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His name’s Credence. His mother beats him. She beats all those kids she’s adopted but she seems to hate him the most […] That’s how I lost my job. I went for her in front of a meeting of her crazy followers. They all had to be Obliviated. It was a big scandal.

Red Jamie and the White Lady - Part 17

Okay I feel bad that I keep telling y’all to brace yourselves but… Well you’ll find out soon enough. @diversemediums @outlandishchridhe and I all had a great time writing this chapter. I think I’m subconsciously putting off the madness that’s set to happen because I haven’t quite worked out all the strings yet. Hopefully that’ll happen soon! There IS smut in this chapter and DM is responsible for it. SHE’S FANTASTIC YOU SHOULD GO READ HER STUFF!!

Part 16

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Since i wanna end 2016 on a sorta good note...

here are all the things that made my 2016 decent




-pokemon go

-i love that game

-summer of steven




-homestuck snap upd8s





-got to join tgddg!! love everyone there

-i got to meet the best people ever™!!

- @shadowshina @starrykatsu @sun-brushed @space-nico @trashy-dave @sphealrical @leopharry

-god bless you all, i love yall sm




-Haikyuu season 3!!!!

-omg and the manga


- Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them




-so good!! i bought the entire soundtrack, $15 well spent

-Klance week!!

-rosemary MONTH







im probs missing more but ya know, whatever. i hope 2017 is a better year bc HIVESWAP, VOLTRON season 2!!! and more. But i just wanted to end 2016 on a high note. Just to try and restore some faith in life

So, as anyone who reads this blog knows, I love pimping out other imagines blogs. There’s just so many fantastic ones out there! If I had my way, the admin’s from each one would just all chat and have great big community but as there’s no sign of that happening, the only way I can really support them is by making sure I let as many people know about them as I can! Therefore, I’m going to do up a list of imagines blogs I really think you guys should check out. If you have an imagines blog and it isn’t up here but you’d like it to be, feel free to message me and I’ll add it!


@magiimagines: Not only is their blog beautiful to look at, it’s got some amazing content on it. The headcanons are always well thought out and true to character and the writing is refreshing and fluid. Definitely my first choice for a Magi Imagines blog.

@literature-for-stray-dogs: Oh my god, their love for the ladies of Bungou Stray Dogs makes me so happy. And they have these ladies so in character it’s not even funny. Plus, the way they write Chuuya is my favourite of all the BSD blogs! They have a wickedly funny sense of humour and they update regularly, especially for such a newer blog, and are pleasant to all their readers!

@bungoustraydogsimagines: I don’t even like Akutagawa and they make me thirst after him. That should be enough to show their talent right there. And if it wasn’t, the fact that the admin has great writing skills, a fluffy, cute style that makes you smile and is very polite to their requesters should make you want to check them out!

@opmagines: I can’t say enough good things about this blog. While they’re currently inactive for a bit, they normally post often and when they do, it’s always something amazing. I love their take on the characters and the thoroughness in which they answer requests!

@venividiwindex: The admin here is the embodiment of awesome and the queen of smut! This was the first imagines blog I followed and I lowkey stalked it for a while before doing that. She writes fantastic, detailed scenarios and her nsfw stuff is guaranteed to leave you hot under the collar!

@4-the-love-of-eyeshield-21: While they’re currently a bit inactive, the wait will be well worth it! The two admin’s are both fantastically friendly and easy to approach and are willing to write just about anything for their fans! While the writing is what will draw you in, the admin’s will want to make you stay!

@goddessimagines: Admin V is my favourite imagines blog admin. She’s funny and smart and puts so much visible effort into her writing. She’s got a lovely way of writing that easily allows you to visualize what’s she’s writing about and always goes the extra mile to give well-thought out answers and lengthy scenarios.

@fanficsfrombutt: They’re just hilarious. There’s no better way I can sum it up than that - they’re guaranteed to make any Eyeshield 21 fan laugh and smile, no matter how bad the day!

@shinji-slut: This is a Bleach Imagines blog purely for Shinji Hirako. And even though it’s dedicated to just one character, the admin does a fantastic job of keeping the writing completely fresh and never feeling repetitive. Plus, Shinji’s hot and you know you wanna read about him.

