her voice is like a drug

Little Do You Know: 1

Pairing: TJ Hammond x fem!Reader

Story SummarySoulmate AU. On your 21st birthday, you begin to hear the innermost thoughts of your soulmate. What will happen when your soulmate just so happens to be a drug addict struggling to recover? Did I mention that he may or may not be incredibly gay?

Warnings: Addiction, language, brief sexual content, drugs, emotional abuse, Bud being a fucking perv as usual and making women feel uncomfortable

A/N: Hi guys! I hope you all enjoy the first part of this, I know its a little slow, but i promise part 2 will have more TJ in it. Shout out to the glorious @plumfondler , without her, this would probably just be another unfinished story in my drafts. If you like it, let me know! I’m currently working on part 2.

You’re fine. You’re fine. You don’t need it.

His voice was something you’d grown used to over the past 5 years.

Maybe just a little bump. Just a little one.

Your soul-mate had an issue with drugs, one that he was trying to overcome, and you’d always get caught in his inner battle to stay sober.

You wished this worked both ways, that you could talk him down from it, it seemed like the only time he could hear you is when he was high.

That, or he was just very good at ignoring you.

It’s going to be okay. You don’t need it. Just breathe.’ You thought, closing your eyes and concentrating, as if doing that would make your message more clear to him, but his voice rang through your mind again.

I need it.’

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someone asked me to describe love, and all i could think about was the way his lips curled into a smile when i said something childish. she asked me to tell her what love felt like, and all i could think about was his arms around me, holding me tight, making sure i didn’t fall apart. she asked me what being in love was like, and all i could think about was sitting in the car listening to him sing and coming to the conclusion that i wanted to hear his voice for the rest of my life. she asked me what love was, and i told her that it was the way your heart yearns for a person, the way your body jumps at the mere thought of the person, the way your eyes shine as you see the person walking towards you. i told her that love is the most addictive drug there is, but that the high is worth it.

It probably went on for only a few seconds, but to Y/N it felt like hours until he drew away, and she whines again, having not realized that her nails were digging into his forearm. She lets go, turning in his lap to face him and she sees him licking at his lips. Her head is foggy, and her body feels like Jell-O, and she giggles at the thought of having Jell-O legs before leaning her head against his shoulder.

“You need to drink cranberry juice.”

His voice sounds far away.

Y/N passes out.


Harry is smitten with a human, and Y/N hates cranberry juice (a lot)

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anonymous asked:

Imagine your OTP looking up at the stars. Person A is really enthusiastic, pointing out the constellations and person B just falls asleep to their voice (taken from the prompts blog I hope you don't mind 🙈)

“And that’s Cassiopeia,” he listens to her murmur, her voice low, so soft in the darkness of the car that he has to blink a few times to stop the drugging sensation of sleep from lapping at his consciousness.

“I still only know the Big Dipper,” he states, smirking at Beckett’s huff of exasperation from his side. They’ve been at this for nearly half an hour now, camped out in her dead cruiser in the middle of a New Jersey highway after being abducted by proverbial aliens, staring into the sky full of stars while they await Ryan and Esposito to come pick them up.

He never would have guessed Beckett to be such an astronomy nerd, to know the constellations like the back of her hand, to want to share them with him.

“Look,” she says, scooting in closer to him, her shoulder bumping his as she points her finger to the glass of the windshield, and he holds his breath to avoid inhaling the sweet scent of cherries. “See that ‘M’ shape?”

Castle sits forward, genuinely tries to follow the direction of her index finger towards the sky, to locate the constellation she speaks of, and - oh, oh he sees it.

“There?” He traces the ‘M’ with his finger along the glass and Kate nods, actual excitement radiating from her body, transferring like waves of pleasant energy into his.

“Yeah, and to the left is Cepheus,” she continues, curling her knees up onto the seat, just a breath away from folding atop his thigh. “You know the Greek mythology behind stars, don’t you, Castle?”

“Mm, no, actually,” he replies, sitting back, narrowly avoiding the spring beneath the leather that always pokes him in the ass, settled comfortably in the middle instead. Sharing space with Kate Beckett. “I always wanted to know more, but I just never got around to it.”

“You’re missing out,” Kate quips, her gaze still roaming the sky, the stars alight in her eyes, brighter there than they are up above in the blanket of inky darkness.

