her spirit and beauty live on

I was not a rich kid. My father was a waiter at Arnaud’s – and he was an immigrant, so his experiences were different. He had this philosophy where he would work for five years, and take one year off. And that’s how he lived his life. He wasn’t a career guy – he was a life guy. One year, we followed the Rainbow Festival and the Rolling Stones across the country. We lived in a van…

Sunrise Ruffalo: Free Spirit 

A great article on the woman I love and her  new project. What a woman…what a beauty, through and through.

the addams family sentence starters.

❛  Is this made from real lemons?   ❛
❛  You were like some desperate, howling demon. You frightened me. Do it again!  ❛
❛  I’m a homicidal maniac, they look just like everyone else.  ❛
❛  Are they dead?  ❛
❛  I’m going to electrocute him.  ❛
❛  But, Mother…  ❛
❛  I would die for her. I would kill for her. Either way, what bliss.  ❛
❛  When we first met years ago, it was an evening much like this. Magic in the air.   ❛
❛  You were so beautiful. Pale and mysterious.  ❛
❛  Don’t torture yourself, [ name ] . That’s my job.  ❛
❛  The human spirit, it is a hard thing to kill.  ❛
❛  To live without you, only that would be torture.  ❛
❛  I’ve smoked since I was five. Mother insisted.  ❛
❛  why I could just… eat you alive!  ❛
❛ This is all so humiliating. Why did I marry you?  ❛
❛  I’m beginning to think my brother truly is lost.  ❛
❛  Don’t be a baby. I know what I’m doing.  ❛
❛ So it can kill you.  ❛
❛  Haven’t you ever slaughtered anyone?  ❛
❛  I’ll never listen to you, never, ever again!  ❛
❛  You never really loved me!  ❛
❛  I’m blinded by such beauty.  ❛
❛ How can I compete? You’re twice the woman I am.  ❛

the values.

They had sex.  ❛
❛  Do you think that maybe someday you might want to get married and have kids?  ❛
❛ You have gone too far.  ❛
❛  You have destroyed his spirit, you have taken him from us. All that I could forgive. But… pastels?  ❛
❛ You have enslaved him  ❛
❛  He has my father’s eyes.  ❛
❛  Why are you dressed like that?  ❛
❛  We’re contagious  ❛
❛  It’s just, I wish I had more time to seek out the dark forces and join their hellish crusade.  ❛
❛  Be afraid. Be very afraid.  ❛
❛  So I-I killed. So I maimed. So I destroyed one innocent life after another.  ❛
❛  Don’t I deserve love and jewelry?  ❛
❛  You sent us to camp. They made us sing.  ❛
❛ None of you really believe in me, so I’ll have to prove my power.  ❛
❛ Would you die for me?  ❛
❛  Well, you have a black dress.  ❛
❛  I’m saying I want you dead and I want your money.  ❛
❛  Gimme a kiss.  ❛
❛ Gimme a twenty.  ❛
❛  Does he always do that with women he likes?  ❛
❛  Marvelous news. I’m going to have a baby. Right now.  ❛
❛  I love you dearly, but I can never see you again. ❛

there is one element of the end of rory’s story that i feel really glad about the more i think about it. rory did end up with one of her true loves (her first true love!), BOOKS. i just love the thought of her as a book writer – it rings so true to me for her spirit in a way that journalism never quite did. and i really like the idea that, kind of like with harvard, rory found that her lifelong dream was actually a stepping stone to the place where she was supposed to be.

i also love that her book writing started with writing about her family. i love the whole plotline’s jo march-ian roots, and i love how it weaves together the two elements of rory’s beautiful speech from the season 3 finale:

I live in two worlds. One is a world of books. I’ve been a resident of Faulkner’s Yoknapatawpha County, hunted the white whale aboard the Pequod, fought alongside Napoleon, sailed a raft with Huck and Jim, committed absurdities with Ignatius J. Reilly, rode a sad train with Anna Karenina and strolled down Swann’s Way. It’s a rewarding world, but my second one is by far superior. My second one is populated with characters slightly less eccentric, but supremely real, made of flesh and bone, full of love, who are my ultimate inspiration for everything. Richard and Emily Gilmore are kind, decent, unfailingly generous people. They are my twin pillars, without whom I could not stand. I am proud to be their grandchild. But my ultimate inspiration comes from my best friend, the dazzling woman from whom I received my name and my life’s blood, Lorelai Gilmore.