@psychopassdenialisland: Any Psycho-Pass fans get doubly spoiled here! Not only do they get fantastic writing from both admin’s, both with lovely and unique writing styles, but they also get treated to some lovely art from one of the admin’s!

@katekyohrscenarios: Not only do they write interesting headcanons and cute fluff, but they have the best KHR match-ups out of any blog I’ve seen. On top of that, the admins are hard-working and very rarely fail to update at least once a week!

@hxh-imagine: Again, another blog that’s absolutely beautiful to not only look at but to read. The writing is lovely, flowing really well and getting the point of what the admin means across without ever falling into verbosity or purple prose! Plus, they have my favourite take on Killua.

@mafiabosstsuna: A blog dedicated to sexier, darker versions of our favourite Vongola characters, this is a definite must for anyone looking for a unique spin on the KHR characters. The admin’s are wonderful people and the writing is always unique and well-thought out.

@hoe-imagines: They will make you feel things. It’s a guarantee! Whether it be the need to take up one of their many fandoms because the headcanons were just so good you need to find out more, or the thirst from all the amazingly varying but always on point NSFW writing they do, they will make you feel. Add to that the fact that the admin is lovely and very friendly to everyone and you have a definite must-check out here. (EDIT: Please note that they’ve now moved to @hoe-imaginess)

@probablythevaria: If you are a KHR fan and you are not reading their blog or following them, you are missing out on something beautiful. Stop missing out. Just go. Go read and get hooked on the drug that is their writing.

@imaginastys: This is a great multi-fandom blog dedicated to specific characters. Much like shinji-slut, because the admin focuses on specific characters, they get really into canon in their responses. They’ve got a lovely mix of NSFW and fluff and a breezy, casual way of writing that’s fun to read.

@dailydoseof-onepiece: Yet another blog that is gorgeous to look at and read! Now, I’ll fully admit that I haven’t gotten past two or three hundred chapters of One Piece (though I’ve tried three or four times now too - something else always distracts me), so I can’t vouch for their headcanons being true to character, but the way they write these characters and the thirst they inspire for them makes me want to go read all of One Piece - and considering how daunting a challenge that is, it’s definitely saying something for their talent!

@bleach-fantasy: Run by the same admin who writes on dailydoseof-onepiece, it’s just as much of a pleasure to read! Only with this fandom, I can tell that they keep the characters very much in character whenever possible! I love their style of writing, which is very descriptive and pretty, and the way they never seem to favor any particular character but write with just as much passion and hard work for each and every character!

@aonoscenarios: I’ll be honest here. The first thing I noticed about their blog were the match-ups because, no word of a lie here, they’re heavenly! The admin obviously takes great pains to think them through and they’re detailed and unique every time! On top of that, their headcanons are fantastic, always in character and well-thought out! They’re definitely my go-to blog for Ao no Exorcist!

@gangsta-hms: This is definitely my first stop whenever I’m in the mood to read anything Gangsta related. The admin has a fantastic style of writing, very refreshing and honest. They update regularly and they obviously put so much effort into their answers, as they’re always well thought out and in character. They have this wonderful ability to be able to answer so many requests without ever seeming the bit repetitive.

@bnhaimagines: The Boku no Hero Academia blog has very little in the way of imagines blogs but what they do have is fantastic! This particular blog is my favourite in the fandom. Not only is it gorgeous to look at but the content is always fantastic. They keep all answers to requests so in-character and have actually influenced a lot of my own BNHA headcanons! Plus, if I was in the habit of calling anyone a cinnamon roll, it would be this wonderful admin!

@theotakulifechoseme: This multifandom blog is run by some absolutely amazing admins, my favourites of which are Mama Nidiot, who is a true gift to writing - I can read her writing and love it regardless of disliking her fandoms or knowing nothing about them because she is just that lovely of a writer - and Admin Toto, who writes such lovely, fluffy Eyeshield content and deserves a special shout-out for having to deal with Admin Dee dropping Eyeshield requests on them whenever she’s stuck on her own! Over all, the blog is a definite must view because there is guaranteed to be content on there for somewhere for everyone.

