her tender ribs

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11. ALL the Rangers (for reasons :D)

11. cuddling


a muffled hmph comes out from somewhere around trini’s shoulder.  

‘move your stupid bony elbow, it’s in my kidney.”  trini wiggles her shoulders and contorts her spine, doing her level superhero-powered best to move into some position that keeps the point of jason’s elbow out of all of the bruises on her back and the tenderness in her ribs without also disrupting the careful balance that has her draped mostly-comfortably over kim’s side.  zack is a mirror image on kim’s other side, already dead asleep.

“stop acting like you don’t want an excuse to get even closer to kim,” jason mumbles into trini’s shoulder with a yawn, his arm slung over her waist lazily.  kim pinches at the mottled bruising his forearm, nails digging in hard enough to sting but brief enough to not last, and he grumbles through another yawn.  

“next time we try teleporting let’s make sure we don’t drop into a canyon that doesn’t have water,” kim says with a grunt.  “zack, come on, seriously, not that shoulder.”  there swelling around the joint is going down already but the bruising will stay for days.  none of their landings had gone particularly well, but kim’s the one who had glanced off the edge of a boulder on the way down.  

trini grabs at zack’s hair and pulls– gently, but barely so– until he snuffles sleepily and allows himself to be maneuvered until his head is pillowed on kim’s stomach.  he’s back to sleep in an instant, broken-but-healing nose wheezing with every breath.  kim drifts off towards sleep as well, trini’s heartbeat soft and solid against her arm, one hand in zack’s hair and the other twisted into the hem of trini’s shirt.  sure, they’d fallen off a cliff or two today, but billy’s mom was gone all weekend and they had the sofabed in the cranston’s basement to sleep on, so things could be worse.

“jason, i swear to god,” trini mutters, kicking out uselessly at his leg.  “elbow out of kidney or i’ll break your pretty face.”

“we really need a bigger bed,” kim says sleepily, wiggling her shoulder until trini lays back down on it, breath skating over kim’s collarbone.

“guys.” billy props up onto his elbow to peer over the edge of the bed.  “guys, there are three other couches.”

“shut it, cranston,” the four of them say in concert.


Word Total: 964

Request: anonymous asked: Omg I loved your Poe Dameron imagine, can I have one too where Poe has to save the reader after she’s captured and tortured by the first order and he’s so relieved when he gets her back he kisses her?

Pairing:  Poe Dameron x Reader

Notes: Ah it’s so cold, I think I am going to be sick again ToT

Y/N felt dizzy, all the blood she had lost tinted her clothing red and drops stained the black shiny floor below her. She tried to open her left eye, but it hurt; the officer had hit her hard when she had spit on him.

“Where is the Rebel base?” an officer of the First Order shouted at her.

“Get a map and get lost!” She said with a snarky tone. The officer growled and punched her again in the stomach. “You hit like my grandma” Y/N spit out the  blood that had accumulated in her mouth. “I rather die than tell you where is it” she gazed at him with her one good eye.

“No, that would be too merciful from my part” The First Order officer stated then he nodded at the black tinted glass. The doors opened and a spherical black ball entered. Big needles stick out of it. Y/N gulped, this was not good. “Any last words?”

Y/N moaned as conscience return to her. Every muscle in her body trembled with pain. Every nerve seemed to be on fire. “Ready for another round” she could barely made the silhouette of the officer. Everything was so blurry, her head wobbled around as she tried to look around. Something wet ran down her forehead.

“No” Y/N whispered in a raspy voice. Her throat hurt, even breathing hurt. She wanted to cry, but she will never give him the satisfaction. No she was going to break.  

“Well then” The officer stood up from his black chair and casually marched to stand in front of her. “Nobody is going to rescue you, so you tell me where is that stupid base or I continue to break you, until you are just dust”

The needles pinched her forearms. In a matter seconds, she felt how everything inside her burn. “Where is the rebel base?” the officer growled taking her chin to made her look at him. “Tell me!”

Y/N shook her head. “I rather die” she spat, the black ball floated in front of her.

