her wrist is still wrapped up and that makes me curious as hell

Crazy, Stupid, Love

Title: Crazy, Stupid, Love

Summary: When the girl Dean’s been in love with for years returns home from a disastrous date, he takes it upon himself to make her feel better. But things do not go as planned and feelings he’d kept under wraps for years begin to surface. Which is a bad thing. Right?

Author: deanssweetheart23

Characters: Dean Winchester x reader, Cameron (OMC, mentioned)

Word count: 2191

Warnings: Language, a smudge of angst and fluff. So much fluff, guys. 

Author’s Notes: This is my submission for @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog‘s Romcom Fluff Challenge and @hannahindie‘s HanCelebratesWithPawnee challenge. Ladies, thank you so much for granting me an extension and allowing me to combine your two wonderful challenges. I hope this was worth the wait.

Special thank you to my twin @ravengirl94 who’s helped me so much with this. She’s the best. 

My prompts for this were “I’m wildly unhappy, and I’m trying to buy it, and it’s not working” from Crazy, Stupid, Love (I am so in love with that movie btw) and “I’m fine. It’s just that life is pointless, and nothing matters, and I’m always tired.” (Both are included in bold in the text below. Gif’s not mine. )

Without further ado. Enjoy <3

The kitchen was a mess, filled with empty pans, dough-dusted spoons and muffin-stuffed cooling racks while specks of splattered batter and flour painted the surface of the counter in shades of white, the homely image reminding Dean of mornings he used to spend by his mother’s side while she baked his favorite pie or cut the crust off his sandwich.

Tightening his grip around the glass he’d been holding, Dean felt his heart clenching painfully at the memory and waited for the all too familiar feelings of homesickness and grief to wash over him like they always did, but Y/N caught the subtle change in him and reached over to graze his arm with her fingertips, the light pressure enough to ground him back to Earth, back into the moment he got to spend with her.

It was one of the things he loved about her, the way she could read him like an open book, how she accepted him for all he was, taking in mistakes and wounds and scars and giving nothing but smiles and affection in return.

Y/N was warmth and comfort to him and that was partly the reason he’d been glad that he was the one she sought for after that date of hers went terribly wrong. He’d been glad because she trusted him enough to be vulnerable around him, trusted him enough to let him in, let him wipe that look of disappointment off her face with a silly joke and a forehead kiss, and tell her that, God, she deserved so much better than Mr. Ballsy, the guy who thought buying her a drink would land him a one-way ticket to her bed.

Because Y/N did deserve better.

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Till Death Do Us Part

Bucky Barnes X reader X Steve Rogers

Summary- In a world where everyone is born with the name of their soulmate-or soulmates- on their wrist the reader has the horrible fate of being bound to two dead soldiers. That is until she sees Captain America fighting in New York. Does she run from her destined love or does she go to him?

Message- This is a soulmate AU! My first one!! This is part one, I will make a part two at some point!! Sorry if it sucks!!!

Word Count- 1374

In a world where everyone’s soulmate (or soulmates) was written on their wrist there were bound to be a few errors. You were one of those errors. You had two names written on your wrists- something upon hearing made a lot of people jealous. That jealousy only lasted until they read the names, then it turned to pity. They pitied you because your two soulmates died in the 1940’s. They were the famous Steve Grant Rogers and James Buchanan Barnes, they were Captain America and his most trusted best friend, both sacrificing their lives in the name of freedom. You had resented them for a very long time. You had cursed destiny on many occasions. It had gotten better when you had joined a support group for “errors”-those who were born with a dead soulmate or those who didn’t have a name at all. They didn’t pity you, they were able to understand your bitterness and you were all there for each other. You all learned from each other, you now kept your wrists covered and you would never tell people the names that would mark your skin forever.


You had been on a plane with your boss Pepper Potts when your life changed forever. Aliens were currently invading New York City but you couldn’t focus on that because Captain America was on the TV screen.

“I-Is that Steve Rogers?” you whisper.

“Yeah. According to Tony, SHIELD found him and the plane he went down in a couple of weeks ago. He was still alive-obviously.” Pepper answered. “Why do you ask?” She said while eyeing you suspiciously. She watched as your rubbed your fingers over where Steve’s name was. Eventually you tug your sleeve up and show her your mark.

“I-I thought you said you didn’t have a soulmate.”

“I thought he was dead. It was just easier to tell everyone that I didn’t have one.” You whisper. You and Pepper shift closer to each other as the two of you watch your soulmates fight for the world.


It had been about a week since the battle. You had been avoiding the tower like the plague. You had come clean to Pepper, showing her your other mark as well. You had cried into her shoulder as you told her how you had hated the two men for so long. How you had always felt a little broken knowing that you would never get to love them like they had loved each other, while they were alive. You tell her how you had grown used to the idea of being alone and now that you knew that you had one of your soulmates out there you were paralyzed in terror. Your phone starts to ring.

“Hello?” you say.

“Y/N, you need to come to the tower. Steve thinks that he lost both of his soulmates. He thinks that you were born during his time and he thinks he’s all alone.” Pepper says.

“I-I’m not ready for that. I’ve been alone my whole life. He can deal with it for a couple months while I get used to the fact that one of my soulmates is alive.” You whisper.

“Please, Y/N. I don’t think I can take it. You don’t need to date the guy right away, just talk to him. Tell him how you feel about everything.” Pepper says.

“Fine, I’ll be over in an hour. I’m probably going to scream at him. So just prepare yourself for that.” You say.

“I can deal with yelling. Bye, Y/N”

“Bye.” What the hell did you just agree to? You were not ready to meet him. You take a deep breath and start to walk to the tower.  New York was destroyed but the clean-up was going surprisingly fast thanks to Tony. Eventually you make it to the tower, you take a deep breath and walk in. Pepper had texted you the floor number that they were on while you had been walking over. You had to take the stairs because the elevator was still out. When you get to the right floor you start to hear voices, one of them was close to hysterics.

“W-we looked before the war, but it was harder then. We couldn’t just look her up on the google. She must have hated us, both of her soulmates abandoned her for the glory of war or maybe she died during the war to. Can we look her up? Is that possible, Tony?” Your heart stops when you realize who you were listening to. Even while sobbing his voice was gorgeous. In that moment all of the hate and resentment you had ever felt towards your two soulmates left your body. You kind of felt lighter, like the hate had been weighing you down. You take a deep breath and open the door.

“Hello, Pepper said I could find Steve here.” You say as you take in the scene. Tony was doing his best to comfort Steve, but it wasn’t really working. Most of the other Avengers where spread throughout the room, eyeing you curiously.

“Who are you?” Natasha asked.

“I’m Peppers assistant. My name is Y/F/N Y/L/N.” As soon as your name left your mouth the room went from curious to chaotic. Steve sobbed a bit.

“Are you named after your grandmother? Was she able find someone to love? Are you here to tell me about m-my soulmate?” Steve asked, while tears rain down his cheeks. He thought you were coming to tell him about his dead soulmate. You don’t really know how to respond so you walk closer to him and then you just take your jacket off and show him your wrists. You can hear his breathing stop as he looks at his name on your left wrist and his other soulmates name on your right. He collapses and lands on his knees. Then he wraps his arms around you and starts to sob even more. You start to run your fingers through his hair.

“Would you guys mind giving us a minute?” You ask the rest of the Avengers. They all nod and start to file out of the room.

“I-I thought I was alone. Buck and me have been looking for you since we were kids. How are you here? How did you f-find me?” You explain everything to him. You tell him about how you had always felt abandoned by them and how you had hated the two of them for so long. “D-do you still hate me?” Steve whispers. You tell him no. Eventually the two of you move to the couch and the two of you sit there for hours, getting to know each other.


It has been about 6 months since you met Steve. Things had moved quickly and he was now living with you. The two of you were currently lying in bed, talking about Star Wars.  Steve tells you that Bucky had been really into science and that he would have loved the movies. Eventually the conversation dies down and the two of you cuddle in a comfortable silence.

“Hey, Stevie?” You ask.


“Do you ever think that maybe Bucky’s still alive? Maybe he doesn’t remember who he is? You told me that when Hydra captured him they gave him the serum. So maybe he survived the fall and Hydra went looking for him.” You whisper. Steve tenses for a moment and then he starts to think about what you said. He has to admit it makes sense.

“We should start looking for him.” Steve says as tightens his hold on you. Eventually the two of you fall asleep, while thinking of your other soulmate.

Truth or Dare... Choose carefully.. (Part 2)

Anonymous Request: could you do an imagine where the lost boys play truth or dare and someone dares you to sleep with pan.

A/N: OMG GUYS! I WASN’T REALLY EXPECTING THAT THIS IMAGINE WILL GET A LOT OF ATTENTION, BUT OMG! YOU GUYS REALLY SURPRISED ME! Well since the first part of TOD got lots and lots of notes… This is it! the second part of TOD! hope you guys love it! and to all my followers, my requests are open so request away boo c:

Warnings: Cursing, the thing ” ;), slight harassing

P. S ( the gifs are not mine c: )


Originally posted by lovehateimagineslol

“The game’s about to change (Y/N), and this game is about to start. I hope you choose to play it carefully. This game is between you and me only, and nobody, not even Baelfire……. or Felix is going to stand in my way.” Peter said with an evil smirk while looking at the direction you ran.

“Let’s play.”

Originally posted by niklausxcaroline

You were running through the forest, away from Peter. You didn’t want to see any of the lost boys either. What happened tonight was just too much for you to handle.

While you were running there was a strong force that made you fall from a high ground and a sharp rock scarred your skin and you screamed in pain.

Your body was aching from the pain and it was unbearable.

“What the hell.” You groaned, your body weak and panting from the run. You tried to get up but it was no use. Your body’s tired and fragile and you feel like you’re about to break at any moment.

“Shit.” You cursed to yourself then you suddenly heard noises around the forest. You tried to pick yourself up again but you can’t, so you decided to just give up and accept whatever is going to happen to you.

“Show yourself!” You yelled trying to be brave and brushing off the fear inside you. But all you were was terrified about Peter or whatever is out there with you.

But all you can do now is hope that whatever it is, it wouldn’t harm you.

“Go on and show yourself!” You yelled again but there was no answer instead there were only footsteps. You then saw a tall figure coming out of the forest and heading towards you.

You searched your pockets trying to find any weapon you can use to protect yourself. Your body was shaking, heart pounding, mind racing.

“(Y/N)? What the hell are you doing here?” Felix said his face full of surprise. “Felix!” You said trying to stand up and reach him but you failed, instead Felix rushed towards your weak figure.

Originally posted by itachi86

“What the hell happened to you?“ Felix said his eyes wide in surprise. ”(Y/N), Y-you’re bleeding.“ Felix said immediately as he lowered himself to your level while looking for something inside his satchel to help you clean your wounds.

You stared at Felix while he was cleaning your wound. Felix then looked at you for a second then went back to continuing to tend your wound.

“Felix,” You said reaching one of your hands to hold his face “Can you tell me what happened to you back at camp?” You asked, your voice calm and sympathetic.

Felix just ignored your question and with a sigh you held his face to look at you, this time you held his face with both of your hands “You can tell me anything Felix.” You said as you stared deeply into his eyes.

“Just tell me.” You said continuing to look into his eyes. Felix sighed and removed both of your hands from his face, He quickly looked back at your wound wrapping a cloth around to cover your scar.

“Aren’t you supposed to be with Pan?” Felix said trying to avoid your question earlier but before you can say anything someone replied.

“She is.”

You and Felix quickly looked at the direction of where the voice went from. And that voice was Peter Pan’s. Not exactly the person you want to see right now.

Originally posted by enchanted-forests

“Pan.” Felix said quickly getting up and away from you. Peter gave him a stern look and with a nod Felix left. Now you were both alone. Just you and Peter. In the middle of the forest.

“Shit, shit, shit.. I need to get out of here… Shit..” You thought to yourself looking at everything around you except Peter.

“What’s the matter (Y/N).” Peter said a smirk on his face while kneeling down to your level. You looked at him, his eyes full of darkness in them and you aren’t even sure if this is the Peter you used to like.

This Peter is different. 

“You can’t keep running away from me (Y/N),” Peter said making your face drop to the ground.

“You know you can’t. Just come with me.” Peter said reaching his hand out for you to take, his smirk becoming darker. You looked up to him violently your face full anger and you pushed his hand away.

“No! I won’t. I’ll keep running away from you if it’s the last thing I do.” You said, your voice full of determination.

Originally posted by my-fxxfics

“Very well then,” Peter said standing up from his position his face becoming darker every second.

