her voice pulls him back from himself

"pieces of us slipping away”

This is a fic companion to two of my royai mini songs “Blurry Eyes” and “Soul Fire.” You don’t have to listen to them to read, though! I hope you enjoy this <3

I remember blurry eyes dimming to black as I closed mine.
Where is the light?
I am losing grip of the words dying on our lips.


Her voice sinks into his mind and acts as a crutch, helping him move forward, though not out. No, there isn’t a way out. There is only a path toward what is next. One he’ll have to find on his own through instinct and his own skill as a leader, as well as his experience of pulling the broken pieces of himself back together.

Yes, he’s done this before.

Though never quite like this.

Never without her.

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Bricks & Beams, Hopes & Dreams

I have no idea what the hell this is…

He takes her, hard, on the stairs.  She doesn’t care that it’s painful or that she’ll have bruises on her back.  She doesn’t care that he lacks all finesse and that he goes so fast that she can’t follow him into oblivion.

She gives easily what he so greedily takes.

There are tears in his eyes when he pulls away from her.  He hovers over her, panting, breath hot against her mouth.  She thinks he’s about to ask if she’s okay.

She couldn’t bear it if he did.  She’s really not okay but then again, neither is he.

To prevent his voice from breaking the quiet, she presses her fingertips over his mouth and shakes her head.  He moves clumsily away as he tucks himself back into his pants, dropping heavily onto the step beneath where her ass hangs.  The back of his head bangs onto the wall as he leans against it, the sound covering up her whimper as she closes her legs, his seed a cold trickle between her thighs.

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There wasn’t a lot that Andy couldn’t handle, she was a single mother who worked five jobs, of a boy with more energy than anyone she knew. Between his notes home from school about classroom arguments and pulling people’s hair, telling the teachers to f off and throwing things, Andy had tried her best to do her best. But tonight was the peak of it all, she simply didn’t know what to do anymore.

Arms covered in bruises and bites from her son, the argument had started over him not picking up after himself. He’d lost his temper first and Andy hadn’t been able to hold back from raising her voice, then he’d grabbed his plate and had thrown it at her. One plate hadn’t been good enough, then he’d thrown two more and before she could grab him he’d run for the door. It was embarrassing to say the least, and after she’d ran out onto the street to look for him, she couldn’t see any sign of the boy.

Crouching to clean the mess slowly, she couldn’t help it. Suddenly she broke down without warning, half out of embarassment – Oliver hadn’t acted like this in front of other people before - half because she felt useless, “Fuck….”

This Darkness Is the Light-A Castle AU Chapter One

Rating: Teen
Summary: Leo Fitz has just killed off his most beloved character and has no idea what to write next. But when a series of murders are staged like the ones in his books, Fitz finds himself working along side Detective Jemma Simmons; she’s kind, stern and the perfect inspiration for his new book series. 


As if on cue he heard a voice with a British lilt say from behind him, “Mister Fitz?”

He sighed, resigning himself to yet another autograph and turned around with one of his falsest grins. “Yes?”

The woman was maybe an inch or two shorter than him so his eyes trailed down to meet her’s. She had dark hair that was pulled back into a tight pony tail. She held up something in her hand that was most certainly not a copy of Fallen Agent .

“Detective Jemma Simmons,” the woman said, as if he couldn’t pick that up from the badge. “I’m here to ask you a few questions about a murder that took place tonight.”

Fitz’s eyes went wide at the accusation -a murder ? How was he connected with a murder? He heard a chuckle from behind him and craned his neck to see Bobbi smirking at him.

“You wanted something new,” she remarked.

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