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Audio Drama Podcast Recs

Because I’ve gotten a few questions over time about podcast recs, both from people who are curious about audio drama, and fellow denizens of Podcast Hell™ who need something new, I wanted to put together this list so I could go a bit more into detail about why I love and recommend each of these amazing audio dramas.

Rather than trying to rank them, I tried to organize this list roughly based on popularity, at least based on my dash! More well-known shows are listed first, and then my faves that I don’t see getting nearly the love that they deserve. Especially with the volume of new innovative audio drama being created, there’s some really good stuff out there not getting nearly enough attention. Which is not to say that, if you’re a new podcast fan, you have to start with the most popular – but those shows are more likely to have an active fandom. (Of course, there are a ton of great podcasts out there, and plenty (both popular and obscure) that I don’t listen to yet.)

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Caroline here. We asked for parentlock fic recs from non-Johnlock quadrants of the fandom and boy did you guys deliver. So get out your bookmarks, folks, because here’s the masterpost of your responses. And more fic recs are en route to you by way of our parentlock episode, which is due out tomorrow. Thanks for all of your responses – and if I missed anybody, I apologize!

genuinely-enthusiastic and @strawberrypatty recommended the Sustain series, one of the most famous fics in the Sherlolly ship.

miz-joely recommended several fics: 

Excellent Sherlolly raising Adlock child:


And because the Sustain series was mentioned, here’s the last (shortest) story in that series, featuring Edmund and Violet, Sherlock and Molly’s children:


a lovely series by thedragonaunt. First story is called “Aftermath” (https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8785640/1/Aftermath)…

but this one (“Consequences” is where the parentlock Sherlolly begins:


It’s followed up by several other stories, the most recent of which is “Gold”:








@jeanspencer recommended "The breath that passed from you to me“ by rsadelle, a Sherlolly fic, which drinkingcocoa-tpp and thescienceofobsession seconded.

oleanderhoney wrote a fic she/he described as parent!lock without the Johnlock.

curlyboff recommended the ”Miles to Keep“ series by LyricalSoul, which is parent!Mystrade.

onedayer recommended this Irene/Sherlock series, “We’ll Always Have Paris.”

canibecandid recommended these Sherlolly fics:

The Color Conundrum 
Life Interrupted
Mine and Yours
Fistful of Fireflies

cloakstone69 recommended the following fics featuring John’s daughter Scarlet:

littlepippin76’s “Just for fun” is STILL my favorite Parentlock fic. While there is no Johnlock slash in this original piece, she also wrote “Some Slightly Different Fun” as an AU to the first fic. The character of Scarlet Watson also features in several of her other works, so the universe is quite extensive, but seriously…

GO READ littlepippin76. I LOVE HER SO MUCH. *crying and hiccuping*

@persiflager recommended a Shally fic:

If you’re still looking for parent!lock recs for other pairings, there’s an awesome fic based on the premise that Sherlock and Sally had a one night stand which resulted in a child: ’The Deepest Secret Nobody Knows’ by sciosophia. I like it for three reasons: it’s a great Sally fic, it really fleshes out and makes sense of the animosity between them, and I think that Sherlock’s seemingly cold-hearted decision to stay out of the child’s life for its safety rings very true. Also, ANGST \o/

lacrisisdelos30 recommended this omegaverse Johniarty/Sherstrade fic:

Parentlock that isn’t Johnlock…well, there’s “The diary of Clarissa Moriarty”, by CeliaEquus. You can find it in AO3. Oh, and I really enjoy your podcast!

sassy-millard-fillmore recommended this shipless parentlock fic:

It’s far from complete, but there’s this work on AO3 that’s sorta Parentlocky called “Poets” by decrescendo. Basically a close friend of John and Sherlock’s dies and they end up legal guardian’s of her fifteen year old daughter. It’s not Johnlock, and as far as I know it won’t wind up Johnlock in the future.

@makeminemod recommended this series featuring Greg’s daughter:

I listened to your parentlock outtake and mention of Lestrade, and just thought I’d remind you all of the wonderful “Sofie series” fics by Morgan_Stuart, in which Lestrade’s daughter Sofie interacts with all of the Sherlock characters.

Edit by Caroline [7:54pm EST] because I missed this one (sorry!):

This Adlock came recommended by two folks:


Sui Generis by francesca-wayland is probably the best Sherlock/Irene fic of any kind, and it’s Parentlock. So people should check that out.

and originally by @soyeahso:

Everything she writes is superb but this WIP is a gripping thriller as well as a thoughtful and in depth look inside the minds and hearts of Irene and Sherlock. Her Mycroft is excellent as well and she gives Kate some depth. 

As well (because I might as well while I’m editing), astudyinmolly also recommended:

Stalemate and Other Tales of Domestic Life by Aelan Greenleaf : Sherlolly Parent!lock - well written and very sweet!

Thanks again to everyone who responded, and apologies for missing anyone first time around.