her voice is flawless omg :3

Updated RPDR7 Favourites

1. Violet - She’s so committed to her drag, everything is so polished, her looks are incredible and her shadiness is hilarious.

2. Miss Fame - Totally flawless looks, mug for dayzzzzz & a fantastic attitude.

3. Pearl - She’s come out of her shell now and I think her looks are great and she seems like such a genuine nice and funny person - with a fabulous voice.

4. Katya - Hilarious. I also love how trashy she is - but all her wigs are terrible omg.

5. Ginger - Again, hilarious and she’s very polished and kills the main challenges. I just wish that she could give one look on the runway that makes me go ‘WOW!’

6. Jaidynn - I’ve warmed to her and she’s so nice and cute. I just don’t think she’s quite on the same level as some of the other queens.

7. Kennedy - The only queen left who I dislike. She seems to think that she is better than the rest of the queens and has no hesitation in letting them know.