her son is so cutee


Regina & Henry | All The Little Things: Like Mother, Like Son part 2 | (Part 1)

it’s so weird to me that madeline miller decided to make thetis the mean bitter homophobic parent when in the iliad thetis was the original helicopter mom whose entire goal was My Son Must Be Happy 

so basically what i’m saying is that there should be a lot less of angry thetis forbidding achilles to see patroclus and a lot more of thetis telling patroclus all of achilles good qualities over dinner because her son has a little crush and it’s so cute!! and loudly leaving them alone together while she’s out shopping and hugging patroclus awkwardly and telling him that he’s so good for achilles because she loves her son, but she’ll admit he’s a little ah, spoiled sometimes, and it’s good for him to have someone in his life that can say no to him

basically imagine thetis being the world’s best, if most over-involved mom, aka canon iliad thetis

My Feelings Are... (Closed)


These little cupids flying around are just as bad a mosquitoes that don’t seem to leave you alone. Coming out of no where and biting you in the arm, that just gives an itchy itch that won’t leave you alone for days. Sora was unlucky to experience the mosquito life in his islands, and isn’t fond of this strange experience that would just mess with his heart. Valentine’s Day was suppose to be a day to spend time with your love ones, not have this whole mess of fear to go outside. Maybe he could do something to get ride of them. Or hold them off for a while.

This wasn’t good. The more he thought about what to do, the more people in this city were getting shot by these arrows. And the more he continues to think, the less aware of his surroundings he becomes. Which did not give Sora the right amount of time to react to the arrow that shot the back of his head. “Ow– what was that?” Sora brought a hand up to his head, taking a moment to consider the possibility of him getting his with and arrow. “Oh, what do I do…” Sora looks around to see a familiar purple hair girl walking towards one of the stores. 

“Oh– Hey Mal!” Sora called out. Which was his first mistake, not realizing how this was going to affect his behavior around her. He couldn’t stop running towards her, his heart felt light, and happy to see her. What’s more was the sudden hug he couldn’t help but give to her. “I’ve missed you so much! It feels like it’s been ages since I’ve seen you.” Which replace the original question of, ‘Do you have  spell that can cure people from getting shot with these Cupid Arrows?’