her voice is just...heavenly

‘We wouldn’t be in this situation if you had just listened’ - Barry Allen

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Barry knew what to expect; they’d had the list written down, the information engraved in his mind. All he had to do was go back and speak to the old Wells- Thawne. It didn’t mean he wasn’t surprised when he stumbled into the cortex, the four other team members talking and laughing. Even Wells was chuckling. He remembered this moment, it was one of his own fond memories of the evil Wells.

“We wouldn’t be in this situation if you had just listened” she laughed, her voice heavenly even back then. Barry had developed a somewhat childish crush on the older scientist, the one who sat contently on Dr Wells’ lap. He didn’t know back then that Dr Wells, could walk. That he could easily dart from room to room. Barry wondered sometimes, in weak moments, whether she had known.

“Yes well. If you hadn’t sat in my lap. There would be no situation” He grumbled back a small smirk dancing across his face. Barry remembered this. It was the time that the team finally found out that Dr Wells and [Name], were an item. Part of Barry had died that day, in his dramatic way. He struggled to watch the scene as she smiled down at Dr Wells, as he reached for her hand and smiled at her.

It made him want to puke, the sight of the man who would kill her. That’s what he would do, not more than a month from now he’d stab her. She’d get in the way of his fight with the reverse-flash and she would die. She shouldn’t have even been there in the pipeline with them. If she’d been in the cortex she would have still been with them.

“Barry.” Her smile was replaced with concern as he looked at her. “Are you feeling ok? You look like you’ve seen a ghost”

He wanted to shout out the truth there and then. Prevent her death. He couldn’t, not if he was going to keep the timeline in tacked. Not if he was going to stop Zoom and keep everyone safe.

“I’m fine,” he smiled, wiping the sweat that built in his palms. “I just, wow. You two. You’re perfect for each other” He lied, the words felt like acid on his tongue. When he had first said that to the pair. a year ago, it had been the truth. He generally did think they were perfect for each other.

“Well, I have to be going. Harrison don’t stay too late or I will come here and drag you home myself. Anyway duty calls” She beamed rising out of Wells’ lap. She turned to the man and lowered herself placing a soft kiss on his cheek and heading out of the room. Barry’s eyes followed her as she left, watching the hallway for a while. He should’ve stopped her made up an excuse and forced her to stay. She’d only miss a lunch meeting, which she was going to be stood up at.

“Allen, are you sure you’re ok? You are looking a little pale. Perhaps you’re not eating enough” Dr Wells called to him and he looked at the man. Wells removed his glasses, holding them near his chest as he watched Barry. It took all of his will power not to beat the man where he sat.

Smooth Criminal : Rhys and Aelin

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(i would watch and listen first, then read and imagine it. because you wont be able to read fast enough to keep up with the lyrics)

For @hermajestymanon

Rhys had made such a mistake trying to battle Aelin. Then again, Rhys was probably thinking the same thing about Aelin. Aelin flipped her hair over to her shoulders and she straightened out her short black leathered dress. 

Rhys brushed Cassian off, stopping his brother from massaging his shoulders. He popped his knuckles before fixing his blazer and then standing up. Aelin turned to Aedion and she kissed his cheek gently before walking around the chairs, set up like a spiraling circle. 

Both Cassian and Aedion pulled out their cellos before sitting down in the chairs. They shared a look, and Cassian had the nerve to wink, before they tuned their cellos. Ready to play. 

Aelin dramatically sat down in one of the chairs and she looked at her nails. Both Rhys and Aelin gave a small signal and Cassian and Aedion began to play. Their arms and fingers moved back and forth, and music filled the room. 

“Uh, as he came into the window, it was the sound of a crescendo, uh!” Rhys maneuvered around the chairs, slowly getting closer to the Queen of Fire. “He came into the apartment, he left the bloodstains on the carpet, uh!” Rhys sung the next lyrics into Aelin’s ear, brushing her shoulder before he spun away. 

Aelin sucked in her breath and her eyes followed the High Lord of the Night Court, her usual smirk still on her face. “She ran underneath the table, he could see she was enable” Rhys stood behind Cassian, who was playing harder and harder by the second. Aelin crossed her arms, lifting a well sculpted eyebrow. 