Mythology, tales of gods and monsters and unfathomable heroic feats, doesn’t seem like something she would be interested in, not when he knows her stance on magic and fate, but he doesn’t want to question her intrigue in the subject, doesn’t want to dissect and overanalyze it.

Doesn’t ever want that spark in her eyes, the rare look of celestial wonder, to disappear.

“Fill me in,” he suggests, casting his gaze to the sky once more, attempting to find the stories she speaks of in the slew of constellations they can hardly catch a glimpse of in the city without a telescope.

Beckett is silent for a long moment, but he waits, releases a shallow breath of surprise when she relaxes beside him, the caps of her knees brushing his outer thigh, their arms flirting as she gets comfortable. Prepared to tell him a story.

“Cassiopeia used to be a queen,” she begins and Rick rests his head back against the top of the seat, tries to stare at the sky instead of her. Despite how severely she rivals their heavenly view. “But her vanity had her exiled to the sky in punishment.”


Rick drifts in and out of sleep beside her, dozing through her soft spoken lecture in Greek mythology, but he blinks and straightens every so often, tries his best to stay awake. She doesn’t mind, though, caught up in the stories her dad used to tell her when they’d sit in front of her telescope throughout the nights when she was ten years old on her bedroom floor, sometimes in the city, usually at the cabin.

The myths never fazed her, but the older she grew, the more fascinating she found them. The idea of being turned into a star, sentenced to illuminating the night sky for centuries to come, trapped but burning so bright.

“Don’t stop talking,” Castle mumbles, his head a mere inch away from falling to her shoulder, and part of her craves the warmth of it, the way she had felt waking up with her head on his chest only an hour ago, that split second of fleeting but blissful unawareness before memories of a dark room and bright lights and bruised necks had rushed back in.

“Hmm?” she replies, realizing she has in fact gone quiet, lost to the train of her thoughts, her eyes drifting from the constellations overhead to skate along his face.

She still wonders what it would have been like in the summer, in the Hamptons, with him, if they could have been on the beach, under a sky glittering with stars like they are now. Wonders if she could have curled into his side, pointed out constellations to him until his fascination was fed and the trace of his fingers up and down her arm became too much, until she shifted to find the dark blues of his eyes gazing at her instead of the stars, claimed the crescent moon of his upturned mouth. Two stars colliding, exploding-

“Like listening to you talk, Beckett. Great storytelling voice,” he continues, snapping her out of the silly - and totally inappropriate, jeez, Kate - fantasy.

“Great for putting you to sleep,” she retorts, watching his eyes slit open, ascending to locate her angled above him.

“Getting kidnapped by the men in black took a lot out of me, not my fault your voice can soothe me to sleep,” he quips, the corner of his mouth curling with a grin. “But I can promise you, I caught almost the entirety of the story about Cassie up there.”

“Cassie?” she chuckles, following the nod of his head towards his recently learned constellation.

“I want to learn more. We should have weekly stargazing sessions,” he muses and she hates herself, her utterly stupid heart, for internally jumping at the idea. “I actually have access to the roof on my building, and Alexis’s telescope… it’d be fun.”

Kate chews on her bottom lip, glances to Castle’s and lifts her gaze to his eyes when she notices the subtle breath he sucks in, the ripple of his throat as he catches the slide of her gaze to his mouth.

“Unless, of course - I mean, I know Josh is-”

“Not in the picture,” she fills in quietly, watching the constellations in his eyes come together, forming galaxies that illuminate the shades of blue as he shifts beside her, straightens in his seat and angles his body towards her.


“Kinda sounds like the setup for date,” she hums, bearing witness to the explosion of those stars in his widened eyes, the supernova of colors shining bright and sprinkling stardust throughout his features, and she’s tempted to taste it on his parted lips.

‘It - yeah, it could be,” he murmurs, echoing the rise and fall of his gaze to her mouth and back again. “After this case? If the aliens don’t take us?”

Kate rolls her eyes. “Chances of the date are starting to dwindle.”

“Oh, I am so not getting abducted if it means missing a date with you,” he states, startling when a flash of light beams through the car, but it’s coming from their side. Headlights from Ryan and Espo’s cruiser.

