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9 karlenaaaaa

karlena, playing footsie

Kara doesn’t think she’s ever been arm candy before.

She says as much to Lena who laughs and leans across the back seat of the car, laying her hand lightly on Kara’s thigh.

“You aren’t arm candy, Kara,” she says. “I invited you because I need your intrepid reporting skills and quick wit to get me through this dinner.”

She flits her eyes from Kara’s face to her high-heeled feet, gaze lingering at the slope of her cleavage, at the lean flex of her calves, before smiling, coy and red-lipped. “It doesn’t hurt that you are an absolutely gorgeous date.”

Kara grins, tilting sideways in her seat, ducking her head to reach Lena across the suddenly vast distance of vinyl upholstery between them. She nuzzles into Lena’s neck, finding the floral perfume dabbed lightly at her jaw, mouths kisses along the hard line of Lena’s throat.

Lena eyes the partition that separates them from the driver before sighing softly, a light exhale falling from her parted lips. She tilts her head back, fingers tangling loosely in the hairs at the nape of Kara’s neck, careful not to muss the intricate braids that curl along the crown of Kara’s head.  

Kara, emboldened, nudges in harder, nipping teeth at Lena’s neck, one hand curling at her waist. Lena makes a small noise of surprise low in her throat, pulling back, fingers moving to splay at Kara’s jaw.

“No marks,” Lena says, tone controlled, even. But her eyes, dark-lashed and half-lidded, fix at Kara’s mouth. The quick tempo of her heartbeats, dampened by cloth and the distracting rush of city traffic, promise later, later, later.

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Same Dark Places

There was this song that I heard today called Same Dark Places by JR JR that sounded like it could be a Bughead song to me and I just had to write a fic about it. Here are a few of the lyrics. Enjoy! 

(Apparently this song was on 13 Reasons Why and I didn’t realize it until after I wrote this so that’s cool!) 

I know everybody goes to the same dark places

Sometimes in the dead of night when you think that you can’t make it

You might find I left a light beside the bed for you

Cause I’ve been there too


Jughead crawled through Betty’s window, sliding onto the cushioned bench below the windowsill and stepping into the pitch-black bedroom.

“What’s going on? I just got your text,” Jughead whispered, taking a step closer to her bed to find Betty curled up in a ball, wrapped in a blanket with her blonde hair brushed off to the side of her pillow.

“I can’t sleep,” she muttered into her pillow, her voice slightly muffled from the fabric. 

“I can see that,” Jughead pointed out, taking a seat at the edge of her bed and resting a hand on her hip. “Something on your mind?” 

“It’s just - everything,” Betty sighed, unable to say anything more. She had so many thoughts rolling around her mind that she didn’t know how to sort through them to find one coherent enough for anyone to comprehend. 

“Come on, Bets, you can talk to me,” Jughead prompted, his hand sliding up her arm to smooth down the hair sprawled across the pillow. 

Betty rolled onto her back, glancing up at the ceiling to focus on the dark shadows spread along the white surface. 

“Sometimes I lay awake at night and I can’t stop thinking about all that’s happened with Jason and Polly and my parents and Chuck and it gets to the point where I get so angry that I can’t breathe anymore. It’s like there’s this black shroud covering every part of me that’s so suffocating that I can’t - I can’t-”

Betty’s hands moved up to cover her face as the tears began to form in her eyes, leaving her unable to finish her sentence. 

“Hey, shhhh,” Jughead soothed, pulling her hands away from her face and tilting her chin towards him so that she would meet his gaze. “That dark place you’re talking about? You’re looking at a frequent flyer. In fact, I’m probably a VIP at this point. I’ve been there too many times to count.”

“How do you save yourself from drowning in it?” Betty asked in a small voice. “I search and I search for any sign of light but I can’t tell which way is up sometimes.” 

“You think about the parts of yourself and your life that give you any shred of joy or hope and you imagine those parts bursting with color and sunbeams and you keep thinking about it until the shroud lifts, even if it’s just a little,” Jughead told her. “At least that’s what I used to do when I was little. Now it’s a little different.” 

“What do you do now?” Betty wanted to know, her expression softening as she let herself find comfort in Jughead’s words. 

“I think about the girl with golden hair and a beautiful smile who lives next door to my best friend,” Jughead admitted, leaning forward to brush his fingers lightly across her cheek. “She tends to light up my whole world even on the darkest days.” 

“Jughead Jones, I’ve never heard you say anything so cliche in my entire life,” Betty teased, her lips curling into a slight smile as she let herself feel at ease for the first time in what felt like days. 

“This girl’s worth it,” Jughead told her, returning her smile with a mischievous one of his own. “Don’t tell anyone though. I have a reputation to uphold.”

“Secret’s safe with me,” Betty assured him, her smile beginning to fade as the darkness started to settle around her again. 

“And if none of those things work, there’s always this,” Jughead pulled out a round touch-light from his back pocket, holding it out for Betty to take as she sat up against the pillows on her bed. “I got this for you a few weeks ago when you first told me you were having trouble sleeping.”

“A night light?”

“I remembered the story you told me about the one your sister gave you when you were kids and how devastated you were when you lost it,” Jughead began, adjusting his position on the bed so that he was facing the wall above the nightstand. 

