her watercolor skills are so amazing

I tried to redo an old drawing from last year. I wish I’ll continue to improve my skills that way.

Here’s the old (and yerk) stuff (I won’t redo the other one, it’s way too creepy é-è)

Wish you great holidays.  

Since somehow 1,000+ of you decided to follow a weird egg like me, I decided to show you guys some of my favorite blogs on here. I always get messages asking me what blogs to follow, so I started keeping a list a few weeks ago and here we are! So here are some of, in my opinion, the best blogs in this fandom (and my opinion is always right soooo yeah)! This is in no particular order :)

swifternet - Stephie is one of my favorite people on here. She’s sweet, hilarious, and honestly would cut off her own arm to get Taylor to notice you.
whit-tay13 - Whitney was the first person that I got to really know in this fandom. She was so sweet and funny, and reminded me of myself, and I think the world of her!
heypay - Paige is so hilarious and awesome and sweet. Also her tumblr parodies of Taylor songs will make your life complete.
swiftbat17 - Selene is a sweetheart, and funny af, so the perfect combo!
too-busy-dancing13 - Joanna is a perfect cinnamonbun that should be protected at all costs. She’s also wise beyond her years & sweet as can be!
imtheblankspace - Igor is bae and my favorite and I will hurt anyone who tries to go near him because he is everything this fandom needs! 
jtmaster13 - Jess is amazing! She is literally a friend to anyone and she eats anon hate for breakfast!
xylophone-in-clean - Lauren is such a sweet and compassionate person, and I’m highly looking forward to having a wine night sleepover with her!
letters-mingle-souls - Hanne is too sweet and one of the greatest people in the fandom. Hanne is everything, everything is Hanne.
redlippedswift13 - Paige is my little sister. She is hilarious and great and Taylor would probably die laughing if she ever saw one of her music videos.
itfeelslikeapurrfectnight - Courtney is a precious cinnamon bun and I love her so much
newlyromantickatie - Katie is one of my favorite people. She said she’d pee on herself to meet taylor, so needless to say she’s pretty awesome
idkmybfftaylor - Has some of the best edits I’ve seen!
welvindaagreat - Teresa is one of the best blogs on here, and her taste in shoes is superior to most people.
badbloodmadmadlove - Kels’ watercolor skills are everything! She’s also one of the sweetest people on here and I am obsessed with her blog!
iyam-amy: one of my favorite people! So sweet!
jacindyyy - Jacinda is amazing and brings fangirling to a completely different level
joetsantos: He is one of my favorites. Joe is perfect and would probably be amazing to drink with. But I probably couldn’t hang because I’m elderly.
wildest-swift - Beck is awesome and has an amazing blog!
swiftdec13 - Brittany is so sweet and pretty, makes wonderful posts, and is essential to the fandom!
its-a-swiftie-metafour - Caitlin and her mom are mother/daughter goals. 
tswizzleshusband - Matt is one of the sweetest guys ever, and despite his name supports tayvin :)
strangelookonhisface - We lurk each other often. Jen is hilarious, and she partially created the site to connect you to taylor,  so she’s highly essential and worth getting to know!
bakersgonna-bake-bake-bake - Mads is one of my favorite people. She’s insanely sweet, and she made Taylor the cutest sweater which I kinda want to steal.
clearblue–water - Ashley is AWESOME! I adore her and her blog!
crystalskiees - Ruby is such a sweetheart and she has one of the best blogs in the fandom! I love her!
tennisballer09 - Alyssa is so genuine and sweet, and I’m guessing that she gives the biggest hugs ever!
herhopeistreacherous - Lily is one of my favorite people ever, even though we were introduced not too long ago. I love her every single day except November 1, 2015 at 3:25 PM.
thisloveispizza Katie is too damn funny. I can’t even with her.
starletthing I absolutely adore Piper. She’s so funny, and so worth getting to know!
loveloveloveamy - Amy and I are very fond of lurking each other, and I would never change that. 
lastsummerwasmagical13 - Heini is beautiful, inside and out!
lovesagame-wanna-play - I love Ashli! She’s so pretty and sweet, and the definition of a cupcake!
stephanie-olson - Stephanie reminds me so much of myself. But in a good way. You’ll love her!
sarahwearsamask I love Sarah. And her blog. And she seems like she has the best cookies.
adriimejia - such a sweet and funny girl!
fireflyluz - One of my favorite people, and I absolutely can’t wait to meet her on September 9th!
savvyswiftie1989 - Love love love Savanna! Absolutely can’t wait to meet her soon!
swiftfan1994 - Joann is such a nice person, and she honestly one of the kindest people in the fandom. She’s always willing to help :)
republicofswift - Kelvin has some of the BEST posts! I absolutely love his blog!
swiftlytay1989 - Manika is so inclusive and incredibly nice!
cherrylips-crystalskie-s - We lurk each other pretty often. Her blog is so legit!
speakwow - Has some of the best original content!
boobeckaboo - Becka is so sweet, and her daughter Shelby is a precious angel!
swiftiekayla - Kayla is so so so sweet, and she has some great original stuff!
whenwesaidforeverandalways - Nicole is sooooo freaking funny. And her blog is bae.
a-swift-catastrophe - Diamond’s parents hit the nail on the head with her name, because she truly is a rare, shiny diamond. Love this girl!
drowningicanfinallybreathe - Guys I love Charlotte. I can’t tell you how many times she’s made me screech in laughter!
sunnyw0nderland - Kelly is very much bae. I love lurking her blog. She’s also very kind and thoughtful :)
winestained-dresss - Erinn is one of the people who I sincerely think could make you spit out your drink from laughter. Don’t follow her if you don’t like joy and hilarity.
confessionsofanawkwardswiftie - So nice and friendly!
actsofswiftness - I don’t know her well but I still love her and you will too!
alittletoomuchheart - Steph has made me cry tears from laughter. Her American accent is so on point. I adore her!
slayswiftly - I love Alyssa. And her blog. And her posts. And everything.
swiftiesparkleshine - Melissa is such a special person, and so deserving of friends on here! She really is a friend to all!
19eightyfine - She is in one of my squads, and her blog is a wonderful mix of happy!
seattleswiftie - I love Crystal, and I’m sad that I don’t talk to her as much as I used to, because we have so much in common. Hopefully that will change soon :)
wecantgetback - Literally introduced to her yesterday, but I can tell that she’s going to be a long time friend! Love this girl :)
wehadourownsecretclub - Cherish and I like to lurk each other. A lot. She’s a great person to follow!
haleyloveshugs - Haley is one of the blogs in the fandom that a lot of yall are sleeping on. FOLLOW HER NOW.
rockworm - Nathan is very kind and nice, helps out Swifties pretty often, and has a great blog. You literally can’t go wrong with him.
partayswiftie - Ash is hilarious and has hilarious and wonderful content!
jacqueline-wheeler - Jacqueline is literal sunshine. Her blog is everything and more!
originalswifty89 - I love Caitlin and her blog! She is a really nice and wonderful person!
thismadlove -  I think we might be each other’s number one stalkers. I’m absolutely OBSESSED with Victoria! 
i-i-i-shakeitoff - Heather is great and so is her blog! I love to creep on her! (But not in a creepy way, I promise!)
guiltypleasures-butnotreally - I love Sarah’s blog. And Sarah. End of story. 
cottoncandytayx - I loooooooove Katrina’s blog!
nicholelovesswift - We lurk on each other, but it’s pretty casual. Nichole is fantastic! 
thisnightwillsparks - Isabella has such an amazing blog! She’s also so kind and sweet!