“You’ll regret ever saying that (Y/N).” He looked down at your position with an evil frown on his face.

“Come out boys!” Peter yelled and in an instant a group of lost boys came out of their hiding spots.

You looked around.You were helpless. You didn’t know what to do. You were clearly outnumbered.

“Take her to the cages.” Peter ordered the lost boys. They immediately went to take you and you tried to escape from their grip. Peter just looked at you with an evil grin.

Originally posted by storyofyouandrobbie

“Get away from me! Get off of me!” You yelled while the lost boys dragged you to the cages, Peter following behind.

“Let go of me!” You yelled trying to take your chances of getting away “Just let me go!” You trashed your body back and forth and sideways.

“You can try all you want (Y/N),” Peter said a smug grin still on his face “But you’ll never escape.” Peter said and you looked at him with pure anger. The boys then came to a stop and with a swift movement they pushed you inside the caged locked you in.

“Let me out of here!” You screamed at the top of your lungs. Peter then went to your cage and knelt down to look at you.

“I told you (Y/N), you’ll regret it.” Peter said raising a brow with an evil smirk. You looked at Peter with sad eyes covered in anger and with that he left you there without another word.

It’s been five days and you’re still inside the cage. You can’t escape. But you did try to get out. But it didn’t work out.You tried to escape out of the cage but then a lost boy saw you and everything eent south since he immediately reported it to Peter and well, Peter then ordered some of the lost boys to look after you while you’re still in the cage.

So here you are now. Still inside the cage and just staring through the bars of it. Your face with pure boredom and sadness. Neither Felix or Baelfire came to visit you and you wondered why. They were the only friends you had but then they started acting weird since Peter got in the way of your friendship with them.

“Miss me darling?” A voice you recognized as Peter’s cut you out of your thoughts.

“Why would I?” You said as you looked at him kneeling and looking at you through the cage.

“Well I thought you learned your lesson.” Peter said a smug grin on his face as usual and you end up just ignoring what he said and looked to the other way.

You heard the chains of your cage rattling and you saw Peter unlocking it. “What on earth are you doing? Not that I’m complaining.” You said making Peter chuckle and he looked at you while you raised a brow at him.

Originally posted by gerardyourwayintomypants

“Just because i locked you inside a cage, doesn’t mean you can’t come out and play.” Peter said with an evil smile and finally unlocking the cage letting you come out of it.

You gave him a what-do you-mean look and with that he took your wrist and Peter started to walk pulling you closely behind his back and you, trying to keep your pace up with Peter’s walk.

“Where the hell are you taking me?” You said with a curious yet aggressive tone on your voice “You’ll see..” He said without looking at you and continued on walking with you being pulled by him behind his back

After a few minutes of walking and tolerating the pain of Peter’s hand tightly wrapped around your wrist. You both finally reached your destination.

Peter let go of your wrist and pushed you inside of his hut and casting out whatever spell and it made you anxious but you just shrugged it off.

“Peter, what are we doing in your hut?” You said giving him a stern look and as soon as he was finished casting a spell around the hut, he immediately rushed onto you and started kissing you.

The kiss was rough and passionate. You tried to pull away from the kiss but you can’t because Peter held a hand at the back of your head pushing you to kiss him back.

He soon bit your lip causing it to bleed and then he started on giving you light kisses to soothe your now bleeding lip down.

It was painful, and you can taste the blood on your lip.

You can feel that Peter wants you. But you didn’t want this. You didn’t want to be treated like a doll.

You tried to push him away but he was much stronger than you and you tried again but this time you let all your strength out and in one swift movement you and Peter were apart from each other.

“What in the fucking hell Peter?!” You yelled at him full of rage. “You don’t understand (Y/N). I want you. I want you more than anything.” Peter said full of passion as he went to come close to you again.

“No! Don’t you fucking touch me Peter!” You said getting away from him and you rushed through the door and were thrown away by a strong force making you hit your back on the wall and falling to the floor.

You groaned out in pain and you try to sit yourself up.

Peter chuckled, his face becoming darker and evil “You can’t get out of here (Y/N). You have no choice.” Peter said walking down to you with an evil look on his face.

“You see, I casted out a protection spell in my hut (Y/N), and that means nobody is getting in or out without my permission.” Peter said lifting your face to look at his while raising his brows.

A tear rolled down on your cheek and Peter tried to wipe it off only for you to push his hand away from your face.

“Don’t you ever come fucking near me or touch me again.” You said as another tear rolled down from your face again.

“Well it looks like we’re going to do this the hard way then.” Peter said standing up and took the protection spell back from his hut and went out without another word.

As soon as Peter left you were all alone inside his hut and started crying your heart out.

“Why did i have to like him.” You whispered to yourself as you continued to cry.

It’s been six days since the time You and Peter were in his hut, and you both never talked to each other after that.

You were on your own now. Felix never went or talked to you but when you try he just manages to leave you behind. And Baelfire, something strange must’ve happened to him.

You haven’t seen him for the past six days and you usually see him around camp but now he wasn’t there and it made you curious.

You were strolling around the woods, hunting for food rather, and you heard some footsteps and you prepared your bow and arrow ready to strike on someone or something.

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

As soon as you saw a figure you aimed your arrow ready to kill.

“(Y/N) it’s me, don’t shoot.” Felix said in surprise and dropped his weapon to the ground and raising both of his arms in defeat.

“What are you doing here.” You said as you brought your bow and arrow down “I came here to talk.” Felix said taking his weapon from the ground and walked up to you.

“Talk? Are you serious Felix?! You haven’t talked to me to me in days! You just completely forgot about me! And now that’s what you first tell me?! You haven’t even apologized about your rude actions towards me!” You yelled in anger and looked at Felix with sadness in your eyes.

“I know (Y/N), and I’m really sorry. I know what I did was wrong and I shouldn’t have done that to you. Now can you please forgive me?” Felix said his voice sad and melancholic.

You looked at him with a blank face shaking your head, while tears are starting to form in you eyes and you turned back to walk away but before you can leave Felix behind he said something you’ve been wanting to know for the past few days.

“(Y/N), Baelfire is in trouble. He was taken away from the camp.” Felix said with nervousness. You stopped from your steps and turned back to Felix.

“What?” You said raising a brow “Bealfire. He was taken away. I-i don’t know who took him, but I know where he is.” Felix said looking at you.

“W-where? Why didn’t you after him?” You said your voice trembling from Felix’s news.

“I tried but someone knocked me out and woke up by the ocean. I didn’t have a chance to go back to the caves cause it’s far away. I’m sorry (Y/N).” Felix said looking down to the ground and now you can see the prominent scar on Felix’s face and you felt sorry for him.

“Is that why you got that scar on your face?” You said about to touch the scar on Felix’s face but he stepped back and you sighed.

“Where d-did they took Baelfire?” You said, your voice was shaking and you were scared of what might happen to Bae.

“The… The Echo caves.” Felix said hesitantly while looking into your eyes. And with that you immediately rushed out of the forest to go and save Baelfire.

You ran through the forest to find your way to the echo cave but where you’re at right now is much farther from the caves but you can’t stop, not that you know Baelfire, your friend is in trouble.

And you’re about to save him even if it costs your life.

“Quite a good act Felix.” Peter said coming out of his hiding spot with an evil smile on his face.

“Never thought you’d do a good job on it.” Felix looked at Peter with a sad face while Peter placed an arm on his shoulder.

Originally posted by lostgirl14480

“Shall I go after (Y/N)?” Felix said looking down on the ground “Now, now Felix,” Peter said removing his hand from Felix, and moved to look at your footsteps

“We can’t end the party when the real fun is about to begin.” Peter said smirking while looking back at Felix.

Daddy Issues

Pairing: JungKook & Reader

Genre: Smut, Fluff, Angst

Summary: A top student, marks always high. College was not a dream for her…Except she didn’t have enough money. Her parents never earned much so they literally took care of themselves. Her boss acting as a dick towards her she quited her job. Even though she had no idea what she let herself into this was her only option.

Other Chapters: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

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in her shadow || nine.

word count: 1.8k
summary: “I was going to find a way to have her.”

previous chapter.

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Sleep Sound 7

Synopsis: Pharah and Mercy have trouble sleeping. A series of chance encounters prove that the solution might be each other.

Pairing: Rocket Angel (Fareeha “Pharah” Amari/Angela “Mercy” Ziegler)

The harried businessman in the seat next to Angela muttered a gruff apology when his knee knocked against hers as he tried to settle into the cramped seat. Angela offered a thin-lipped smile, returning her attention to the message from Fareeha.

See you in a few hours, Angela. Have a safe flight.

Thank you, Schatz, she responded. Her thumbs paused over the keyboard. She worried at her lip, then typed. I’m excited to see you :)

As am I. And everyone else, as well.

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Allison Argent x Werewolf!Reader

~ Part 1

Requested by Anon

Warnings: Sexual content, fingering, girlxgirl.
Word count: 1 491

A/N: I used the request to make a part 2 of this imagine, I think it suited well, or else I would have an similar imagine to what I’ve already written.

Tags: @peacefullytatted01, @greek-geek481

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in. out. in. out.

She repeated the mantra over and over in an attempt to slow her labored breathing. Her face flushed, her knees skinned, her shirt sweaty, she lay flat on the concrete pathway in between the forest and the Elsewhere cafeteria. She wondered briefly where her heels had gone, but dismissed the thought.

“I made it. I actually made it. I outran them,” she muttered to herself in between gasps, “I’m safe now” She closed her eyes, trying to focus on the steadiness of the stone beneath her spine and the refreshingly still night air. Her feet ached, god how they ached, and between her ribs there was a sharp pain, but despite all odds she had made it. Faintly, she heard the thrum of drums and the ancient call of the hunting horn, and the steady beat of something not-quite-horse-hooves. She was dizzy, giddy with her victory. “I made it

she was struck with a white-hot fear as she heard the call, she ran, she ran so fast, she ran like she never had before

Not-Ellie, her current roommate, had warned her about the Hunt tonight. They were on well enough terms that Blossom considered herself vaguely Favored- not that Not-Ellie was a particularly powerful Fae, but she knew when the Hunts came to Elsewhere, and she knew when it was best for mortals to find shelter.

she could hear the slow peaceful breath of the not-horses, she felt sharp teeth around her ankles, and she kept running

Despite her words of warning, however, Blossom had found herself caught between a late-night writing class and the relative safety of her dorm. Stupidly, she figured she had enough time to make it back, but her shoes (comfortable as they are) were not made for sprinting, and before she reached the halfway mark she could hear the baying of the hounds. stupid stupid stupid. Laying there on the concrete, she hardly remembered how she got there. “Running, for sure,” she relayed to herself, “lots of running. Jumped over a river, maybe.”

she tripped over a gnarled root when the loop of it hooked the edge of her heel, she fell face-first into the freezing stream. the wind around her howled mournfully, as if it knew what fate was to befall her. her hands scrabbled for purchase on the riverbanks, but the tide was too swift and the current tore her away. a moment of blackness overtook her when the jagged rocks struck her forehead, and she came back to consciousness seconds later choking on the moldy water.

“Jeez, maybe I should try out for track or some shit. Never knew I could run like that before.” Her hand flopped up to her forehead of its own accord- she felt as if there should be something there, but nothing was felt except a thin sheen of sweat. She was still a bit dizzy, though, so she made no movement to get up.

her palms stung, her fingernails were in shards, but she found the strength to push herself out of the murky water. the stream widened here, and the current slowed, and she gave herself a moment to rest. perhaps, she thought, the flowing water was enough to stop them. her eyes drifted shut-so tired, so incredibly tired, she hardly noticed the not-hooves slowing as they approached.

Blossom coughed. She slowly sat up, noting the soreness of her feet. “I really got lucky. I didn’t think they’d ever let up.” She thought about Not-Ellie and her words of warning: 

“Once they get your scent, they never let go. It’s part of the thrill of the hunt, you see,” Not-Ellie’s eyes had flashed a dangerous violet for a moment, and her teeth looked too white. “What fun would it be if they just gave up!” Blossom had laughed nervously, while Not-Ellie threw her head back and let loose raucous peals of laughter. Blossom eyed the door, wondering if the other students were listening in. “No, Flower-girl, you don’t want to be out there on the night of the Hunt. Though it would be amusing to me!” 

