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Sneak Peek

So I, much like many, are super in love with how geeked Emma is that Hook asked her to marry him. That girl is GLOWING. However it wasn’t all good and it bothered me for a couple reasons. 

#1- She’s standing there telling Snow “I have all I can deal with dealing with this Gideon situation and I just don’t think I can handle anything more.” She’s saying “My plate is full. My plate is SO full that I cannot add the wonderful thing that I’m so happy about to it.” Yet in walks Regina and her response to Emma’s declaration is, “Well you’re gonna have to.” Why? Why does Emma have to?You know why the Evil Queen is running around creating havoc? Because you used a serum and took her out of yourself and released her on the world. So now Emma needs to deal with her? Really. Honey, just clean up your own mess. Emma’s a little bit busy trying not to be killed by your former mentor’s lunatic son. (Shall we talk about how BOTH of Rumple’s kids have tormented Emma?) She needs to put aside her quest to NOT DIE because you can’t deal with the consequences of your actions? I get it, she’s the Savior. But you’re SUPPOSED to be her friend. You’re not supposed to be one of the ones that are always demanding more from her, even if it costs her everything.

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#2- Am I the only one that noticed Emma’s strained expression after she said Hook proposed. This girl is crazy excited…

but when she announces it and Regina says, “Emma” everything changes. 

Her smile becomes closed, her posture straightens, and the way I look at it she looks guarded and defensive. She’s unsure of what Regina is going to say and seems to be preparing herself to have to defend herself, much like she did when Hook was brought back by Zeus. Emma knows who, and what, Regina is and she knows that for the most part she is focused solely on herself. Much like Snow in the background who had a moment of happiness to focus on Emma but then as soon as Regina came in with another issue of her own making went back to focusing on an entirely preventable crisis. No one goes, “Well we don’t really know what the Evil Queen is up to so let’s continue being happy for a moment and we’ll worry about the rest later.” 

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How would Allen,Kanda,Lavi, and Tyki react to their s/o blushing very easily, since they were her first everything?

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  • Allen gets this little smile that says, “you’re my whole world,” every time you blush. He needs to stop what he’s doing and watch you become flustered as he continuously mentions how much he loves you.
  • He knows time can be a questionable subject for him, so he wants to make everything count for you. If being your first everything makes an impact on your life, he’s ecstatic.
  • He wants you to be happy and if that means showing you off to the world, then he’ll purposefully flatter you in public to make sure everyone knows that he can make you blush.
  • Kanda tries to hide it, but when you blush, it makes him blush, too. He has to divert his gaze from you just so he doesn’t turn into a cherry himself.
  • Kanda is also always worrying about what you’re comfortable with. He doesn’t want to say something wrong or do something you’re simply not ready for.
  • Considering Kanda’s personality, he doesn’t drop compliments or feelings around just anywhere or time, so when he does it’s ten times more affectionate. He has to be careful ‘less he wants you both to get embarrassed. If you compliment him back as well, he tries to scoff it off. But you can see the evidence of his blush.

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  • Lavi lives to see you blush. He takes every opportunity from simple flattery to some not-so-innocent flirting.
  • If Lavi can be your first everything, he’s more than thrilled. He gets have all you 100% and it only makes him that much more protective.
  • If someone else were make you blush, the man becomes high-key jealous. In fact, there have been a few times where he and another got into a war over who could flatter you better. Poor thing, you must’ve been dizzy with all that flattery.
  • Tyki takes it as a personal victory when he gets you to blush. As long as you still do, he knows you will still love him.
  • Tyki also loves being the one to show you everything he knows. He can be there through everything with you and he’s more than happy that he gets to be the one.
  • He doesn’t get overwhelmingly jealous, but he still wants to be the only one who can make you blush.
headcanon: naruto

so i don’t know if they would have used vows in their wedding, but imagine Naruto trying to write his if they did. imagine him pacing the room, practicing out loud the words he’d already written down, and then dramatically dropping to the floor to scratch them out because damn it they’re not good enough

imagine him carrying a little notepad around with him for an entire week, jotting things down and scribbling down a really good thought when it came to him in a moment of ah-ha! inspiration. maybe while he was walking with Hinata, or watching her prune and plant flowers, or seeing her pause to help someone while they were out shopping, imagine him just being repeatedly floored by her and ending up with a notebook full of one-liners and single thoughts on why he loves her and what she means to him.

imagine him sitting up at night trying to string everything together, to make it sound perfect and flow perfectly, instead of the choppy sentences he’d managed so far. imagine him getting frustrated and disappointed in himself, ripping the pages and angrily crumpling them up before throwing them into the growing pile in the corner. 

imagine him wishing Jiraya were around because damn that man may have been a perv but he could string words like no other. so maybe he goes to Iruka instead and paces in his living room, just rambling about Hinata and what she means to him, how he was in idiot all those years, how much he loves her and how he always, in some way he didn’t understand, always loved her and imagine Iruka writing it all down and the two piecing together the perfect vow for Naruto to recite tomorrow

now just imagine him standing before his beautiful beautiful bride and completely blanking on everything and just whispering “I love you”.

