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How In The World...


Characters: Spencer Reid x OC (Joanna)

A/N: Posting for @bookofreid‘s writing challenge.

We all know Spence is the King of Chess, Poker (until the time he lost to Emily), and Gin (until he lost to JJ). But what about UNO? Hmmmm..

Plus UNO is one of my favorite games so of course I had to choose this one.

Picked the prompt #19:

“How did you lose at UNO of all games?”

Master List

Jo stared at the genius as he carefully looked his cards. She watched as he bit his lip and creased his eyebrows together. She could tell the gears were grinding inside his head as he went through all the potential outcomes each card would come with. Leaning back in her seat she smirked while laughing as she looked back at her cards.

“Your turn.” He spoke. Looking up over her cards, Jo saw that he laid down a red draw two card. He lightly smirked at her. Leaning forward she drew her two cards. Looking at the two cards she picked up she saw that one was a skip and a draw four which is also a wild card. She chuckled shaking her head. “What did you get?”

“Like I’m gonna tell you.”

“Oh come on.”

“Only thing you need to know is that you need to be careful.” Jo says winking at him. Jo only had four cards in her hand versus his six. In Jo’s hands were one blue skip, a red skip, a yellow number one and the draw four wild card. She knew if she laid down her blue or red skip if he laid down a blue or a red card than she could skip him twice, lay down her draw four wild card, change the color to yellow followed by laying down her yellow number one. If her plan went through as she hopes than she could finally say she beat the genius at the easiest game on planet earth and most possibly the universe.

Jo has been determined to beat the genius at the something. He was always checkmating her in chess within three moves. She’d get close but not close enough. This had to be her chance.

Watching Spencer look through his cards again she watched him closely. Trying to figure out what his next move would be. Not finding the right card in his group of six cards he reached for the center of the table and picking up a new card from the pile. Flipping over to look at it he laid it down on the table. Jo looked at it. A red number 3. Her smirk grew wider as she picked up the red skip. Laying it down on the discard pile she winked at him. “Not done yet.” She spoke before laying down her blue skip. “Still not done yet.” She could see Spencer’s jaw slightly dropping open as she pretended to decide what card to lay down next. Picking out the draw four wild card his jaw dropped open even more. “Oh and I’m changing the color yellow.”

“Oh you’re so dead.” He said growled through his teeth.

“Oh did I forget to say UNO!” Jo exclaims before laying down her yellow number one card. “I win.” Her smirk lingered on her face as Spencer jaw dropped even lower.

“But how..” He grabbed the cards and went through them. “There’s no way. How in the world…”

“Hey you made me draw two. Not my fault I got two good cards to use against you. Shouldn’t have laid that card down.” Jo leans back in the leather chair while chuckling. “Who’s the winner now?”

Luke popped up from his chair behind Spencer’s chair. “How did you lose at UNO of all games?”

“I-I-I-” Spencer stammered still trying to figure out the plays and the order the cards were placed in.

“He shouldn’t have laid down the draw two card.” Emily said keeping eyes glued to the book page in front of her. “Guess using math wasn’t the best strategy.”

“I think you broke him.” JJ said leaning over from across the aisle. “I haven’t seen him this confused since Emily beat him in poker.” Emily high fives JJ as they both laugh.

“UNO is like the simplest game to play ever. It’s all about matching numbers and colors until one player doesn’t have any cards left.” Jo explains. “You have to be smarter than the cards. Or in your case, your opponent.”

“I feel so stupid.” Spencer said as he laid the cards back down on the table.

“Now you know how we’ve all been feeling for the past decade.” JJ said giggling.

Jo lays her phone back in her lap and leans over the table to grab Spencer’s hands. He lifts his eyes to look at her. She gives him a small smile as she rubs her thumb back and forth on the top of his left hand. He smiles back before leaning forward to kiss her. How could he stay mad at the one person makes him smile? The pair hear grumbles and groans from the other team members as they look away and occupy themselves with something else. Jo giggles against Spencer’s lips before pulling away form him. Soon she sees pick up the cards again and look through them.

“Spence, put the cards away.” She says kicking his leg. “I want fair and square. Just accept the fact that I beat you.”

“But it’s bugging me. I have to know.” He says laying each card down in the order of which they placed in the discard pile. Rolling her eyes, Jo leaned back in her chair for the last time and covered her eyes with her sweater. There was no use in stopping him. He would never be able to accept the fact that she won fairly. He can sometimes be a sore loser.

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Favorite GIF Interactions [Part 2] : The Kai Special.

Yay! it’s that time again. Have you seen my 1st one? Well, this time it’s all about Kai. xD

Seriously! What’s the point of making one of these with out this moment?!:

Kai didn’t smile while they were going to the elevator, he was more reserved than the other members, but when his Black fan girl came beside him and said ‘Hi Kai’ to him he smirked at her <3 dead!

Kai and his manager asked a few of his fans for directions, but Kai just…. not paying attention to the directions. (the black fan was right beside him, that’s who he’s looking at).

Kai sneaking peaks and trying to play it off..but did it work? Nope, cause we ain’t stupid!:

When EXO’s Black fans came on the screen, Kai and Chanyeol seemed the most excited and Kai said EXO should hire the girls as a live audience every where they go. You HEAR THAT? Kai wants his Black fans EVERY WHERE THEY GO!

…But when the girls first came on the screen:

So this one, the Black girl was behind Kai’s shoulder, standing the closest at the back of him, 1st he was looking straight at the other fan, and then he turned his head and stared at the Black girl for a long time!  (what’s with that look?) xD:

At K-Con, Kai saw a group of Black fan girls waving to him and EXO so he slowed down and walked closer to their section and did a little dance for them (and did a body wave at the end of his little dance, being extra and lovely! we see you Kai!)


EXO waving goodbye and smiling to the fans! (xD Why is Kai hiding? and there’s D.O smiling hard, so sweet!)