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Crystal Dynamics

You are doing something wrong when…

this girl:

this girl:

and even this girl:

are more badass than your “Lara Croft”:

or whatever that is….


“Hmmm I Can’t Say I Know Anybody By That Name @procrastinatorproductions ~” Bendy Sports An UnComfortable Smile And Twitches With A Chuckle. “But It Does Ring A Bell… Hmmm… Alice… ”

Day 15- Age

Ahsoka Tano is 42 when she realizes she isn’t getting any older.

rating: g

pairings: none

word count: 2333

(read on ao3)

This one fought me all day because I wanted it to be perfect. This is a concept I’ve been thinking of for a very long time.

It was a realization that took a while to sink in, one that had been slowly dawning for quite some time. One that perhaps, subconsciously, she’d known for years, but didn’t want to think about. Every time the whispers entered her head, hissing suspicions, she pushed them aside in favour of new missions, new knowledge, new distractions, anything but the one truth she did not want to face.

But she could not run from it forever.

It was a cold day on Chandrila when Ahsoka Tano looked into the mirror and accepted that she was no longer getting any older.

It was now undeniable. At age 42, she was supposed to have more stripes twisting down lekku that should have been longer. Signs of aging should have begun to line her face. Her montrals were far too short.

The only thing old about her was her eyes.

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ever-waning, our lady of the woods,

flittering along the echoing chambers

of night

magnolia, her gaze, a pale branch of seed

where the full moon wakes & lightbringer

venus stirs from her blue sleep

this is faith, the dark extension of day,

the fields of sheer ice in midnight sun

I feel the separateness between me and

all other things

the wood’s chestnut impermanence sings

I do injury, I slake the thirst of water

for horehound & winterlight

Venus, star of early evening, to you I

dedicate my sight, my voice

planes of slack mouth among the bloodleaves

of autumn’s whim

I call you from the netherworld,

I speak to you in dreams

over & over, the sighs among the dark

willow trees

it is the time of waiting,

immense silence

the glorious, abiding gone

and I think, how could I stay here?

the earth defeats me

my lady is gone

her soul is weeping, wounded and small,

prowling the low and complicated grasses

of the nowhere-field

O, days of no body, blooms of silver blanket

the vacant moon

let me hold & tell you

of the languishing wind, the shadow & ash

of her ocean, the dark shore of her brow

come, girls of the sequoias and the fields,

bray your dark time against the

white-curtained sea

be all that belongs to me

let me die here in my bed,

the wilderness of red in my dreams

I am the one that loves you –

Rosegarden Soulmates!AU

This was inspired by @squadrongal’s wonderful art here! thank you for all your delightful encouragement!

Also I should definitely mention that the epilogue in this story is a blatantly obvious nod to @feynites looking glass , an absolutely marvelous dragon age Solavellan story that deserves all the nods and references in the world. Some of the paragraphs used in the epilogue are extremely similar to Fey’s story, so if you liked it and are into DA then you should definitely check her out.

Happy reading!

Ruby sits alone and stares at the words on her forearm.

Her soulmark was nothing like her father’s brilliantly bold and angular words, etched onto his back in angry red jotting, looking more like open wounds than an emblem of love. Nor is it like Yang’s, scribbled elegantly in striking black and twining around her right arm in what looks like a beautiful dance between shadows.

silver eyes

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Black Eyed Monster - Hour Eight (final part)

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Series Masterlist 

Summary: The final stages of the demon cure are taking place…

Request: No

Pairing/Characters: Dean x Demon!Reader, Dean x Reader, Sam Winchester, Castiel, Crowley, Random demons

Word Count: 2055

Warnings: angst, fluff, injections of blood, violence, threat of life, drinking, language

A/N: last part omg :(( i loved writing this series for you guys! 

Castiel had his weapon ready and prepared in case something could go wrong. Sam was the same way with a devil’s trap gun in his hands. Dean on the other hand had nothing, but the purified human blood. (Y/N) was still passed out and the boys were pleased, it being much easier than to hold her down. Dean walked over to the table where the kit was placed. Dean picked up the final syringe. The needle that would end it all.

