I hope when she kisses you
she tastes all the I love yous and
forevers you spit down my throat

I hope when she rests her head
on your chest at night she hears
your heart still echoing my name

I hope when she holds you close
she feels traces of my arms that
held you while you cried so hard

And I hope she feels so fucking sick

—  I feel so fucking sick
The New House

Anonymous asked: I would love to see something where Jamie and Claire buy their first house. Jamie gives Claire a tour with plenty of bedrooms for their wee bairns.

Ask and ye shall receive! I’m not sure if you wanted this to be smutty or not, and I’m not totally sure if it will get that way, but it might. :) Enjoy!

“Where are we going?”

“You’ll see.”

She huffed and folded her arms angrily over her chest. He’d made her wear the blindfold, insisting that he had an amazing surprise for her. They’d just come back from the doctor’s office where they’d learned she was pregnant with their third child.

He was taking them to look at a house, one that they could buy and have for their own. It had enough room for all of their children and more if they wanted. He could do his work for the Lallybroch estate from the house without needing to be gone as much. It was a perfect fit for his growing family.

Technically it was an old house on the Lallybroch lands. But it was far enough from the manor house that it wouldn’t feel like living at Lallybroch. They wouldn’t be overrun with Murray’s or get in the way of anything. They could be their own little Fraser clan.

He and Claire had been discussing buying a house before, but now with a third bairn on the way, their flat wouldn’t be enough. Their budget was small, but they were excited about this new step. She didn’t know Jenny had offered them the house. Jamie had refused to take it for free, insisting they’d pay rents like they should. None of that could happen, though, until Claire gave her approval.

He’d been driving in circles for almost an hour, just to be sure she didn’t know they were at Lallybroch. But then he pulled up to the house and smiled. It felt right, being on his ancestral lands in his own home.

“Alright Sassenach. I’ll come help ye out of the car.”

“Can’t I see the outside of the house?”

“No’ yet.”

“Why not?”

“Trust me?”

She sighed and he thought she was rolling her eyes beneath the blindfold.

“You know I do.”

“Then trust me a wee bit further, aye? You’ll see the outside in time.”

With a nod, he got out of the car and helped her out. Up the three stairs and into the small entryway. It wasn’t until he closed the front door that he untied the blindfold.

Claire gasped, looking around.

It was much smaller than the manor house, but it was still beautiful. It had two stories with the bedrooms on the top floor. The kitchen, dining room, and study were all on the bottom level. 

Claire began wandering around, hands trailing over the ancient stone.

“D’ye like it, Claire?”

“Oh Jamie, it’s beautiful! It reminds me of your house at Lallybroch.”

“That isna my house. It’s Jenny’s. But aye, there’s a history here.”

Her eyes soaked the house in, not missing any detail. She looked to the stairs and peered up them.

“But are there enough rooms for all the children? It seems awfully small.”

“Go upstairs and see.”

After throwing a smile over her shoulder, she launched up the stairs. He followed her, already feeling completely at home here.

“Jamie this is amazing! Oh it’s so beautiful here.”

She stood in the doorway of one of the smaller bedrooms, smiling. He came up behind her, arms sliding around her waist until his hands rested over her womb.

“Aye. This could be for wee Bree. She would like the view, ken?”

Claire leaned against him and sighed.

“She would love it.”

“And this one,” he pulled her to the next room over. “Could be for our Faith. She’d get to see the sunrise, aye? Because she’s like me and wakes with the dawn.”

Claire nodded and put her hands over his.

“And here,” he said, walking them to the next room. “This could be for our next bairn. The one ye carry right now. I dinna ken what he’ll like, but it seems a good room aye?”

“It’s lovely, Jamie. But it could be another girl. You were sure Bree would be a boy.”

“Aye,” he said, kissing her cheek. “And she’s a bonny lass.”

Claire rolled her head and looked up at him. 

“You’ve really thought this all through, haven’t you?”

He smiled and nodded quickly, taking her back to Bree’s room.

“Aye. I thought we could paint this room yellow. No’ a bright yellow, but a nice soft one. Or green. Bree likes both, I think. But Faith’s,” he took her back to Faith’s room. “And this one we could paint a soft purple. That’s her favorite color, ken? And the bairn… Weel, maybe we’ll no’ paint his just yet. No’ until we ken that he’s a he.”

When he looked back down at her, he saw she was crying.

