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the rules:

1. go to this website. www.random.org/lists/

2. pick 15 characters from any fandom or whatever you’re into.

3. tag five or more people.

4. have fun!

Oh my here we go:

1. mom/dad: Simon Lewis (Shadowhunters) he’s more like my brother but OK

2. your sibling: Jack Harkness (Doctor Who) Now he’s more like my dad my I’ll take it!!!! 

3. your grandma/grandpa:  Remy “Thirteen” Hadley (House MD) I can’t fancy my grandma that’s grosss

4. haunts you: Fred Burkle (Angel). i mean i’m still not over her death so….

5. your boyfriend/girlfriend: Sara Lance (Arrow/Legends). Of course she IS MY BABE!

6. your ex: River Song (Doctor Who) come on!!!!

7. your best friend: Shawn Spencer (Psych) BUDDDYYYYYYYY <3

8. proposed to you: Root (Person of Interest) and I said NOO??? HOW? IN THE? IS THAT? POSSIBLE? nope. We’re in an open marriage that’s all I can accept rn.

9. your boss: Rose Tyler (Doctor Who) okay that would mean I would work with guns and aliens i’m in ahah

10. the random person you met at the bar: Nicole Haught (Wynonna Earp) Ahahah SO TRUE 

11. your rival: Irene Adler (Sherlock Holmes). could be real tho

12. gave you your first kiss: Willow Rosenberg (Buffy) awwwww i wish

13. drunk and singing karaoke with: Sierra (Dollhouse) that’d be so interesting :!

14. played 7 minutes in heaven with: Selina Kyle (Batmanverse) like okay yes

15. gave you your favorite dessert: Walter O'Brien (Scorpion) that would happen. never. but Great!

I mean i guess it’s a great list but…IN WHAT UNIVERSE WOULD I SAY NO TO ROOT GUYS?? WORK YOUR THING 

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Ok here are some fluffy post-pacifist things: just imagine papyrus being enamoured with the pasta options at the store, Frisk living with Toriel and helping her make pies, Sans finally being able to chill because there are no more resets, Asgore opening a flower shop and being a dad/uncle (dunkle?) to the kiddo, also dunkle Sans, Alphys and Undyne getting married, Gaster gets freed, everyone is happy and shit man I'm sorry work sucks

  • papyrus would get so overwhelmed he’d just load down his basket with pasta, LOOK SANS THEY HAVE LINGUINI AND ANGEL HAIR???
  • Frisk is a little nervous because last time they helped someone cook they burned down her kitchen, but the pies go much better. (Although they do get flour EVERYWHERE.)
  • Sans, finally, one day, putting aside his calendar to count how many days since the reset and finally planning further ahead than 2 weeks into the future
  • FLOWER SHOP ASGORE AAAAH imagine the biggest bara dad gently telling you which annuals will do better in this climate, or how to properly care for succulents. bonus points for asgore getting emotional because he’s never seen flowers bloom so vividly because the ones in the underground had to grow with limited sunlight, and these flowers are thriving
  • alphys and undyne sneaking mew mew kissy cutie references into their wedding cake and dresses, asgore helping put together bouquets that express their love for one another in flower language
  • sans and frisk free gaster from the void and frisk gains ANOTHER monster family member now, they’re to dunkles what steven universe is to moms

thank god my shift from hell is over and i have a few days off but man i want to conk out

Random Character Meme

1. Go to this website

2. Pick fifteen characters from any fandom.

3. Tag five or more people.

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1. Your mum/dad:   Donna:   Donna would be a great mom, she has such a great spirit

2. Your sibling:  Rory ok that would be alright i guess I really like Rory and I have a tiny crush on Arthur Darvil so now im getting the ewww thing going on LOL. 

3. Your grandma/grandpa: Rose Tyler: HA HA ok just because Im older than Billie but you know Rose would make a great grandma one day she would be the one to tell you all her adventures

4. Haunts you:  Amy Pond: For two reasons reason One the Angels Take Manhatten was sad sad. Second the name (I have friends that give me grief for it. Yes my name is Amy no my last name isnt Pond or Williams)   

5. Your boyfriend/girlfriend: Jake: Ok he wasnt too bad to look at but isnt his charecter gay so like maybe im a cover, then im living in the zeppelin world not sure im ok with that  

6. Your ex:  Jackie Tyler: HA HA HA oh Ok sorry I love Jackie I do but umm i just dont see it 

7. Your best friend: The Adipose;  Awwww ok yep those cute little things are darling, I actually have a pop one on my desk. .

8. Proposed to you:  Captain Jack Harkness:  OMG I bet he did just probably not the proposal anyone is thinking of .( by the way I had the Pleasure of meeting John Barrowman and yeah its pretty much like meeting Captain Jack) 

9. Your boss:   Mickey Smith: hmmmm well now that hes with Martha and saving the universe probably would be cool

10. The random person you met at the bar:  Dalek:  HA HA he kept saying INEBRIATE 

11. Your rival:  Martha:  I could see that I would probably not like her because of how she acted with the Doctor

12. Gave you your first kiss:   Clara:  makes a face and i hopefully didnt like it ( was running out of names) 

13. Drunk and singing karaoke with:  Wilfred Mott:  HA HA  we would be singing oldies too it would be awesome

14. Played 7 minutes in heaven with: The Doctor:  Oh the images that just brought up mmmmm 

15. Gave you your favorite dessert:   Pete Tyler:  does Pete Tyler cook maybe he went and bought it that would probably be ok

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my browsers not loading well but basically this thing where you go to random.org and type in 15 characters from whatever and then fill in the questions with the order you got

1. mom/dad: suzukaze (oh thank god i got literally the only good parent in the game)

2. your sibling: leonardo watch (DO YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO HIS ACTUAL SiBLING)

3. your grandma/grandpa: hiiragi shinoa (i am ok with this bcause i get to have a sassy grammy)

4. haunts you: yamaguchi tadashi (CASPER THE FRIENDLY GHOST)

5. your boyfriend/girlfriend: shin-ah (he deserves better… like an angel)

6. your ex: ren hakuei (seeing as CLEARLY i would not dump her… she DUMPED ME?? WHAT DID I DO)

7. your best friend: sayaka miki (i promise not to fall in love with your crush)

8. proposed to you: momoi satsuki (BYE SUCKERS)

9. your boss: safu (im just happy shes here okay)

10. the random person you met at the bar: shi-long lang (… im not all that surprised)

11. your rival: doug (the kid can knife twenty guys in three seconds what do i rival him in?? height?? shit. wait.)

12. gave you your first kiss: peridot (glad its mutally awkward tehn)

13. drunk and singing karaoke with: yuzuki seo (thats not fucking fair shes an excellent singer)

14. played 7 minutes in heaven with: fushimi saruhiko (he does have nice lips.. and i bet he kisses with his eyes open, game on. there can only be one.)

15. gave you your favorite dessert:trainer yellow (ANGEL GODDESS QUEEN MY HEART)