“You’re too stupid or too brave, who cares…  Either way you I am going to get that location”

Y/N felt cold… she felt numb… How many days she had been here? Probably weeks, she didn’t know… she closed her eyes, praying that somebody saved her. The doors opened but she didn’t move, she was tired and the officer probably came to made fun of her or hit her… it was a good hobby he said.

“No, no” A spark shone in the darkness. “Y/N, what they had done to you”  


He had came to rescue her, but she was to weak to even opened her eyes now. She felt how the restrains of her wrist opened. A pair of hands caught her.

“Please, Y/N open your eyes. You’re safe now. Come on” Poe placed his two fingers on her neck to check for a pulse. He let out a sigh of relieve when he felt it.

“You’re late” Y/N opened her good eye and smiled at Poe. “You’re always late”

“You’re very hard to find, Y/N” Poe smiled and removed the hair that fell down her face. “They are not going to hurt you anymore”

“Alright…” She trailed off as a sudden sleepiness took her.

Y/N opened her eyes, she put a hand of over her eyes; the light above her was too bright. “I always said you sleep too much” slowly she turned her hand to look at Poe.

“I need my beauty sleep” , Y/N said with a smile, but frown when cheek stinged.

“You have three broken ribs, your shoulders were dislocated, your fingers all of them were broken and you have a black eye” Poe recited every injury the medical droids they found her. “Why did you let them this to you, Y/N?”

“They tried to found the base. To bad they found a rock” Y/N said trying to suppress a laugh. “Shit” her ribs felt tender, they were no longer broken but it felt weird that she was still alive. “Thank you, though”

“Why are so selfish, Y/N?” Suddenly Poe stood up and started to pace in front of her. “You know how worried I was.  After they captured you, I…” he shook his head and bit his lip looking down at the ground. “I couldn’t sleep for days. Until General Organa put something in my drink. I couldn’t even think straight, Y/N”

Y/N closed her eye. “I am just a pilot, I am easily replace-”

“No, Y/N. You might be another pilot for them. But for me, you’re…” Poe looked up from the floor and look at her. “Everything, I can’t imagine a life without you”

“Poe, do-”

“Let me finish. I always wonder, how wonderful it would to wake up beside you. And everytime I see you, I want to kiss you. You know how hard is to contain myself and not kiss you” he laughed and looked at the white ceiling. “BB-8, even makes fun of me. When I hear your voice in the radio, you can’t even imagine the stupid look in my face”

“I can’t kiss you, Poe. My breath stinks” Y/N said with a smirk on her face.

“You may kiss the bride,” General Leia said with a big smile on her face.

“Did you brush your teeth?” Poe asked softly

“I did” Y/N leaned in and kiss Poe. He took her by her waist and deepened the kiss. She smiled and put her arms around his neck. His lips move in harmony to hers.

“I love you” Poe placed a kiss in her nose then in her forehead.

9) Caring for the other when sick

Regina busted into the Charming’s loft in a cloud of purple magic. Before she was even fully formed she demanded, “Where is she?”

Snow and Charming jumped back into each other’s arms startled by the sudden intrusion. “She’s upstairs.”

“Why didn’t you call me sooner?” Regina raced across the main room and started up the steep ladder to Emma’s room.

“We called as soon as I brought her back,” Charming explained in defensive worry.

“Please heal her, Regina,” Snow pleaded as she picked up baby Neal and held him close. “How can we help?”

“You can help by staying away,” Regina yelled frantically as she got to the top of the stairs and opened the door to Emma’s bedroom without knocking. She stopped in her tracks as she took in the bloody and battered sight splayed out on the bed. Emma was groaning in pain.

“Oh, Emma…” Regina’s mouth fell open and she crossed the room in two big steps, holding out her trembling hands in fear. “Why didn’t they take you to the hospital?”

“I’m fine,” Emma sputtered from the bed she pulled the sheet up to her neck and cracked one eye open to look up at Regina pitifully. “Just a little flesh wound. Need to sleep it off.”

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cs fic: help me not to shake

This is for the lovely seastarved, who just needed Emma and Hook to talk. 

cs fic: help me not to shake

She’s started in on her second cup of coffee and he still hasn’t walked through the front door of the diner.