“We’re going to find a completely logical, earthbound solution to this case, Castle.”

“And then we’re going to have a date under the stars,” he sighs, ridiculously wistful, but he grins at her, bright and true and making her heart leap, and she shakes her head, but… it sounded nice, kind of perfect, and she can’t wait.

The boys are emerging from their vehicle and Kate moves to join them on the road, but Castle catches her hand before they can exit the car, his thumb landing on the inside of her wrist, caressing the line of her pulse and momentarily stealing her oxygen, causing her lungs to stutter and seize.

“Thanks for showing me the stars, Beckett.”

The Rest is History; Sherlock x Reader

Requested by Anons:

Hi! You are an amazing writer!!! I was wondering if you could do a one shot where sherlock first meets the reader and then a few months later she becomes his flatmate. One day reader comes home from work and sherlock is going through withdrawals, she asks him why he’s doing this to himself and he says he’s doing it for her since he knows that she doesn’t like him doing drugs. :)

Hi, I was wondering if you could do a oneshot where Sherlock goes off drugs and through withdrawals for reader.

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last year in 2015 i was diagnosed with bipolar disorder amongst other things. my psych constantly fought with me about it though afterwards trying to give me these stereotypes of bipolar and confusing the hell out of me.

the new star wars came out a few months later, and carrie fisher’s spread of fans came back and talked about her nonstop. i grew up with star wars (my mom has worked with the conventions numerous times. i had a crush on leia as a kid too haha) so i wasn’t unfamiliar. but being older i now knew about the drug problems and mental illness issues she had faced. i saw the interview where a little kid asked her a question about what bipolar was.

“It makes you go very fast or very sad. Or both! Those are fun days. So judgement isn’t one of my big good things. But I have a good voice, I can write well. I’m not a good bicycle rider. I’m just like everybody, only louder and faster and sleeps more.”

this quote of her’s changed my life. i was crying for an hour when i heard it because i didn’t understand this disorder since my health care was terrible. my doctors were inconsiderate and rude and i only kept going back because i needed medication to function. i was 18, and this was used to voice it to a little kid. but the simplest way she could have explained it made me feel like i had this entire new understanding of my life and what i was dealing with.

she was vocal about her mental illness and past drug addictions. she used her voice where women were told they shouldn’t. she broke barriers and losing her is losing someone huge.

space mom is with the stars now. thank you for everything you did for people down here on earth.

I was like a drug to you. You used me to forget the sound of her voice and the way she smiled. You used me to ease the pain that was in your chest. And in the process you became my drug. I’m addicted now and I’m afraid no one will ever compare to the high you gave me.

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Can you please do number 24? You should sing more with Connor and Evan. Please and thank you!

Hope you enjoy this!


Connor Murphy loved music. Music was something he could always turn to in times of struggle or happiness. There was never not a time Connor would turn to music. When he fought with his parents, he listened to music. When he got home from a date with Evan, he would listen to music. Music was like a drug to him.

When his parents and Zoe were out, Connor would sing. His voice was nowhere near professional but it wasn’t horrible. He would sing Forence + The Machine, Cage the Elephant, Queen as long as it was a song he liked, he would sing it. So that’s how he ended up in this situation.

It was a rather normal day, Zoe was out with friends, his dad was at work and his mom was at her yoga class. Connor, of course had his music playing and he was humming along. It was really an average day. So when he started singing he said fuck it, no one was home to hear him anyways.

He loved how free singing made him feel sometimes. Currently some random song by All Time Low was playing. Some random Spotify list Connor found had quite a few songs by them. He didn’t mind the band but they weren’t his favourite.

“I didn’t know you sa-sang,” A familiar voice rang out. Connor almost jumped out his skin as he whipped around. There stood his boyfriend, Evan Hansen with a slight smile on his face. Connor immediately felt heat rush to his cheeks, he couldn’t believe Evan had caught him singing, it was really embarrassing.

“I-I don’t sing,” Connor stated. “I was just…I was doing nothing, forget about it,” Connor huffed. He was tongue-tied really, he didn’t want his boyfriend of all people hearing him sing, it made him awkward and flustered Evan heard him.