“So she ran into the bedroom. She was struck down. It was her doom” Aelin slowly got up as Rhys sang the next few lines. She weaved around the chairs, running her nails along them. “Annie, are you okay?”

“So, Annie are you okay?” Aelin’s voice mixed with Rhys’s and it was Aedion’s turn to begin playing just as hard, if not harder, than Cassian. 

“Are you okay, Annie?” Rhys asked again. Both the King and Queen moved forward, and Aelin sang with him again, “So, Annie are you okay?” 

“Are you okay, Annie” Rhys walked forward and Aelin walked forward as well. “So, Annie are you okay?” They were chest to chest and Aelin smiled, spinning around the High Lord. 

Their shoulders brushed as they sang the line again, and they were on opposite sides of Cassian and Aedion. “Are you okay, Annie?” “So, Annie are you okay?” Both of them walked quickly around Cassian and Aedion and they met again, their noses almost touching.

“Are you okay, Annie!” Both of them sang at the same time. Aelin spun away, forcing Rhys to follow her. Aedion smirked and he played louder, staring Cassian down. 

“Annie, are you okay. Will you tell us, that you’re okay?” They both sang and Rhys chased after Aelin, who was gracefully maneuvering around the chairs. “Uh!” Rhys added at the end. And Aelin’s heart jumped once again. 

“There’s a sign in the window,” Rhys had finally caught up to Aelin. He braced his hands on the back of Aedion’s chair, trapping the short blonde in between his arms. “That he struck you - a crescendo Annie!” Aelin pushed him back and she smirked, ducking out of his range. 

“He came into your apartment, he left the bloodstains are your carpet” “Uh!” Aelin smiled cooly and she backed away, as it was Rhys’s turn to lead their little dance for power. 

“Then you ran into the bedroom, you were struck down. It was your doom” Aelin sucked in her breath as Rhys slowly walked backwards. Her eyes followed him and she felt a tingle in her spine and fingers. 

“Annie are you okay” Rhys sang and Aelin answered with, “So, Annie are you okay” 

“Are you okay, Aelin?” Rhys smirked. No. Aelin was most definitely not okay. She pulled herself together and continued to sing the three-lined conversation with Rhys. 

She tipped her head back and smirked, beckoning Rhys forward. Like a good little bat, the High Lord went after her, as they still sang. Cassian and Aedion sat out of the chairs slightly, their arms moving faster and faster. Their muscles straining against their tunics. 

Aelin spun around, her chest really touching Rhys’s this time. “You’ve been hit by” His voice held a sultry tone and Aelin’s chin tilted up slightly. 

“You’ve struck by” Aelin brushed her fingers down his side and Rhys shuddered. 

“A smooth criminal” They both sang at the same time then dramatically parted ways, Aelin making her heels clack loudly. They both turned around and they watched Cassian and Aedion as they both had their solo parts.

Aelin’s solo part was coming and suddenly the room was engulfed in darkness. Cassian and Aedion used their Illyrian and Fae senses to continue to play. 

Rhysand was the dark to her flame and it made her blood grow incredibly warm. She liked that. 

“I don’t know!” Aelin sang and she tilted her head back. She burst into a column of flames and the room lit up. The darkness and the flame swirled together and Aelin was a pure deity in that moment. 

Rhysand’s voice froze in his throat. He was in awe. Rowan Whitethorn was a lucky hawk. “Annie are you okay, will you tell us, that you’re okay”

“I don’t know!” Aelin sang louder. Her flames danced around her body, her arms pale but glowing. She spun around, elegantly balancing on those heels. She buried her fingers in her hair, her hips swaying once. 

Rhys decided to use her light to his advantage. He crept through the darkness and sprung out into her flames. Aelin whipped her head behind her and she saw his wings. Her breath ceased to exist as Rhys sang, “There’s a sign on the window, that he fucked you - a crescendo Aelin” Aelin sucked in her breath as Rhysand changed the lyric. But it worked so well. 

“I don’t know!” Aelin sang again and she spun around. The darkness swam in her flame and created a crown on her head. Aelin spun around in a circle, and her flames devoured the darkness. 