you’re gonna do good, kid. <3

Common place knowledge on Nyx

The Goddess Nyx, also known as Nux, Nox or Night is a primordial Greek goddess who is the personification of the essence of night and darkness. She is an ancient goddess of Night thus the meaning of her name. She is considered to be one of the most powerful divine beings who was born of the cosmic being, Chaos. Ancients believed that before the universe was created there existed only a void of “chaos” that was black and silent. From this “chaos” Nyx emerged into existence. She is often depicted as a great black winged spirit or seen riding in a chariot, trailing stars and bringing the night behind her, accompanied by her sons Hypnos and Thanatos. Nyx has always been presented as a figure of exceptional power and beauty. She who lives in the shadows of the world, only ever seen in glimpses by mortal eyes. According to myth, Nyx had conceived from the wind and laid a silver egg in the darkness (the upper part of the egg representing the sky and the lower section was the earth) She could be helpful or harmful to mortals, bringing either sleep or death with her. Nyx has many children. Most of her children represent the ‘darker’ aspects of humanity, such as the Three Fates, Nemesis, Sleep, Death, Doom, Misery, Deceit and Strife. Nyx possesses prophetic powers and is known to be affiliated with owls and bats. Her planet is the moon and the best time to connect with her is on Mondays, especially around Yule. Nyx is associated with the night; the color black; eggs and birth. Nyx is of good to call upon when you need to find yourself, reclaim lost awareness of your truest nature, for protection, cleansing and fertility. Nyx also represents nightmares, mystery, dreams, darkness and night. It is recommended to call upon Nyx after sunset. She can be invoked her for psychic dreams and astral travel and for rituals at midnight or when it is a moonless night. Offerings to this goddess could include libations of water from a natural source such as a river or a lake as well as red wine, honey, or oil. 

Some of her correspondences include:

  • Part of the day: Night
  • Day of Week: Monday
  • Color: Black, Silver, Grey or White
  • Candle: White
  • Incense: Myrtle, Aloes and Camphor
  • Symbol: The Moon, 3 Stars and a Crescent Moon
  • Plants: Night Blooming Flowers
  • Metals: Silver
  • Fruits: Dragon Fruit
  • Foods: Eggs
  • Perfumes: White Poppy, White Rose and Wallflower

Her children were believed to be:

  • Aether - the god of air
  • Apate - the goddess of deceit
  • Dolos - the god of trickery
  • Eleos - the goddess of mercy
  • Epiphron - the god of prudence
  • Eris - the goddess of strife
  • Eros - the god of procreation
  • Geras - the god of old age
  • Hemera - the goddess of daylight
  • Hybris - the goddess of insolence
  • Hypnos - the god of sleep
  • Kharon - the ferryman for the dead
  • Momos - the god of ridicule
  • Moros - the god of doom
  • Nemesis - the goddess of retribution
  • Oizys - the goddess of misery
  • Philotes - the goddess of friendship
  • Sophrusyne - the goddess of moderation
  • Thanatos - the god of non-violent death
  • The Hesperides - goddesses of the evening
  • The Moirai - the fates
  • The Oneiroi - spirits of dreams
  • The Erintes - the furies
  • The Keres - goddesses of violent death

Nyx can be called forth for Cleansing, Protection, Awareness of self and fertility

Dear friends....

Whatever you are celebrating during these days, I wish you peace and all good things.  And if you are celebrating the birth of Christ into this beautiful, yet somewhat crazy and mixed-up world we live in, I wish you an ever-deepening awareness of the mystery of the Incarnation.

This is how the birth of Jesus Christ came about.
When his mother Mary was betrothed to Joseph,
but before they lived together,
she was found with child through the Holy Spirit.
Joseph her husband, since he was a righteous man,
yet unwilling to expose her to shame,
decided to divorce her quietly.
Such was his intention when, behold,
the angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream and said,
Joseph, son of David,
do not be afraid to take Mary your wife into your home.
For it is through the Holy Spirit
that this child has been conceived in her.
She will bear a son and you are to name him Jesus,
because he will save his people from their sins.â€&#157;
All this took place to fulfill
what the Lord had said through the prophet:
Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son,
and they shall name him Emmanuel,
which means God is with us.
When Joseph awoke,
he did as the angel of the Lord had commanded him
and took his wife into his home.
He had no relations with her until she bore a son,
and he named him Jesus.
Matthew 1:18-25

If I could, I would share with all of you some of the 120 dozen cookies we have baked.  One of my sisters is the master decorator - I just mix the dough and icing, and wash the dishes.  🎄🎅🎁

Reading the petals- a spiritual healing session for one of my youngest friends.