(he ends up reciting the vow to her later on their honeymoon)

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Jon Risinger x Fem!reader. Honestly don't think there is enough Risinger fic out there even though he is a beautiful motherfucker. Reader has a huge crush on Jon and he asks her to be On The Spot, he has a secret crush on her. Honestly, I have no idea (this is my first time making a request). If its all romantic and cute fluff with Jon, I will be happy.

A/N - No problem, friend, your prompt was AOK! I actually ended up combining this with another prompt I got from an anonymous user, seeing as they both asked for Jon fluff while on On The Spot. So the reason for the specifics of it being on Jon’s birthday and her getting him a gift come from there! I hope you and the anon prompter don’t mind sharing for this fic!

Pairing - Jon x Reader

Warnings - Swearing

Word Count - 1, 174

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(a hiddleswift fanfic)

We sat on the Adirondack chair on the second floor balcony of the beachfront house, the white woodwork of the railing in front of us, and the pebbled beach and the North Sea in the distance. A mild but decidedly cool breeze intermittently brushed over our skin, occasionally giving me goosebumps. The chilly air was a gentle reminder that it was still only February and it was still very much winter. The rain from earlier in the day had left the sky clear and the air clean, and the ability to see for miles. In the distance, a full moon was just barely peeking over the horizon.

Taylor leaned back into me, pulling the thick red and white patchwork quilt up to her chin and nestling into it.  

“You warm enough?”  I slid my hand from her shoulder down her arm, brushing over the top of her navy cable-knit sweater. My palm settled upon her hip so that I was hugging her body tightly to mine. She shifted and leaned back into my chest. “We can go inside,” I suggested.

“No, I’m good,” she assured me, and moved her hand atop mine. 

I felt Taylor’s head turn towards me as she spoke, and I looked at her. She smiled one of her smiles that says everything without a single word. This one said ‘I am a little bit cold, actually, but I really want to be out here with you looking at the water as the sun sets, and I’m really happy right now, so cuddle me close and keep me warm. Oh, and, PS I love you. A lot.’

If you’ve known someone like I know Taylor, then you know exactly what I mean by reading a smile.

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I love the difference.

Sanji goes running towards the Vinsmokes yelling for Reiju to get away! Chopper gently puts the earplugs in her ears and gives her a reassuring smile as if to say ‘everything is going to be alright’. Sanji sets her free.

As for Judge, Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji. Chopper and Sanji both glare at them as Sanji breaks them all loose, as if daring any of them to say a freaking word. Nami and Carrot just throw the earplugs at them, basically tell them they are in the way and figure it out for themselves because we aint got the time to deal with you dumb asses any longer.

In Between Memories

Why am I like this? Really why? So this was supposed to be a os for a prompt I got on wattpad but I’m a mess. So here have this. 

Summary: Sometimes running away to breath, even for a second seems like such a comforting idea but running away from your problems is never a wise choice, it  always brings you trouble. Trouble and a lot of pain. But beautiful things can always come.

She is tired, she is so tired, she has been tired since she got to this hell, since this woman pulled her away from her parents, from her country, from her life, since she has been forced to respond to a name that it’s not hers, since she can’t even do anything against it because her parents jobs and any future they have is in the line. Sharon is a powerful woman, powerful enough to win a lawsuit against her parents for ‘kidnapping’ when it wasn’t even their fault. Powerful enough that Luna just stays silent and puts a smile to her face to everything she says and does everything she wants her to and pretend that Sol Benson is who she truly is and not some little girl forgotten long ago that she never even knew.

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Title:  universe
Pairing: Song Minho/Reader
Summary: She had shown him the stars when his sky was all black.

No matter where he was, she was always his –and obviously, he was hers- and although it has only been a year since the two have been together, she could tell the different sides of Song Minho. He was lively, like the trees that start to blossom in spring and join in a silent party, where the flowers start to bloom and skirts with beautiful flowery patterns become the trend for a few months; but he was also quiet, heartbroken, like the winter and how the leaves fell, how our skin got drier and our lips trembled with anticipation. Even if we don’t like to think so, there’s beauty in both of his sides. She knows that when she sits on top of a rock, near the river that the two liked to visit when he –or she- wanted to get their minds out of everything. Minho throws a rock on the river, the water splashing up before continuing with its journey. His youth showed through his oversized clothing that had black all over it, contrasting the tall trees that surrounded them to hide their fears. She sighs softly when she notices the frown over his features and she stands up, placing her hands over her hips.