“Pretty damn lucky, that’s for sure,“ Blossom said. 

she was barely awake. her lungs burned, her ribs were white-hot with pain, her feet were white and cold, she couldn’t move, her words stuttered in her mouth, she was being dragged (no, not dragged, she wasn’t touching the ground) the leaves shifted in the breeze beside her

Blossom coughed again, harder. There was something caught in her throat- it didn’t hurt, but it was a bit irritating. The spinning world slowed for a minute or so, and she took advantage of this fact to rise to her feet and survey her surroundings. The cafeteria was further than she had thought at first, the dim streetlights somehow distant (as if there was fog wrapped around the fluorescent bulbs) (or her)

she was delirious. she heard voices, or just one, or thousands of overlapping tones of the wind, and they were all calling her nickname.

“what would you give? what would you give?”

her lips were too cold and numb to move, she couldn’t form the words so she just thought.

“I would give anything, I would give anything to live”

the vines twisted lovingly around her wrist, a flower bloomed above her left ear.

“would you become one of us? would you join the forest? would you give your skin and your speech?”

her mind was fuzzy, the riverwater dripped from the tip of her nose, moss began to travel up the trees where she hovered.

“I would give anything” she repeated in her mind. “my skin, my life, my name, my speech”

“you will be safe,” the forest sang. “you will be loved.”

she felt safe. she felt loved.

the vines gently set her down on the moss. dazed, she stumbled barefoot onto the concrete path between the woods and the elsewhere cafeteria.

Blossom’s throat itched, it burned like hell. She doubled over, coughing, hacking, and it felt as though something was making its way out. With dawning alarm, she scratched her arm furiously, something itched, something burned, all over her body.

She coughed, she coughed again, harder, and a leaf drifted down from her mouth. Again and again, and more and more leaves cascaded down. She watched in horror as her nails strained against the swelling of her fingers, as they popped off one by one (it didn’t hurt, why didn’t it hurt), as her hands twisted and gnarled. Her hair was wet with riverwater, and then with sap, and then it fell down her shoulders and she looked and every strand was a string of willow leaves. She reached upwards to her cheek and felt the soft pillowy texture of moss, her lips grew hard and crackly like lichen, her breath caught in her chest and she tried to gasp but she couldn’t anymore.

The baying of the hounds grew closer again, it had never left completely. She tried to call out but her vocal chords had stretched into petals.

The baying of the hounds grew ever closer.

She felt the moss spread down, down, over her neck and her collarbone, down, down to her hips, down her legs.

 She felt the roughness travel up, up from her bare feet, up her legs, her hips, her ribs, her collarbone. Her facial muscles stiffened, the bark dug underneath her skin until it replaced it entirely.

 The baying of the hounds was loud in what used to be her ear. The Hunt had arrived for its quarry, but all that remained was a tall tree (some horrific combination of flowers and bark, with long willow-leaves oak-leaves and gnarled branches and bright red berries) blocking the concrete pathway between the woods and the Elsewhere Student Dining Hall. If what used to be Blossom still had ears, it would have heard the irritated snort of the horses, or the long, mournful howl that followed. But it didn’t have ears, and so it heard nothing.


Not-Ellie grinned as she watched from the nearby shadows. She had told Blossom not to go outside during the Hunt, but she wouldn’t be lying if she said she didn’t enjoy the show. Stupid mortals, she giggled to herself, one way or another, the Hunt will always get you. She waved jovially at the train of dogs and not-horses as they melted away, then peeled herself out of the darkness and leaned up against what used to be Blossom. 

“And to think, you really believed we were friends. It’s okay, I won’t blame you for not getting it." 

The tree leaves rustled, as if curious.

Not-Ellie shed her glamour like a snake sheds its skin, and rose a vine-arm to caress Blossom’s used-to-be-cheek. A flower bloomed in the center of the fae’s chest cavity. 

"Once we get your scent, we never let go. I won my quarry in tonight’s Hunt. And now, you belong to me.”

Used-To-Be-Blossom screamed inside its timber “You said i’d be safe, you said I’d be loved!" 

"Really, dear,” Not-Ellie responded, “of course you’ll be loved. Much like a hunter swells with pride at the sight of his first kill, so too do I love you, Emily. Now calm yourself, before the stress affects your branches.”

The tree, bound by the True Name it gave up so freely, shuddered once, then fell silent. 

It was calm now. It was loved. And it would never be Blossom again.

Another pseudo-horror Elsewhere drabble, I guess! This one is quite a bit longer, and probably doesn’t make much sense, but it’s 3:00 in the morning and I haven’t slept in 48 hours so I might as well submit it!


What We Want And What We Get II

Author: AvengeSuperWhoLock

Word Count:1788

Pairing: LokixSister!ReaderxThor

Summary: Thor gets drunk and handsy at a party. It doesn’t end well. 

Part 1 / Part 3

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Tales of Miss Fortune(Part 6)

AKA, God is dead and we are getting almost nsfw. RIP Adrien’s dick. And congratulations to everybody who guessed who is getting drunk.

Sin warning! Well, sort of.

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Marinette tapped her chin thoughtfully as she stared at the six rococo paintings propped against the wall. Sticking her tongue out she began sketching fastly, trying to make the imagine in her head take a form on the paper. She had this rococo inspired collection in her mind for a while now, she just needed the time to gather the reference material. Or in this case, oil paintings. Marinette looked at the paintings again. That was the problem with inspired collections. You always had to be careful how much you take, how much you put from you and how well it can blend so it actually looks good. After about twenty minutes Marinette was moderately satisfied with the sketch. Taking a sip from her tea, she glanced at her kwami, Tikki who was sleeping soundly on the puffy pillow Marinette had made for her three years ago. The little god had not been very happy with the way Marinette decided to use one of the most powerful miraculouses. It began by trying to convince Marinette to change her ways. But if you knew Marinette Dupain-Cheng you knew she was a stubborn one, so that attempt failed. And when the little god saw it was in vain, she just gave Marinette the silent treatment for almost two years. It had been… awkward. And then the accident with her father happened and her mother decided to move back to China and it was just Marinette in an empty apartment studio. In the end, she and Tikki had to speak. It turned out better than expected. She wasn’t approving Marinette’s behavior but she was being more amused by it than annoyed nowadays. Shaking her head she returned her attention to her sketches, only to be interrupted by a message.

Odd. If Alya wanted to talk with hr they would Skype. Picking up her phone, Marinette opened the message. And had to read it two more times to make sure she wasn’t seeing things.

I know this message could be interpreted as lacking properness, and you are under no circumstances forced to agree, but I am in a state that requires quite the distraction, but I’m not emotionally stable enough to get the respective distraction on my own. So this is my official invitation for you to share an alcoholic beverage with me. ω(=^・^=)ω 

Marinette covered her mouth and giggled. Oh, that awkward precious bean. Well, isn’t like she could refuse the offer of getting drunk with her sweet kitten. Marinette smirked. this was bound to be interesting.

It seemed like he was already drunk when she arrived, if his wobbly moves and foggy look were anything to go by. Adrien held the door open as he looked at Marinette, his eyes zeroing on her low v neck. He giggled.

“I can see your ladyboobies.” he burst into another fit of giggles.

Marinette raised one eyebrow: “I can take my shirt off so you can see them even better.”

As Adrien almost fell on his ass from the shock, Marinette strutted in, and took a seat in one of the armchairs before pouring herself a glass. That was some expensive wine, but isn’t like she should be surprised. Adrien joined her sitting in the armchair across from her and picking a bottle and beginning to gulp the wine down. Marinette let her gaze size him up, wondering just what got him into this state. She certainly hoped it was her. Adrien stared at his bottle as if it hid the answers to the deepest, darker secrets of the universe. With a dramatic sigh, he turned his eyes to her.

“I have to confess my sins.” Marinette was too taken aback to even answer to that. “I used to dress up as Sailor Moon for multiple years. I was the biggest Ouran High School Host Club fan out there, Tamaki was my role model. Once I ate a whole cake in one sitting cause my sweet tooth got out of control.”

Marinette wasn’t that surprised he was an anime fan. He probably liked memes too.

“I have a praise kink.”

“Oh!” Marinette sipped her wine and leaned forward, propping her chin in her hand, cause hell yeah, just hit the jackpot right here. He should have gotten drunk sooner. “Do tell me more.”

Adrien leaned against the back of the armchair and continued a rant. “And a bondage kink. That’s Miss Fortune fault. And I’m into pegging. And I really need to go to church these days or cleanse myself from all the sex dreams I have about her. And sometimes you. Oh, shit, forget I just said that. Anyway, I’m also into gags and pet play and… “

Marinette’s smirk was growing bigger with every kink Adrien was sharing. This night was way more fun than she could have ever imagined. And so informative. Oh, she will make good use of this newfound information. For noble purposes, of course.

“Marinette?” Adrien whined.


“Do you think Miss Fortune thinks I’m sexy?”

Oh, only if you knew, she thought.

Leaning back, she feigned indifference. “Well, she mentioned she is into blondes, so maybe.”

Adrien got the silliest grin in the world. It was so cute. Marinette bit her lip. She really had to keep from pouncing on him. “But what do you think? Do you think I am sexy?”

Oh, minou, you are far too entertaining, she smiled a little, glancing at her glass contemplatively. Now it was the time for her to play her cards right.

“You reminds me of Chat Noir, actually.” she pouted, her eyes sliding over Adrien. “And given I want to ride him so hard he won’t be able to work for a week, then yeah, I’d say yo are sexy.”

Adrien’s face turned red in seconds and he took another gulp of wine. “You think Chat Noir is sexy?” he must have realized he was being a little too obvious and added. “Funny, I think so too.”

Marinette crossed her legs, trying to hide her amusement at his failed attempts at subtility. “I’m sure you do. What about Miss Fortune, though?”

Adrien got a dreamy look. “Oh, she’s so gorgeous. Her blue eyes just wow, and when she smirks, it’s aaaaaaahhh, and when she teases me, it’s frustrating, but then mmmmmmmmmmm.” h actually moaned at that, before focusing his attention back on her. “ You kind of look like her, a little.” he sighed finally.

Marinette tapped her fingers against her glass, thinking carefully about her next move. She took another sip, finishing whatever was left in the glass and settled it on the table in front of her. Then, slowly, but surely, she got up and made her way towards him, slipping in his lap. “What if I tease you then?”

Adrien put his bottle down and laughed half-heartedly. “Nice try but I can only get hard when it’s Miss Fortune doing it with her yoyo.”

Marinette smirked. This night kept on giving. But back to the problem at hand. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she whispered. “Is this a challenge, angel?”

Adrien seemed to snap back out of his utter drunkness for a moment. He grabbed her wrists gently and took off her arms off his shoulders. “No. You are very pretty, but I am loyal to Miss Fortune.”

Marinette kept from growling. Really now? Really? What must a girl do to get the dick she had been thirsting over for years?

Striking his hair slowly, Marinette decided to play along some more. “And if Miss Fortune was here?”

She could have sworn thee was drool in the corner of his mouth. “My dream threesome.”

Seeing Adrien hadn’t entirely pushed her off, Marinette decided to test something out. Moving slowly, she rolled her hips, grinding against him. Adrien’s eyes were still far away, but his body reacted, his hips pushing back just slightly. Biting her bottom lip, Marinette kept the slow moves. Until she felt something hard against her thigh. Adrien finally seemed to snap out of his threesome dream land.

“Ignore the boner. My dick is more drunk than me. It probably thinks you are Miss Fortune.”

Tilting her head, Marinette gave him a curious look. “Can’t we pretend?”

Honestly, this night was becoming more hilarious with every move. Her whole charade will start to wear thing if Adrien kept being so ‘loyal’. And her hormones weren’t exactly easy to ignore. She was a woman with a healthy sex appetite thank you very much.

“No, no. I’m not as easy to fool as my dick.”

Well, his dick had obvious something to say on the matter, cause it only became harder and started testing the resistance of his jeans and Marinette could feel it perfectly.

“Ignore him, he is rude.”

“Does he have a name?” Marinette asked, glancing quickly between them.

Adrien nodded solemnly. “His name is Adrien Junior.”

Marinette cooed mockingly, which he probably didn’t pick on. “How cute!’ running her fingers through his hair, Marinette assured him. "Don’t worry, Adrien Junior isn’t rude at all. I could even play with him a little.”

“Ah, ah, ah.” Adrien wiggled his index finger in front of her eyes. “I said he only wants to play with Miss Fortune.”

Yeah, she knew how much Adrien Junior wanted to play with her. But Adrien Senior refused every damn time because of some morality bullshit. Marinette sighed. It was obviously she won’t get anything else out of him. If only she hadn’t left Tikki at home… wait.

Adrien gasped as she jumped off him and picked her purse, running out of the apartment.