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Queen of Hell

So @royalrowena and I have been discussing this for like a day and a half

Even if Lucifer killed Rowena “permanently” he made no efforts to deal with her soul. Which would have gone straight to Hell. Lying, cheating and murdering would send her there real fast. (Assuming Chuck doesn’t decide he wants his guilty pleasure back). I digress.

Crowley is at this point not returning, and I think even if he did, he was pretty weary with ruling Hell. Lucifer at this point seems to have no interest in Hell. So for the right kind of person, Hell is ripe for the taking. I happen to think Rowena is the right kind of person.

I don’t think she’d have any qualms about becoming a demon. She’d probably embrace the change actually. We know she hates all things weak, and a demon is stronger than a human. Both emotionally and physically. We know she feels guilty for some things and mourns Oskar, but despises that vulnerability. Being turned into a demon would eliminate that. A demon who also happens to be the most powerful witch in the world? She’s practically unstoppable. We already know what a dangerous and wonderful combination that was in Ruby. Imagine the new levels with Rowena. As a brief aside, we know there’s spells to preserve and recreate meatsuits, so we could have the wonderful @ruthieconnell back…just with black contacts. Pretty sure Rowena could be vain enough to preserve her own body.

She’s also got a few really good reasons to want to take over Hell. For one, we know she thought Crowley’s methods weren’t good enough. I think even if he were dead she’d still have a desire to prove herself more competent than him. Secondly, she’s got a Hell of a vendetta (pun intended) against Lucifer, but is now pretty conscious that she can’t take him out herself. Having Hell at her disposal would provide an army to both attack Lucifer and to protect herself from him. 

There’s probably also a good chance the demons would respect her as a leader, at least more than they respected Crowley. Remembering that one of their criticisms of him was that he’d been Rowena’s bitch. There was also that moment back in s10 when she suggested splitting the demon in half who dared complain to Crowley. So the demons know she’s ruthless. Chances are whispers of how manipulative she is circulated too. Which I reckon demons would respect. I think they may also defer to her over Lucifer, or there at least is an argument for them doing so. Even though she was killed by him, she would have returned both times. Plus it’s pretty obvious Rowena was the only person on Earth Lucifer perceived as a genuine threat. Which puts her in an extraordinarily powerful position. If the devil is afraid of this witch, than the demons should be too, and they’d obey what they fear.

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Intrigue. My forever will spend the rest of her life wondering how. How her mind has been set free by her Sir. She has been taken to a different time and place. Her mind forever bent from tasting pleasures that could only be imagined. The world she new is forever gone. Her soul has been awakened and her mind set free. She will forever seek that next level of pleasure. Always long for something new and never be able to satisfy that craving for more.

Dean Winchester X Daughter!Reader- Back in Black (Part 2)

Part 1

Word Count: 973

Warning: Descriptions of pain, torture, etc., ANGST

Laying still on the floor, your arms shook as you held yourself.  The pain was subsiding, but you knew what that meant.  You were almost a full-fledged Knight of Hell, and after that Lucifer would turn you into something else.  He drolled on and on about what he’d do to you, making you more powerful than him.  It didn’t make any sense to you, why would he make you more powerful than him, an archangel?

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Let me tell all of you how my soul departed from my body today. I work with kids, and this little 6-year-old wants to watch some My Little Pony videos. So she pulls them up and they’re fucking inflation videos. She doesn’t know this. She just thinks they’re My Little Pony videos. Her mother doesn’t know this. A content warning popped up on one, so I tried to have the girl hand me the tablet so I could get out of there.

But this girl insisted it was fine. And her mother recognized it as a video the girl has seen before. So it’s okay. Thankfully, it didn’t have anything explicit except for some comments saying how sexy it was. I am so glad this girl does not read the comments.

Because let me tell you.

I will not be the one to explain inflation videos to her mother.

So my soul has gone somewhere, and this little girl thankfully has no idea at all.