The room was light again and sweat was forming on the back of Cassian and Aedion’s necks. Rhysand spread his wings wider, and a strange sense of male pride flooded his veins as Aelin took them in slowly. “He came into your apartment” “I don’t know!” Aelin cut him off, but Rhys sang the next line, “left the blood stains on the carpet”

“I don’t know why, baby!” Her voice was absolutely heavenly. Had she called him baby? No. It was just the song. Rhys slid across the floor, the purple-blue-and black membranes in his wings pulsing and glowing in Aelin’s red-orange-yellow-and gold light. 

“Then you ran into the bedroom” “I don’t know!” “You were stuck down. It was your doom Aelin” Aelin spun around in her flames again and she smiled, squishing her hips once more. Rhys had seen men fight and kill for hips lesser than hers. 

“Annie, are you okay”

“Dang gone it - baby!”

“Will you tell us, that you’re ok”

“Dang gone it - baby”

“There was a sign in the window”

“Dang gone it - baby”

“That he struck you - a crescendo Aelin”

“Hoo! Hoo!” Her name, on his tongue, while Rhysand was singing, could have been Aelin’s undoing. Feyre Cursebreaker was a very lucky female. 

“Came into your apartment”

“Dang gone it!” 

“Left bloodstains, on the carpet, uh!”

“Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!” 

They were incredibly close now. Just Cassian and Aedion separating them. Rhys made the move. He curved around the cellists. He was hunting his prey. His eyes were set on Aelin. Her gold hair in flames, her skin glowing. Her fingers like little fire balls. His target was in reach. 

Aelin’s chest was moving rapidly. She knew Rhys was in the final control. And she hated it and loved it at the same time. He was looking at her flames, the same way she was looking at his wings. 

“Then you ran into the bedroom”

“Dang gone it” Aelin sang louder as Rhys closed the space between them.

“You were struck down. It was your doom, Aelin!” Rhys wrapped his arm around her waist and braced her fully against his chest. Her flames died down and Rhys’s wings slid back into his back. 

“You’ve been hit by” Rhys sang slowly as Cassian and Aedion finally came to a stop with their playing. 

“You’ve been struck by” Aelin purred. 

“A smooth criminal” They both finished. Their breaths sputtered out of their mouths and Aelin grinned. 

Rhys leaned forward and he kissed her. And Aelin didn’t exactly stop him. She wrapped her arms around his neck as the Illyrian ran his hand down her back and cupped her waist, his other hand cupping the back of her head. 

His tanned fingers tangled themselves in her blonde hair. Aelin tilted her chin back and she brushed the two slits in Rhys’s blazer, where his wings had been. She knew they were sensitive. And Rhys’s shudder confirmed that. 

They both pulled away at the same time. Aelin’s cheeks were flushed with a bright rouge and Rhys was breathing hard. No one had noticed, except maybe Azriel, but Cassian and Aedion had shared one pretty heated kiss too. 

“Did Rhys just kiss Aelin?” Rowan asked. He looked down at Feyre, his arms crossed. 

“Did Aelin just kiss Rhys?” Feyre argued back. They both rolled their eyes and grumbled. 

“You married him

“You married her

“Yeeah” They both said at the same time, love in their eyes and voices. 

Aelin braced her small hand on Rhys’s chest. “Round two, batsy?” The Heir of Fire grinned and she licked her bottom lip slowly. 

“You’re on, camp fire” The Heir of Night tugged away from her and he fixed his blazer, before turning around. He was ready. 

“Hit it, Aedion!” 

“Let’s do this, Cassian” 

And Rhysand and Aelin started again. Their second song was just as dramatic as their first. 

Hayes Grier:Beyoncé to my Jay-Zero


Request:Can I have an imagine bout me and Hayes we have been close frans at digi tour for a while and he asked me out spontaneously, we make out in public a lot and the boys tease us and take pics. BTW my name is Kayla. Please and thank you. ❤💋💕😏

Kayla’s POV

I saw Hayes laying down on one of couched in the tour bus so I decided to do what any logical person would do a and lay on him. I laid on his back and he looked over his shoulder.

“Eww it’s you.” He joked. I giggled.

“You love me.” I teased.

“Please YN you’re a hot mess.” He said.