“I forgot the oven on, I’ll be back soon!” she screamed over her shoulder.

Adrien frowned. That was odd, but hey, he didn’t want Marinette’s house to burn down. He raised his bottle, ready to take another sip only to discover the bottle was empty. Huffing, he went to the table, managing not to fall on his ass, and opened another expensive bottle of wine. the thing about expensive wine was that it was so good it got you drunk properly and that’s exactly what he needed to forget about the whole good kitten incident from that morning. After a couple of minutes, he was really getting too hot. Huh, alcohol was getting him hot. Interesting. He took off his shirt and pants, but kept his red boxers on. It was much better like that. He was contemplating the idea of calling it a night, when a figure stumbled through his balcony’s doors. And there was Miss Fortune in all her glory. Adrien almost dropped the bottle. Maybe she was a hallucination?

“Hey, hunk!” she waved at him.

Nope, she was certainly not a hallucination, hallucinations don’t talk. Or do they?

Well, Chat Noir isn’t here.“ she sighed dramatically. "How I wish he was here.” her eyes slid over to Adrien and she smirked. “Could you pretend to be my kitten for a while?”

Adrien’s brain wasn’t exactly working, so he could only gasp as his dick was screamed at him to accept. Miss Fortune strutted to him and sat on his lap. “Please? I really miss my kitten.”

Adrien squeaked. How could he refuse? “I can be your kitten. And anything else you want me to be.”

Miss Fortune began stroking his hair, the same way Marinette did earlier and just like then Adrien was trying his best not to purr. However, he couldn’t keep the whine in as she stopped her ministrations. However, Adrien’s eyes were about to pop out of his head as she reached for the back of her suit, making it come undone and letting the upper part slid off.

(Marinette knew she was inspired with the design and allowing it to be removable.)

She pouted, feigning shyness. “I always wanted my kitten to say they are his favourites.”

Adrien’s eyes slid to her exposed flesh and hardened nipples and he gulped. “They are my favourites! Your Ladyboobies are wonderful. I love them. I always wanted to hold them.”

Miss Fortune smiled. “Well, they are right here, a few centimeters away, so you have a chance.”

Adrien gasped in delight. Back in his teenage days, eh always wanted to hold her breasts. Not that now he didn’t want to, but he wanted to do other things some more. “Can I?”

Miss Fortune was really liking the starry look in his eyes. “Of course you can, kitten. But no claws, for now, my ladyboobies are a little bit too soft for that.”

Adrien reached for them and cupped her gently, enjoying the sensation of her skin against his palms. “They are warm.”

“Your hands are warm too, mon minou.” she purred. “I said no scratch, but you can squeeze them harder. I don’t mind a tight squeeze.”

Adrien did as she suggested, gripping the flesh tightly, enjoying the way they fit in his hands, before running his thumbs over her nipples. “I love them.”

Miss Fortune hummed, obviously satisfied with his presentation. Somewhere, his mind was screaming that he shouldn’t do things like that with a thief, but honestly, Adrien run out of fucks to give. And he was so drunk, this whole thing could be just one big hallucination. He was going to enjoy it as it lasted.

“Can I kiss them?” he asked suddenly.

“See for yourself, chaton. Can you?”

Licking his lips, Adrien lowered his head and began sucking on her left nipple while he kept massaging her right breast. His tongue teased her, before he moved his mouth, nipping at the sensitive skin above the nipple. As he kept his ministration, moving to the right breast as well, Miss Fortune moaned.

“Oh, minou, you really know how to use that tongue of yours.”

Adrien basked in the praise before a cat-like instinct took over him and he purred shortly. “They are mine. My ladyboobies.”

Miss Fortune giggled, before moaning again. Ah, this was wonderful. If only he would be sober. Tugging gently at his hair, she pulled him away from her boobs. Adrien whined, obviously not satisfied. He gasped as Miss Fortune picked him up and carried him bridal style to his bed.

“Cuddle time, pretty kitten.” she declared, settling him on the bed.

Adrien wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close and hiding his face in her breasts. Miss Fortune was stroking his hair soothingly, as he purred against her bare chest. Honestly, this was paradise on earth. Why didn’t he accept her advances earlier? His poor dick had been right the whole time.

“I love your ladyboobies.” he muttered against her skin.

“But do you love me, minou?”

Adrien raised his head oh so slightly, glancing at her with those gorgeous green eyes. “This pussy loves you purry much.”

Miss Fortune kept petting him until he fell asleep soundly. She unwrapped his hands from around her, before getting out of the bed. She tucked him under the blankets and kissed his forehead.

“Sleep well, mon amour.”

To Be Human

Steve Trevor x Amazonian!Reader

Summary: Diana has a cousin who is the daughter of General Antiope, (the reader) who follows the Godkiller to the world of men and helps her on her journey. On the way, the reader falls for a certain American spy/solider.

Warning: Swearing, smut, death and mentions of war.

Originally posted by poisonnedinnocence

You stood towards the back of crowd in the main hall, watching the strange man stutter out his lasso-inspired answers. Tears swarmed your eyes as you remembered your mother, General Antiope, murdered by those men but you refused to crumble; your mother would’ve never allowed you to show weakness.

Having never seen a man before, you had nothing to compare him to, but he intrigued you. His sharp jaw clenched with his pain and his blue eyes flashed briefly. ‘What a specimen!’ you thought but your mind also screamed that he was dangerous.

The Amazons were still grieving their loses and wanted his head, but your Queen asked them all to remain calm and continue training to prepare for any more invaders. You had to respect your Aunt and her command as you stayed in the shadows, observing and strategizing.

Queen Hippolyta called for you and Diana to check in on Steve and see how he was doing. You and Diana have been friends your entire lives, both of you training together and fighting together to become an unbeatable duo and cousins in both off and on the battlefield.

“I wonder how he relieves himself” Diana asks you with a curious smile.

“Well all those biology books should`ve clued you in” you giggled, remembering all those lessons from school that bored you.

As you rounded the corner, there was Steve naked, your eyes widened to saucers as you noticed the length of his-

“Ah!” his deep voiced shouted and Diana chuckled.

You couldn’t stop staring, what would that feel like to have a-?

“Excuse me ladies” he turned around and you gaped even more.

“I`m just going to-” you mumbled and hurried out the room.

A few hours passed and you decided to go for a walk to clear your head of thoughts about Steve and his muscular back.

Your mother would scold you for the distraction from training but she would also want to discover all the facts before heading into battle.

You heard footsteps in the woods behind you and noticed Diana heading for the tower. 

Stealthily, you trailed her and watched her jump and scale the tower. How the hell did she do that?

You waited and saw her jump from the tower with what looked like the Godkiller.

Diana made her way to the cave where Steve was held and eventually they both rode down to the beach.

She was going to go to the world of men!

Knowing what sacrifices she was going to make, you had to go with her and help so you saddled your horse and followed.

“I`m coming with you” you say as you get off your horse, walking over to Diana as she made her way to the boat with Steve.

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tea time for @potterwhos. prompt: flower shop

“who’s armin?” levi asks. he’s written the name so many times, it might as well be his own.

jean looks around the flower shop, eyes setting on a display of lilies. there’s a faint blush on his cheeks, and he sinks into the powder blue scarf around his neck. “someone.”

“no shit.” levi says. his remarkable penmanship has come in handy–a blessing and a curse. it made schmucks like jean’s day easier, the customer that comes in so frequently he nearly pays for levi to open the shop. on the other hand, valentine’s day and mother’s day were hell on his wrist. no amount of braces or painkillers could alleviate that pain. “she must be really special.”

jean taps his finger on the counter. he still doesn’t look at levi. “he is.”

levi hums, holds back a smile, but his interest isn’t feigned. “does he like flowers?” he finishes writing the message requested in the card, slides it over to jean for him to sign in his abysmal handwriting.

“he doesn’t seem to complain.”

“you’ve come in here every day for the past three weeks. his house must be a greenhouse by now.”

“do you think?”

“i hope he likes dumb men.”

jean finishes the stroke on the ‘n’ in his last name and glares up at levi. “do you talk to all your customers like this.”

“only the dumb ones.” levi wraps the stems of the flowers in tissue paper, carefully folds and seals the edge with a colored piece of tape.

“i could go elsewhere.”

“and what, go to yeager’s place across town? his flowers are dead within a day.” levi looks up at jean. “actually, that might work out for you.”

“fuck you, old man.”

levi shrugs, tucks the sheers back into his apron after he cuts a piece of kraft paper to wrap around the outside of the bouquet. “why are you so head over heels for this ‘armin’?”

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Words Only To You | Jaehyun

A/N: Sorry but I don’t do smuts! Please do read the guidelines before requesting :-) Nonetheless, thank you for the scenario! I wrote it without the smut content. 

Originally posted by mypeachprince

1st person POV

Summary: You are the ‘bad girl’ of your school, a title you intentionally earned. However, everything comes with a reason, and your reputation came with a story. A story that you didn’t intend to write, but when a boy came tumbling into your life one day, the words came naturally and magically. Yet, not every story has a happy ending, and sometimes, things may always not change.

Word Count: 4,108

Style/ Genre: Scenario/ Angst, slight fluff 

Date posted: 5/08/17

*Warning: Some vulgarities*

I am (Y/N). I’m known as the notorious female student in the school, the girl gangster.

Okay, maybe that was over-exaggerating. Indeed, I may have a stoic expression on my face almost 24/7, and I seldom talk to other people, what more about interacting with them. I hate obedience, and I love truancy, causing my name to be on almost every teacher’s blacklist. Because of this, I come off as ‘unfriendly’, 'scary’, 'unapproachable’ and whatever negative adjectives you can think of to label a 'WARNING. BACK OFF.’ flashing neon sign above my head. However, I had not always been like that. Once, I had been, but somebody had changed me, changed me into somebody unrecognisable and completely opposite. But nothing lasts forever – and I’m not only talking about my change – and soon I had reclaimed my reputation as the school’s 'Bad Bitch’.

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The Office: part 2

AN:// Hello!!! omg guys thx so much for all the support on part 1!! cute as a button, each and every one of you :)) sooooo here’s part two,, I really hope you like it and feedback is alwayz appreciated! much love <3

Part One if you haven’t read it yet

Pairing: Dylan O’Brien + Reader

Word Count: 3,748

Warnings: Swearing and mentions of sex (you’ll be fine kids)

Originally posted by francescadigiuseppe

 “You ready to go?” Ethan asked, peering over my shoulder to look at the documents I was shuffling through.

“Just one sec.” The whole scene that happened earlier still the only thing I could think about. I was so angry at Lauren. Only she could evoke this kind of response out of me, you know, considering everything that has happened between us in the past. Always wanting to start drama for entertainment purposes, and not caring who she hurts or humiliates in the process.

Just in the past few hours, I’ve been treated differently by my co-workers. The news of Ethan and I “dating” spread like wildfire and everyone knew. The people I see and talk to everyday now staring at me and whispering, as if they’re totally clueless to the fact that I can hear them.

“Poor girl, he’s only going to break her heart,” they say.

“I thought she was smarter than this.”

“Her? Of all people?”

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vanadium-hill  asked:

That Reylo fic about the scar kink and killer emperor is so sweet and romantic! 😍❤️thank you for writing it!

Thank you<333 I’m so glad you liked it!
Here’s another, because I love that au too

“And what’s this one from?”

He lay on his stomach, bare back exposed to her curious hands. Rey sat beside him, the growing starlight outlining her shape whenever he peeked a look. She had been dressing his newest wound, a long red slash that ran from his shoulder blade to his tailbone. Easily distracted, her attention shifted to the numerous scars marking his body.

“Which one?”

She traced a curve over his ribs that snaked down his back. “This one.”

“Nexu. My father tried keeping them for a while, Mom wasn’t too happy after one nicked me.

