her spirit form is so lovely

“The relationship between Moana and Grandma Tala is my favourite part of the movie. I loved Grandma’s youthful personality and it was so emotional and beautiful when her spirit took the form of a ray after her death. The movie did a great job at showing the bond between Moana and her Grandma and I think that’s really important, as that relationship isn’t focused on as much as others (ex. father & son).”

Uranus in the 2nd House - Designing with Lightning

Self value fluctuates with Uranus in the second house. The individual has sporadic revelations of self love and indulgence that alternate with self contempt and feelings of detachment from the body and spirit. She may feel the ecstasy of silk skin wrapped around her bones but there can be a hollowness inside or the feeling of being an alien in her own body, like it doesn’t fit or mold to form. The sensory reception, delight, and stimulation is acute with Uranus in the second. It’s like there are electrically charged sensors that glitter from the individual’s fingertips, and so every touch and taste and texture is a light show of pleasure and internal activation. Her genius is her ability to beautify the material plane, to sink into the fabric that sews life together, to decorate life using the creative sparks of God’s mind.

Cash flow can be volatile and undergo sudden changes with Uranus in the second. Uranus rarely lets life flow on by without chaos and change. The individual likely knows the feeling of living comfortably with a generous income. This could come through unexpected windfalls and opportunistic visions for accumulating money. But this can be quickly blown to pieces by Uranus lightning bolts. Work, employment, and circumstances where she can make quick cash arrive out of the blue and then disappear just as swiftly. There is a strong resistance to societal structures and security measures. The individual may distrust corporate banking systems, government spending, and resist having other people interfere with finances. There is a tremendous need for complete independence and control over her own resources. This includes cash, her body, personal expression, and talents. She will only perform when she is willing and ready. Her belongings and talents are an extension of her individuality. Decorating and personal style may be unusual or classed as eccentric.

Uranus in the second is dressed in bolts of star lightning from outer space, like  she wears the rings of Uranus on her fingers and the dust of exploding nebulas as starfish in her hair. There is a high vibrating frequency that emanates from Uranus in the second, it can be somewhat nervous but cool and collected, like the body is always charged and active but there is an ease in the world like she recharges via beauty and colour, light, and sound. Because the charge seems so high, electronics and gadgets seem to destruct or start exhibiting eerie glitches. She may focus on developing skills that are considered unusual, like she paints with a blindfold or writes a book back to front. It is these skills and qualities that become personal pots of gold and provide the individual with a sense of security and place in the world. Pleasure, creativity, bliss, and the resources that activate her genius and her ability to turn a desert into a palace. Electric showers of decorative delight flicker from her fingertips and light neon fairy lanterns through every material particle.


doll by Marina Bychkova.

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Name: Sarah Jane

Nickname: Star

Reason For URL: Tiger is my spirit animal and her name is Star . I also love night time.

Star Sign: Aquarius

Sexual Orientation: Straight but I have had feelings for girls..

Hogwarts House: I believe its Hufflepuff

Ilvermorny House: Not sure what that is 

Favourite Colour: Purple

Cats Or Dogs: Cats

Favourite Fictional Characters: Um lets see. I love Oswald Cobblepot from Gotham, Tyrion Lannister from Game of thrones,Arya Stark from game of thrones, Floki form Vikings, Lagertha from Vikings, Elijah from The Originals, Michione from the walking dead. I think that’s about it.

Favourite Musical Artists: I Like a variety of music so my list is of all sorts. I like Within temptation, Evensence, twenty one pilots, panic!at the disco, fall out boy,three doors down.Journey, Led Zepplin, The Beatles,Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Paramore, the pretty wreckless, Tech9, Eminem.  I like a lot of Celtic, fantasy type and I also like some EDM and dubstep depends on my mood. Told you I like A lot of varieties. 

Dream Trip: To go back to England and visit my family.

When Was This Blog Created: Don’t recall a few years ago.

When Did This Blog Reach Its Peak:  A few months ago I just hit over 1,000 followers so that’s a big deal to me so thank you.

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I dunno If I ever uploaded these photos from Katsucon in particular, but they’re some of my favorites from being in this costume.

As usual, Lewis is me, and Arthur is officialgoliath!  I’m afraid I never got that lovely Sailor Moon’s name, though, so if you are her or know her please let me know so I can give her credit!!

EDIT: Princess Serenity is @catarotta!!

