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The type of werewolves I love, is the one that takes on the beastly side, yet you can still see the human in them. Like Skyrim werewolves or Monster giant Lycan. Twilight werewolves are boring, and the transformation too fast. I like it when I see the gore and the pain the person goes through when turning into a werewolf.

I have to bring out Wolf Guy manga up here when talking about werewolves and transformations! It has many types of wolf forms for Akira (the protagonist) depending of story elements and what feeling the author and artist want to bring out for the reader.

There’s the classic transformation and the werewolf:

Then there are full wolf forms:

And also softer anthro versions:

Sometimes you get to see Akira with some wolf characteristics very visible:

And then there are moments when we see either partial transformation or a moment of transformation:

And I think it’s super nice and great! 

My moodle loo I keep drawing her lol I’ll go back to drawing diff ocs soon. I wanna try more dynamic poses @ - @ I need more practice with anatomy and perspective so yea idk I think this looks wonky a bit but GOTTA START SOMEWHERE U KNOW. My arts so pink and fluffy what the heck I want it to be darker to reflect my soul.

so far, marcus kane hasn’t gotten laid in like a month, has been shocklashed once, taken hostage once, physically hurt by the radiation, mentally hurt by his so-called ‘adopted’ son and will be punched for god knows what reason by his bff next episode and literally no one was there for him throughout all shit…………….like srsly I would very much like him to just go back to that bed in the polis tower and bang his gf okay???

I love when my girlfriend sends me selfies randomly because she’s so beautiful and cute. I love seeing her smile! It’s contagious 🙈

i love adam so much i love the beast so much. i think about him all the time.

No offense but there’s literally nothing wrong with Bellamy saying “you floated my mother” ……because Kane and co. essentially did? Whether it was the law or not, it still happened? Doesn’t matter if Kane was the one to physically push him out of the ship, because he was part of the council? Bellamy has the right to still be upset/angry/sad/whatever about it? Of course he’s gonna say something when Marcus is going on about how his mother would be proud or whatever idk what he even said lmao? Why are y'all fine with Clarke saying that to Jaha but not Bellamy saying that to Kane

I crave a story where Victor and Yuuri’s child realizes that they don’t like skating all that much, even though they show potential. Victor and Yuuri are incredibly supportive and don’t project their own passions onto their child. Instead, they sign up their child to participate in a multitude of after-school activities and helps them realize their passion for the sciences.

That child later goes on to become the most awarded physicist in history. 

After receiving their Nobel Prize in physics, their child thanks Victor and Yuuri (who are both really old and still ridiculously in love) in the acceptance speech for always staying by their side and being the best and most encouraging dads ever.