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Skin Deep (Part 2) feat. Johnny Doyoung, Taeil, Taeyong

“I really hope you don’t think the fun is over Y/N, because we’ve been watching and waiting patiently.” A reved up Taeil began. “And from what we learned…. you’re pretty easy to please gorgeous” an equally aroused Taeyong ended. “I know you still want me to stick around, after how good I made you feel” The low rumbling voice of Johnny who you quickly forgot while you were getting the brakes fucked off of you by Doyoung. “You looked so good getting fucked by him baby girl” Johnny said his voice resting deeply in the bottom of your stomach. “Those powder pink fishnet thigh highs flailing in the air. Your small perfect little feet resting on his shoulders.” Johnny said He came behind you swooping your body in his huge arms in one fluid motion. “Wanna rest them on mine?” Johnny’s provocative question hung in the air until he demonstrated to you that you clearly had no choice but to. He carried you to your couch and gently laid you on it. He bent your legs back as far as flexibility allowed. His eyes a curious child laughing, frolicking, exploring the beautiful vast land that is your impeccable frame. Your pleading eyes looking up at this tall man looking over you caringly. An unintentional “oppa” slipped out earning a deep groan from the tall gentleman.” I’m gonna make you regret saying that.” Speaking through his clenched teeth as if his dirty rough desires would just spill out of his mouth if he loosened his jaws. “Don’t break her Johnny we still wanna play with her.” Taeyong calls out to Johnny from across the room. Releasing your legs and taking off his shirt in a swift motion. You just watched him, you were caught off guard by him gripping your face tightly between his thumb and four fingers. “You naughty little girl, you wanna please your oppa don’t you?” “You wanna make him cum using your pink little sugar cookie huh?” “Yes” you answer weakly. “Yes what?” He chucks your word back at you. “Yes Oppa” oblidging the man. Undoing the belt of his jeans, harshly yanking both his boxers and jeans down. His rock-solid member long and veiny sprung free from its cage. Almost hitting you in the face. Leaning down he effortlessly removes the black belt from the loops of his jeans. “So you can’t run from me kitten.” Johnny explains before anything can be asked.  He proceeds to wrap the leather belt around both your wrists stoping midway eyeing your neck. “I think I found a better place to put it.” From your wrists to your neck, inserting it into the loop and pulling secure and tight. The slight pressure made you gag a little, your throat getting used to this feeling. Pressing the head of his hard length against your lips giving you the sense of an eager child. “C’mon princess.” He encouraged. Opening your mouth receiving the entire length of his member. His tugging farther up on the belt made you go deeper and deeper on him. Feeling him hit the back of your throat. Looking up and seeing him throw his head back in pure bliss. Hearing and taking delight in his sweet groans. “Agh, hit my sweet spot baby girl” It felt amazing to the both of you. Feeling him in your mouth and him filling your mouth was an amazing combination. It was so wet and salivated, your tongue such a strange texture rubbing up against his protruding veins. Those same big pleading eyes looking up at him as you licked his tip as innocent looking as possible.
“The way you look at me drives me crazy princess, let’s see if you look the same way when I get deep inside you.” Stooping his tall frame so that your pelvis could meet his. He inserts his member into you. Innately your legs go up and your back arches. “Yeah, feel it baby.” Johnny breathes out stoking you slowly. Being a lot more merciful to your kitty cat than Doyoung was earlier. He bends your legs back to watch him go in and out of you. Only difference now is you’re creaming so much more than you did with Doyoung. Johnny was like a juicer and you were a fat, sweet, ripe orange with not enough juice to contain inside your natural skin. “You’re so wet for me Y/N, I love hearing me slosh around in all your juice. Gimme more baby.” Johnny says letting a moan slip out after his sultry words. Your moans were far beyond control at this point. All anyone can hear is you and the sound of skin slapping against each other echoing throughout the entire apartment. Getting bored quickly with missionary. Johnny flipped you over putting you on all fours and putting himself right back inside you. Going twice as hard as he did last time. The speed and precison hitting several spots at once seemingly. All Johnny was able to get out was ‘so good’. Johnny was so close to coming and you could tell by the way his breathing and his strokes changed. They both became choppier. Then just fast and hard, he fucked into you fast and hard from behind causing your walls to tighten around him. Bringing him closer to spilling inside you. One last stroke as you felt your walls retract and squeeze the hell out of him milking every last sweet droplet of his essence out of him. Shaking from the large load he just released. He moves carefully knowing how weak he now is. Holding on to your hips for support he pulls out and clumsily falls on top of you, His strappy sweaty torso smacking your back due to impact. Breathing heavily, he kisses you right in the middle of your spine
“God, you know how to drain a cock” Johnny breathes out
“Funny how this was our Idea but we still got no action what so ever.” A horny and fed up Taeyong began
“That’s okay, maybe she can take us both at the same time.” A horny Taeil spits out his lewd Ideals.
“Now THAT! Would be hot.” Says Taeyong

I’ll have part 3 momentarily and part 2 of whiplash coming soon



Oil and Sugar - Chapter 4 - Dirty Girl, Stupid Girl, Jealous Girl

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“Jughead, someone needs a car towed out on Road 44,” Betty called from the office after hanging up the phone.  It was Monday morning and even though she was loathe to admit it, she had spent the rest of the weekend after he had left on Saturday morning, missing him.  She hadn’t realized how boring her life actually was before he showed up.  Work, work, sleep, work, evenings reading alone, sometimes getting together with Veronica, more work.  Just boring.  Now she couldn’t think of anything except the night he spent with her.  God, Jughead Jones knew what he was doing in bed.  She had had other partners since being with him at 16 but they had been pretty normal, sex was good, guys.  Jughead had certainly mastered his skills.  He’d already been great back then, but this was another level and she wanted more.  Sitting on the couch reading a book now seemed boring as hell; not when she could have his hands and mouth all over her.

Jughead had showed up for work on time and he had simply winked at her and grabbed a work order and set to work.  She wondered if he would mind if she went out and just shoved him against the wall and started making out with him. Betty lowered her head to the desk and sighed.  She was turning into a sex fiend.  Scratch that.  A ‘sex with Jughead’ fiend.

“Sorry, what did you say?” he asked suddenly.  Betty jumped and quickly straightened, her face turning red as if she’d been caught doing exactly what she had been thinking about.  Jughead leaned against the door frame and smirked at her.  That always present smirk that was starting to irk her.  He knew exactly what she was thinking and his smug arrogance bugged her because it turned her on.

“There is a car on Road 44 that needs a tow.  The owner said the keys are in it and it’s been standing there a couple days.  Won’t start and they don’t know why.”  Betty threw the tow truck keys at him and turned her attention back to whatever she was doing.

“Take a break?” Jughead suggested.  She looked at him, her brow furrowed.  “Come with me, make sure I hook it up right,” he said with a grin.  She considered and then smiled and stood up.  

“Sure, why not,” she said and walked past him, purposely brushing against him. Jughead grinned after her.  She wasn’t subtle in the least.  Once they were on their way, Betty glanced over the directions.  “I think it’s about 20 minutes out, give or take a few.  Red Grand Prix.”  Jughead nodded and relaxed back in the seat, his hand dangling casually over the top of the steering wheel.  

“So, how was the rest of your weekend?” He asked with a small smile.  

“Boring,” Betty said, kicking off her shoes and resting her feet on the dash.  Jughead forced his eyes to stay on the road and not her legs.  

“Should have called me over,” he said with a grin.  

“Would you have come?” she asked, looking at him.

“Oh, that’s a guarantee,” he said with a wink.  Betty swallowed and quickly looked out the window.  “Don’t worry, I wouldn’t have forgotten about you.  You’d have been screaming in no time,” he said, his voice full of laughter.

“Shut up,” she muttered, sending him a glare.  

“Be nice,” he said gruffly, his hand lifting to rest on her knee.  “Or I’ll make you beg even more next time.”  Betty sucked in a breath as his hand moved up her leg.  She took it and shoved it away, sending him a glare, even while her stomach ached with want.  Next time.  She loved the sound of that.  He wasn’t done trying to get a rise out of her.  As they drove, he rested his arm along the back of the truck bench, his fingers brushing the back of her neck.  Her skin shivered and he bit back a smile.  Betty was getting more frustrated with him by the minute and when the drive took them down a back road in the woods, she suddenly smiled and took off her seat belt.  She slid over, trying to get around the gear stick and leaned into his side.

“What about you, how was your weekend?” she asked, her hand resting on his thigh, her mouth whispering across his jaw.  Jughead jerked in surprise, the laughter in his eyes replaced by surprise.

“It was…ok,” he managed as her hand moved up and brushed over him.  He grabbed her wrist and stilled her movement.  “Ok, ok, I give.  Sorry for teasing you,” he said laughing.  She bit his earlobe and he groaned.  She bit his neck next, pulling her hand away from his and smiling smugly when she felt him harden beneath her.  “Betty,” he growled his warning clear.

“Shut up and drive,” she murmured in his ear.  She pressed her palm over him, rubbing slowly and he clenched his jaw, his grip on the steering wheel tightening.  When her hand moved to his button and zipper he shot her a look.

“What are you doing?” he groaned when her hand slipped into his jeans and wrapped around him.  Her tongue ran up his neck and he shifted uncomfortably in the seat, trying to concentrate on the road.  She pulled him free and her thumb stroked over the top.

“Shit….” He muttered, the wheel jerking a little.  She lowered her head and his hand fisted in her hair.  “Fucking hell,” he groaned when he felt her mouth on him.  

“Eyes on the road,” she said with a smile.  She took him in her mouth and his head fell back and hit the back of the seat, he quickly straightened and tried to not fucking kill them.  He looked down and watched her head bob and felt the truck pull onto the shoulder.  He jerked it back on the road and she giggled around him.  Her tongue swirled around him and her mouth tugged and he could barely think, much less drive.  He somehow managed to pull the truck over, and thought he did pretty good in the condition he was in, even if he was basically in the ditch and damn near in a tree.  

Jughead groaned when he felt his body start to tense and she wrapped her hand around him again, helping her mouth as she worked him.  

“Betty, im….shit….” He had almost no warning as his body tightened and released in a rush and she let out a throaty sound as she worked him through it, not releasing until he was done.  “Fuck!” he gasped when she released him and sat up with a smug grin.  “Sorry, I didn’t mean to….in your mouth I mean….”  She wiped her hand across her mouth and sat back in her seat.  He sat there reeling for a minute and then lifted his head from the back of the seat and stared at her innocent and naughty smile.

“Dirty girl,” he growled, staring at her mouth as he fixed his pants.

“Only with you,” she blurted with a laugh and then sighed at her accidental admission.  Jughead had been reaching to put the truck into drive again and he stilled.  He leaned back again and looked at her.  

“You did that a couple times when we were 16 too,” he said with a curious look.

“Yeah, and?”

“You’ve never let anyone else….?”  She shook her head and focused her attention out the window.  She looked annoyed that he knew that about her.  He smiled.  He couldn’t explain the satisfaction he got out of knowing he was the only one she had ever let finish there.  

“Why are you mad?” he asked softly.  She shrugged and kept staring out the window.  He sighed and put the truck into drive and they found the car about 10 minutes later.  He parked the truck and reached down to shove the seat back as far as it could go.  She was about to climb out when he grabbed her arm.  She looked at him with a frown.

“Come here,” he said gruffly, pulling her across the cab and over the gear shift.  She got a little tangled up but soon he had her straddling his lap, his hands digging into her hips.  

“This isn’t very comfortable,” she muttered, the steering wheel pressing into her back.

“Why are you mad?” he asked again, his hands slipping under her shirt and caressing her sides.

“I’m not mad,” she said with a sigh.

“Yes, you are.  Because I know something about your sex life that doesn’t involve me?”

“Well, I don’t exactly enjoy sharing that stuff with people I’m….with you…..” she said, looking embarrassed.  “It’s weird.”

“Well, then let me share as well,” he suggested.  She wrinkled her nose.

“Gross, no.”

“I’ve never done that except with you,” he said, ignoring her protest.

“Never?” she asked with a raised eyebrow.

“No.  I pull out.”

“Ugh, God, can we stop this now? I don’t fucking want to know about what you do with other women!”

“You know, Betty, this new you is a bit of a prude,” he said.  She knew he was teasing but her eyes narrowed just the same.

“Fuck you,” she snapped and tried to climb off him.  He held her still and smirked.

“Mmmmm, I don’t mind at all if you do,” he said, moving against her.  She froze and stared at him.  The anger in her eyes quickly fading to hunger.  He took her mouth and thrust his tongue inside and she moaned and sagged against him.  His hands dropped to her shorts and was happy to find they had some give.  He popped the button and slid his hand inside.  She shifted and lifted her hips to give him room and groaned when his fingers brushed over her.  She pulled away from his kiss and gasped, resting her forehead on his shoulder.

“There’s no room in here,” she groaned.  

“No worries, I’ve already had my fun, your turn,” he said gruffly, sliding his fingers inside her wet heat.  His thumb touched her clit and she moved her hips with his hand, her mouth on his once again.  It took her only minutes and she was coming apart and clenching on his fingers.  He groaned into her mouth, stroking her slowly while she rode her release and wilted against him.  