It's My Duty (Soul Eater AU! L)

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Type: Angst Fluff

Request: i’m sorry for asking, but do you write for infinite? because if you did, it won’t be really cool to do that soul eater au for myungsoo or sungjong

“I just hate going out on cold nights” Myungsoo spoke as he pulled his large puffy black jacket close to him “I’ll make sure the kishin knows that when we meet them” you say as your warm breath creates a cloud in the air. Of course you agreed with his statement but you weren’t going to complain about it. He shoved you lightly “you’d rather be home surrounded by girls?” you teased as you walked backwards “you know I would hate that more than anything” he responded as he scrunched into his jacket more. You sighed as you turned back around and you were walking beside him once more. “You know if you hated being partnered with someone why did you agree to be mine?” you asked him as he scoffed. “Really this question again?” he asked “you are from a family of the best of the best, I’d be a fool to turn down the offer plus you were the first girl who didn’t sit there and drool all over me” he told you. 

Soon a scream filled your ears as Myungsoo shared a look with you and you two took off running. You were soon met with the dead body of a young woman laying there in a pool of blood and you instantly knew her soul was gone. A feeling came over you as a harsh collision of metal on metal took over. You turned quickly as Myungsoo held his normal straight face before you met with the horrid face of the kishin that tried to attack you from behind, you jumped back getting into position “L!” you called as he jumped and quickly transformed into his weapon form of a ōdachi. Your hands gripped his handle tightly  “are you ready?” you asked him “make it quick” he teased as you rolled your eyes knowing he was a piece of work but he was your piece of work to deal with.


Myungsoo sighed as he held the bright red soul in his grip, he winked as the soul was soon absorbed into him. He smiled as his arm was thrown around your shoulder “not your fastest but still very good” he hummed as you two began your journey back to your means of transport. “Something still seems off” you say as he scoffs “you just feel guilty cause that girl is dead” he told you as you shook your head no. He pulled you close to him as you guys continued walking. “We need to hurry anyways Dongwoo would leave without us if he could” he told you jokingly but at the same time it would be very true as he could leave you with ease knowing that you would get home safe at the end of the day. 

By the time you got to the car you turned around as you went to get into the passenger side. Your eyes went wide as a blade went to strike down when a figure soon covered you with their body taking the whole blow onto themselves. “L!” you yelled as he winced in pain above you “looks like you were right” he groaned as he collapsed forwards. You clutched him closely as you rolled over so he was pressed onto the ground you would receive the next blow yourself. But it never came as you soon heard the kishin let out a scream, you glanced over to see Sungjong there holding his bow with a bright orange arrow of wavelength and it was still in position before a squeal left it and Dongwoo soon emerged smiling “ah we totally saved your butt” he laughed as you glanced down at Myungsoo “Myungsoo” you say as you used his real name patting his face as fear came over you “Myungsoo” you repeated as you were pulled away by Sungjong “he’s not alright is he?” he asked as your face gave him the answer he needed. 


“Don’t be stupid like that. Saving me doesn’t make you a hero or anything” you joked sadly as you squeezed your school skirt tightly in your hands as you looked at Myungsoo’s sleeping form. He had many gifts surrounding him from all the concerned girls from school and you had been basically getting hate mail since it happened. “You are so much work” you tell him as your eyes watered feeling guilty you put him in this position. “Are you really going to cry?” he asked as you looked up to see his one eye open and he was looking at you.

You gave him a look as he sat up and with in seconds your arms were around him as he hissed in pain. “Why would you do something so foolish?” you asked him as he scoffed. “Myungsoo I’m being serious” you say as as he looked down at you as you were still clung to him. His cheeks warmed as he sighed “because its my job. I’m your weapon, I take the blows so you stay safe” he spoke as you guys held eye contact before you hand collided with his chest. He groaned as he looked at you “don’t ever be so foolish again. This is an equal agreement-” he wrapped his arms around you as he leaned his head onto your shoulder. “I’m a weapon you are my Meister. I will protect you above myself, get it?” he says before pulling you back.

His arm changed “glad to know I’m still all good. Just going to be scarred for life” he jokes as you looked down. He cupped your chin “I’m fine Y/N. Don’t worry” he says shaking your face. “I’ll be up and ready for the next battle soon so don’t worry” he smiled as he lightly leaned back. “Well be just as kick ass as before” he hummed as he closed his eyes again.


