her son is so cutee


Regina & Henry | All The Little Things: Like Mother, Like Son part 2 | (Part 1)

BaTB AU where Gaston survives the fall, is cursed by the Enchantress, but instead of falling in love romantically develops a purely platonic, unconditional love for a young girl who may or may not be his daughter with one of the Bimbettes or another woman in the village.

it’s so weird to me that madeline miller decided to make thetis the mean bitter homophobic parent when in the iliad thetis was the original helicopter mom whose entire goal was My Son Must Be Happy 

so basically what i’m saying is that there should be a lot less of angry thetis forbidding achilles to see patroclus and a lot more of thetis telling patroclus all of achilles good qualities over dinner because her son has a little crush and it’s so cute!! and loudly leaving them alone together while she’s out shopping and hugging patroclus awkwardly and telling him that he’s so good for achilles because she loves her son, but she’ll admit he’s a little ah, spoiled sometimes, and it’s good for him to have someone in his life that can say no to him

basically imagine thetis being the world’s best, if most over-involved mom, aka canon iliad thetis

I was in tumblr writing a post when my kitten decided to write one herself, enjoy it

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More screenshots because I still find it so friken cute!! 🙏💖💕💕 Also it was funny how they were throwing stuff at each other (I guess it was energy?? ) But I never noticed them doing that before. Maybe I just didn’t pay attention. XD I didn’t take a screenshot of it cause it comes and goes too fast.