I just had a terrible thought

carmilla can feel and hear laura’s heart

she can literally feel the love laura has for her beating against her own chest when they kiss, she can hear it at night when she’s trying to sleep, she can feel it against her ear when she rests her head on laura’s chest, she can feel it on her fingertips when she traces patterns on laura’s naked skin

but laura will never be able to feel carmilla’s heart

Wildest Dreams

A little thing inspired by the Wildest Dreams music video.

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Felicity had been avoiding thinking about Oliver all day but sitting in the car, only moments away from arriving at the movie premiere, she couldn’t do it anymore. He wormed his way to the front of her mind, memories of him, of them threatening to collide into one another and cause her brain to explode.

She hadn’t seen him in so long, since the last day of filming. The day she walked away.

“Goodbye Oliver,” she had whispered, biting back tears.

“No,” he replied softly, shaking his head even though they had already been through this. “Don’t do this Felicity.”

The way he said her name caused her heart to twist in her chest. Four syllables never sounded so sad.

She knew he would never be able to let her go and as long as he was in her life she didn’t stand a chance. She would always find herself running straight into his arms.

So she lied.

“I don’t love you anymore Oliver,” she blurted out, struggling to keep her voice steady as she uttered the only words that would get him to stop fighting for her.

The words that would break him.

But he didn’t break, no Oliver Queen completely shattered.

Felicity watched as he crumbled right in front of her, bleeding out all over the ground as he looked as if she had just slapped him. She might as well have after all.

And she was so close to just taking it all back, to telling him that she didn’t mean it and beg for his forgiveness but before she could do anything he was turning around in stunned silence and walking away, pain still etched on his features and without even thinking she did the same.

She kept walking and she didn’t look back.

She couldn’t risk having him see her cry.

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At midnight on July 31st, 1966, Charles Whitman drove to his mother’s house and stabbed her in the chest before shooting her in the back of her head. He then went home and stabbed his wife as she slept. At 11:48 the next morning he packed seven various guns, three knives and 1,000 rounds of ammunition. At the The Texas Tower, in the University of Texas, Whitman killed two and wounded several others. He barricaded himself in the tower and from there, shooting like a sniper for 96 minutes in total, he killed 11 people on the campus grounds, wounding almost 30 others. 


Rory watched the other girl stand on her tiptoes, but didn’t entertain the thought that might work out for herself. Rory was at least two heads shorter than the man standing in front of her and there was no way a few inches would overcome the distance.

“There’s a hashtag for it,” she replied, holding up her phone. “Apparently someone reported suspicious behaviour, but the police won’t say anything yet.”

                                                                                 –      EUROPA 🌙

Louise moved to look at the girl’s phone and read what it said on the screen, before nodding. “That serious, then…” She pursed her lips and crossed her arms over her chest, before trying to look over the people again. “How long’s this been going on for, then? I mean, if it’s that serious, they’d be telling us all to leave, right?” She didn’t know that much about bombs and what happened when there might be one. That didn’t mean she didn’t find it quite exciting, though.

She fights between loving him and ripping her bones apart like
flower petals on a summer day when the sun doesn’t matter. I ask her
why do you love someone who keeps pouring poison
in the well.

She says with confidence that she hopes that one day
he will stop and realize what he’s doing.

She says her heart already beats against her chest like a booming drum,
so when he does the same thing it’s like coming home. 

She says the heart draws no boundaries 
when you’re willing to erase them.

She says that love
is blind but she is not
and she doesn’t know how to look at somebody
and stop seeing everything that make them seem

She says the problem with her 
is that walking away feels a lot like broken glass
and she can’t help but stare in amazement at the glare
that always seems to blind her. 

Crows and Consolations || Solo (feat. Isabella)

The Crows insisted on renting their own car out of Bangor and driving into the Creek in their own good time. That left Penelope with nothing to do but meet them in one cliche place or another. Or at least, Isabella. The healer, one Lily Krause, was reportedly too preoccupied with her preparations to take in any sights or make any formal introductions. Ordinarily, Penelope would have found herself offended with such an absorbed gesture, but as long as it didn’t hurt the proceedings, she couldn’t give less of a damn what the woman did.

It was getting harder and harder to give a damn about anything these days.