Minho was one thing…he thought weakness was something he didn’t need to feel. He didn’t want to feel weak because to him, he was useless when there was pain in his heart. Through everything, she tried to show him that he wasn’t at blame when things didn’t turn out right, but he remained deaf to her pleas. He sees his reflection on the river, seeing the bags under his eyes and the frown over his features. At that moment, her arms warp around his waist and she pulls him towards her chest, her lips finding her place on that spot of his neck that had him feeling relaxed and at the top of the world. Her hands are the comfort that he never got the shelter that protected him from all badness and her kisses were his medicine, his vaccine from everything that ever got him mad. His lips turn into a small smirk as he brings one of her hands up to the pillow-like feature and he kisses her knuckles as if he wanted her to hold him forever.

Hopefully, the upcoming years will last forever for them.

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Our Night (3x23 spec fic) Explicit

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How I think S3 should end… I hope you all like!

You can also read at: AO3 | FF.net


“You’ve got that sappy grin on your face again,” she said, her voice raised to be heard over the wind rushing past them.
“It is not sappy,” Oliver said, rolling his eyes, but the stupid sappy grin grew and she giggled. She giggled, and it was the most amazing thing he’d ever heard. “I’m too macho to be sappy.”

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I am sorry, but am I the only one who can’t imagine George with Angelina? Really, I just can’t imagine… I just can not see it… Actually I see in a different way.

I see George going to work after the Hogwarts Battle cause he and Fred worked hard to build Wealeys’ Wizard Wheezes and he should not give up right now. I just see he doing everything to make it work, specially because Fred would like that, cause his other half loved to make everyone happy, include him.

I just imagine one girl going to the Joke shop every Wednesday, looking at every little thing there, with a small smile on the face, and always buying something little.

I can see it. I can see George being curious about her, cause who was crazy enough to go to one shop and at same day, every week, and buy little things always. So one day, I know, you know, that he’ll have the courage he will walk to her, and with a big smile will ask if she needs anythings.

“Nothing” She would say with a small smile, passing her fingers in everything she can touch, like she had never been there before. Like it was her first time.

And then, I just know, that he would talk to her every Wednesday, and he would wait for it, he would imagine what they could talk about, or he would just imagine her smiling to him. That way, he would be falling in love with her. I know it.. 

And after some months he’d ask her to go out and she’d smile, not any smile but the most beautiful smile he ever saw. And when the day comes, he  will forget everything but her… 

When she arrives, he will lose it… Cause she is so beautiful in front of him that he just could not think about his brother. He couldn’t not think about what he would say if he saw her. What would Fred say if he could saw the girl with red dress and a nervous smile on the face? Maybe the girl could like more Fred than him…. And would the girl be able to say who is who if Fred was alive? 

And then, it’s happen, the girl just hugged him, the girl would just say to him that would be okay if he doesn’t want to go out and George would notice that she was the right girl. Maybe, not the right girl for ever, but for now… Oh, for now she was THE girls, The one, the perfect one.

George would take her to his house, and they would talk about everything, include Hogwarts. She would talk about how incredible he and his twin were. And that she really admire them so much. George would be so happy, even if it’s still hurts.

He would ask which house she belongs to and she would say that doesn’t matter and he would not care. Probably she would belong to Huffle-puff cause she was just so cool.

But in the end of the date, before she goes, before the kiss, she would say, in low voice, scared, the she belongs to Slytherin. She was in the house everyone hated. 

George would say nothing, would do nothing but see her going away. What could he say? She was in the same house than the person who killed his brother. 

And after weeks not seeing her, He would finally wake up and see that he likes her… That he wants her even if she is a Slytherin girl.

He would look for her and when he finds her, he would just kiss her and say with the biggest smile on the face “I want you to be the biggest rule I ever broke”.

I just can see it… It’s impossible to me not see it… I am sorry if you don’t agree… But to me, George would be with the Slytherin girl.


“You’re knocking it out of the park. Just go do it again.”

With You

For @novality

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Pairing: Klance, big surprise

Words: 2k

Rating: T

Warnings: None

Summary: Lance takes Keith home to meet his family.

Just to let you know, I didn’t translate, like, any of the Spanish. Also, Lance is Cuban and I only speak Mexican-Spanish. So. Let me know if I messed up anywhere. Go ahead and reblog.

“They’re gonna love you,” Lance assures, gravel crunching under their feet. The air is thick and hot and sweet, but Lance says it is always like this on the island, started talking about yellow mango and guava fruits from the moment they got here.

Keith lets out a shaky breath, nodding, although he doesn’t believe it at all. Not that he has much experience; not having a family kind of means you have no idea if one would like you.

“Ay, amor,” Lance says, turning around to look Keith in the eye. Since they touched down here, Lance has been speaking almost nothing but Spanish, and he’s barely spoken to anyone he knows yet. He says just being around it makes it all come back. “They’ll love you. They love everybody.”