The formica and chrome are dull on a rainy spring morning, and she’s feeling somewhat muted herself. He’s usually here by now to comment on the bitterness of Granny’s brew, to rest his elbows and hang his head over his mug.

“I had to take Henry’s videogame away from him twice last night,” she would tell him.

“Let the lad have his fun,” he’d say and absently flip through the pages of the newspaper with creased brows and a hum of feigned understanding.

She’d snort and look at the last dregs at the bottom of her cup, waiting to swallow them at the same moment he finishes his own. “You don’t even know what a videogame is.”

“I don’t need to know what a viniogame is to know that the boy needs space to be a boy,” he would intone with a raised eyebrow. He’d complete the scene with a staged swig of his drink, and she would sigh but it would be a sound of happiness not aggravation.

But he’s not here, and he didn’t join her yesterday, so she tries not to think too much about it as she signals Ruby for a third cup.

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and so comes the dawn || leonardoleads87

Cherry didn’t even remember falling asleep after the creature calling himself Leonardo, her savior, turned out the light. It was like the room went dark for a half second and when she opened her eyes it was late morning. (she could tell by the alarm clock that was on the night stand. The room was still pitch black since there were no windows). She reached rolled over and, after fumbling for a moment, turned the lamp on. Her body was still and sore as if she had gone eight rounds with a heavy weight boxer. She may as well have. Norman Osborn was physically enhanced, stronger than any average man, and he didn’t exactly hold back.

Her blackened eye was at least open now, and she had enough strength to sit up. Her limbs still felt on the rubbery side, but stable. 

What had happened last night?

A blur of images was her answer. Norman had been getting tired of his little toy. Having her body and soul at his very will weren’t enough anymore. She wasn’t a threat to him, not mentally, not physically, but she knew. She knew secrets that could be his downfall if she got in the right hands. He would never let her go. 

He had tied her up, took her body, which was nothing new after years of being in his employment. What was different was once he was finished, he began to beat her. Now, this wasn’t exactly new. She was punished before, he was never kind, nothing about him was kind, but this was the first time these two things had happened like this. It wasn’t a punishment as if she hadn’t performed well enough or had done something to rise his ire. It was like he was going to kill her. He had untied her at one point so he could get better leverage with his hands around her neck. Cherry truly thought she was going to die in that moment. If it wasn’t for some phone call his assistant had come to bother him with maybe she would have. The phone call was more important than her life, or taking it. Norman left like nothing had happened and Cherry had already made her choice. She grabbed a wallet she stuffed as full of the cash she’d stored away as she could and she left.

Maybe it was because she walked out like she was on an errand was the reason no one thought to grab her right away, but as soon as she was past the security gate she ran. She didn’t dare try to take a car. They were all bugged and trackable. She just ran. 

She ran until she found the construction site, the storm drain, and then when she was caught again by one of Norman’s flunkies, Leonardo found her. 

Cherry pressed her lips together as she came out of her revery. He…was unusual to say the least. Green skinned, a large shell, like..like a turtle. She’d seen weird things. Norman liked to dress up like a devil calling himself the green goblin. But this…this wasn’t a mask and a costume. Whatever Leonardo was…was real. 

Cherry got to her feet, shuffling towards the door. Her movements were rigid and short. She felt like an old woman, but she guessed she should be grateful she could move at all. Arms wrapped around her tender ribs, she moved to what she guessed was the living room. 

It was a collage of junk and trash made into a bohemian hide away. There was an old sofa and coffee table in front of the television. Bent bicycle frames and old licences plates lined the walls. The lights were every shape and size, eclectic and reminded Cherry of a stained glass window. The walls were brick, the floor was softened with a myriad of rugs and carpet pieces. It was…fanciful, clean, and homey. It made her smile wistfully as she moved towards a large round opening on the other side of the room, she could spy counters and a toaster. She guessed this was the kitchen. 

 "Hello?“ Cherry winced at the sound of her crackling voice. Not only did she move like an ancient person, she sounded like one. She cleared her throat and tried again as she peered into the kitchen. It was empty. She called a little louder, trying to figure out where her green hero was. "Is…is anyone home?”