“Welcome back L” a girl in your class spoke as she placed a baked good in front of your weapon. “Thanks” he mumbled as you two sat in class. “Looks like I don’t have to cook” you say as he rolled his eyes “I don’t trust this” he whispered to you as you leaned on your hand. “Welcome back though” you say resting your hand on his, he looked at it before he squeezed it lightly allowing it to stay in your grip cutely. “Are you guys finally together. Maybe your wavelengths would completely flow together” Sunggyu said from his spot beside you as he casually leaned on his hand “please L date someone that’s gold” his partner Woohyun spoke.

Myungsoo made a face as his arm wrapped around you leaning closer to them. “She’s the best for me no? Partners always have your back. You know you two would look real fine together now that I think about it” Myungsoo clicked his tongue as he smiled as their cheeks reddened. “I care for my meister she’s the best of the best and I am just the loyal weapon” he hummed as he leaned back in his seat. You smiled at him as his hand was now over yours squeezing as he head to say he liked the feeling.

That’s your partner. Sarcastic, occasionally kind, protective, and secretly enjoys your touch on him.

His Win (Alternate ending)

“You…you won’t find her, Ichigo,” she whispers.

“You don’t know that,” he argues as he walks away from her.

“He absorbed her! She’s gone! Her soul is gone forever!”

He pauses, and he clenches his hands into fists before forcing himself to relax.

“I’ll find her,” he vows.

“Please, Ichigo. Give up. Go home. Your family misses you.”

“I’m not going back without her.”

“I-ichigo, please!” Rukia pleads in a teary voice. “Inoue wouldn’t want this for you!”

He spins around to glare at his friend.

“What the hell do you know what she wants?!” She flinches at his yelling. “And why the hell should I care about what she wants?! Huh?! She didn’t care about what I wanted! She just…” He squeezes his eyes shut in pain.

“I know it hurts, Ichigo. I know you miss her, and I know you blame yourself, but doing this, searching for her, it’s not going to change anything. She’s never coming back.”

He opens his eyes, and he looks at her. She’s crying. She’s upset. And he just doesn’t care. Not when everything in him is in pain.

“You don’t get it, Rukia.”

“Then explain it to me!”

He smiles at her, and he feels it. He feels how disturbed and broken it is. How destroyed he is.

“We saved the world, Rukia. We defeated him. We won.” He takes in a deep breath that stings his throat. “We won.” He repeats, his voice cracking.

“Ichigo,” she tries to comfort him.

“You know, if she asked…if she just asked what I wanted…she would be here, and everyone else wouldn’t be.”

She has no retort. No words. Nothing to offer him.

So he turns around, and he walks and walks deeper into despair.

Bloody bites || 5

pairing: yoongi x oc x jungkook

description: vampire!au, magic background, prey hunting, story takes place in the Early Modern Europe, between the 16th and 17th century.

genre: vampire

word count: 1.4k

Bloody bites: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12

the hungry one - chapter 5

Jungkook left the room and I felt like a burden was crushing on my chest. The information I was given was too much to process right now given the situation I must be staying in the castle everything happened and much worse, the master bedroom should be the place the death of King took place. I did not want to think about anything else. I needed Jungkook to come back and comfort me. His embrace would make me feel safe.

I sat on the edge of the bed awaiting for Jungkook to come with the towels he told me he would bring. A few minutes later, he came back with some towels in his hands and a large bucket of water. He must be really strong because the bucket seemed really heavy.

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Let's be real though, a Marco death scene would actually work really well. The death of Marco would be the final push Star needs to dip down deep and defeat Eclipsa. We saw that it took herself dying to finally defeat Toffee and to achieve the Butterfly form. If Marco dies, it forces her to truly dig deep since her soul mate will be gone. From a cinematic perspective, killing Marco would be a great way to grow Star and develop the plot. I don't really see any reason why they shouldn't do it!

GOd i thought we moved on,, ANYWAYS