“But I have no idea how to–” Keith pauses. “I don’t know, be in a family. Like that. I don’t–”

“Keith, tesoro, they will think you’re the best thing to ever happen to us.” Lance smiles slightly. “Alright? Don’t worry.”

Keith nods, biting at his lip. “Okay.”

“But watch out for Alma. She might try to take a bite out of you. Or she’ll ask you who tops, and she’s a sneaky one, alright, so just don’t respond when she says anything.”

“What?!” Keith all but squeaks.

“I’m kidding!” Lance amends, laughing. “Well, mostly. She will be nosy though. Don’t worry, Julia keeps her in line.”

Keith finds himself trying to remember the names; Julia’s the eldest sister. Then there’s Alma, and then Lance, and then the youngest, Luz.

“C'mon, champ,” Lance says, turning around again. “Let’s do this.”

When they knock, the door bursts open in an instant to reveal several smiling faces, some more devious than others, but most are purely innocent.

“Mamá!” Lance cries, hugging one of the older women, one of his moms, Keith realizes.

“Ay, is Pilar the only one who gets love from her only son now, eh?” the woman standing next to her asks.

Lance releases one mom and moves immediately on to the other. “Of course not, Mamí, don’t be silly.”

“This is Keith?” the one he thinks is Pilar asks, and Keith finds himself desperately trying to stutter out words.

“Yes, mamá,” Lance says, smiling and looking back at Keith likes he’s the prize pony Lance’s brought home with him.

Pilar is a little taller than her wife, her hair darker and sleeker, falling in a low ponytail. She smiles big. “Hello, you can call me Pilar,” she says, extending a hand. Keith shakes it nervously.

“She’d kiss you but Lance told us not to freak you out,” the shorter woman besides her chides.

“Ay, Carmen, don’t be rude,” Pilar chastises.

“Sí, sí, mi amor.” The woman laughs. “Pardón, I’m Carmen, Lance’s other mamita.” She pulls Keith into a brief yet bone-crushing hug, smiling all the while. Keith is finding in these recent months that he may have to adjust to cuddly people; he certainly sees where Lance gets it from now. Carmen is all tanned skin and smile lines around her eyes; her short, thickly curled, graying brown hair sweeping up around her face. “Lance, mijo, he’s so skinny! You’ve been feeding him up there, yeah?”

“Carmen,” Pilar all but growls. “Leave the boy alone.”

Carmen flushes as Lance puts a reassuring arm around Keith’s waist. “No, no, I didn’t mean–” she stutters. “You’re quite a handsome young man, Keith, we’re very lucky Lance found such a nice boy like you.”

“Well, he was always shit with the girls,” a voice from deeper inside says.

“Alma!” Carmen snaps, face suddenly morphing into something fierce as she looks back into the house.

“Mamí,” Lance laughs. “It’s fine, really. Let’s go inside so he can meet the girls.”

Carmen seems to calm at that, smiles, and nods; as they enter Pilar says she’s going to get things from the kitchen, and gives a little friendly wave. The dining room is large and open, so Keith can see Pilar getting bowls out in the kitchen, most likely for serving; the table’s already set. Three young women stand waiting for them, all smiling.

“I’m Julia,” one says, stepping forward to shake Keith’s hand. Her hair is darker than Lance’s, sleek like Pilar’s. She wears a blouse and denim skirt and is full of warmth, pressing a palm into his arm, resisting her no-doubt deeply ingrained urge to hug him.

“I’m Keith,” he says, actually managing to speak out loud.

“Lance said you were a handsome one,” she says, still smiling, and everything about her seems so painfully honest and whole. “I like the hair.”

“Thank you,” Keith stutters out, and Lance’s arm is around his waist again.

“I never lie,” Lance says, grinning.

“Mierda,” one of the other sisters says, her lips quirking. She has chocolate brown eyes and tightly curled hair much like Carmen’s. The little glint in her eye tells Keith this is probably Alma.

“Alma, be nice to your brother for once,” Carmen says. She exits the room to help Pilar in the kitchen, after much apologizing and lamenting that she has to step away from them for more than a few seconds.

“I am being nice,” Alma defends, even with her mother gone. “I’m being nice, right, Luz?”

Luz, the youngest, frowns up at her sister. Besides her sleek hair cut in a glossy bob around her chin and her shorter stature, she’s almost the spitting image of Lance. She looks back up at the two of them, unconsciously mirroring Alma’s folded arms. “Lance said you were cute. Keith, right?”

Keith nods, feeling his stomach twist a bit.

“When’s the wedding?” she asks, and Lance sputters.

“That’s my question to ask!” Alma says, laughing wildly. “Pero sí, es muy guapo, hermanito.”

