her smug lil face

fight w/ papillon
  • papillon: im all powerful. there's no escape.
  • papillon: give me ur miraculous'
  • ladybug, standing in a beam of sunlight, kissed by the heavens. she's got one hand on her hip, her hair's blowing in some unknown wind. everyone's cheering, world peace is a reality, and she's doing that look of smug fearlessness across her rly cute lil bug face: no
  • papillon, dabbing his forehead: fu kc ssh//it . o ut smartted me aga in.... .d amn u lad ybb ug... .

alright but hear me out, lexa was chillin in the col for so damn long and all of a sudden she sees clarke gettin beaten up??? her heart must of been racing so fast and she dropped those candles she was abt to buy and zoomed over to her love to save her and be all cocky abt it with that smug grin and then as soon as clarke touched her lil face she melted into a thousand little pieces and just felt at home again, one more time, until she had to leave her love again- to be alone, perpetuating the ‘to be commander is to be alone’ and im so emo-