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✩ Trans: Wish every mom in the world have a happy Mother’s Day (especially thanks my beautiful mom).

→ He sings 2 songs with his mom: Invisible wings + Dust. Guys come and see your mother-in-law, she looks so young and elegant ♡


Anna Torv as Virginia
“Love Is Now” (2014)

Rendezvous ♰ Ivory & Asher

Words. What were words? She honestly didn’t know how to form them into thoughts let alone say anything out loud. Thrilling. She had never experienced that feeling before as she raced through the dark forest. To mortals, it was pitch black and impossible to see anything. But not to Ivory. No. Everything was crystal clear. Why? Because she was a vampire. And she was about to meet up with another one. Unbelievable, right? But it was true.

She had met someone. Another vampire.

Could he be trusted? For now….yes. She trusted him. He seemed genuine in his actions and his words. He was shy just like she was. Or at least that’s how he appeared the first couple nights anyway. He was similar to her. Had talents. And her singing didn’t seem to effect him like it did mortals. Which she was happy for. And yet…..she feared that he wasn’t getting the full effect of what she intended her voice to be used for. To sooth people.

His job? Dancing. Her job? Singing. Some would say they made the perfect duet. The perfect tag team. A dream team of two. A dynamic duo. Her with her vocals and him with his amazing ability to dance to whatever song she would sing that night. Yes. This was a nightly thing now. She would always tell her sisters where she was going but it got to the point where she didn’t have to anymore. They all knew where she spent her nights these days. And they were happy for her.

Their little vampire was growing up right in front of them.

And it was there that she sat on the rock. Her rock. And began to warm her vocal cords up a bit. Just something to get her started and to pass time time till her fellow vampire got there to join her. Gosh she could watch him dance for hours. The way his body moved so easily to whatever pace she set with her voice. His face…..He was so….flawless. But was that the vampire charm creating a smokescreen even to her eyes? Or did she truly find him that attractive? It confused her greatly. And she’d often catch herself staring.


Chloe had been in a weird mood ever since they got home from Worlds. It took awhile for Beca to nail it down but she finally thought she had pinpointed that as the turning point.

Beca couldn’t call it a “bad” mood, at least not in the same sense that Beca had bad moods. Beca’s bad moods were all encompassing. She was short with everybody, she was broody, she couldn’t focus. Chloe, on the other hand, seemed mostly like her normal chipper happy smiling self. But there were moments when something would change, just for second or two, when she wasn’t. As time went on it seemed like those moments got longer.

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‘Blank Space by Taylor Swift Cover by Alice Kristiansen’: everyone really needs to watch/listen to this cover because it’s so captivating and flawless


Pink Champagne(live) - Ariana Grande