“¡Yo sé!” Lance says, yelling slightly. He glances at Keith, apologizes. “I know, alright? Now be nice to him,if you’re mean to me; he’s not your brother, no matter how soon a wedding might be. Which isn’t happening, by the way.”

“No fighting tonight, you two,” Julia says. “Abuela’s coming, you want to give her more gray hair? Stress her to death?”

“That old woman is too stubborn to die anyway,” Alma interjects, and Julia grabs her by the ear.

“Respect, ¡hermanita!” she says as Alma lets out a yell. “Ay, you’re no good,” Julia chastises, releasing her.

“¡Cena!” Carmen calls, and all four siblings’ heads whip around at the yell, like a bell has been rung.

“Time for dinner,” Lance says, and leads Keith to his seat.


Keith honestly did not know you could make chicken so not-chicken-like. Or, is it, so-chicken-like? Maybe this is how chicken is meant to be, and the only kind he’s ever had has been bland and dry, so this seems like a completely different meat in comparison.

Their grandmother is an old woman who looks like she shouldn’t be sturdy at all but most certainly is, frail but moves like she has solid stones for feet, no matter how hunched over she is. Everybody talks while they eat, chattering away; they don’t put all the focus on Keith, which is nice, but they don’t leave him to the side either.

Carmen asks him what he likes to do, Julia wants to know what it’s like to pilot a ship, and Pilar is the one to ask the fateful question; how did he and Lance get together?

When he tells the story they all glue their eyes to him, even though he stutters and stumbles over his words, wishing he could just stuff more rice into his mouth. Even Alma and Luz have their eyes fixed on his face; Luz wears a slightly dreamy smile, but then again, she’s only fourteen; Alma looks like she might be collecting information to grill Lance on later.

When he finishes, Carmen says, laughing, “That boy, he’s always so stubborn.”

“Mamí,” Lance complains, but Pilar is interjecting.

“He gets it from you, though,” she says, grinning at Carmen.

“Ay, ¡amor!” Carmen cries, pouting. “You’re so mean to me.”

Keith can see where they’re holding hands underneath the table.

“So, Lance,” Alma starts, her own devious grin growing on her lips. “Is he your–” She gesticulates wildly, finishing by fluttering her eyelashes and putting the back of her hand to her forehead, like she’s feeling faint. “¿Alma gemela?”

Lance flushes dangerously red in an instant, clearing his throat. “Alma, díos mío…”

“What does that mean?” Keith asks quietly, confused. He only knows the Alma probably made a pun out of her name.

“Nothing,” Lance says, not looking at him. “She’s just being silly.”

The conversation quickly moves on, turning to gossip, and Alma is saying, “Abuelita, did mamí tell you about what happened with Tía Flor?”

“No, no me decía,” the old woman croaks out.

“Well,” Alma starts, “you know how she’s been seeing that younger guy, yeah? Well, she thought he might be dating someone since he’s been pulling away and not calling and stuff, so she called up his ex-girlfriend to see if it was her, and the woman called her a puta loca–”

“Ay,” the grandmother says, as if on cue.

“– And so Tía Flor decides to give up on it, but then last week, Ronaldo–”

Lance whispers to Keith that Ronaldo is their cousin, Flor’s son.

“– Ronaldo saw the younger guy, Luis, with somebody else! And you’ll never guess who, Abuelita–”

“¿Quién?” the woman asks, now looking somewhat invested.

“Ronaldo saw Luis kissing Tía Flor’s driver, Angel!”

“Ay díos mío,” the grandmother, Yolanda, says, her head drooping. “We can’t get away from them.”

“She means gay people,” Julia laughs.

“No es malo,” Doña Yolanda clarifies. “Just so many.”

“Sí, mamá, nobody thinks you’re being rude,” Carmen says, laying a hand over her mother’s. “Alma, on the other hand–”

“¡¿Que hizo?!” Alma cries.

“Don’t gossip about your Tía Flor, you know how upset she is.”

The conversation seems to be put to bed at that, as Pilar serves sliced mango for dessert.

“Lance, your Abuela is staying over tonight, so you and Keith will sleep in your old room, bueno? Or should we not put you two in the same bed?” Carmen says.

Lances splutters gracefully. “¡Mamí!”

“Kidding!” she chides, grinning.

When they retire to the lounge, and Doña Yolanda has gone to bed, the conversation quiets. Luz tries to pull on Keith’s hair to feel how soft it is, then gets yelled at to go put on her pajamas.

“She thinks she’s so grown up,” Carmen sighs.

“She’s the age Lance was when he left for the academy, amor,” Pilar says quietly, and Keith pretends not to see Carmen’s eyes start watering.

The girls say goodnight to their parents as the mothers head off to bed, both moms again fussing over Keith and telling him what a fine young boy he is. Then they retreat to their bedroom, holding hands.