From the moment she woke up to the moment she finally convinced her body to sleep, her mind festered over the empty feeling in her chest, the alien feeling in her limbs, the dead weight of her cast tugging on her hand. She devoted her energy towards forcing herself to smile at Gen and Stela, convincing Marley that she was feeling just a little bit better, and avoiding turning Francis into her full-time emotional punching bag. What was she going to do with Iz?

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anonymous asked:

Anna the friendly ghost, the friendliest ghost you know~ Who has problems with personal boundaries because when she sees Elsa spending the night at her cemetery she just HAS to introduce herself and for her that means getting up close and personal (right in Elsa's face) when Elsa is trying to sleep. She really is only trying to be friendly, but in her supreme overexcitement to get to know the pretty blonde, she might or might not have scared Elsa shitless by popping up out of a grave.


And then Anna accidentally starts haunting Elsa by following her to apologize. It used to be that she just hung around the cemetery, as you do when you’re dead, but every time she tries to go back, she keeps bouncing over to Elsa.

Possibly accidentally zooming through her in the process. The cold doesn’t bother Elsa, but translucent smiling faces jumping out of her chest are a work in progress.

Find below my first attempt at writing fanfiction. I’ve threatened to do so for a while, so you’ve inflicted this on yourselves really. Its a short one-short, set in the hours following ‘A Child’s Heart, Part Two. :) 

You made all the right calls tonight 

Rita, completely oblivious to her surroundings, gently hummed to herself as she made her way to her locker, intent on grabbing her forgotten keys, and joining the others for a well deserved breakfast.
‘If you’re here for coffee, the milk’s gone bad’ murmured a distracted voice.
‘Fucking hell’, Rita exclaimed, as she jumped around to face the noise, hands clutched to her chest in shock. On the floor, with an almost empty bottle of spoilt milk absently balanced on her thigh, sat Connie.
'What the? Connie?!’ Rita spluttered. ’… why are you on the floor?!’
'The milk. Its gone off. Can’t make coffee.’ She replied quietly, as she distractedly gestured to her leg. Rita stood frozen, trying to make sense of what she was seeing. Connie simply sat, her gaze unfocused. The strands of hair which had come free during Charlie’s CPR still hung loosely, and her cream blouse was marred with blood. She looked small, and she looked vulnerable. Rita’s heart clenched at the sight and she snapped out of her daze.    

'Are you okay, Mrs. Beauchamp?’ Rita said, as she moved to join her Clinical Lead on the floor. Receiving no reply, Rita moved the balanced milk bottle onto the floor, gently placed her hand on Connie’s, and tried again, 'Connie? Please look at me. What’s wrong?’
Connie, briefly meeting Rita’s eye for the first time, dipped her head and smiled a bitter smile. 'What’s right?’, she offered softly. Rita, unsure exactly how to respond, began slowly stroking her thumb across the back of Connie’s hand as she waited patiently for an elaboration. Closing her eyes and tipping her head back, Connie huffed out a tired breath. With an unsteady voice, Connie continued, 'Charlie, Rita. Charlie almost died tonight.’
'Almost did, yeah’, responded Rita. 'But we got him back. You got him back. You saved his life Connie’.  
'Barely’, Connie scoffed angrily, 'the lab was ready to take him. Dylan -’
’- made the right call. And so did you Connie. You know that. You know you had to prioritise the mother and child’, interrupted Rita, as she scooted around on her bum to face her distraught boss. Hesitantly, Rita slowly lifted her hand towards Connie’s jaw, gently tipping her face until she was looking her in the eye.
'You made all the right calls tonight, Connie.’
Connie began to shake her head as Rita’s thumb carefully swiped away a tear from Connie’s cheek.
'I didn’t save Roxanne.’ Connie whispered.
'No, Connie, no. We couldn’t save Roxanne. Her injuries were just too severe.’ Smiling sadly, Rita finished, 'all we can do is our best.’
Shrugging off Rita’s hand, and moving to stand up, Connie retorted sharply, 'and what if our best isn’t good enough? What if my best just isn’t good enough?!’
Before Connie could fully straighten up, Rita caught her hand and tugged her back down onto the floor. 'Connie, trust me. If your best isn’t good enough, frankly, we’re all fucked.’
Her anger leaving her as quickly as it came, Connie puffed out a small laugh, brought her hands to face and carefully rubbed at her closed eyes. 'Thank you’, she murmured. 'Thank you for now, and thank you for earlier’.
'You’re welcome’, Rita smiled. 'Right, up you get, we’re going for breakfast. You must be starving’. Pre-emptively responding to Connie’s refusal, Rita leaned over Connie’s outstretched legs, and flicked at the bottle of spoilt milk. 'Come on, you’re at least in dire need of a cuppa.’