“Christ! Are ye alright, Sassenach? Are ye hurt anywhere?”

He patted her down quickly, searching for injury, but found none. Looking back up at her face, he saw her smiling.


“Jamie, this is the most beautiful thing I think you’ve ever done for me. For us. I don’t even know what to say.”

“Ye like it? Truly?”

“Yes, Jamie. I love the house. But more than that, I love that you’ve dreamed our family here.”

Happiness overflowed and he kissed her hard.

“It’s verra good to hear ye say that, mo chridhe.”

“I have to ask, though.”


She turned and looked down the hall at the last door.

“All of the children have rooms. Are we to sleep in the study downstairs?”

He laughed and nodded.

“We have a room, Sassenach. We’ll no’ sleep downstairs. But I wanted to save the best for last, ken?”

“The best, is it?”

“Aye. It is. Come and see.”

Taking her hand, he dragged her down to the last room and threw the door open.

“Ooohhh Jamie! It’s… It’s just… It’s so perfect!”

He caught her before she fell, drawing her into his chest.

“I’m sorry, Sassenach. It was too much. I shouldna have sprung it all on ye so.”

“No! No it’s so beautiful. I love this home, Jamie.”

“Well, it’s no’ ours yet. I havena signed any papers, no’ wi’out you.”

“Really? But it’s still available?”

He nodded and kissed her forehead.

“Aye. It’s ours if we want it.”

“We want it.”

Hooking his index finger under her chin, he lifted her face to his.

“Would ye like to see the outside? Maybe see where we might be living?”

“Oh yes! I’d forgotten!”

They went back down the stairs and outside. Claire began crying again.

“Lallybroch. We’re at Lallybroch, aren’t we?”

“Aye. It’s on the Lallybroch lands. We’ll buy it from Jenny and Ian, if it’s okay wi’ you.”

“Yes! Oh yes, Jamie. Please. This is our home.”

He nodded.

“Jenny has the papers at the house. We can sign them whenever we like.”

“So… If you’ve already imagined what color the children’s rooms will be, have you thought of ours?”

With a shy smile, he looked down at the ground and kicked at a pebble.

“Aye, I have. I didna want to say anything yet. No’ unless ye wanted the house.”

“Well I want the house. So tell me what you dreamed about.”

“Can I show ye?”

“Of course.”

Back in their master bedroom, he put his arms around her again.

“Weel… I was thinking we could paint it blue. A nice blue, ken, like my parent’s room at the main house.”

“I have always liked that room.”

“Aye. I was always afraid to set foot in that room as a lad. It’s the laird’s room, ken, and my father wouldna allow any of us in. I would sneak in, sometimes, when he was out. I can still see how his boots sat by the fire, the book he had not he table by the window. Jenny said she kens what color the blue is in the lairds room.” He moved them out of the doorway and into the room. A large four-poster bed frame rested against one wall, waiting for them. “This room isna as big as the laird’s room. But we could have our bed o’er there, so ye can see the lands and sky from bed. I can watch the sunlight sine on yer bonny face while ye sleep. It’s just a wee fireplace, but we could have a nice big chair to sit in. Maybe a rug on the floor, just there. A wardrobe there.”

She sighed again and let her whole body sag against his.

“I can see it, Jamie. I can see all of it, just how you described. Oh it’s beautiful. Please can this be our home? Where we can raise all of our children, on your family land.”

“Aye, Claire. Aye, this can be our home.”

“Then lets go sign the papers. I don’t care if it takes the rest of our lives to pay Jenny and Ian back for the house. This is our home. Ours, Jamie.”

She practically ran to the car to drive to the main house.

“I’m glad ye like it, Claire.”

“I don’t like it. I love it. Hearing your dreams for it, that you’ve picked out the girls’ rooms because you know them so well… I love you.”

He smiled, his chest growing pleasantly warm.

“I love ye as well, mo nighean donn.”

Jenny had the papers waiting in the laird’s study, and a few minutes later, they walked out with the keys.

“Can we go back? Go see it again?”

“Course, Sassenach. It’s ours now. Or it will be in a few decades when we pay it off.”

“We have a house,” she said as they pulled down the road to their house. “A real house.”

They got out of the car again and he put his arm around her shoulders as they stared up at the house.

“We can move our things over slowly, let the girls get used to it here before we move permanently.”

“Aye, but we do have a timeline to keep in mind.”

