her story was heartbreaking

Why do I still care when it’s obvious that you don’t.
—  Day 185
What if someone who is so constant suddenly disappears out of your life? Maybe that’s why, I don’t like getting attached. I don’t like the idea of giving someone the power to destroy my heart by choosing to walk away. I want to guard my heart. I want to save myself.
You are so lucky if you have someone with a broken heart, untouched for years, loving you.

Keep them safe.

—  excerpt from a book I will never write #81
I’m starting to think that loving you was a mistake but a mistake I’m glad I made
—  Day 193
The people who are interested in my personality don’t find my appearance suitable with their taste.
The people who find my appearance attractive don’t have enough patience to get to know my personality.
The people who are both into my appearance and my personality either can’t connect to me on a deeper level or whom I don’t find attracted to.
—  Why I am still single
If he loves you, he will make the effort.
—  relationships aren’t always 50/50. There are times when you will get up & feel like giving 10%. Then your partner has to give the remaining 90%. But there must always be 100% love.
He says the right thing. Everything he does is absolutely the sweetest thing ever. But I don’t love him. I love you. Everything things he does or says, I wish it was you doing them instead. Don’t you get it?? I want all of you, I just wish you’d want me too.
—  Just show me you love me before someone else does.

“How do you do it?” She asked, tears staining her eyes a light shade of crimson.

“I don’t.” He replied flatly.

Her eyes flashed from the floor to his face and painfully met his. She stared at him, clearly confused and hurt.

“You think that i’m doing just fine without you but i’m not, i’m not fine but i know better than to ever get back with you. You’ve hurt me too much and i’ve finally learned my self worth. So i’m sorry to say it, but this is goodbye.” He sighed before reaching for his bag and heading out the door, never to come back again.

—  moving on /
It’ll take a while,
To lose all the feelings I have for you,
To forget everything that happened.
But I’m getting there,
I promise.
Soon you’ll be just a memory,
Just some boy I used to know.
—  E.T // you’ll be just somebody I used to know

there’s that person you’ll never get over no matter how long it’s been.

Day 11