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Aomine asking momoi for help on asking out his shy crush (who happens to be momoi's best friend)

This ask was so cute!! I feel like Momoi would make fun of him more than help him lol. Thanks for this awesome request you beautiful Anon!

- Admin Glori

“You want me to what?” Momoi questioned with an eyebrow raised. 

Aomine sighed, looking away and rubbing the back of his head. “I need you to help me ask out ___-chan. You’re a girl right? You know what girls like, I hope.”

The pinkette glowered at him, crossing her arms over her well endowed chest before pouting. “Of course I know what girls like! Hm….Well you could buy her flowers. Oh oh, you should announce you’re love for her in front of everyone!” Her eyes sparkled as she clapped her hands together happily. 

Aomine frowned, not sure if that was a good idea or not. Well, if Momoi suggested it than surely it was the right thing to do. “She loves daisies, don’t forget that okay Aomine-kun?” He nodded before waving her off. 

The next day he waited for school to end. He waited by the front door, grinning when the girl he liked stepped outside. She was with her friends, but stopped when he stepped in front of her. She hid behind Momoi who pushed her forward much to her distress. Other students stopped to see what was going on, as it was rare for Aomine to be anywhere but the roof top. 

The ace cleared his throat; his face turning a light shade of pink as he gulped. “Um…__-chan, these are for you.” He thrust the bouquet of daisies into his crush’s arms, watching as her face turned a similar shade of pink. “Oh um…Thank you Aomine-kun.” She mumbled, her shoulders curling as he stepped closer to her. 

“Please, call me Daiki.” Now a large group of students had stopped to see what exactly was going on. Some first years snickered when they realized what the ace planned to do. 

“Um…Okay, Daiki-kun.” She muttered before looking at the ground. “___-chan! Go out with me!” He practically yelled, his whole body tensing when she stared at him in shock. The red blush on her face reached down to her toes; stuttering at her words. “W-What? S-Seriously? U-Uh, s-sure!” Her voice was nothing more than a squeak, making Aomine grin. “Good, I’ll see you tonight?” All she could do was nod before quickly running away while hiding behind Momoi.  

World On Fire || @ blurriisms


It had been a few weeks since Pietro was released from prison. Alumina was doing her best to care for him, and he was getting better, but he was still slightly damaged. 

Everything though seemed to come to a head one fateful day.

Alumina had just been sitting in the living room watching with Wanda, Pietro, and Steve when her world came crashing down. She stood up to go somewhere when her face dropped as she felt like someone had just pierced her chest with a multispiked spear. She couldn’t breathe and she felt all the energy rush out of her body at once. Her hair and eyes immediately lost their glow and her body went cold. Alumina collapsed in Pietro’s arms, blacking out completely and going limp, her heart no longer beating in her beautiful chest.


When in Rome: Mariah Carey shows off her figure in a curve-clinging blue minidress as she visits the Vatican with her entourage

Mariah Carey has been notching up some very impressive sights this summer.
So a visit to the Vatican when in Rome on Tuesday didn’t go amiss, as she carted her entourage to the historical area for a cultural afternoon.
Mariah, 45, dressed up for her afternoon - a rare one without new boyfriend James Packer - and was seen looking ladylike in a tightly-fitting blue frock and her trusty shades.

The patterned dress fitted snugly to her voluptuous shape with an empire light that cut just below her chest.

And the mum of two topped off her ensemble with a pair elegant royal blue heels that helped accentuate her bare legs.
Mariah’s tresses were polished and straight, flowing down her back to waist length as she peeped beneath some large round sunglasses.

Rome is just another stop during Mariah’s endless summer, which began in April when she left home to complete her Las Vegas residency.
In that time, she’s been travelling with Australian businessman James, with whom she’s been virtually inseparable.
She was even forced to deny claims that she was pregnant with his first child this week, as a representative silenced reports that they would welcome a child.
‘It’s false reporting, nothing more,’ the spokesperson told JustJared.com

James and Mariah had a very public unveiling as a couple when they enjoyed a Mediterranean trip several months ago.