“We do?”

“Aye, Sassenach. Have ye already forgotten about my bairn ye carry?”

Her hands moved over her flat stomach.

“Right. Jamie… Do you still have that thick wool blanket in the car?”

“Aye, I do. Why? Are ye cold?”

“No, I’m not cold. I just… Listening to you talk about the rooms and this house… Will you make love to me in our new bedroom, James Fraser?”

A laugh bellowed from deep in his chest.

“Wi’out even a pillow to put yer head on, Sassenach?”

“Yes. I don’t need any of that. I just need you. And that blanket is thick enough. Please? This will probably be the only time that it’s just the two of us in the house.”

“Aye, that’s true. If you’re sure, it would be my honor.”

“I’m sure.”

After retrieving the thick tartan wool, he followed his beloved wife up the stairs into their new bedroom. While he folded the blanket, she stepped out of her clothes. She stood still while he did the same and he took a few minutes to admire her body.

He’d been right about the way the sunlight would kiss her skin. When Jenny had told him about the house, he’d taken a look and fallen in love with it. The way the sun filtered in through the window in this room, however, had gotten him dreaming. He could see Claire in their bed, sleeping with that wee smile in the corner of her mouth, the sun just coming up.

“I feel comfortable here,” she said, walking toward him.

“Aye and well that ye do. You’re a Fraser after all, these are your lands too.”

“I’m not talking about the lands. But this home, this place, I feel like I belong here. With you.”

“And so ye do.”

Gathering her into his arms, he laid her down on the blanket, kissing her warmly. 

“I have married far above what I deserve,” he whispered to her. “You are the most amazing woman I’ve ever met, Claire, and I love ye wi’ everything I have. I’ve a good job, two beautiful daughters, a third bairn on the way, and now my own house and land. But to have it all wi’ you… I’m a verra lucky man indeed.”

“God I love you,” she breathed, wrapping her legs around him.

And then he was home, one with his wife again. He muttered a Gaelic thanksgiving and kissed her. Nothing would ever stop him being thankful for her.

He was steady in his movements against her, working to bring her to a shuddering peak before he was lost in his own. Her hips rose up to meet his, taking him deeper.

In the weeks since he’d seen the house, he’d dreamed about it, about what would happen in it, about his family. Now, to have it, for it to be his and to share it with Claire… This was so much more than he’d hoped for. She was as excited about it as he was. Their son (for he was sure it was going to be a son) would only know this home, not the cramped flat his sisters knew.

Claire’s legs suddenly locked around his waist, holding him to her as she shook.  He kissed her open mouth softly, smiling while he did. When she got a hold of herself, she began churning her hips.

“You’re not done yet, my lad,” she said with a grin.

“No’ quite yet, no.”

“Come to me, Jamie. Here in our home. Come to me.”

He could do nothing else but obey her command.

They lay intertwined and entangled, perfectly at peace.

“Welcome home, mo chridhe, my wife.”

“Welcome home to you too, my love, my husband.”

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If requests are still open, then the rfa guys getting turned on by mc doing very mundane things. Thank you and love your hc!

Requests are still open yes! Thank you and ohoho these were so fun to write! *3*


🐱 He comes home from work only to find you cuddling with Elizabeth on the couch.

🐱 He takes in the adorable sight and insists you stay there as he gets ready for dinner.

🐱 As he’s taking off his jacket and loosening his tie, he notices Elizabeth gently kneading your chest with her paws.

🐱 He takes in a sharp breath and almost chokes before quickly turning away.

🐱 He’s trying his best not to stare but the innocent gesture is turning him on for some reason.

🐱 From the corner of his eye, he sees the cat nuzzling between your breasts and a slight blush spreads on his cheeks.

🐱 That place is really soft and warm…he should know.

🐱 He rolls up his sleeves and unbuttons the collar of his shirt, suddenly feeling confided by his clothes.

🐱 He looks at the two of you once more and catches Elizabeth rubbing her head gently on the exposed skin of your cleavage, while you let out a soft giggle.

🐱 So if a cat does it then it’s all cute and innocent but if he does it then he’s a pervert?! The world is so unfair!

🐱 Feeling frustration washing over him, he quickly walks towards the couch, leans in and catches your lips in a hungry kiss.

🐱 You let out a muffled cry due to the sudden contact and Elizabeth jumps from your lap.

🐱 “Sorry…MC…do you think dinner can wait?”