“So you think I’m hot.” I laughed.

“Okay off.” Hayes rolled to his side so I fell of his back. I tried to grab on to him but I fell off anyways and hit the ground with a thud.

“Ow you scratched my back.” Hayes complained.

“You’re the one you threw me off.” I replied.

“Yea but you laid on me first.” He stood up putting his back towards me lifting his shirt. “Is it bad.” He asked.

I slapped Hayes’ back as hard as I could. Hayes arched his back in pain. I ran off laughing not getting very far. “You’re not getting off that easily.”

He grabbed me around the waist and threw me back on the couch. I put my arms up which he placed his hands to match. I lightly pushed my knee on his chest.

“Hayes stop.” I giggled.

“No you stop.” He cooed.

“How bout you both stop.” Tez interjected.

“Seriously just date already.” Aaron added.

I blushed turning my head away.

“See your both blushing. You both like eachother.” Tez shouted.

“We know we know you two are just friends whatever.” Aaron said.

They both went on doing whatever they were going to do. I hated when they teased us it sucked especially since I did like Hayes a lot. It sucks because I know Hayes will never like me back. He’s so perfect and there are so many girls prettier than me who would date him in a heartbeat.

Hayes was now propped up on one arm hovering over me. His cologne smelled so good. I swallowed the lump in my throat. I could feel my heart beat picking up pace. He was so close yet so far away. My eyes gazed upon his perfectly place facial features. From his prominent jawline to his full pink lips I wanted it all to be mine.


Hayes knocked me out of my daze.

“What?” I questioned. I didn’t hear a work he said.

“I said I was sorry about them.” He nodded back at Tez and Aaron.

“You always apologize even though you don’t have to.”

“Ugh it’s just they’re so immature. I mean I love you,” my heart fluttered a smile on my face. “As a like sister best friend way you know.” He rubbed the back of his neck.

That was something he did that was reserved for when he was nervous or lying. He would often do it without noticing. But why would he be nervous? If he was lying what was he lying about? Did he not even like me as a friend? Did he just feel bad for me and let me hang around him?

“Yea totally I feel the same about you. You’re the little brother I never wanted.” I lied trying to hide my hurt behind a smile.

“Only by a little bit.” He groaned.

“Whatever little bro.” I rubbed his hair messing it up.

*Two weeks later*

Hayes’ POV

Lately Kayla has been kind of distant. I don’t know what’s wrong and she won’t tell me. I just want to make her better. I hate seeing people I care about sad especially Kayla.

Okay I admit I might have a small thing for Kayla but can you blame me? She’s kinda hot well a lot of hot and funny and caring and confident and she’s always herself which I think is what I like the most about her. Okay maybe I have a big thing for Kayla. She’s so beautiful. I know she doesn’t like me back. She called me her brother just a couple weeks ago. I mean I kinda friend zoned her first but that’s not the only time she’s done that.

Whenever we were confronted by fans asking if we had a thing or saying something even as harmless as we would be cute together she would automatically say that we were just friends and I was her brother and how we would never happen. I’ll be honest it hurt a little but the way she acts around me says different than her mouth does.

We were at a sound check right now and Kayla was rehearsing her performance for the show. She sang and dance. I’m telling you her voice is heavenly and the way her body moved way just so amazing. I couldn’t imagine doing the fast pace choreography that she does.

“Close your mouth before a fly gets in there.” Tez slapped a hand on my shoulder making me jump snapping me out of my daze.

“ Kayla drives me crazy man,” I confessed still watching her preform. “She always flirts with me and touches me and laughs at my jokes. She even comes cuddles with me some days and holds my hands. We’ve had so many late night talks just opening up to eachother. She even told me she never has told anyone things she tells me about her and her past and how she trust me more than anyone and she still can’t see us more than friends. It makes me so mad all I want to do is kiss her and hold her and love on her and let everyone know she’s all mine and I’m all hers.”

“Don’t worry about it man. I was talking to Alyssa and she said YN was crazy about you and that she was even cry-ing the other day because she thinks you don’t like her.” Tez informed me.

I felt bad because I never wanted Kayla to be sad or cry especially because I’m too stupid to ask her out.

“Really!” I yelled jumping on Tez hugging him.