The petals told me who she was, a beautiful woman from the islands dancing in the dew of a rain forest.
A woman with a heart of love, a pink soul as beautiful as a flower. We can’t help but think a love goddess is within her. The fierce goddess of war paints her body with a golden armour, protecting the loving heart she carries.
But now she is a woman afraid of her own shadow, a spirit who has forgotten how to live. Her healer is here. The arms of Quan Yin are rescuing her, healers hands are mending her wounds so that her fighting spirit awakens.
Awake oh warrior soul, stand your ground once more. You are a goddess. Live your life with fearlessness.

Reading petals is great for spiritual healings. They have a vibration that is so gentle, so as a tool for divination they wont cut at painful spots like tarot cards can. I reserve it for readings and spiritual healing sessions when I can sense someone is particularly sensitive.

Petals can be read by picking blends of dried flowers and sprinkling them over a flat surface. Then you read the patterns in the petals and energies they show you. I’ll include the recipe I use below.

1 part Rosemary needles for past life recall
1 part dried dandelions for psychic ability
1 part Jasmine flowers to give loving energy and promote calm

Sprinkle over flat surface and interpret your messages!


happy 23rd birthday to kim yura, rap god and pabo extraordinaire. girl’s day wouldn’t be as fun and lively without you. you’re so beautiful inside and out, and i’ll never stop admiring you for your hard work and strong spirit. whether it’s art, singing, rapping, or having a good time, you never cease to amaze me! ♡ #HappyYuraDay ♡

anonymous asked:

You read that they might turn Carrie's house into a museum? I don't know how much truth there is to it but I'd visit it even though I'm sure I'd be in tears just past the gate. Her house is filled with HER, it doesn't matter whether it has been 3 months or 3 years, she lived vehemently in that house, her spirit would just be a slap in the face in addition to her possessions that are proof of who she is.

I haven’t heard of that at all! Which is sort of crazy because I was talking to @mlder about it the other day. It would be amazing if they did that. Her house has such an amazing essence. Debbie’s too, though Debbie’s is much more… Hollywood history while Carrie’s was about her and the things she saw and lived and the people who were a part of her life. It’s a beautiful idea, IMO, if they do that. I’d definitely go there when I visit LA.

one day, link figures it out.

he’s standing in the kitchen in a soft grey t-shirt and blue checkered boxers, a mug of coffee in his hands that for once, isn’t black and orange. his hair is sticking up all over the place, his eyes are crusty and swollen from dreaming, and he’s not wearing glasses. it’s about six am. this half of the world is waking. the city is rousing.

christy pops in the kitchen, wraps her arms around his body from behind and kisses him on the cheek. he grunts his appreciation, still half asleep. she just laughs at him, ruffles his hair, takes a yogurt from the fridge, and disappears again.

he loves her.

he knows this because he knows the way he catches himself looking at her, the way she makes him feel warm and safe and happy, the way they worked through their problems and now live a beautiful life with three equally beautiful children. he admires her spirit and strength and adores her for how she supports him, encourages him to make what he wants of his life. she’s gorgeous, prettiest face in the whole world, and one of the only people he’s really desired. she feels like home, smells like a memory, and touches like a dream. this is how he knows he loves her.

this is also how he knows he loves rhett.

it’s this morning, eyes on the blurry silver horizon, windows creaking in the morning breeze, christy puttering around the living room, hand around a cooling mug, when he realizes.

he realizes that both his wife and his best friend are the two most important people in his life, which he knew, but now he realizes that he loves them in the same way. 

both of them make him feel like home, tie him to his roots, and bring him into calm when he’s anxious. both of them make him laugh and smile in a way nobody else can, make him tell his best jokes, his stupidest puns, even when it’s his job to be silly, to be funny, and sometimes he’s worn out and wrung dry. they build him up and tell him he’s powerful and strong and capable in the same moment they can both have him quivering on his knees for forgiveness or mercy because they have such hold over his heart. they’re the only two people to prickle his skin, raise heat in his cheeks, bring blood to his lap. they’re the only two people who exist in his dreams, dancing around each other and with him like matching silhouettes, both beautiful, slender, and blond. they’re the ones with sparkling eyes and pretty mouths, with hands that touch his shoulders and waist so soft, so gentle. they love his children, his humor, his creativity. they take him for what he is, know him better than anyone and remind him of all the good parts of himself when he feels like there’s nothing but mistakes. they love him, they’re in love with him. and he’s in love with them too.