🐱 You see the hunger in his eyes and you know it’s not something the pasta you prepared can satisfy.

🐱 Elizabeth lets out an unsatisfied meow and Jumin looks down at her with a chuckle. Well, he is sorry for disturbing her but she got to play with you all day and now it’s his turn.


★ He comes home late one night after having an emergency at the vet clinic.

★ Seeing that he usually is never late, he texts you and asks not to worry.

★ Still, you decide to wait up but due to a stressful day at work you eventually fall asleep on the couch.

★ As he steps into your small apartment, he sees you lying there and his heart stops.

★ Surely, the image would be pretty sweet. You sleeping peacefully, curled up while hugging one of the couch pillows, soft murmurs escaping your lips.

★ Yet you’re wearing his favorite hoodie and a pair of very short…shorts.

★ He lets his suitcase down and takes off his jacket, with all the good intention of carrying you to your room.

★ Yet as his leans closer, seeing your bare thighs and his hoodie rolling up, revealing the soft skin of your stomach, he blushes furiously.

★ He fights the urge to touch your exposed skin, being afraid that he’ll wake you up.

★ “Yoosung?”

★ You rub your eyes in a sleepy way and look at him, his violet orbs fixated on your body.

★ “MC, I told you not to wait up for me. Still, now that you have, I hope you don’t mind if I keep you up for a little longer.”

★ He licks his lips in a seductive way before taking you in his arms and carrying you to the bedroom.


❤ “You don’t mind if I work out, right?”

❤ You look at Zen, who is currently sitting on the floor of your apartment, while reading the script of his new show.

❤ He looks up and stares a bit at your. You’re wearing a sports bra and a pair of tight pants and surely that outfit is doing things to him.

❤ “Not as long as you let me watch, princess~”

❤ He tries to tease you and look all relaxed while fighting back a blush.

❤ You roll your eyes in an amused way before starting your stretches.

❤ He tries his best to concentrate on what he’s reading but your movements seem to entrance him.

❤ You step on the treadmill and begin to jog in a slow rhythm at first, but then quickly fastening your pace.

❤ By this time he’s already lost any interest in the script, his eyes focusing on your form.

❤ The sports bra revealing your stomach. The sweat running down your body. Your cheeks flushed from all the effort. He simply can’t take it anymore.

❤ As you get down from the treadmill he wraps his arm around your waist and pulls you in a close embrace.

❤ “Look at you, princess. I think it’s time for a shower.”

❤ With the way he’s looking at you right now, you know that he’s planning on joining you.


💾 It’s a really hot summer day and you two are out on a ride in one of he’s much too expensive cars.

💾 You beg him to stop for ice cream and to let you eat it in the car.

💾 "Absolutely not! What if you get the seat dirty! You need to be more careful with my babies!”

💾 "”I thought I was your baby!”

💾 You jokingly glare at him before putting on your most adorable pout and he sighs in defeat.

💾 You stop for ice cream before going back on the road, his golden eyes glancing at you as you start licking the frozen sweet. 

💾 At first, he’s just being super attentive so that nothing spills, but soon, the way you move your tongue makes him shift uncomfortably in his seat.  

💾 Even with the air conditioner on, the ice cream starts to melt faster than you can lick it and it starts to trail on your hand. 

💾 Desperate not to stain the car seat, you start licking your own skin and that’s when Seven abruptly pulls over in the parking lot near the road. 

💾 You glance up at him confused and you notice the deep blush covering his cheeks. 

💾 "Don’t you know it’s dangerous to distract someone when they’re driving? Are you teasing me on purpose?”

💾 Urm no? You were just trying to eat your ice cream before it melted!

💾 You open your mouth to protest but he catches your chin and licks your sweetened lips.

💾 You’re really glad that you’re alone in the parking lot and even though you’re enjoying the attention, you’re a bit sad that you never got to finish the ice cream.

Lyriel: Part Two


With fists up, Lyria and Ghislaine circled each other like jungle cats. Lyria ran up, wrapping her legs around the Ghislaine’s neck and spun around, knocking the witch to the ground, landing on her feet

Ghislaine quickly got up, darted at lyria, kicked her in the chest and flipped over onto her feet, knocking lyria on her ass.

Rolling out, Lyria stood up. Ghislaine threw a punch. Grabbing her fist, she flipped up, wrapping her legs around Ghislaine’s neck knocking her to the ground, “You are good, girl.”