“Really.” He pushed me off.

“When am I going to asked her? How am I going to ask her? You know what I’ll ask her right when she gets done I can’t wait another second.” I blurted out my thoughts.

I looked over at Kayla and she was looking over at me. Kayla probably saw me freaking out so that was probably why.

“Last thing I remember is our beautiful bodies grinding off in that club. Drunk in love.” She sang winking at me starting to do those body rolls that she did every night that drove me and the crowd wild. I watched as her curves rolled like waves of an ocean. She made eye contact with me again and I bit my lip.

“Maybe you want to wait til your friend goes away.” Tez threw his head back in laughter.

My hands flew to my crotch. Damn it. I had a boner. Hopefully Kayla didn’t see. I heard YN’s singing falter as she laughed looking at me. Yep she saw. My cheeks turned red. Ugh she probably thinks I’m a perv now.

Kayla’s POV

I sang and danced to Drunk in Love. The same routine that gave Hayes a boner earlier. I felt kind of bad he looked so embarrassed. It was kind of crazy though like him thinking of me in that kind of way. I guess he doesn’t think of me as like a sister as much as he thinks he does. The idea of their being a slim chance I could get out of the sister zone gave me an extra boost of energy making go harder.

The crowd got extremely loud and started freaking out all a suden. I don’t really understand because I didn’t do anything special with my voice or my dancing. I saw some fans in the front row point to the side and Iooked over. Hayes was walking over to me with a bouquet of roses. I jumped covering my hands over my mouth. I felt tears running down my face. I wiped them away.

“Kayla will you be the Beyoncé to my Jay-Z?” He said into the mic smiling.

The crowd went insane. I shook my head up and down ‘yes’. I was speechless. Hayes handed me the roses and wrapped one of his arms around my waist and I rested my head on his chest. Hayes kissed my forehead and I looked up. He clutched my tear stained cheek and started leaning down. I got on my tip toes to meet his lips. Our lips intertwined. Time slowing down, background noises being muffled. It felt like we were the only two people in the world. I felt someone slip between us. I opened my eyes to see Tez.

“Okay okay we get it you two are in love but we have a show to get on with.”

Back on the bus

The show had ended and we were back on the bus. I was so tired. I was talking to Alyssa when Hayes came over smiling. He sat down pulling me into his waist and kissed me.

“Stop I’m gross and sweaty.” I whined.

“So am I.” He justified continuing to kiss me.

“What happened to just friends!” I heard Aaron tease.

“You guys have only been dating for an hour an are already making out.” Tez commented.

“Well you better get used to it because this is how it’s going to be for the next month and a half until your ends.” Hayes informed them. 

8 months later


“Why has my little brother has gotten more action in 6 months than I have my entire life.” I heard Nash’s voice.

“8!” Hayes corrected briefly seperating his lips from mine.

I looked over to see him snapchating. It’s been 3 months since I last saw Hayes and I guess you could say we were making up for lost time.

“Because your a fucking-” Hayes started against my lips but never finished because I made him kiss me again.

We were on the couch at Nash and Cameron’s and I was sitting on Hayes lap. I feel like they should be used to this but they weren’t unfortunately. Hayes and have always been a really touchy freely couple since day one.I felt an arm in between us trying to push us apart but Hayes’ grip just got stronger on me.

“Leave room for Jesus!” Cameron yelled. He tried to pull his arm from between us. Hayes pushed me over so her was on top of me. “NASH THEY HAVE MY ARM! CAN YOU GUYS STOP SUCKING FACE FOR A SECOND AND GIVE ME MY ARM BACK!” Nash was just laughing probably recording it on snapchat.

Hayes lifted his chest so Cameron could get his hand out. I looked up at Cameron. “Happy?” I laughed.

“Very.” He held his arm to his chest. “Now if you two are done we wanted to know if you guys wanted to go to the mall.” Cameron asked.“

“No they’re going. No ones getting pregnant on my watch.” Nash spoke. I couldn’t tell if he was serious or joking.

“Whaaat,” I put my hand to my chest, “I’m so offended. How could you not trust us.” I faked being hurt.