“You-you were really good,” Evan began. “You sho-should really sing more or all th-the time, you’re voice ha-has a nice tone to it,” Evan stated, truthfully. Connor rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly, he didn’t know if Evan was just flattering him or not but his boyfriend complimenting him was something he liked.

“Yeah, I’ll sing wonderwall to you on our next date or something,” Connor joked as he beckoned Evan over to him. Connor watched as his boyfriend made his way over to him and made a mental note to definitely learn the words to wonderwall, just to make Evan smile.

Everyone go listen to Tove’s new album……now. Something about her damn voice/music makes me want to do drugs and fall in love and have lots of sex in a foreign city or some shit. All the songs are so fuckin smooth and so pleasing to listen to ugh there’s my review hope u liked it

Jimin had woken up without Bomi in his arms. He was assuming she left because it was late and not because she regretted what happened. No, he wasn’t supposed to be questioning what happened. What happened happened and he should be happy it did. This was the direction that his life was going and he should accept it. He kissed his best friend and said so many other things that he had never said to any girl before. Anyone in general. Maybe he should just forget about the fact that they were friends and focus on the fact that he kissed the girl he loved liked. It wasn’t like he was thinking about it either it was something that just happened and when things turned out like that he usually knows it was the right thing. In fact, ever since he woke up this morning he couldn’t hide the grin on his face and maybe he creeped out Jaehyun and the cashier at the mini mart with his smile (mostly because it was never present for the most part). But he didn’t care because for once in his life Jimin was genuinely happy and nothing could make him unhappy. After picking up a few things he pulled his headphones on and started walking. To where he had no idea, he just knew that he was going to end up somewhere.

Something that Jimin was never used to was feeling so much all at once. He felt scared but happy, nervous but confident. Overall he felt like the luckiest guy in the world. Maybe this is what the doctors where talking about when they told him to look for a natural high. And as cheesy as it sounds he was certain that natural high was Bomi. Jimin was no poet but he felt he could write a whole sonnet about how good he felt. For most of his life he felt lonely and neglected. Like he was invisible to the rest of the world. Especially after he started going down the wrong road. He felt even more lonely, yes he had more friends and yes he seemed to be having fun but really he was fulling the sadness from the inside. And by the time he took the drug enough times he could fake the happiness. When in reality, he himself knew that it would never make him feel the way he wanted to.

After awhile of walking he found himself just wanting to stop and sit. Which explains why there was a boy with less than neat hair sitting on a park bench with headphones on and a straw between his lips. He had barely touched the drink he bought which made him regret buying it. “What a waste.” He mumbled to himself as he leaned back, closing his eyes. He had already thought too much but maybe a little more thinking could drive him crazy. He laughed at the thought but he had already managed to make himself sad once again. “Damn it.”


When you suffer addiction it never truly leaves, 
you can see it all around, everywhere so perfectly,
IN his voice, in her eyes,
 In his tracks and in her lies
Like on Halloween their face they hide covered up by their disguise

You’ll see it in your loved ones, that’s the worst,
To see them gambling with the devil, fuck it hurts,
They’re looking for a good time, a fix whatever it may be,
But I’ve said those same things, and seen the worst of this disease,

I gave up everything for this sickness, why?
Because when i though of death its what made me feel alive,
The tears were blocked, the pounds were lost,
More than just money! my whole life it  cost,

So pretty on the eyes, destructive at the touch,
I’ll never shoot it, what a lie, I fell in love with the rush,
I’m a junkie, a low life and it’s all because I’m sick,
I never thought my life would have ever come to this

I just wanted to be happy, who cares if I get high,
That’s the lie I told myself damn near a thousand times,
Happiness was gone so was the pleasure I once felt,
I needed it to feel alive, that’s when i knew I needed help

But did I get it? Of course not, just another shot,
A couple grams in a single hit? Why not?
Its crazy, almost impossible to believe,
That someone would give up everything and end up the streets,

Drugs, they really are that great,
“ gonna try it once” that’s your first mistake,
Then come the heart breaks, stealing and dishonesty,
 try and convince the  world “I swear there’s nothing wrong with me”

Flicking out the air, as your biting on the tourniquet,
The needle in your vein and you hope that your not missing it,
Woooah, you feel it in your throat, what a rush,
It’s the greatest thing I’ve ever felt, holy fuck

I learned to cook, I learned to sell, Honestly did pretty well,
But I was working for the devil handing tickets out to hell,
Swell, profiting from what tore me apart,
Spreading a disease and breaking families hearts,

Remember these words, please remember what I say,
Because drugs are everywhere and will find you someday,
Drugs tell us lies, but addiction is real,
It’s a scary life to live in which you never truly heal.

