her stuff is amazing you should all go check it out

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So I just finished Dangerous Girls and I'm still trying to take it all in. I'm not going to spoil anything in case anyone else wants to read it but omg such a good book!! Thank you for recommending it it was amazing!❤️

YAY I’m so happy you loved it! 

I TOLD you the ending would make it worth it! You should check out her other book, Dangerous Boys. It’s not as WOW, but it’s still a hella fine read  :D

Hugs! <3

Amazing blogs and people you should all check out.

So basically, I decided to create a post which contains all of my favourite blogs because they’re writing is amazing and their writing deserves to be shared to the world and everyone should go and read them because of how fab they are. (Not in any particular order, just the order I saved them in)

hemmingsalmightty (her daddy 5sos is just perfection)






ashtonsflannels  (special shoutout for her campcounselor!calum series!)






So these blogs ^^^^ are my favourite writing blogs and you should go check all these amazing people and their writing out cause you won’t regret it. And I’m also going to make a page for all my recs of authors and works and stuff where these people, and other awesome authors will go so that’ll be up in the next few days. In the meantime go check these prize-worthy people out!!!


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I just hopped on to well… You know be on Tumblr and I saw the blog cross the threshold into 5000 followers. You guys are AMAZING! 

In light of this I’m going to give away 5 Arceus codes for X/Y or ORAS! Likes, reblogs count as an entry. I’ll use one of those nifty randomizers and gift them out on Sunday! I’ll message all winners on Sunday with the codes! 

I might come up with something even better later, to give back more to you guys! But I’ll have to talk to @brightcrest about that… Speaking of, if you guys like Kingdom Hearts, Nintendo, funny stuff, or.. all kinds of amazing things you should check her out and give her a follow! She’d enjoy it so much!

Thanks again folks! I couldn’t even imagine this before… You guys are AWESOME.


Ok have I missed something why are we not talking about this. Hot Topic released this super cool Orphan Black clothing line for preorder today! I know we all make fun of Hot Topic and their scene kid atmosphere but seriously this is sort of amazing. It has reasonably affordable knock-offs of the actual clothing the clones wear. This is the lineup:

pretty fucking cool right

It has Sarah’s signature leather jacket WITH a removable checked blue hood

and of course her too-punk-for-you moto leggings:

a seriously cute Cosima dress in the burgundy color she’s constantly wearing with her laptop DNA pattern for the background:

a actually pretty version of Helena’s creepy wedding dress (WITH LITTLE TINY SESTRA DRAWINGS ON IT)

and of course her green jacket

a cute yet dorky fifty’s swing dress that Alison would totally wear


and of course a gun cardigan to go with it 

not to mention a bunch of awesome miscellaneous stuff like this low-key gross Helena shirt

and 324b21 ring

ok I should stop now but everyone gets the idea GO CHECK IT OUT its being released on April 13th and its available for pre-order now