They spent time together sailing around the Balearic Islands, including Ibiza and Formentera, on James super yacht Artic P.

And going public with the romance, James recently told News Corp Australia: 'Mariah is just incredible, amazing she really is…She’s a genius’.

'Who else is there? There is Barbra Streisand, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. Not Madonna…Those three can sing five octaves…

‘Nother Ficlet With No Name

Post Finale…Characters Doing Stuff

The books were piled high across Regina’s dining room table.  Belle, Regina and Maleficent flipped through them at an alarming rate.  Less alarming then the way the three women spoke in broken bits of English with languages that sounded like gibberish.  Legal pads were spread around and Snow wasn’t sure what to do, she felt helpless.  Helpless while her daughter was suffering the  wrath of The Dark One.  

Lily stood beside her, her arms crossed over her chest.  “You following any of this Princess Amber Alert?”  

It was a none-too-subtle jab at their past.  “No.  I never really learned anything about magic.”  She shook her head, “When I was a child I saw Cora practicing magic in her chambers.  It involved books and-I don’t remember.”  She felt a sudden chill and wrapped her own arms around herself to ward it off.  “I don’t even remember much but it filled me with dread.  Sometimes it still does.”


Snow pushed her hand though her hair.  “The Queen of Hearts”  She sighed, “And Regina’s mother.”

“Jesus”  Lily swore, “It’s like an acid trip through Disney World.  Let me guess she was a villain too.  Where’s she at Litchfield for Fairytale Division?”

No one laughed.  

“She’s dead.”  Zelena spoke from her place in the corner of the room.  “My Dear Sister let herself be tricked into murdering her by the precious little sugar plum Snow White.”

Lily’s eyes widened, “Are you serious?”

Zelena lowered her copy of What to Expect When You’re Expecting, “As a heart attack.”  She cocked her head to the side, “She’s two-for-two.”

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An anon sent me a prompt for “so I found this waterfall…”

“So I found this waterfall…” Varric says.

There’s a twinkle in his eye and Cassandra knows that look. Knows exactly what he’s thinking of, and there’s an answering warmth in her chest.

“I am sure the Inquisitor will find that interesting,” Cassandra tells him. Tries to infuse her voice with some severity.

This is a serious mission and there’s no time for dalliances.

She can’t stop the way her mouth curls up into a smile. Particularly not when Varric sidles up next to her, one large hand curling around her waist. It’s an innocent touch but it fans the flames burning in her heart.

“Mari’s off on a quest with Solas. Something about a particularly interesting pile of rocks that might’ve been an elven stronghold,” he says.

Varric’s thumb strokes lazy circles above her hip. It’s maddening.

“We might need to investigate,” Cassandra concedes. “For the safety of the party, of course.”

Varric lets go of her waist, catches hold of her hand. The kiss he presses against her knuckles is chaste, but the look in his eyes…

Cassandra’s heart thumps heavily in her chest.

Before he can say anything further, Cassandra bends to kiss him, wet and filthy.

“Meet you there,” she breathes.

“Wouldn’t miss it, Seeker,” Varric growls.


yaaaaasssssss queen… i am SO happy i found her today, ii was about to walk out with the loves not dead pack but i moved a doll while digging and sure enough there was our queen!! catty was there too and i would have gotten her if she didnt have a bad paint smudge..maybe another time though but like seriously even though basic nef is gorgeous boo york nef takes it to another level, her hair is SO soft and you cant see it in photos but her dress has a rainbow reflects overlay just oh my god

oh my god.

i have her on an ever after high stand clip and if you have her clip her on to one cause it will help accommodate her chest piece where it snaps around her waist

man now to just fit her into my boo york set up, i just need astranova and catty and i think im all good! maybe some little crystals to scatter over the display ❤❤

Care : Oliver Wood


Heya! Could you maybe do an Oliver one shot based on the song ‘Care’ by Hudson Taylor? Where the reader is younger than Oliver but they’re best friends in the same house except he has a thing for her but she has a dodgy scumbaggy boyfriend in his year, in another house? The song lyrics kind of explain it, but you can add in whatever you want to it to make it your own of course!xox

  • Masterlist here!
  • Link to song here!
  • Word Count: 3,431

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