“Oh know I trust you YN it’s just that thing I don’t trust.” Nash pointed to Hayes.“

“Wow nice to know my own brother doesn’t think I’m smart enough to know better.”

At the Mall

Nash and Cameron had split up from Hayes and I. Surprising we only had gotten stopped five times by fans. Hayes was such a gentleman, he carried all of my bags even though he had some of his own and he even payed for some of my stuff. We had been to Forever 21,H and M,Tilly’s,Aeropostale(of course),and Vans. I was trying to go to stores that had men’s sections so Hayes wouldn’t feel totally out of place. Well that was until I saw Lush.

“Eeeek!” I screeched startling Hayes. I grabbed his arm since his hands were full and dragged him to Lush.

“Can you not do that again.” Hayes said irrated.

“Sorry I just got excited.” I said walking into the store.

“You can be excited just a little more quietly.” He suggested.

I rolled my eyes. I felt my pocket buzz and toke out my phone. “Cam and Nash want to meet us in the food court in 10 minutes.” I informed Hayes. He perked up eyes wide.

“I’m so hungry and tired.” Hayes complained.

“I told you I can carry my own bags.” I already had my usual products and was now looking at the bath bombs.

“You know I’m not letting you do that right.” He said for the millionth time today.

“Aww.” I turned to see one of the workers. “He’s a keeper.” She cooed.

“You hear that I’m a keeper.” Hayes boasted.

“Shut up!” I groaned.

“You love me.” Hayes smiled. I rolled my eyes. “Kiss kiss.” Hayes stuck his lips out. I gave him a peck on the lips. “Yay!” He cheered.

“Is there anything I can help you find?” The worker asked.

“No I think I’m done.” I grabbed the unicorn horn bath bomb and headed to the register Hayes trailing behind me. I checked out and we headed out

“Have a nice day. Be good to him.” The worker from before said.

“I will.” I called back.

“She’s lying!” Hayes laughed but stopped when I elbowed him. “Told you!” He laughed as we walked out of the store to the food court.

We met Nash and Cameron by Panda Express.

Nash pointed his phone in our direction. “Baby 2k is whipped!” He said.

“I just know how to treat a lady. That’s why I have a girl and you don’t.” Hayes sassed.

We found a place to sit and Hayes plopped down putting down my bags. He sighed in relief rubbing his arms.

“You have no idea how good that felt.” He told us. We burst into laughter. “Seriously, these bags are like 60 pounds.”

“You can sit here and I can go buy our food. We’re sharing right?” I questioned.

“Will you,” Hayes sighed in relief. “Get our usually from Panda Express.” Hayes handed me $15.

“Can I get froyo too?” I asked.

Hayes handed me 10 more dollars. “Anything for you, princess." I pecked Hayes lips. 

I ordered Panda Express and then got our froyo. When I sat down Hayes wrapped his arm around my waist kissing me on the cheek.

"Thank you. I can’t walk another step my feet and back hurt so bad.” He took a bite of lo mein.

“Aww poor baby. It’s probably my bags. You can go home if you want.” I offered.

He shook his head. “No, if your not done we’re not leaving.”

“No, we’re going to leave I don’t want you getting seriously hurt.”

He gave me a peck on the lips. “Thanks for caring. Are you sure?”


“Babe.” Hayes opened his mouth signaling for me to give him some yogurt.

I got a big goop of froyo on my spoon and shoved it in his mouth.

“You have yogurt on your mouth.” I laughed at Hayes.

“Then kiss it off.” I leaned in kissing Hayes cold lips Cameron and Nash groaning in the background.

“I swear you guys can’t go five minutes without swapping spit.” Cameron teased.

I stuck my middle finger up in protest even though it was almost true.

AN: Two questions a) Do you like this format better with the spaces in between lines b) Do you like when my imagines are long or do you want me to write them shorter. Also to the anon who requested this I’m sorry it took so long. XO

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Fitting way for Yuttan to leave, with the best ever AKB48 singing performance. Her voice, together with Sayaka’s is just pure heavenly. And then we have the sweet voices of Amina and Kasai in this, just wraps the whole package up so nicely. Of course, Shiichan’s beatboxing because it’s pure awesomeness, and Umechan Komariko and Mocchi’s great backups.