Lyria circles her, flipping back her hair, “I have centuries old warriors teaching me. I’m better than good”

Ghislaine rolled to a crouch, “Ever so modest, Princess.”

Lyria shrugged.

Lyria ran towards Ghislaine and slid between her legs, grabbing an ankle and dropped Ghislaine to the ground.

Rolling into opposite directions, they both stood, Lyria wiped her bloody lip as Ghislaine ignored her gash to the forehead.

Running towards each other, lyria dropped low kicking upward into Ghislaine’s chest. The witch fell back a few steps.

Circling each other, Lyria threw a punch. Ghislaine pulled back her head, narrowly missing her fist.

Grabbing her by the waist, Ghislaine flipped Lyria backwards landing on her back.

Ghislaine looked down at her, “Submit.”

Rolling backwards onto her haunches, “You should know better by now, Ghislaine. I like fighting.”

Lyria stood, letting Ghislaine make her way to her. Lyria punched out, twice, breaking the witch’s nose, fury flashed in Ghislaine’s eyes.

Ghislaine round-housed, her foot connecting to Lyria’s nose, breaking it.

Feigning right, Ghislaine wrapped her leg around Lyria’s ankle and dropped her.

From the ground, Lyria coughed a laugh, “It appears we’re evenly matched, friend.”

Ghislaine snorted, “It appears so.”

Ghislaine held out a hand, helping Lyria up off the ground.

Lyria and the witch looked at each other and started laughing.

Lyria wiped her nose, wincing. Great. Now she had a broken nose. She sighed but smiled at Ghislaine, “Well, that was fun.”

A voice came down from the top of the pit, “What the hell are you doing Lyria?”

She winced. Gavriel.

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I love the touchy feely headcanon! Imagine how touch starved Riza is \(◕◡◕)/ Roy has his family/"sisters" and no secret burns/tattoo but Riza...i bet she has an extra reason to enjoy being cuddly with Roy

WTF Nonny why did you have to bring that up!

U G H. But imagine her not really knowing how it feels to be touch-starved. Maybe she shies away from it and is uncomfortable with it. Roy understands and doesn’t push the envelope. But then she curls up next to Roy one day and just feels so… warm.

And she loves it. It makes her feel more whole. More complete. It makes her feel warm and loved.

killianjonez  asked:

Okay but, "or, we’re in costume and i know exactly who you are but pretend i don’t so i have an excuse to make out with you just once" is really cool ;) ;) ;)

It should be noted that, ordinarily, making out with hot girls in dimly lit stairwells wouldn’t exactly faze him. Bellamy’s been to parties. He’s hooked up with pretty girls and guys. It’s not like it’s a novel concept, or anything.

But then again, none of those people have been Clarke Griffin.

Well, not that he’s supposed to know that, considering he’s about 80% sure that the only reason this is all happening is because she thinks he’s an attractive stranger in a gladiator costume.

It had been disorientating, really, watching her take him in with no animosity in her eyes whatsoever; dancing in the circle of his arms with her hand flitting over his chest, her hair tickling against his cheek. He had recognized her after, had bit back a surprised remark when she sidled up to him with her fingers curling over his bicep in an unspoken question.

Then they were dancing together, and he had forgotten his doubts for those few minutes, let himself enjoy being with her in a way they could never be before. He’d be lying if he said he never considered it anyway, never wondered about what could have been if they had gotten off on the right foot because it’s Clarke, and—

The next thing he knows, they’re kissing, clumsy and unrestrained as she giggles against his skin, breath warm against his ear when she asks, “Want to get some privacy?”

Keep reading

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InoHina with 14

Hinata shouldn’t be as fascinated as she is by the way the marks look against Ino’s skin, but she can’t help herself. They’re beautiful, bright, blooming like flowers with every glancing touch and deliberate press of fingers.

Ino doesn’t have the same fascination with the soulmate marks, but she never fails to indulge Hinata’s touches. They’re tentative at first, shy and careful, and each one rises in pastel shades, a pale rainbow. Hinata pulls her fingers back quickly, casts a half-worried look at the other girl to see if she’s imposed, but Ino just laughs. The next time they meet she sprawls out on her back in nothing but her skirt and chest wrappings, smiles up at Hinata as her hair pools like a river of golden silk around her. Hinata’s breath catches in her throat, her heart flips over in her chest, and she can’t resist the urge to touch, couldn’t stop herself for anything.