“You’re an ass,” she muttered against his neck and he laughed softly, still stroking her.  She whimpered and he kept at it, slowly and gently and she came apart again, her teeth digging into his neck.  “You’re still an ass,” she whispered, barely able to get her mind to work.  “I don’t think I like you at all.”

“You like my fingers though,” he said with a smug grin.  She sighed and leaned back.  A smile played on her lips and she was working really hard to keep from grinning at him.

“We have work to do,” she finally said and he pulled her close and gave her a hot, hard kiss and then opened the door to the truck and slid out from under her.  She relaxed against the seat and he grabbed her arm.  

“No resting, get to work boss,” he ordered playfully.  She rolled her eyes and climbed out of the truck.

“I’m sleeping with Jughead.”

Betty sighed.  She hadn’t meant to blurt it out like that, but she had been sitting on Veronica’s couch for an hour already, trying to think of a way to tell her and finally, while her friend was pouring them another glass of wine, out it came.  V stared at her and slowly lowered the wine bottle.

“You’re dating Jughead again?” she asked, confused.

“No, I said I was sleeping with Jughead,” Betty explained.  Veronica just stared at her and then burst into laughter.

“Why is that funny?”

“Ok, I must have not heard you correctly,” the raven haired girl said as she came over and handed Betty the glass of wine.  “You’re sleeping with Jughead?  As in, sex.  No dating, just having sex with Jughead.”

“Yes.”  Veronica sat down and stared at her for a while.

“Oh Betty.  You’re not this stupid, are you?”

“Excuse me?”

“You can’t be Jughead’s fuck buddy for God’s sake!”  Veronica exclaimed.

“Why not?” Betty asked with an annoyed frown.

“Because, it’s Jughead!”

“That’s not a reason,” Betty said, sipping her wine and leaning back on the couch.  Veronica leaned forward and rested her elbow on the knee of her crossed leg, waving a delicate manicured hand in front of her.

“Ok, let me ask you something, and be completely honest.  Including Jughead, how many guys have you dated?”


“And of those five, how many did you sleep with?” V asked pointedly.

“Three,” Betty said with a sigh.  “What does this have to…”

“And of those three, how many were you in love with?” Veronica interrupted.  Betty was silent for a while.  “How many?”


“And what is the name of this one guy that you’ve dated and had sex with that you were in love with?”

“That doesn’t have anything…”

“Who was it Betty?” Veronica asked harshly.

“Jughead,” Betty said quietly.

“Do you honestly think that you can be screwing your ex, the only guy you have ever loved and not have this get messy?  Seriously Betty?  How the fuck did this even happen?”

“I had an itch, he happened to be there.”

“Ok, that’s such horseshit,” Veronica said laughing.  “If any of the other two that you’ve slept with had been there, would you have had sex with them?”  Betty sipped her wine and said nothing.  “Yeah, that’s what I thought,” Veronica sighed.  “Why in God’s name did you even go there?”

“He’s really fucking hot and holy shit is he good in bed,” Betty blurted.  Veronica stared at her, shocked.  She sat back and smirked.

“Wow, you really are a serpent slut,” she said with a laugh.  Betty frowned at her.  

“Really, V?” Betty said, even though a little laugh came out.  “That was a really awful day when that shit happened.”

“Yes, and I remember how Jughead, the boy you loved, took care of you and held you while you cried and kissed the tears off your face.”  Betty said nothing, just stared at her glass of wine, chewing on her lip.  “Look, I don’t think I really have to sit here and tell you that what you’re doing is stupid and this is going to get messy.  I know you have this whole new thing going now, where you’re presenting yourself to the world like this tough chick who doesn’t take shit from anybody and does what she wants, but this is Jughead.  He’s part of the reason why you’ve changed so much.  Even this new Betty you’re putting out there can’t handle this.”

“You don’t know what I can handle and Jughead isn’t why I’m different,” Betty snapped.

“Is that so?” V asked quietly.  “The funny thing is that you’re not even as different as you like to make every one think.”

“Veronica…”  Betty was starting to get angry.

“No, I’ve kept my mouth shut for the last few years and let you go through whatever the fuck it is you’re doing but you don’t fool me Betty.  You present yourself to everyone with this whole new look and attitude, but what is it that you really love to do?  You sit at home every night and read or write or probably knit for all I know.  In your private moments there are no signs of this new Betty you keep throwing around.  Your apartment is done in fucking pastels and frills for God’s sake.  You can cuss and throw attitude and show your ass all you want Betty, but I know who the real Betty is and I know what you’re trying to do.”

“What’s that exactly,” Betty said, her anger clear on her face.

“You’re trying to be the ‘tough girl’ so you won’t get hurt again.  I mean, all the boyfriends you’ve had since Jughead, you’re the one that broke up with them, not the other way around.  Why is that?  Do it before they do it to you?  Is that it?  Hurt them before they hurt you?  So you don’t feel pain again?”

“Jughead and I decided together to break up!  It was a mutual decision.”

“Who brought it up when the time came?” Veronica asked softly.  Betty said nothing.  “Who brought it up, Betty?”

“He did,” she snapped.  “But I agreed because he was right.”

“That didn’t make it hurt any less, did it?”

Betty stood up angrily and grabbed her coat.  Veronica stood up and put her hand on her arm.  “I’m just worried about you, B, and I know you think you can handle this with Jughead, but I don’t think you can. Just be careful ok?  Last time you guys parted ways, it was so hard on you.”  

“I’m fine,” Betty said firmly and left the apartment.  Veronica sighed and turned toward the hall.

“Archie, come in here.”  The redhead came out of the den and walked to the fridge for a beer.

“What’s up?” he asked.

“You still hang with Jughead, right?”

“Sometimes, why?”

“Is he the kind of guy to have a fuck buddy?”

“What?” Archie asked, confused.

“Like sleep with someone, just for the sake of sleeping with them.  No feelings, just sex.”  Archie started to laugh.

“No way.  Jughead is too old school for that.  He won’t even have one night stands.”

“Not even with someone he feels really comfortable with?”

“No, Jughead has to be dating a girl before he sleeps with her. And in order for him to date a girl, he really has to like her.  I think he’s only had like 5 or 6 relationships.  It’s probably even less, but that’s my guess over the last 10 years.”

“Hmmm, interesting.  So, what if Jughead was sleeping with someone and they weren’t dating.  Why would he do that?”

“For him to be screwing someone he wasn’t dating?  He’d probably have to be secretly in love with her or something. Why are you asking all this?” Archie questioned.  Veronica turned to look at him.

“Betty says she’s sleeping with Jughead and they aren’t dating, it’s just sex.”  Archie lowered his beer to the counter and stared at her.

“Oh fuck.”

Betty was sitting on the couch trying to figure out a way to ease the throbbing pain in her head.  Her headaches were getting worse and she knew it was going to be a long night.  She would have to call the doctor in the morning.  She couldn’t handle this shit anymore.  Her phone buzzed and she picked it up and looked at it.

J: What you up to?

She sighed and fired back a text.

B: Nothing, just trying to fight off a massive headache.  

J: That sucks, sorry to hear that.

B: Yeah, it does.

Jughead didn’t reply again and she put the phone down and lay back on the couch.  The pain was getting to the point where tears stung her eyes.  

“God dammit,” she muttered, getting up and going to the kitchen.  She took another couple of advil and held an ice pack to the base of her head.  A knock at the door sounded like a sledge hammer to her, as the pain made everything more sensitive.  She opened it and found Jughead standing there.

“Hey,” he said with a smile.  Betty frowned at him.

“What are you doing here?” she asked, more sharply than she intended.  He paused, looking slightly unsure.

“I just thought I’d see how you were doing,” he said quietly.

“Not tonight Jughead,” she said, irritated.  “I told you, I have a headache!”  Jughead’s eyes narrowed and he stepped back.

“Right,” he said flatly.  “I forgot, we’re just fucking.  Cause why else would I be here, if not for that.”  

“That’s not what….” Betty began, feeling like a bitch.  Jughead turned and headed down the stairs.  “Shit,” she sighed.  

“Jughead wait, I didn’t mean….” She started to call after him and the pain in her head hammered so hard, her eyes filled with tears.  “Juggie,” She said, her voice coming out more a pained whimper than anything.  “Please don’t go,” she pleaded.  He paused and turned to look at her, hearing the pain in her voice.  He saw her eyes filled with tears and came back up, concern all over his face.  “I didn’t mean to snap at you,” she whispered, holding her hand to the side of her head.  

“Hey, what’s going on with this?” he asked, ushering her back into the apartment.  “How bad is this headache?”

“It’s pretty bad,” she admitted, a tear falling down her cheek.  He led her to the couch and sat down with her.

“Why are you getting headaches?  Is this why you have trouble sleeping?”  She nodded and lowered her head in her hands.  

“It’s a new medication I’m on.  It’s been a few weeks like this and the doctor thought it would go away once my body is used to it but they are getting worse and I need to see him and switch my meds cause I can’t live like this,” Betty said.  Jughead sat back lengthwise on the couch and carefully pulled her close, settling her between his legs, her back to his chest.  

“Lean your head forward,” he said softly.  Betty did as he asked.  “It may not be the meds, you may have a pinched nerve in your neck.  They get steadily worse if not worked out.  Let me see if I can find it.” He lifted his hands to her neck and began to gently massage her, digging his thumb in as he slowly dragged it up the back of her neck.  She closed her eyes and let him try and ease the tension.  “What are you taking medication for?” he asked softly.

“Anxiety,” she whispered.  Jughead slowly lowered one of his hands and stroked it down her arm, picking up her hand.  He turned it over and looked at her palms.  He was relieved to see nothing fresh and very faint, very old scarring.

“I stopped doing that when I went on medication years ago,” she said softly.

“Good,” he whispered against her hair as he kept digging his thumb into her neck.  He suddenly connected with a spot that made her gasp and let out a little cry, as sharp pain shot through her neck and head.  

“Ok, got it,” he murmured and started to work it out.  Betty dug her fingers into his leg as his thumb pressed deep.  

“Jesus, that hurts,” she whimpered, on the verge of pulling away.  

“Just relax and breathe, it will take a minute.”  She tried to relax and finally, after a couple minutes the pain and pressure started to ease and his touch lighted up into a gentle massage that moved up to her temples and head.  

“That feels really great.  Where did you learn to do that?”

“One of my….”  Jughead’s voice trailed off and he went silent.  Betty smiled slightly.

“An ex used to get them?” she asked.

“Yeah,” he muttered.

“Always the great boyfriend,” Betty said smiling.

“I tried to be,” he said with a chuckle.

“You were the best,” she whispered.  Jughead said nothing and kept massaging.  The pain was gone and Betty found herself drifting off to sleep.  

Jughead realized Betty had fallen asleep and he sat and held her against him for a while.  Eventually he shifted and stood, picking her up in his arms and carrying her to bed.  She was sleeping deeply and barely stirred as he tucked her in and pulled the blankets up around her.  He gently brushed his finger down her cheek.  In sleep she looked like the innocent girl he remembered.  Leaning down, he pressed a kiss to her forehead and then left the apartment.

On Friday, Jughead text Betty that he needed the day to take care of some business.  She was annoyed at the disappointment she felt.  She spent the day puttering around the garage, remembering Wednesday’s shift after he had helped her fall asleep the previous night.  She had thanked him by climbing on top of him on the couch in her office.  He had been very enthusiastic about her thankfulness.  She sighed as she closed up the shop.  They definitely couldn’t get enough of each other and it seemed to get hotter each time.  She remembers how Jughead had bent her over the desk and bit into her shoulder and she shuddered at the heat that went through her.  

“Christ, Betty, get a grip,” she grumbled to herself.  She was hungry and didn’t feel like cooking and called in an order to Pop’s to pick up and then after making sure everything was locked up, headed over there.  Her heart jumped when she saw Jughead’s bike parked outside.  She found herself straightening her clothes and patting her hair and rolled her eyes at herself.   She tried to act natural and walked inside and headed to the counter.  

“Hey Betty, got your order right here,” Jenny, the waitress, said with a smile.  Betty smiled and pulled out some money and casually looked around.  Her eyes fell on the last booth and she froze.  She was a little shocked at the anger and jealousy that slammed into her.  Jughead was sitting in the booth with Toni Topaz.  Not only that but she was sitting next to him instead of across.  Sure, someone sat across from them but it infuriated her.  She remembered the girl from back in the day.  She had befriended Jughead and while she hadn’t been an issue back then, the fact that she was still in Jughead’s life after all these years and apparently close with him made her heart twist painfully.