and when he realizes this, when he’s forgotten to blink and everything makes sense, when the thirty-odd years catch up to now in a flash of memory and color and feeling, christy’s there again, lips on his cheek, arms ‘round his waist.

“what are you thinking about?” she asks. the sky is turning blue now.

“rhett,” he says.

link can feel her smile against his neck, hair spilling over his shoulder. “he’s a good guy,” she says, voice so honest, breath so warm. “i love him a lot.”

and link then knows. he knows he can have them both.

“i love him too.”


Let us tell an old story anew, and we will see how well you know it. Once upon a time, there were two kingdoms that were the worst of neighbors. So vast was the discord between them that it was said only a great hero or a terrible villain might bring them together. In one kingdom lived folk like you and me, with a vain and greedy king to rule over them. They were forever discontent, and envious of the wealth and beauty of their neighbors. For in the other kingdom, the Moors, lived every manner of strange and wonderful creature. And they needed neither king nor queen, but trusted in one another. In a great tree on a great cliff in the Moors lived one such spirit. You might take her for a girl, but she was not just any girl. She was a fairy. And her name was Maleficent.

I made up my mind. 

To live with it you know?

That I will be forever alone in this physical space. 

That I will never have someone who gets it. 

Friends that will truly understand it. 

I’m alone but not alone. 

That's the beauty in it. 

I know that I am alone but I am not. 

I have God. 

I have her. 

My mom. 

Their spirits are with me. 

They are with me in the night when I cry. 

They are with me when I fight. 

They are just with me. 

So whenever I feel lonely that is the just the feeling. 

A feeling that will fade once I think of them. 


“Don’t fall in love with a woman who reads, a woman who feels too much, a woman who writes…
Don’t fall in love with an educated, magical, delusional, crazy woman. Don’t fall in love with a woman who thinks, who knows what she knows and also knows how to fly; a woman sure of herself.
Don’t fall in love with a woman who laughs or cries making love, knows how to turn her spirit into flesh; let alone one that loves poetry (these are the most dangerous), or spends half an hour contemplating a painting and isn’t able to live without music.
Don’t fall in love with a woman who is interested in politics and is rebellious and feel a huge horror from injustice. One who does not like to watch television at all. Or a woman who is beautiful no matter the features of her face or her body.
Don’t fall in love with a woman who is intense, entertaining, lucid and irreverent. Don’t wish to fall in love with a woman like that. Because when you fall in love with a woman like that, whether she stays with you or not, whether she loves you or not, from a woman like that, you never come back.” ॐ <3

― Martha Rivera-Garrido

be careful you tell him
you whisper 
against his lips
and your hands
fit so
so perfectly into his;
your kindred spirit
must have felt the exact
same way
when she sent
her beloved
her heart
into the slaughter;
but the war will not
come for you
the sweet
sweet escape of death
will not end your suffering;
you must live on
you beautiful 
for who else
will console your father
when he brings about
another slaughter?
—  please, be careful, oh god, just be careful 

She is captivating.

When I can’t trace her skin with my fingers because of the miles in between us i look up into the darkness to find home- stardust across the night sky the same way the universe has sprinkled it across her face. a beautiful destruction of my own ability to see anyone but her.

She is captivating.

She has only caught my eye once- and since then i never stopped looking. her wild hair mirrors her spirit and watching it dance between the sheets whilst we make love is what i live for.
she is captivating.

I sense her jealousy sometimes and its nowhere near as bad as mine but how could she believe that i see anyone but her. there are billions of people in this world and she is the only one i my eyes have ever fixated on.

She is captivating.

I want to carry her eyes and her smile on a life we create together in my stomach for 9 months just to be able to show her what it’s like to hold something as beautiful as her, just to prove to her how my heart skipped a beat when I first heard her laugh.

She is captivating.

