i was abt 16/17 (im nearly 19 now) and its taken most of that time 2 fully come 2 terms w it and figure it out. i told my closest friends p much straight away n they were fab, 100% accepting, used all the different names n pronouns i wanted 2 try etc, my brother is also an actual angel abt it. i told my parents a few wks ago and theyre ok? my dad is gr8, he does his best to use my name and pronouns n that, tbh my mum is garbage n generally just keeps using my deadname and she/her pronouns like she can just ignore it n it’ll go away. but the majority of ppl that know, including my gf n her friends, all use the right pronouns n refer to me as a guy n all that jazz which is bostin. 

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#11 / #25 / #06 / #27

Hi! Ok so - 
#11 - Do you like someone?
~I like lots of people! But if the question means what I think it means, then yes. I absolutely like a certain someone so much that I love them;) 
#25 - Do you miss anyone from your past?
~All of the feels. Yes, I do. From my distant-ish past, I miss my dad. He’s been with the angels for almost 9 years now. And my sister and her family.
  But more recently - I miss this really amazing human being. We used to be very close. But as life goes on, things change and people have to make the best decisions for themselves. And that’s ok. But I miss them so much. 
#06 - How do you want to die?
~Dying is such weird thought/concept. Especially since no one’s come back to tell us what it’s like. Anyways, I have two ways I’d like to go out. 1. I’d like to die peacefully of old age, surrounded by my children, family and in the arms of my lover. Or 2. The extreme opposite - I’d like to go out with my boots on doing something extreme. In some bear or shark attack or some freak hiking accident. The latter is probably weird and super selfish of me but I’ve always thought a memorable death would be kinda cool. If I’m gonna go, I gotta go out hardcore. But the reality of it would be freaking scary and awful. 
#27 - Have you ever broken someone’s heart?
~I wish I could say I haven’t but I think I have. Of course, at some point of being a teenager you break your parents’ heart. Which I know I’ve done that. But as far as romantic relationships go, I’m sad to say that I probably have. At least two that I think I’m sure of. If there are anymore, they haven’t come forth to tell me. (Or maybe I’m flattering myself, idk. I don’t wanna be a heartbreaker, but a heart mender). 

Thanks for asking! Y'all are really getting to know me it seems. 



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RULES: Name ten favourite characters from ten different fandoms, then, tag ten people and repost.

  • Polgara (The Belgariad / The Mallorean)
  • Klaus Mikaelson (The Vampire Diaries / The Originals)
  • Filif, also known as Filifermanhathrhumneits'elhessaiffnth (Young Wizards) no I’m not kidding about the longer name go look it up
  • Leopold Fitz (Agents of Shield)
  • Riley Blue (Sense 8) ok so it was a tie between Riley and Amanita and Kala and Will and Riley’s dad.
  • Antryg Windrose (The Windrose Chronicles) yes I’m aware I am the only one in this fandom
  • Durzo Blint (The Night Angel Trilogy) I suppose it should be ‘Acaelus Thorne,’ but eh
  • Felicity Smoak (Arrow) PRECIOUS HACKER SMOL CHILD OLIVER YOU’D BETTER TREAT HER RIGHT no I haven’t seen season 4
  • Rumplestilskin (Once Upon a Time) 

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