Everywhere I go and everything I see,
Is a constant reminder of who I used to be, the life that I led the demons in my head, I  listend to  the words my father once said,
Son you can do whatever you wanna do just do your best,
I wanted to do meth and I became a pro,
Used it every way everyday, still some things I will never want yo let you know,

I lost hope, gave in lost some more, I’m fighting everyday like I’m stuck at war,
Sometimes I get hit but I get back on my feet, it’ll never be over kuz it can’t be beat, it’s apart of me, it’ll always be, until the death of me I’ll suffer all my life probably. There’s nothing wrong with me, God already knows what’s next, I know he’ll lead me to what’ he feels is best

—  Lyrics - “Suffering”

“There will never be anyone like her in my lifetime. I will never have a friend like her, or an influence like her. And I will never hear another voice like hers.”

Michelle Phillips about Mama Cass


So I’m sure a lot of you have heard about the Marina Joyce situation, and I’m sure a lot of you are confused, so I’m going to explain this the best I can. Marina Joyce is a beauty YouTuber with 600k subscribers and recently in her videos she has been acting very strange, repeating things, stuttering, acting forced/frightened, and moving as if she is just very uncomfortable and jittery. She also appears to have many cuts and bruises all over her body and in her most recent video a voice can be heard saying “help me” at 0:13. This has lead many to believe that she is either using drugs, or that she is being forced to make videos by an abuser, possibly her boyfriend or father, and they also might be drugging her. On social media she’s expressed that she’s fine, and she’s also replied to most YouTube comments claiming to be okay, but it’s likely that that’s her abuser who’s actually replying/posting for her or they are closely monitoring what she posts online. On one of her more recent videos, however, someone commented asking if everything was okay and she replied yes, and then also commented no under it. This comment has been deleted but I have provided a screenshot. She also replied to a comment theorizing that she edited in the “help me” saying that she did edit it in, but that was also deleted and she liked a tweet asking her to like it if something was wrong, although she tweeted saying that everything was fine. Her mom was also contacted by someone and she claimed that Marina was fine, which leads me to believe that it’s possible she’s involved in the abuse, or that she’s covering for her father, and Marina does live with her parents so that’s very possible. It’s also possible that she’s abusing drugs such as heroine or speed, which could explain her behavior and the bruises on her arms may be track marks, but it doesn’t explain the bruises all over her body. In her most recent video there are bruises that can be seen on her arms, neck, back, and legs and in her “Annoying Things Girls Do” video there are very clear cuts and bruises on her legs. Another thing is in her Q&A video when she answers a question about if she’s changed, she gets very jittery and looks almost like she wants to cry, and even says she didn’t do anything to deserve this. Additionally in many of her newer videos her eyes dart around a lot, she looks behind the camera a lot of the time, as if she’s looking at somebody.
Finally, in her everyday makeup tutorial, a shotgun can be seen in the corner of her room starting at 1:43. Marina lives in London, and shotguns are illegal there, which makes it even more suspicious. I’ve heard that many have already tipped the London police, so hopefully she’ll get help if she needs it soon. Feels free to reblog with corrections/more information.

They say all these negative things about her like she dates rappers or about the way she dresses. If anybody were to meet her, they’d know she’s Mary Poppins. She doesn’t smoke, she hardly drinks, she doesn’t do drugs. She’s got a very sensitive voice so that if she walks into a room with smoke she can’t sing for three days, or she can’t talk. It’s funny to be her friend and read all these things about her. Tabloids are always saying she’s off on holiday but she’s the hardest working person I’ve ever met in my life. She works 23 hours a day, literally, she never sleeps and she takes care of everybody. When I hear someone say something about her I usually get offended because she gave me my shot, she gave Shade his shot, she gave us all our shots. She gave ODB his first light of day past Wu Tang Clan, and she invented the whole pop-rap collaboration. Nobody would have done a song with ODB at that level - this is a lady who’d sold a 100 million records at that point. She did not have to do that record, she wasn’t trying to get street credibility. When we did ‘Cry Baby’ for her album a long time ago, I called Snoop and said what we wanted to do and he said “'Vision of Love’ is my favourite record of all time.” Everybody has a soft spot for Mariah. She’s the greatest in the world.
—  Damizza , on Mariah Carey 