This time her fingers press more firmly, and color blooms in jewel tones as Ino sighs contentedly. Hinata traces ruby across her shoulder, emerald down her arm. A swirl of indigo on the back of her hand, and Hinata slides to the side to lean over her.

“You—you don’t mind?” she asks timidly, and Ino smiles like a lazy cat, hooking an arm around the back of Hinata’s neck and pulling her down. Hinata squeaks in surprise, cheeks suddenly burning, but before she can push away she’s distracted by the bright-dark sweeps of color that rise wherever their skin touches.

Ino laughs a little, and kisses the back of Hinata’s hand lightly. The shape of her lips lingers in lavender for the space of several heartbeats, and Hinata finds herself entranced by it.

“I don’t mind at all,” Ino tells her, stretching and arching her back enough to make Hinata’s mouth go dry. Desire makes her bold, and she lays a kiss of her own on the swell of Ino’s breast above the chest wrap. Ino’s breath hitches audibly, and the sound feeds Hinata’s courage just as much as the rose-red burst of color in the shape of her lips. Another kiss to Ino’s smooth shoulder, violet-blue, another to her sternum in deep dark gold, a kiss to her lips that leaves both of them breathless and flushed, mouths stained with stardust bursts.

Ino takes her by the shoulders, rolls them over and over in the soft sun-warmed grass, and it’s only after several moments that Hinata realizes she’s laughing. Ino laughs too, propped up on Hinata’s chest with her long hair spilling around them and galaxies still fading on her skin.

Hinata’s never seen anyone lovelier, never felt more beautiful herself than when Ino smiles at her like that, and she lays her hands everywhere she can possibly touch, watches marks bloom in between hot-soft kisses. Her marks, because Ino is her soulmate, and this incredible beauty is theirs to share until the very end.


Unfair [Part 2]

“What do you want?” - He interrupts her melancholic thoughts, his voice dry, harsh and tired.
“Nothing. Nothing at all.” - She murmurs under her breath, pulling her knees to her chest. It’s always a lottery. Some days he will burst into anger and throw her all the way across the room, other days he will tolerate her presence with annoyed sigh.
“Then go make yourself useful. Daddy’s busy. C'mon, get off my sight.”
She hesitates for a moment. She doesn’t want to get into a fight, but she doesn’t want to leave either. Finally she curls in a chair tighter and looks away, for looking him in the eyes for too long sets him off almost instantly. He hates his eyes, she doesn’t understand why, to her they are more beautiful than anything the world can offer. She tells him that sometimes, but doesn’t agree. He never does.
“I told you to get out.” - He repeats, his frustration growing. She can feel it with every inch of her skin as if the air itself suddenly became thicker.
“Get. Out. Now.”
She feels the tears burning in the corners of her eyes, but she tries to hold them back.
“I don’t want to.”
“I don’t remember asking for your opinion. Out, princess, now, unless you want me to get up and make you leave.”
She scoots out of the chair and walks towards the door, not willing to test her luck, but still slamming it harder than she should.
It’s unfair. Sometimes she thinks it would be easier if he hated her, but he doesn’t. The amount of emotion he shows her is already a miracle for a man like him. She knows it and she accepts it and yet it hurts nonetheless. If only he would let her stay, if only he would let her love him and care for him, if only he would speak his mind and share his worries… But she knows that wouldn’t be him, that would be a different man and she doesn’t need a different man. She wants him and nobody else. Loving him is not easy, it’s not pretty and very hurtful at times. She knows he’s too damaged to give, too hurt to trust, but she loves him the best she can anyway, for she knows deep down in his own way he cares for her as well. She couldn’t wish for anything else, she would die for him, but he wants her to live for him. He never lets her have it the easy way. Sometimes it feels unfair or perhaps sometimes she just needs to cry herself to sleep…

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#9: “You can’t banish me! This is my bed too!” (or #20: “I don’t want to hear your excuse. You can’t just give me wet-willies.”)

“You can’t banish me! This is my bed too!” Oliver whined.

“Yeah, well, you shouldn’t have left your wet towel on my side of the bed,” Felicity countered, crossing her arms over her chest while glaring at him from behind her glasses.

“It’s not like…” he started to say before she cut him off.