Jughead caught her gaze and lifted his hand off the back of the seat that it was draped across to wave.  Betty couldn’t stop the angry glare that settled on her features.  His smile faded and he looked puzzled.  He looked from her to Toni and a slow smirk spread across his lips.  He popped a fry in his mouth and held Betty’s gaze, an obvious challenge.  Toni suddenly caught sight of her and her eyes widened in surprise.  She turned to Jughead and then looked quickly back to Betty.  She started to smirk too, but for reasons all her own.  Betty turned away and grabbed her food.

“Thanks Jenny,” she muttered and hurried out of the diner.  

“Well, well….” Toni started with a laugh.  Jughead shoved her out of the booth in his hurry to get up.  

“Shut the fuck up,” he snapped and hurried from the diner.  Betty’s truck was already flying out of the parking lot and he swore and ran to his bike.

Betty slammed open the door to her apartment and threw her bag of food on the counter.  She didn’t know what the hell was wrong with her.  Sure, her and Jughead were sleeping together but it’s not like they were exclusive.  Fuck, they weren’t even dating.  They were barely fucking friends.  They were starting to be but she had no reason to be upset.  But it was her. Toni Topaz.  Toni was still in his life, ten years later.  Ten years with him that Betty never got and she suddenly was furious about it.  As she paced, her apartment door suddenly flew open again and there stood Jughead, looking just as angry as her.

“What are you doing here?” she snapped.  He let out a laugh and slammed the door behind him.  He walked over to her and drove her back into the wall as she stumbled back.  His hands settled on either side of her head, trapping her against it.  

“Why didn’t you come say hi?” he asked, his face inches from hers.  “That was very rude.”

“Just what kind of business did you have today that you couldn’t come to work,” she fumed back.  Jughead smirked and leaned closer, his body brushing hers.

“What’s the matter Betty?  You miss me?”  She said nothing and turned her head when he leaned closer.  “Or is this jealous Betty because I was sitting with another girl?”  he asked, his voice gruff, his breath blowing against her ear.  She swallowed and tried to shift away from him.  He wedged a leg between her thighs, pressing close to her and she bit her lip to keep from moaning when he pressed against her.  “Is that it?  Were you jealous?” he breathed as his teeth grazed her ear.  

“N…no….” she stuttered, when his hand brushed up her leg.  His hand squeezed her hip and he moved his mouth across her cheek and eased back, his eyes burning into hers.  

“Were you jealous?” he asked again, his thigh rubbing purposely against her.  She gasped and clutched his arms.  She pressed her lips together, her eyes angry.  His hand slipping into the back of her shorts, squeezing her backside as he pressed her core against his thigh, causing a groan to slip out.  “Were you?” he asked again, his voice harsh and gravely.

“Yes,” she whimpered as his hand, still inside her shorts, slowly came around the front and dipping down between her legs.  She was already wet and she hated herself for it.

“Why, Betty? Why were you jealous?” Jughead said, his tongue flicking across her mouth, his fingers sliding over her folds, teasing her clit.  

“I…I’m….” Betty let her head fall back, unable to answer as his finger slid slowly inside her.  

“Why would you be jealous if I’m with another girl Betty?  I thought I was just scratching your itch,” he growled against her mouth.  Her nails dug into his arm and she glared into his eyes.

“Yes, well, I don’t much like sharing,” she snapped.  Jughead pushed deeper and his thumb swiped over her clit and she moaned.

“So, while I’m scratching your itch, I’m not allowed to scratch anyone else’s?  Is that it?” he asked with a laugh, his fingers and thumb moving quicker.

“Yes,” she said, another moan slipping out of her mouth as she felt her body start to tighten and just when she thought she would feel blissful release, Jughead pulled his hand away and stepped back.  She gasped at the sudden loss and stared at him, panting and aroused.

“What…why….” She stumbled over her words, her body wound and screaming for release.

“Good to know,” Jughead said, bringing his fingers to his mouth, licking off her arousal.  Her stomach clenched and she trembled.  “Thanks for clearing up the rules for me,” he said with a smirk and turned and walked out of the apartment.

“Fuck” she gasped, taking deep breaths, trying to calm the fire inside her.  Her eyes suddenly narrowed and blazed with anger.  Jughead wanted to play, did he?  Well she could play too.  She headed to her room, pulling off her work clothes as she went.

Dylan fingering you while Eric watches Part 1

Obvious title oops. I’m a tease so I obviously seperated this into two parts again 😏 but y'all know that it’s the best for y'all! You need to be teased lol

@eric-parris is making my imagines incredibly less shitty thanks to proofreading, amen 🙏

It sometimes bothered you a lot that Dylan and Eric were so close. You weren’t jealous of their friendship, on the contrary, you were glad that they were best buddies but you were simply a little bit annoyed. You just wanted to spend some alone time with Dylan from time to time and it had occurred way to often in the last time that he had brought Eric to one of your dates. You liked Eric, he had great humor and was a pleasure to have around. You liked to watch them both goof around and tease each other but the amount of time you had to spend with Eric in order to see Dylan was overwhelming. You sometimes wondered, if you would ever marry Dylan would you have to marry Eric too?

Today was a perfect example. It was Saturday and most couples spent the week end together and yet here you were, on your way to Eric’s house. You were on your way to your bofriend’s best friend to spend time with your boyfriend. That didn’t sound quite right but you hadn’t complained when Dylan had told you. He had offered to pick you up but you had declined and told him you needed to take a walk anyway. You were a little bit angry at him and you knew that he knew that you were.

You sighed and opened the door to the Harris house. Eric’s parents were gone for the week end and neither Kevin nor Eric ever locked the door. You walked in, escaping the cold night air and quickly greeted Kevin who sat in front of the TV before you made your way down to Eric’s bedroom. Dylan sat on Eric’s bed while Eric sat in his chair, both incredibly concentrated while playing Doom. There were empty cans and bottles all over the floor and two pizza boxes on the desk. You stepped around all the trash and dropped onto the mattress next to your boyfriend. Dylan knew how to handle you, now that you were angry. He turned to smile at you and kissed you on the cheek, giving Eric the opportunity to beat him in Doom.


Eric snorted at Dylan and gave you a light nod with the head as a greeting. You smiled tiredly back at him.


Dylan asked carefully and offered you a slice from the box. He was testing how pissed off you were right now. You took a slice out of the box, but still decided to ignore him for now. You just listened to Eric rant about your new German teacher and watched as they played another round of Doom. After a while Eric went out of the room to get some more Doctor Pepper because Dylan had complained. As soon as the door closed behind him, Dylan leaned over to you and laid one arm around you, pulling you closer while he placed his other hand on your thigh. He softly kissed you behind your ear.

“You’re angry.”

He said and pressed his lips to your collarbone. You just took another bite from your pizza without even reacting to him.

“I’m not angry.”

You murmured and leaned forward, forcing him to let go of you. Dylan leaned back against the wall and chuckled slightly. He knew how to handle you when you were sulky.

“I’m sorry.”

He whispered and stroked over your thigh. You shortly thought about standing up and leaving the room to help Eric fetch the drinks before Dylan would charm the pants off of you but it was already to late.

“You’re an idiot.”

You mumbled as your last attempt to resist to forgive him and swallowed the last piece of your pizza.

“Hm I’m an idiot.”

He echoed and pulled you back against the wall to kiss down your neck.

“Promise that we’ll spend more time together without Eric from now on.”

You demanded and bent your neck to the side to give him better access. 

“I promise.“

Dylan rasped and sucked lightly on your delicate skin. You sighed contently and giggled as he pressed you back to lay on your back.

“Eric will be back any minute." 

You protested and Dylan grinned. 

“Then we should hurry,” he snickered, then bent down and kissed you. His lips were so soft but he was kissing you a lot rougher than usual. You moaned when he sucked your bottom lip into his before he nibbled lightly. You smiled against his mouth and wrapped your arms around his neck to play with his soft hair. It was so hard to stay angry at Dylan. He was very good at making you forget about the reasons you were angry. You felt his hands sliding up your legs and over your hips before they started to lift your sweater. Suddenly you heard a crack and the door opened. You turned your head, Eric was back. You immediately wanted to push Dylan off of you but he just pressed himself harder against you.

“No, it’s okay,“ Dylan said gently and grasped both your wrists, holding them tightly while he leaned down to kiss you again but you furrowed your brows and shook your head. It was quite obvious that he had realized that Eric was back and thus you didn’t understand his behavior, not to mention how uneasy it made you as you saw out of the corner of your eyes that Eric didn’t react appropriately either. He just sat down in his chair and stared you down.

“What the fuck? Cut the crap,” you said angrily and pushed Dylan away with your feet before sitting up on the bed. You pulled your sweater back down and glared at him and looked to Eric. He was comfortably sitting in his chair, playing with an empty can. It was strange. He hadn’t brought anything to drink like he had said he would.

“Would you have needed a little more time?”

He suddenly asked, the question clearly only directed at Dylan. You looked at your boyfriend who was running his fingers through his messy hair and raised your eyebrows.

“What the fuck is he talking about Dylan?”

You asked, the tension in your voice more than audible.

“He didn’t tell you?”

Eric asked you before Dylan could answer and you shook your head. Eric snorted amused and you clenched your jaw.

“Can someone please tell me what this is all about?”

You almost yelled impatiently.

“Tell her.”

Eric said sternly to Dylan who growled back at Eric. He nevertheless turned to you and cleared his throat.

“Eric and I had an idea.”

Your boyfriend sighed and bit his lip.

“That’s also why we’re here tonight and not at your house or mine. We both just thought it’d be better to not have any parents around for safety reasons.”

“Go on.”

You said, knowing already what he was getting at and getting pissed at the little breaks he took, trying to stall this.

“I was convinced that it wouldn’t bother you, but I knew that we would have to ease you into this so I figured that we’d loosen the situation a little bit before Eric would join. I know that’s something we have never done before but I’d like you to think about it.”

You couldn’t believe your eyes. What he was suggesting was the strangest thing you had ever heard. You knew about Dylan’s bondage fetish, he had tied you up often enough and you knew about his foot fetish but this was a whole new level. Letting someone else watch? What was even worse was that it was Eric who would watch. You shook your head silently.

“Baby, I know that-“ Dylan started but you cut him off.

“No! What the fuck is wrong with you two?”

You stood up before Dylan could hold you back and stormed out of the room, slamming the door shut behind you. You went back up the stairs and moved past Kevin, who gave you a confused look as you walked straight to the bathroom. You went inside and closed the door behind you and bent down to the sink to splash a little bit of water into your face. How in hell did they stumble upon this idea? You couldn’t lie, you felt flattered that Eric was attracted to you but this proposal was strange. Letting someone else watch was strange, right? You could imagine it. You could imagine Eric licking his lips like he always did and maybe biting it too while he watched you and Dylan, could imagine the way it’d feel to know that two pairs of eyes were upon you. It made a pretty picture inside of your head, but was still a bad idea. This shouldn’t be something you should think about. You sat down on the rim of the tub and rubbed your face.

“Bad, this is a bad idea,“ you whispered to yourself.

You couldn’t deny that you did have… specific thoughts about Eric in the past before you were with Dylan but now you were and this wasn’t right. You shouldn’t want nor fantasize about something like this. You felt like you betrayed Dylan - except that Dylan wanted this to happen. It was odd but it was intriguing. Maybe you should give it a chance. Eric and Dylan both wanted it and you were curious how it’d be. Everyone involved was okay with this happening. Was it really so bad to let this happen?

You hesitantly stood up from the tub and washed your hands. You looked at yourself in the mirror and took a deep breath before you turned around and opened the door. Kevin was still giving you a confused look as you went back down the stairs. The door to Eric’s room was still closed but you could hear their voices nonetheless.

“You should have told her beforehand.”

“If I would have she wouldn’t have come.”

“Well, she isn’t here right now anyways, so what’s the difference?”

You cleared your throat and opened the door. Neither Eric nor Dylan had moved from their spot since you had left. You were greeted with dark eyes boring into you, Eric’s eyes. He was still sitting on his chair and silently looked at you over his shoulder. Dylan wasn’t saying anything either.

“I thought about it.”

Both just looked at you as if you were here to announce the news. You fumbled with your fingers and swallowed hard before you opened your mouth.

“If you both want to than we can try this.”

You said and nervously looked at Dylan who smiled and reached out his hand, a gesture for you to come over to him while Eric’s eyes followed you across the room. A grin formed on his lips as he watched you sit down next to Dylan. You hoped that this was about to get good.

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Request: Please please please can I request number 7 and 9 and Yoongi

7) “Please! Can we keep it?”

9) “I have a question that can make or break this relationship.”