@in-the-name-of-the-holy-reborn: It should be no surprise to anyone reading my blog that I’m a fan of theirs! I’ve requested from the admin before as well as talked to them personally and they’re an amazing person and a great admin! You can tell she takes the time and effort to make every request as amazing as she possibly can and that she truly wants to make her reader’s happy. On top of that, she’s a fantastic writer, with great headcanons and views of the characters and, considering she’s writing in a secondary language, an amazing grasp of how to use her words to bring her writing to life in the reader’s imagination!

@ai-imagines: For anyone who followed me during the guest admin event, you’re already familiar with the admin of this multi-fandom blog as they are Guest Admin Ai. Having had them as a guest admin, I can personally vouch for the fact that they’re incredibly hard-working and put a lot of effort into their requests. They have great headcanons and a fresh, fun take on the characters in their fandoms.

@lovely-imaginess: A relatively new blog, the admin writes for specific characters from several fandoms. The admin is very polite to her readers and she’s great about quickly answering requests! Her opinions of the characters she writes for are interesting and she always manages to get everyone terrifically in  character, which is always hard for any writer to accomplish!

@khr-vending-machine: Another relatively new blog, this one writes exclusively for the Katekyo Hitman Reborn fandom. They write amazingly detailed stuff, even if they’re just writing headcanons. They obviously put a lot of work into their answers, going above and beyond what a reader could expect! They also have interesting takes on the characters and keep everyone pretty in character!

@myheroimagines: There isn’t enough good things I can say about this blog. It’s easily shaping up to be one of my favourites in the Boku no Hero Academia fandom! The admin is so pleasant and nice to their readers, which is such an important quality in an admin. Not only is their blog aesthetically pleasing, but the content on it is Grade A stuff! They have a fantastic take on the characters and they write amazingly fun (and often so incredibly fluffy) headcanons! 

@katekyohitmanrebornscenarios: A passionate, sweet admin and frequent updates? Posts that are always interesting, never repetitive, and always thought provoking? Characters that are well fleshed out and in character? A blog layout that’s beautiful to look at? What more could you ask from an imagines blog? Nothing, in my opinion!

@arrancxr: This is a Bleach blog dedicated solely to headcanons and scenarios for the Arrancar. The admin does a fantastic job of updating regularly, ensuring that, if you follow them, you’ll have a pretty steady supply of Arrancar goodness.

@anime–headcannons: A fairly new multi-fandom blog, it’s definitely worth checking out. They write for a wide variety of fandoms so there’s a little bit of ‘something for everyone’ here! On top of the fact they put an obvious effort into considering the requests and planning out fantastic answers, they have a wonderfully delicious, and seemingly effortless, knack for writing NSFW, something that, as an admin that isn’t the best at it, I’m quite in awe of!

@pretend-writers-nook: This is a multi-fandom blog, which accepts asks for HunterxHunter and Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea! The writing is very cute and the admin is so nice to their readers that it’s hard not to want to talk to them! The blog’s fairly active, with at least weekly updates!


So I was reading angelofthurs ’s blog, and she wrote the cutest story. So, I asked her if I could draw it. 

It’s fluffy and I love it.

I’ll go draw some X-men now.

Dumplings Part 1

Because the issue of the dumplings was never resolved, and I’m terrible shipper trash.

This ended up being so long that I had to split it into three parts because I can’t resist making things complicated, apparently.

Also I wasn’t lazy and actually did research on regional foods of the Kyushu region where Ikitsuki island is, since I’m assuming they parted ways at the end of the anime somewhere around there. Tsuke-age are basically fish cakes. Writing this made me hungry.

Also, I’m assuming Fuu is 16 when they end their journey in the show, otherwise my math concerning the number of dumplings consumed wouldn’t work if she was still 15.

Shout-out to roolph for being my beta for these! She’s a fantastic artist, go check out her stuff!

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This Could Be Easy

ft. SethKate as detectives who get stuck partnered to each other

Kate sighs frustratedly, dropping her head into her hands. “I arrested him. I arrested Seth freaking Gecko!”