How perfect it is to know that even when i am old- the majority of the wrinkles on my withering skin will have been a result of smiling with a beautiful woman like her, tiny details all over my body, like tattoos of our lifetime together.
She is captivating, and I will be hers, always.

Vila is a Slavic name for female spirits or nymphs who can appear in a plethora of different variations. Some live in clouds, meadows, ponds, trees or even high up in the mountains and their appearance can be either almost human-like as beautiful maidens with long white hair, nearly translucent skin and green eyes or they can be similar to ghosts, see-through and with billowing cloaks wrapped around their bodies. 

It is said that if even one of their hairs is plucked, the Vila will die, or be forced to change back to her true shape. A human may gain the control of a vila by stealing a piece of the vila’s skin. Once burned, though, she will disappear. Though they seem deceptively frail, vilas are fierce warriors skilled in combat and will attack lone travellers. However, offerings of cakes, flowers, fruit and
ribbons might win their favour. 


Much love from Hever from me (I talked to a woman named Amy that worked there and is also a huge Anne fanatic and she said I should get a job there and that they’d love to have me cause I know my stuff on Anne and now I’m like ??????). It is very very beautiful!

You weren’t allowed to take pictures inside the castle but I managed to take some anyway.

The kids were playing and laughing in the maze and on the green while the sun shone and I thought about how Anne would’ve been happy to see that.

When we arrived at the castle there was a single white dove flying around the moat (and I’m not really a big believer in spirits and all of that) and it made me a little bit hopeful that her soul lives on there.


Rest in paradise, Linda McCartney ♡ [September 24, 1941 - April 17 ,1998]

17 years ago today, on April 17, 1998, we lost a beautiful human being to a brave but difficult battle with cancer. Linda McCartney may have physically left us but her spirit and her legacy lives on forever. In the words Paul, “The world was a better place for having known her.” and I couldn’t agree more. Linda had a heart of gold. She loved her family to death and always did everything she could to protect them. She loved nature, music, photography, cooking, and of course, she loved animals. She often said she preferred spending time with her animals than going out to socialize at parties and such. There are dozens upon dozens of things that I love about this woman but one of my very favorites would have to be how much she never cared about what people thought about her. Linda was never fake, she never pretended to be someone else to please the crowd. She was 100% herself and that’s what made her extraordinarily beautiful. She was so natural, so gentle and kind. Shes the definition of natural beauty to me. And I don’t mean just physically beautiful I mean her soul and her heart too. She was beautiful inside and out. Linda, wherever you are right now I hope you are smiling. I may be just a random person but you mean the world to me and I will forever love you to death…because you’ve just been such an inspiration and role model to me. You’ve helped me surpass my fears and my insecurity. You influenced me in photography and vegetarianism. But above all, you taught me how to be selfless and kind to others. I love you so much, I always will.
Rest in paradise, my Queen. -Desi xxxx

Suffering and Growth

‘Every one of us has our story, and in that story there is suffering. Suffering is terrible, but a story without suffering is dull. The word ‘spirit’ has something to do with the way we encounter adversity. A spiritual life should be a spirited one. The planet on which we live is beautiful, a kind of paradise. Yet, in the midst of the most amazing blessings, grief falls like an unexpected hail storm on a summer day, or like a winter of unexpected severity. Nor is it just the moment of injury that hurts. The pain goes on. The mother who loses a child may mourn for he rest of her life. The losses and separations that we all encourage mark us and make us. Nobody is truly mature who has not suffered.’

- David Brazier, The Feeling Buddha.

The Empowered Woman, she moves through the world
with a sense of confidence and grace.
Her once reckless spirit now tempered by wisdom.
Quietly, yet firmly, she speaks her truth without doubt or hesitation
and the life she leads is of her own creation.

She now understands what it means to live and let live.
How much to ask for herself and how much to give.
She has a strong, yet generous heart.. and the inner beauty she emanates truly sets her apart.

Like the mythical Phoenix, she has risen from the ashes and soared to a new plane of existence, unfettered by the things that once that posed such resistance.

Her senses now heightened, she sees everything so clearly.
She hears the wind rustling through the trees;
beckoning her to live the dreams she holds so dearly.
She feels the softness of her hands and muses at the strength that they possess. Her needs and desires she has learned to express. She has tasted the bitter and savored the sweet fruits of life, overcome adversity and pushed past heartache and strife.

And the one thing she never understood, she now knows to be true, it all begins and ends with You. —Sonny Carroll