Member: BTS Suga x Y/N 

Type: Fluff (with a smidge of sad)

You winced as you felt yet another piece of hair stick to the sweat caked on your forehead. It was the latter part of your shift at the 24-hour diner you had somehow agreed to work at while studying in Seoul. You had no idea when you had first applied that the labor would be so difficult, but luckily, you had made fast friends with the girl you were always paired with for shifts. 

You looked up to the friend in question, your thoughts wandering across her in your mind, and couldn’t help but sigh. Her eyebrows were furrowed as she gazed at you from the opposite side of the small, square window situated in the middle of the kitchen door. She always looked mildly perturbed, but by this point in your friendship, you had just assumed that it was her natural expression. 

“Y/N,” she hissed, cracking the swinging door open. Her tone was only proving your previous thought correct. “You need to see this.”

“I don’t need to see anything,” you called back leisurely over your shoulder. You had situated yourself behind the one register at the cafe, happy to have your tired feet up for the night. No one had wandered into the establishment for the better part of an hour and a small group of twenty-somethings were the only patrons left to be attended to. 

You enjoyed quiet nights like this and saw no reason in disturbing your calm for whatever calamity she had created. 

“No, you don’t understand,” she muttered, charging through the door. Her hands were tight on her hips. “You don’t have the option to not come and see this.”

“I’m not shift lead,” you groaned, tilting your head to look at her. “Tell the cook.”

“Come on,” she grumbled, grabbing your wrist and pulling swiftly. You teetered from the perch of your bar stool and stumbled over your own feet as she tugged you along. 

“Yah, what is the problem?” you groaned. “There better be something amazing in there! Like a puppy, or, or-”

Your coworker swiftly halted her movements and allowed you to come to a stop at the foot of the walk in freezer. Your eyebrows rose along with your gaze as you focused on the disheveled pile of clothes near the corner of the room. You shuttered as the pile twitched, revealing the fabric was indeed attached to a person. You stepped back slowly, uncertain of how to handle the situation.

“Not a puppy,” you whispered, cocking your head in an attempt to get a better look. 

“Definitely not a puppy,” your friend confirmed with a chuckle. She crossed her arms and giggled. “But wait ‘til you see this face.” 

“What do you mean wait until we see his face?” you gasped, stepping back from her. “A bum crawled into our kitchen, we need to call the police and get it out of -”

Your words began to trail as the formerly lifeless body began to shift again and push itself up from the ground. With every movement came the fresh stench of Soju and you nearly vomited from the second-hand fumes. 

“Aish! You punk!” you spat, squinting as the hood of the jacket fell from the head of the individual. With the simple exposure of fabric, a head of black, matted hair came into view, along with the familiar bone structure that you had grown so accustomed to seeing over time. “…Yoongi?”

“Please! Can we keep it?” your coworker giggled, covering her mouth as she began to shake with laughter. 

“Yoongi, what the hell?” you gasped, crouching down to become eye level with your boyfriend. 

“Why is it so bright in here?” he muttered, lifting his hand to shield his eyes from the light. “And why are you talking so loudly?” 

“I’m not talking loudly,” you muttered, grabbing a handful of his jacket in an attempt to help him stand. “We have to get you out of here.” 

“Whoa,” he whined, completely going limp as you continue to pull on his clothing. “Too much movement. Didn’t sign up for this.” 

“Please turn around,” you hissed to your coworker. “I’d rather not have someone witness a homicide.” 

“Do you want me to get the cook?” she asked, still having a hard time controlling her smile. “I’m sure he could pretty efficiently boot his drunken butt out of here.”

“Yeah, that’s just what I want to hear for the rest of eternity,” you sighed, watching as Yoongi continued to flounder on the floor. “Oh, Y/N, you remember when we had to pitch your drunken boyfriend out of the back door like rotten fruit? Good times!” 

“Ironic because people use rotten fruit to make alcohol,” your friend giggled. “You know…like in prison and stuff.” 

“Well aren’t you a wealth of information,” you groaned. “Will you help me get him to the front?” 

“You want to push this shit show out to the general public?” she asked, her face curious. “At least let me try to sell tickets first.”

“He’ll behave,” you grumbled, attempting to shift Yoongi’s weight onto your shoulder. “Won’t you, jagi?”

“Well, I guess now isn’t a bad time to start trying,” he grinned drunkenly. He wrapped his arm tightly around your waist and hiccuped. “You look cute, when did you get so cute?” 

“Is he hungover or drunk? I can’t figure it out,” your friend muttered, shouldering Yoongi on the opposite side. 

“I think he’s a unique mixture of both,” you sighed. “Let’s get some food into him.” 

“Yeah, because whatever he originally had in him is now all over the floor of the walk in freezer,” your friend grumbled. “Which I’m not cleaning up by the way.” 

“Yoongi,” you groaned, closing your eyes under the effort it took to shuffle him. “Yoongi, focus. I have a question that could make or break this relationship.”

“So serious,” he whispered, shaking his head to get his bangs away from his eyes. “I can’t promise my drunken mouth will speak a sober answer.” 

“Did you throw up…in the freezer?” you said slowly. 

“I swear to God the cook dropped some broccoli and cheddar soup when he saw me on the floor,” he nodded. 

“Oh thank you,” you whispered, feeling a bit more content with the thought of cleaning  frozen soup instead of vomit. 

“And you can hardly tell the difference between that and what I threw up,” Yoongi continued confidently. 

You closed your eyes, attempting to ignore your friend’s cackle as you stumbled along the small hallway that led to the dining area. 

It had taken the two of you much longer than originally expected to get Yoongi situated in a booth. He was very whiny when drunk and borderline grumpy when things weren’t turning in his favor. 

“I need you,” he slurred slowly, clutching his coffee. “To take care of me.”

“And what do you think I’m doing?” you spat, patting at his chin with a wet cleaning rag. Upon further investigation, he may had gotten a bit of his alcohol or other excrement on his face and shirt. You dabbed with little thought to the stains and sighed. “Why are you here, Yoongi?” 

“Cause you’re here,” he answered sweetly. 

“Yes,” you muttered. “But I don’t come to your studio fall down drunk and expect you to take care of me, do I?” 

“But I knew I’d be safe here,” he grumbled with a pout. You rolled your eyes as you plopped into the booth on the opposite side of him. In general, Yoongi was a man you could depend on. Plenty of people noted him as focused, calm, and cool. He was chic in a way that showed off his talents and abilities and was almost never found outside of his work station. It was all a strange chance that you had managed to get to know him anyhow, but you had, and he had somehow become your responsibility. 

Well, at least this side of him had. 

While people were easy to dismiss your boyfriend as cold or antisocial, you knew better. Yoongi struggled immensely in his own skin sometimes, and more often than you liked to admit, could find his solace at the bottom of a bottle. It didn’t happen frequently, nor did it happen much without his members tagging along, but he could sometimes get so intoxicated that you were concerned for his safety. 

Of course, he always woke up the next morning regretting every decision he had ever made up until that point…which was fairly entertaining to watch, but the “getting there” part was not. 

Yoongi’s favorite bar was just around the corner from where the diner was, so it wasn’t irregular to see him stumble past some nights, careful to avoid your gaze. He was usually accompanied by his younger members in some capacity, but when he wasn’t, he would find himself on your doorstep. 

Ready to be taken care of. 

“You know what’s safe?” you groaned. “Not drinking in the first place.” 

“You know what’s safe?” he smiled. “You. Don’t you love me?”

“Entirely too much,” you grumbled. “Let me get you some waffles.” 

You clucked away to yourself as you shuffled from the table, completely exasperated with your boyfriend. Why did you have to care so damn much? 

“What kind of syrup…” you began, bringing a healthy stack of waffles to the table before your boyfriend only moments later. “Do you…aish.”

In true Min Yoongi fashion, as he was waiting for your return with promises of sustenance, he had fallen asleep. 

“Well, these waffles won’t eat themselves,” your friend sighed, seemingly appearing from no where. She plopped into the booth beside you and reached over, ripping off one of the corners of the pastry. She popped it into her mouth and let out a hum of contentment. “What are you going to do with him?” 

“I think what you mean to say is…what are “we” going to do with him?” you grinned. 

“When did this become a “we” problem?” she asked, lifting her brows. 

“When you were standing over me in the freezer, laughing while I scrubbed vomit and brocolli from the floor,” you grumbled. “Forget that so quickly?”

“What can I say?” she giggled. “I’m a good friend.”

And good friends helped you carry your drunken boyfriend the three blocks back to their dorm after your shift ended. 

“For being so skinny, you would think he would be easier to move along,” she grumbled, kicking at Yoongi’s feet in an attempt to get him to move more independently. 

Yoongi had been conscious during the entirety of your journey and hadn’t ceased his complaining during any of it.  

“I don’t know why you’re making me go home,” he groaned. “Namjoonie is going to yell at me.”

“Aish, someone needs to,” your friend spat. “How do you get through life breaking into locally owned businesses?” 

“Quite literally think he did that in a music video,” you nodded quietly to yourself. 

“You know me so well,” Yoongi giggled, reaching up with his free hand to caress your cheek. “It was a piano store in-”

“Who cares what it was in,” your friend interrupted. “Less talking, more walking. I know you’re drunk, so it’s hard to do more than one thing at a time, but I would like to be home before day break, please.” 

“Who is she?” Yoongi groaned. “I like it more when it’s just you and me walking home.”

“Unfortunately you can usually carry yourself along much better than you are,” you hummed. 

“Usually?” your friend asked. “This has been a thing before?” 

“Not like this,” your grumbled, shaking your head.  “This is probably only the third time this has happened since I’ve known him to be honest.” 

“And he’s come to the diner every time?” she asked, her eyebrows raised. 

“Every time,” you nodded. “Oddly enough…it’s how we met.”

“She took care of me,” Yoongi cooed. “She fed me waffles and helped me remember my way back to the dorm.” 

“How romantic,” your friend said dryly. “So this was an established problem you knew about from the beginning?”

“Not a problem,” Yoongi hiccuped. “A quirk. A quirk that only emer-emerg….comes out like once a year. When I have a really bad day.” 

“And then we mock him for days on end about his decision making while intoxicated,” you grinned. “That keeps him sober for awhile.” 

“Home,” Yoongi sighed contently, just as the apartment building which housed his dorm appeared in sight. He leaned away from you and began to sprint in slow motion toward the doors. 

“Thank goodness,” your friend groaned. She stretched out her arms and shoulders before promptly turning toward you. “You got it from here? Yeah? Good.”

Without waiting for an answer, she turned on her heel and began to head back in the opposite direction from which you had come. You chuckled to yourself, shaking your head as you followed Yoongi’s feet zig-zagging along the sidewalk. 

“Is Jimin home tonight?” you sighed. You squinted as you poked at the keypad that would allow you entrance into the dorms. Normally, Jimin would be the only one you could trust to effectively care for Yoongi in his current state. 

“He is,” Yoongi sighed happily, wrapping his arms around himself. You couldn’t help the smirk that found your face as you shifted your focus from the entry pad and to your boyfriend. He looked from his feet and slowly to the sky, the first peaceful expression crossing his face that you had seen in days. 

“Yoongi,” you cooed, tilting your head. You almost felt guilty as you disrupted his thoughts for your own selfish questions. “What are you thinking about?” 

“I miss Daegu sometimes,” he whispered, still staring up at the sky. “You could always see the stars there. The Seoul sky is too bright to see any…but at least I have one in front of me when I’m feeling homesick.” 

Your eyes grew wide as he shuffled over to you, snaking his long arms around your waist. “Thank you for always being here for me.” 

“You’re welcome?” you chuckled, running a hesitant hand through his hair. Drunken Yoongi was always an emotional rollercoaster. 

“I just…really appreciate you,” he continued in a quiet slur. “Really, really.” 

You savored the words as he spoke them. You knew it was hard to get any sort of emotion out of Yoongi during daylight hours, especially when his attention was being taken up by music or one of his various members. You would take his kind words when you could, even if it meant while he was intoxicated. “I know you do…and I appreciate you too.” 

It was true. You could never pick a better person more suited to your emotional needs and life circumstances. Sometimes people just got each other, just like you and Yoongi. It was easy to look over the small imperfections, when so many things made him your ideal. No one was perfect, but you were perfect for each other. 

And that’s why you chose to look over nights like tonight where Yoongi drank a little too much to cover up the problems that were a little too big for you to understand. 

“Even when I’m like this?” he squeaked, leaning his chin sleepily on your shoulder. 

“Even when you’re like this.” 

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