Kisa exhales heavily, finally looking up. “Kate. I wouldn’t worry too much about it, okay? Seth’s been undercover for over four years. Barely anyone here even knew he was still playing double agent for us. No one expects you to have recognised him.”

“No one except him,” Kate mutters dejectedly. “You saw the way he was yelling at me. I mean, he was really going on.”

Kisa shrugs, turning back to her work. “That’s just Seth. Overreacting is kind of his thing.”

Kate groans, slapping her palm over her eyes. “Great start to the year, Fuller. Piss off the guy who’s the police department’s biggest asset with taking down the biggest drug cartel in the tri-state area. Oh, and, by the way, he’s also a huge drama queen.” She shakes her head. “Fantastic stuff.”

“At least you didn’t shoot him,” Kisa offers helpfully.


Stydia Headcannon

So this is about Stydia as parents. I think that Lydia would keep their kids dressed nicely and like have them in matching colors and stuff, like her kids always look fantastic. And while they’re babies its easy for Stiles because you just grab a onsie and boom outfit. But when they get older and are at school and stuff I think Lydia would have to leave for like a conference out of town, and like the first time she leaves for a week her kids would show up to school the next day looking like a freaking disaster, because Stiles would just let them pick out their own clothing and be like yeah you look good lets go. So like Kira would send Lydia a picture of the kids saying how “fantastic” they looked that day and she would call Stiles and be like “STILES WHAT DID YOU DO”

I Can Be Brave

So a while ago Nina and I set to talking about this post, and started crafting an elaborately detailed AU based off it. 

And when I opened prompts? She challenged me to actually write a part of it. So I did. 

Background information for those of you at home: no magic AU, Dystopia AU, seriously fucked up social structure based off castes. There are three official casts–gold, silver, and bronze, plus the casteless, who basically have no rights or protections. 

Hopefully that’s enough! 

Hermione Granger was eleven years old the first time she met Ron Weasley.

She was going to a tiny little inner-city school at the time; a cramped place with not enough desks and even fewer text books. Ron Weasley was tall for his age and had hair that looked like it only had been tended to by a wet comb as he ran out of the door, with a spray of freckles that seemed to run from his hands, up the length of his arms, up his neck and all over his face.

He sat three desks to her left in history class, and argued. His seat partner was a scrawny little boy named Harry Evans, with wild, wavy, thick black hair and brilliantly green eyes that Hermione had never thought existed outside of storybooks.

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clumsy-giraffe  asked:

Hello! I am new to the Sherlock fandom and I'm curious if there is like a starter pack for people who are already soul deep in Johnlock? Are there any must read fanarts, or popular head canons, fanart, or blogs I should follow? Thank-you :D

Oh my goodness, hello! This is so exciting! Disclaimer: I’m an oldie Johnlock fan at this point so I might not know the hip new trends but as for essentials, I’d say…..


  • PIALR (fave, 11/10, have reread 15+ times although it’s 150k+)



  • thetwelfthpanda (I might be biased! But she’s kind of the best!)
  • reapersun (she’s been phasing out of Sherlock for a while, but her stuff was A+++++++ EDIT: it’s also NSFW omg how did I forget)
  • flyingrotten (famous for her amazing were!john au)
  • archiaart (there’ve been arguments that she draws questionable stuff but eh, I think her art’s fantastic)
  • theillustratorisoutofcontrol (few posts but pure, gorgeous nsfw)
  • kriskenshin (somehow has drawn everything you want??)
  • deebzy (everything adorable)
  • sweetlittlekitty (cuteness. smut.)

As for headcanons, there’s no real briefing I can provide haha. You’ll find them quickly and effortlessly. Most popular one I can think of is asexual Sherlock, but there are so many fantastic meta posts out there that I can’t just skim them, but I’m sure you’ll discover them on your own! (I remember getting really absorbed in a post about how John probably quit being an army doctor after a few years and joined back up as a regular recruit, and then got shot, but I can’t remember where I saw it…)

Anyways, welcome to the Johnlock fandom~

I can’t even begin to cover all of the essentials though, so anyone that wants to add on should go ahead!