Luz comes back with wet hair that Lance begins to weave into two, short braids as the youngest girl sits beneath him on the floor. Julia is yawning in her chair, and Keith feels himself being pulled aside by Alma into the hallway. Ready for any invasive questions, he feels oddly nervous; considering he’s fought an alien dictator face to face, a teenage girl shouldn’t be so scary.

“Hey, don’t look at me like that,” she teases, reading his body language. “I don’t bite, no matter what my brother said.”

Keith doesn’t know how to respond, so he just keeps his lips shut tight.

Alma sniffs, looking at the ground. “Just don’t hurt his stupid-big heart, okay? I can tell he likes you. Or whatever.”

Oh. Keith hadn’t been expecting the overprotective sibling speech from her, of all people.

“Of course,” he says.

“I mean, it’s probably just cause you’ve got a nice ass,” she amends, looking embarrassed, and ah, there it is.

He follows her back into the living room to see Julia passed out in her armchair, Lance kissing Luz goodnight.

“Night, hermanito,” Alma says, yawning.

Lance nods, smiling slightly. “Night, sis.” Keith’s gaze follows Luz skipping away to her and Alma’s bedroom.

“Diviértete con el culo de tu guapo novio,” Alma calls back to them quickly as she slips inside her room.

“Alma!” Lance yells back angrily. “Ay…”

Once they’re in bed, Keith tucked against Lance’s side (Lance is most definitely a cuddler) Keith blinks when he thinks he hears Lance sniffling slightly.

“Are you crying?” he asks, even though that question can be a mixed bag with Lance.

“Lo siento,” Lance says. “I’m really happy, mi amor. To be home. With you.”

Keith curls in closer to Lance’s side, slots their legs together. “With me?”

“Wouldn’t be the same without you.”

So “alma gemela” means soulmate, but idek if they use that phrase in Cuba. Help me and my AP Spanish ass. Also, at the end Alma says “Have fun with your hot boyfriend’s ass” like same



Oh no. 



I can’t even pick my favourite part I just love everything. 

Stay With Me - Part 4

Words - 2590

Warnings - None 

Requests are open

GIF NOT mine, credits to whoever made it.

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“Good morning beautiful.” You hear Harley say, you open your eyes and see her gazing blue eyes looking at you. Harley caresses your cheek which makes you hum in delight. “Good morning pumpkin.” You respond and she hugs you, turning you around, and Harley starts to kiss your neck. “I love you.” Harley says before you turn around and pull her in a passionate kiss, remembering everything about last night, but then remembering about Joker and that you didn’t tell her. You open your eyes and pull away from the kiss. You look at the hour and knew that you were running late to go with him. “Harley, I have to go, I’ll come back later.” You say, grabbing your gun and knives. Before Harley can talk you give her a quick peck, leaving her confused, you close the door.

“You’re late.” You hear Joker say, as you enter his room. He walks up to you, raising his hand and slapping you. His hand on your cheek lingered as you opened your mouth. “Don’t say anything.” He said, turning away from you and looking at his henchmen. “Come, let’s have a little talk.” He said smiling towards you, and grabbing your hand, making you flinch and look at him in disgust. “Oh don’t do that, I’m not going to do anything to you.” He said, smiling at you and pushing you around. “Yet.” Joker said before making you go in to a room where everything is dark. “What? Do you want to kill me? Jealous that I gave her everything that you couldn’t?” You say, smiling at him, barely even capable to see him. He grabs your arm, his grip firm and you were sure that it would leave a bruise. “Oh, well, I would love to do something. Fun.” He said grinning evilly and kissing you. His red lips, against yours. You struggle from his tight grip, wanting to get free, wanting to go back to Harley, wanting to leave him, and making you realize that this was a big mistake. “What don’t you want me?” He said, looking at you, studying you.  “I’m here to take care of you, accompany you. Not fuck you.” You say, trying to look brave, but the truth was very different, he laughed, making you look at him in terror. “You think that I wouldn’t get what I want?” Joker said, his expressions changing very frequently. He grabbed you and kissed you again, he separated his lips from yours and you struggled again, yes, you may be good at shooting, throwing knives but you weren’t strong. “Leave me alone.” You said, before receiving a punch from him, making you yelp in pain. “That’s for stealing her.” He gave you another punch in your face, you could feel liquid running from your nose. “That’s for kissing her!” He said, and punched you again in the gut, the pain, it was to much. “And this is for her.” He said, before kissing you, you didn’t reply to the kiss, you wanted to push him.

He pushed you into a room, he slammed you against the bed, taking of your clothes, pinning you against the bed, he unzipped his pants, his dick coming free. “And this is for how much I’ve missed her.” He said, before hitting you again in the head, making you go unconscious.