“It’s not like what? You’ve been doing this since our summer abroad!” she shot back, waving her arms in the air like she always did when they argued.

“That was two years ago and I’ve tried my best to put it back on the rack, but I just forgot with everything that was going on,” Oliver tried to explain, but again, she wasn’t having it.

“That’s not an excuse! It literally take ten seconds to take the towel into the bathroom, throw it on the rod, and be on your way! I do it all the time!”

Oliver hung his head. He hated arguing with her, especially when he knew Felicity was right. “I’m sorry,” he mumbled.

“Were you apologizing to me or the floor?” He could hear the amusement in her voice, his mind remembering similar words spoken over four years ago.

“I’m apologizing to you,” Oliver said as he strode to the side of the bed she was sprawled across. “I’m sorry, baby.” He leaned down and pressed a kiss to her grinning lips. It started out slow and innocent at first, until her arms wrapped around his neck and pulled him closer, her tongue snaking out to gently stroke his lips. For several minutes, they simply made out, the heat of their kisses intensifying until neither could take it anymore.

Oliver’s lips traveled along her jaw until he reached her ear. “I’d like to make it up to you,” he whispered, his breath ghosting along the shell of her ear and making her shiver in response.

“Mmmhmm, you definitely need to make it up to me,” Felicity murmured back, her fingers trailing down his back until she reached the hem of his boxer briefs.


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Summary: Based on an anon request where reader has scars on her chest from childhood surgeries, and is anxious about Bucky seeing them, despite the fact that they’ve been dating.

Bucky x reader, MOSTLY FLUFF, A LIL ANGST (not really though). Word count: 1250

TW: scars (surgical), body image problems (they get resolved though)

A/N: Sorry the title sucks, but I couldn’t think of anything better. You win some, you lose some I guess.

“Hey, Y/N! Why don’t you hop in?!” shouted Sam from the pool as you sat on a lounge chair on the deck.

“Yeah! C’mon! The water’s great, and we’re gonna play chicken, aren’t we, Nat?” hollered Clint.

“Hell yeah! You and me are gonna kick Y/N and Bucky’s asses,” teased Natasha.

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When Happy ends it

Okay, I think you get which prompt I was writing this one for. Last that I publish, hope you liked each of my prompts during this week! :) It was amazing, I really enjoyed writing all the one-shots so I hope I’ll be able to participate next year too! :3

No.: 26, over 1.4k words, fluffy smut because why the heck not? Have fun folks!

A crooked grin made itself shown on his handsome face as he looked down at the woman underneath him, very bid and shuddering under his heavy gaze. His hungry eyes studied Lucy’s naked form, every defined detail of her voluptuous body, eyes lingering on her blessed chest.

He shamelessly licked his lips as if ready for a meal, like a starving wolf.

His razor sharp teeth gleamed in the light of the first rays of sunshine as he lowered himself to have his chiselled front touched to her soft breasts.

She tried to fight back the blush, but it seemed a very well an impossible mission. Even after three years of active married life he still managed to make her feel so small and trapped, under the custody of a ferocious dragon.

She visibly shuddered at the thought.

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I’ll Accept All of You

For Corrianderweek Day 3: Dragon.

In my usual headcanon (from How to Seduce a Prince), since I had it before the game was released, everyone already knew that Kamui was a shapeshifter… But I got some requests about the revelation, so that’s what I’m gonna do! Those were the ones I used to write this~

Kamui’s hands trembled on the reins as she rode on Xander’s horse with him. He sat behind her, his hands close to hers, tightly holding the reins and steering the beast under them. She still shook from the recent confrontation – leaving her birth family behind hasn’t been easy, but – she squeezed one hand over Xander’s, feeling him welcome her touch – but leaving Nohr behind and forgetting her love wasn’t an option.

She brought her free hand to her chest, stroking the necklace Azura and Oboro fashioned out of her dragonstone over her clothes, its weight heavier than ever. Her breathing heavy and her heart pounding, it took Kamui a while to realize she has been talked to.

Blinking, she gave a nervous smile. “I-I’m sorry, Elise, I was distracted.” She turned her head to the small princess who galloped beside them.

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After a long, exhausting day, she wanted to lie down for a second. Wearing a thin strapped tank top and her husbands bunny pajama pants (gifted by his sister) only worn by her, almost falling off as she moved because she was so small. She flopped onto her bed, her chest deflating with a long sigh.