My old lady drood! She’s in her late sixties. For most of her adult life she was strictly a healing harvest witch, who lived with her husband not too far into a forest. Their sons had recently left home to start their own lives and families. Her husband was a hunter, and one morning he was killed by a bear while on the job. Lennora was pissed, and took it upon herself to get revenge, so she poisoned the bear and stole its pelt.

I love some of the more witchy, folklore-y aspects of Gilnean druids, and couldn’t resist giving her some of that. After dabbling further into the darker aspects of witchcraft, she also stole the bear’s shape, turning into one herself at will. The spirits of nature weren’t too thrilled with that, and one day trapped her in the form. After a Brother Bear-like lesson, having nearly mauled to death one of her visiting sons, she learned to respect the spirits a lot more.

After that she picked up flying and aquatic forms, but that’s it :V She’s likely the only “main” character of mine who’ll actually wield an artifact (the Resto one), so maybe at that point she’ll learn tree form (a weeping willow, of course).

Her flight form was inspired by the old owl in Secret of NIMH, and the look of the other forms kinda followed suit from that! Everyone should look older/more gnarled, I’m just not good at that kind of detail yet lol.

To have a Libra friend, is to have a whole friendship group in one
Because she thinks in so many directions as so many people, sideways, backwards, into valleys and snowy altitudes. The Libra has the exquisite beauty
of Venus, radiating from her heart like a Pandora’s box of Disney stories
She is the blossoming flower of Aphrodite
Seducing, charming, elegant, and more
And she is double, triple bodied, an air lady who can translucently glide into any shape and form, fusing refined intellect and justice, ambition, power, and law.
Beyond the beguiling skin, the Libra’s passions, love, and intelligence runs into the
blood of the Warrior spirit that exists in her bones and this swirls
with the colour wheel of a dainty forest fairy, sitting high on the clouds blowing tranquility into every calamity. The Libra is the stranger you have known for decades, the arms and the voice that everybody seems to know. She should be treasured for her brain, her most powerful ally, because her wit and charm is an aphrodisiac
that can be impossible to deny or neglect
She follows these twists and turns into confusing spirals, it’s almost dizzying. The way she takes you on a ride through every double thought and opposition
She has made comfortable in the split life of duality
and radiates like the beauty emerging from the clam,
a portrait of a delighted muse that one day inspired God’s mind


Many of you guys know I’m a religious person, and I don’t usually try to shove it in peoples faces because lets be honest, no one likes that. So I hope this post doesn’t come across that way. 

I recently made something for an art show my church is putting on. I’m not sure if they will take it, but I love how it came out…so I wanted to post it up! 
The idea with this was how Mary Magdalene in the garden was weeping about her savior’s body being taken, when he came to her to reassure her that he was well and alive. (John 20:11-17) In the text it explains that the savior was still in spirit form and he asked Mary not to touch him, but I wanted to depict that physical feeling Mary must have felt when she knew it was him. (hence the hand on the shoulder) 
It’s this idea I love about comfort and hope. Something that I feel any different strain of believing in the spiritual can give to you. 

Water Babies -

Water spirits from Native American folklore, usually associated with the Paiute, Shoshone, Washo and Achumawi tribes. Water Babies are said to inhabit springs, ponds and streams. The most well known location being Pyramid Lake in Nevada. They take the form of beautiful human infants, but sometimes they have fish tails. According to some stories they are reptilian beings that have the ability to mimic baby cries. 

According to Paiute legend, a boy met and fell in love with a mermaid. He was determined to marry her so he brought her back to his tribe members. They insisted that he take her back to the ocean, which he did, but that wasn't before the rejected mermaid put a curse on the water of Pyramid Lake. Shortly afterward, two women with an infant were washing in the lake. When the women were not looking a serpent slithered out of the lake and devoured the infant, taking on its form. When the infant’s mother tried to feed her child the serpent infant began to devour her. Other tribe members could not force the serpent to release the woman so they called a medicine man who made a deal with the serpent child. The demonic infant would be free to inhabit the lake if the young mother was released and restored to health. The demonic child has been in Pyramid Lake ever since.  

Many people have reported hearing the cries and laughter of invisible children around lakes in America, especially around Pyramid Lake. If the cry of a Water Baby is heard it is believed that whoever heard it will soon die. It is also believed that picking up a water baby will result in a natural disaster or catastrophe. The Water Babies have also been blamed on the disappearances of several fishermen, which always occur in Spring.