You wake up, making you look around. You stand up and feel like you’re going to vomit, but you control yourself.

“You can go.” Joker said, entering the room. “Oh, and come back tomorrow.” He said, before smirking and turning around to leave. “Why would I come back?” You say, putting on slowly your clothes, trembling for the actions that he did to you. “Because I am The Joker, I know where you live, if you want her unharmed, do as I say until I get bored with you.” He said and laughed.

It was eight o’clock, and you could feel the breeze against your face, you look at the ground while you think of Harley. You felt abused, without power, you needed to go kill someone. And maybe go make some business.

“Long time no see. By the way, what happened to your nose.” The man, named Arthur, said, looking at you. “When will you pay me? And it’s none of your business.” You say, grabbing your gun, the metal, cold, under your fingertips. “When I want. Looks like you can’t protect yourself.” The man said. You pull out the gun. He looks at you in terror. “Okay, I’m sorry. I’ll pay you with a robbery, give you my men you won’t have to do much, and you’ll keep everything that I earn.” You look at him satisfied, putting your gun back in its holster. “Okay, we’ll do it Friday, you have four days for everything and don’t let me down or I’ll tell the police where your little hideout is.” You say, turning around and leaving towards the gym until you hear it, the trigger that makes you go mad. “Stupid bitch.” Arthur said, making you look at him. “What?” You say, annoyed completely. You grab your gun and point it towards him, feeling the power. The confidence that being in charge gives you. “Oh, you’re gonna regret that.” You say before one of his men goes towards you. You may not be strong but you’re fast and agile. You dodge him and look at him, grabbing one of your knives and throwing it towards him. It lands right on his stomach, making you giggle. “Now you.” You say, turning towards Arthur and pulling the trigger. His body slumps over the couch and you smile.

You walk towards home because you feel bad, wanting to see Harley and just kiss her, you need to feel her sweet, tender lips against yours, and you need to feel safe.

You enter your pent house, sighing and slump down the door. You’re tired, sad, used, the only thing that can wake you is Harley’s kisses, her love.

“Puddin’! You’re home!” You hear Harley say, before looking at you, beat up and a bruise starting to form, your nose, all bloody and the pain in your body. “Puddin’, what happened?” Harley says, running towards you, crouching towards you, inspecting your wounds. “A costumer, mad because I killed one of his men.” You say, faking a smile and she smiled at you. “You can’t keep away from trouble right?” She said, leaning in for a kiss and stopped before your lips met hers. “I’ll clean that.” She said and smiled, her lips grazing yours as she talked.

She took you towards the kitchen and hummed while she grabbed a clean cloth and soaked it in warm water. You looked at her, she was happy and that was enough to make you happy.

“Oh baby, I don’t like to see you getting hurt.” Harley said, putting the cloth against your nose and lips, dabbing it slightly and carefully. “Well, I killed him for doing this.” You said, grabbing Harley, and sitting her on top of you. “Oh man, I wanted to kill him.” Harley said, pouting looking cute and then giggled. “Nobody messes with my puddin’ and gets away with it.” She said, dabbing a little to hard and making you wince in pain. “Sorry.” She said and gave your nose a kiss, making her giggle. As she looked at you, you gazed in to her eyes, wondering what she was thinking, she was too busy cleaning you up to notice you. “You’re so beautiful.” You blurted out and that made her smile, wiggling her eyebrows. “I know.” She said and threw the bloody cloth to a side. She caressed your cheek, making you wince in pain. “Oh, what will I do about your cheek?” She said and hummed, you smiled at her expression. “I’ll kiss it.” She said, before kissing your cheek countless times. “All better?” Harley asked, looking at you worried. “Much.” You said, before pulling her closer, hugging her and you kissed her. Unexplainable emotions went through your body as she kissed you, taking control of your body, she cupped your face and kissed you, dominating every inch of your mouth. Your hand went towards her shorts, your hand flickering her causing for her to moan a little bit loud.

“Get a room.” You heard someone say and you pulled away from Harley, opening your eyes and seeing a redhead at the frame of the door. “Y/N Didn’t I tell you that Ivy was here?” Harley said, leaving you and going towards Ivy. “Oh, Harls. Let’s go watch a movie.” Ivy said, looking at Harley and leaving you. “Harley!” You yelled, her head poked out the door. “Yes puddin’?” She said, you signaled for her to come towards you. “What’s up?” She said, walking towards you. “I forgot something.” You said, dipping her for a kiss. “I love you.” You say, separating from the kiss. “I love you too, now come on! Let’s go watch the movie!” Harley said, pulling on your arm and making you wince in pain. “Sure pumpkin.” You said with her.