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It's my birthday and I love your Clexa prompts. Hit me with your best shot, pretty please? 😊🙏🏻 #wishlist


I hope this is what you wanted. :)

Lexa woke with a start as a flash of light and crack of thunder nearly shook the room. The night was inky black only broken up by the white hot flashes that lit up the sky. This storm seemed to be tearing apart the heavens above. 

“Lexa?” Clarke’s voice was groggy as she sat up slowly in bed and put a comforting arm around Lexa’s shoulders. “Did the storm wake you?” Clarke had quickly gotten use to storms and other threats that earth held. 

Lexa nodded slowly, her tired mind still trying to process what was happening around her as a loud clap of thunder shook the headboard of the bed. 

“Come here.” Clarke gently pulled Lexa down to rest on her chest. “It’s okay, I’ll stay up with you until it passes.” Lexa heard Clarke’s strong heartbeat in her ear and her own heart started to match that rhythm. 

Clarke started to hum a soft melody that calmed Lexa’s nerves even more. This was a side of herself she was never allowed to show. Clarke allowed her to be vulnerable and never saw it as weakness. 

Lexa felt warm lips on her forehead as Clarke continued to hum sweetly, somehow completely blocking out the raging storm outside. Lexa lifted her chin to look up at Clarke and ask wordlessly for a kiss. 

Clarke leaned down and pressed her lips to Lexa’s letting them linger there for a long moment. There was peace within Lexa now, a peace that only Clarke could give her. 

“I’m glad you stayed with me.” Lexa whispered as she felt sleep overtaking her body again. 

“There’s nowhere else I belong.” Clarke replied with another soft kiss to her forehead. 

Lexa felt a warm sensation run through her body as Clarke pulled her in even closer. It was a feeling she could never explain to anyone. Her heart was so full not even the storm outside could bother her anymore. 

She fell into a peaceful sleep in the arms of the person her heart now beat for and her soul longed for. 

you can be the king ( but watch the queen conquer )

—> tasha’s fic graphics.

“so you’re gonna be my bodyguard huh?” ginny huffed, eyebrows raised and arms crossed over her chest. 

“yup.” mike pops the ‘p’, barely glancing over at her.

she narrowed her eyes. “i can take care of myself.” (had been, really, since her mom took off with her brother and kevin and ginny was left to bear the brunt of her father’s crime organisation. she knows what they call her — the princess of san diego, the custodian of the legacy bill baker’s leaving behind. she knows what they call her; knows what her role in this story is, but none of that means she wants this for herself.)

he smirked, finally looking over at her. he drinks her in, but it doesn’t feel dirty the way it does when tommy looks at her; no, if anything it feels — appreciative. “i don’t doubt that.”

“so you’re here why?” 

mike snorted. “because if i go runnin’ back to your dad with that answer, he’s likely to break my knee caps. and i like my kneecaps.”

coming to ao3 this summer.

@profsebastian-nolan :

Sebastian’s eyes widened a bit, but he moved forward, quickly wrapping her in his arms. “You are most certainly not fat and I never want you to heard that word come out of your mouth ever again.” He placed a short kiss on her lips, pulling back to just smile down at his…whatever they were. “Like I said, I hadn’t even noticed any difference.”

She wrapped her arms around him when he embraced her and pressed her face against his chest. “You’re just being nice,” she pouted a little. “Lorcan said I had a food baby.” And okay, maybe she really did need to cut down on the carbs. She thought she’d been doing okay, but clearly she was mistaken. “Thank Merlin for non-form fitting robes,” she mumbled. 

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Fem!ten x Rose haunted house trick ;)

“Doctor?” Rose called out, backing down the abandoned hallway as she cast her eyes around for any sign of the Time Lady.  “Doctor, this isn’t funny. Where are you?”

Something scraped across the rotting hardwood floor behind her. Rose spun around, heart beating frantic rhythm in her chest, but there was no one there.

“Doctor?” she whispered, voice catching in her throat. “Please, please please, be you and not something bad.”

She pushed open the door closest to her and screamed as the floor opened up beneath her, the noise coming from her throat doing little to cover the dark chuckle that filled the space as she fell.

The Doctor’s head whipped around, brunette ponytail bouncing and hearts in her throat as she took off towards the second floor, following the sound of Rose’s screams. Whatever had trapped them in this house was doing it’s damndest to keep them apart but she wasn’t going to let it have Rose.