her wild oat

lilisonna  asked:

So, Maria and Sif. Does Freya approve? If Sif has parents (does she?) what do they think? How does she break the news to the rest of the Warriors Three?

Sif has parents.  They were not always all that approving/supportive of their daughter’s choices in life, but they’ve become resigned to the fact that she’s probably not going to marry Thor, at least not for a while, because they’ve met Jane and they’ve seen Thor around Jane, so…  This whole ‘sleeping with a human’ thing is probably just Sif sowing her wild oats.  Best she do it now, and then later she can be a proper Asgardian queen.

They are polite, but disinterested.  

The Warriors Three have met Hill.  Sif got a lot of impressed murmurs and backslapping out of the group of them when they were finally told. They’re pretty happy with it, another reason to visit Midgard.  Midgard’s such fun.