Ivy was already sitting down, Harley went towards her and lied down on her lap, Ivy already playing with her hair. You couldn’t help but feel jealousy from her. You sat in another chair and put on some headphones, putting the music loud, making you unable to hear anything. You saw Harley and Ivy, talking with a big smile from both of the girls. You sigh and close your eyes, wanting to remember something good from your day but there truly wasn’t anything. So you remember the first time you and Harley kissed.

Flash back

Harley and you were at your house, Joker had ignored her for the millionth time and she was crying with you, you both barely knew each other but you knew that you could count on each other. It hurt you, to know how he could have this beautiful, talented woman and abuse her, not only physically but psychologically too.

“Oh Harley, you know that I don’t like to see you like this for him.” You say, rubbing her back and kissing her head, inhaling her toxic scent, she smelled like coconut and dirt, but even though you love her scent. “But I love him Y/N.” She said, looking at you, her blue eyes puffy and red from crying. “I know Harley but, understand that he’s only hurting you.” You say, hugging her and she looked at you, you knew it was the moment but yet, you couldn’t do it. “But you know that every relationship has its ups and downs.” She said, only giving herself hope, fooling herself and hurting herself. She fell in to your embrace again, sobbing. “Harley, please leave him.” You said, hugging her.  “No. I can’t I need him, without him I’m alone, nobody would like me.” She said. You rolled your eyes because she doesn’t know how much you mean to her. “Look at me, don’t you know how much you mean to many people?” You say, grabbing her by her shoulders, careful not to hurt her. “Oh to who? I’m nothing.” Harley says, sniffling. You couldn’t take it, that clown was making her feel like total shit. You cupped her head and attached your lips with hers, you could feel the butterflies in your stomach, feel the fireworks inside your body and the warmth of her lips on yours. She opened her eyes, looking at you amazed. “Don’t underestimate that you aren’t anyone, you mean a lot to me, and I don’t like to see you like this.” You said and Harley smiled, she kissed you again and again, but then it looked like she forgot but it made her stop crying and you would do it again for her.

End of flash back

You open your eyes and see that Harley is asleep, you look up at Ivy and she is caressing her cheek, playing with her hair and looking at her. You felt jealous and walked towards Harley. You crouched looking at her and kissed her, Harley not moving but even though you smiled.

“Are you going to wake her?” Ivy asked you, whispering, careful to not wake her up. “Yeah, I got pretty beat up and I don’t think that I can carry her.” You say, passing your fingers through her blonde hair. You look at Ivy and she looks at you in disgust. “I’ll carry her.” Ivy said, grabbing Harley’s head and taking her in her arms, you felt jealous, you couldn’t do it, and you couldn’t give her what she needed.

“Bye maniac.” Ivy said, putting Harley down and giving her a kiss, oh but not a cheek kiss, giving her a kiss, on her lips, kissing the woman that you love, she crossed the line.

“Why did you do that?” You question her, she looks at you and smirks. “Because I wanted to?” She said, ready to leave but you stopped her. You hit her hard on her face and she looks at you. “You really don’t want to do that.” She said, laughing. “You know she will choose me over you right?” She says, lifting her hands and plants growing. “Maybe, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t fight you.” You say, grabbing your knives and throwing them at Ivy, one scratched her cheek and her eyes, were different, she was pissed off. She threw her plants at you and you cut a few of them. But one grabbed you by your waist, making you unable to move and Ivy went towards you, punching you several times, making your nose bleed, and cough up blood. “You bore me, bye.” Ivy said, crossing the door and retracting her plants.

You walked towards the bathroom and washed your face, you didn’t get a bruise on your eye, and that was good. You changed in your pajamas and went towards Harley, she was sound asleep, you lied down, she turned towards you and hugged you. Even unconscious this girl loved to cuddle, you turned around to face her and hugged her back, you nuzzled your head in the crook of her neck, smelling her, she smelled so good, she is your drug, your only weakness.

“I’m sorry pumpkin.” You said, hugging her and started to cry, everything was turning out to be bad, Joker is abusing you and Harley is in danger because of you, you’re a terrible girlfriend, you don’t deserve Harley. You just cry, knowing that she is sleeping but even though you feel safe. “I love you Harley.” You say, kissing her neck, but stopping because you don’t want to wake her. So you just feel one tear come down after another, smelling her and hugging her, appreciating the moment. “I love you and I’m so sorry.” You sob, you don’t know what to do, if you tell her you lose her, if you don’t tell her you lose her too, you can’t protect her a lot, but you can do your best. Your tears started to dry up. You kiss her lips, staying there for a long time, feeling her soft plump lips against hers would usually make you happy, but not this time. “I love you.” You say before falling asleep in her arms but not completely. “Stay with me, Harley, please it would kill me if you go.” You say, sobbing some more and kissed her neck, once again inhaling her scent and falling asleep.

Mako and Korra’s love was epic and if you can’t see that I feel sorry for you.