I’ve been watching the periscopes Katya’s been doing the past few days and honestly I admire her so much bc she can be ridiculous and hilarious but also isn’t afraid to voice her opinion and talk passionately (but still appropriately and eloquently) about what she thinks is important. She’s not afraid to voice her opinion about stuff like drugs, racism, sexism, etc. regardless of whether it’s controversial or taboo and I really really really really respect that.

There’s been plenty of covers floating around this month, of which likely 90% have been covers of Adele’s record breaking Hello. I didn’t expect that a Travi$ Scott cover would stop me in my tracks and keep me adoringly captivated the way Moxie Raia does on Drugs You Should Try It. The crisp, flawless clarity and sass of the American chanteuse’s voice cut through the sparse production of the cover effortlessly, much in the way that hotly buzzing artist Alessia Cara’s voice can strike chords. But there’s also an extra ounce of sultriness, an additional layer of BANKS huskiness to Moxie Raia that renders her cover haunting and gut wrenching dark. It likely doesn’t need to be said, but keep an eye on this starlet.

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From inside the rehab, Alf heard a loud bang on the wall. He went outside to check it out and saw Ahlu on the floor, which instantly put him in a state of fear. He ran over and knelt down, checking to see if she could hear him and what was wrong. It seemed like an overdose, and alcohol and drug overdose shared some similar symptoms, so he knew the signs to look for. "Ahlu? Ahlu can you hear me?" He could smell brew and see the bottle, but saw traces of pills also. It wasn't good to mix the two.

Ahlu groaned when she heard his voice, her temple pulsating even harder fron the pain of opening her eye. It was slight, and she pushed through the haze to try and speak. Maybe she shouldn’t have grabbed that extra one when she (forcefully) laid down.

“Nhhhgg… What…” She sighed, trying her damnedest to get the words out, slurring imminent, “Of coh… Course I can hear you, yerr.. Only shouting… Can’t ah.. Ah… A girl sleep in… In peace…? Hmmhg…”

Well it felt like he was shouting at least.


overdose is a song about the hold love has on you. it keeps you around, even when you’re desperate to leave. This is because, much like a drug, we become addicted to the feeling we get when in love. the head rush, the stomach tied in knots, etc. sometimes, no matter how bad the circumstances are, the bad can’t seem to outweigh the addicting feeling of love. and so you stay. 

I remember sebastian showing me a voice note of his little sister singing the first verse of this song. he told me it was an unfinished idea he had asked her to lay down. i loved it so much so we finished it that same day. 

I love the vulnerability it adds to the album. it demonstrates that know-it-alls can feel sad sometimes and thats perfectly fine. its ok to feel scared and its ok to feel like you don’t have control over some things. its a part of growing up. 


-This was the first song that came from an already shaped idea. 

-this was the first vulnerable and sad song we made for this album

Neptune is the taste of syrup that is ultimately poison, because its just sugar and thats diabetes, Mercury is giggling as he tricks us, you know, ‘what did you say!?’
But Neptune makes me think of a beautiful woman singing a sweet song of seduction, with the most exquisite voice, luring people toward her, like a magnet, you just want to follow this magnificent music, and you find her, you touch her, and she turns into an old witch
And things like substances, illusions, daydreams, fantasies, the delusion of cinema are sickly sweet like this, drugs give you a false perception, it gives you the ‘feeling’ of Neptune, but your subconscious wants something deeper, it gives you the feeling of Neptune because you are holding hands with eternity again but it is still hollow… so you want more drugs or more flashing lights
But Neptune is not all malefic, she is not just an old witch. She is a divine healer. A saint. A redeemer. Like the sign she rules Pisces, she is dual natured,
you can meet her in meditation, the moment between awake and asleep, the feeling of having an angel scoop you up in their arms and save you, you can express her healing honey when acknowledging the collective and becoming aware with compassion, Neptune is the oversoul