her arc of accepting herself is a beautiful one

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Do you think karren's death was necessary for tsukiyama and the plot of the story?

In my honest opinion I feel like her death was necessary to complete her character arc. This is because Karren spent her whole life since she joined the Tsukiyama family looking out for Tsukiyama out of her love for him. She hid herself from him and kept her feelings to herself for so long. Yet, in her final moments she gave her life to save him, and she admitted all her feelings. This lead to in my opinion one of the most beautiful scene’s in Tokyo Ghoul. Where Tsukiyama accepts her feelings, and accepts her for who she was and told her to let him go and that she wouldn’t be punished for putting herself first for once. He told her that all in German and it gave her what she needed and she gave up her life without any regret.

This deeply impacted him as shown from panel of her pushing him upward and he watches her fall.

Now to tell you the honest truth, at first when I saw that Tsukiyama forgave Kaneki I was a little upset by it. As Kaneki was the reason that Tsukiyama lost, Karren who obviously Tsukiyama care about a lot. Yet, the more I thought about it the more I realize that him forgiving Kaneki in many ways carries weight of that scene. This is because Karren showed him what unconditional love was, that if you really care for something you have to give it up, and also stay true to who you are. Lets not forget that Tsukiyama was angry and upset by what Kaneki did, and it’s a small shift in him

Yet, Chie told him that he did it to save him from the CCG, and while Kaneki to my belief threw him and knew that Karren would save him, as Karren started fighting him to protect Tsukiyama.

I feel like Tsukiyama forgiving him is months of mourning and acceptance as this scene takes place about 7 months after everything. While I think that Tsukiyama is still hurting, he also has to remember that Kaneki wasn’t the reason the CCG came after his family. Kaneki was following orders and he still tried to save him even if it was harsh and it cost Karren her life. I feel like Karren’s death might not be the biggest plot change, it did affect Tsukiyama as I feel like he is finally being honest with himself, as he isn’t playing the rich fool, and he is trying to help Kaneki who he definitely loves. I feel like he took Karren’s final actions to heart and is living his life as he is and for someone he loves. While I wish her actions had a more clear ripples in the story, it’s soft and behind the scenes much like her character. I do hope that Kaneki and Tsukiyama talk about it at one point though.