“Whenever you feel yourself drifting into your dark place, and you can’t find anything or anyone to pull you into the light I want you to hit the button beside your bed so that you know that you’re more than just the darkness you feel,” Jughead told her, removing the film from the back of the light and sticking it to the wall next to her bed. “You’re illuminated with so much love and life and beauty. And I want you to see that every time you turn on this light.” 

With one push of its round center, Jughead let the darkness be taken over by the light that he had given her with a soft, dim glow that completely changed the atmosphere of her room. 

“Juggie,” Betty breathed, smiling up at him as she took in the newly-illuminated version of her room that made her feel safe and happy for the first time in a long time. 

“Promise you’ll use it?” Jughead asked, taking her hand in his and raising a curious eyebrow in her direction. 

“I promise,” Betty assured him. “Thank you.” 

“That’s what I’m here for, Bets,” Jughead reminded her, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear and leaning back to meet her eyes. 

“But whenever I do turn it on, I won’t be thinking of me,” Betty admitted, reaching up to place a hand on the smooth skin of his cheek. “I’ll be thinking of the boy who cared enough to give this to me. He’s the one who brought the light into my life.” 

Betty scooted forward on the bed to lean in so close that her nose grazed gently against his. 

“I’ll never forget that.” 

With that, Betty met his lips with a soft kiss, letting her heart and mind and soul be filled with the light that Jughead had given her just by being there. Even if the darkness wouldn’t be gone completely, she knew that every time she turned on that light, she wouldn’t be alone. 

She has the most beautiful heart. She has the most amazing soul. Her brain is so brilliant. Her eyes alone could create world peace. Her laugh could make anyone the happiest person alive. Her smile could light up the darkest room. Everything about her is simply stunning. It’s impossible not to fall for her.
—  She’s perfect
So Far Away, My First Love

“Dream, I will be here to see your creation and be with you in the future. Keep dreaming. Don’t give up on me, Yoongi. I’ll fight this, and you’ll fight too. I believe in you.”

Warnings: Angst with a pinch of salt to go into the open wounds

AU: High School

Word Count: 1137

Min Yoongi was depressed.

He had so much talent inside of him that he felt he would never get recognized, his family never gave him a chance, his friends disapproved of his rapping. “It won’t bring you anywhere,” they always said. He needed to focus on getting a good career. It didn’t matter if he would be unhappy, it didn’t matter if he would turn out to be a bitter asshole. No, all that would matter is that he didn’t bring shame onto the Min family.

That’s all they cared about.

His parents loved him, they cared about him. But they didn’t believe in him. And that was one thing he didn’t know would hurt so much.

But then she came along.

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Sneak Peak 🙈🙌🏼😂

Sneak Peak 1:

Alex trekked up the stairs while Maggie continued to get a slight telling to from her mother and father. She felt like a teenager sneaking around and out of trouble. Opening the door to the bathroom, she let out a small shriek seeing her reflection. She covered her mouth with her hand to avoid any other noises. Her black tank top looked like a Jackson Pollock of flour, eggs, and something that smelled suspiciously of syrup. She didn’t even remember that getting brought into the fight. Her short hair was thready with large clumps of pancake mixture and egg. It dripped slowly onto her shoulders and cheeks, making gooey lines down her body. As a DEO agent, she was used to getting sprayed with all sorts of random fluids but this combination was making her especially grossed out. She took both index fingers and wiped them under her eyes, flicking the goop into the sink.

She tried to get some of the egg shell out of the top of her hair but she only managed to infuse the mess with syrup. She was so focused untangling the white flakes, that she barely registered the small brunette leaning against the door. “You look ridiculous.”

Alex glared and flicked a piece of shell at her. “You don’t look much better over there detective.” She pulled her in front of the mirror so Maggie could take in her reflection. Although there were less egg and syrup particles on her, the dark hair was basically dyed white, a result of the entire powdered sugar bag being poured on it.

“I’ve looked worse,” she deadpanned, wrapping her hands around Alex’s waist from behind. “You know,” she moved red hair to the side and kissed her neck in the only clean spot, “We could both use a shower.”

Alex rolled her eyes and elbowed her in the side. “You do not get rewarded for this disaster.” With Maggie backed away, she turned around facing the woman. “Anyways, you’re the one who said I am ‘too injured for intimacy.’” She put the last part in quotes.

“Can I take that back?” Maggie cocked her head and grabbed onto Alex’s waist, inching her shirt up. She gave Alex her most devious smile and it was starting to work.

Needing to take back control, Alex leaned in close, breathing hotly at her ear. Maggie tensed up instantly waiting for some sign of permission. “No,” she whispered shoving Maggie out of the bathroom.

Outside the door all she could hear was a muffled, “This is homophobic.”


Sneak Peek 2:

Alex was happy that she finally got to wear something from the European shopping trip. The orange and pink flower print dress fell right below her knee and made her the brightest person in the room. The matching orange wedges also made her the tallest. It was haltered and modest because she needed to get all the innocence points she could with the sisters. Maggie opted for fitted navy slacks and a long sleeve blouse that billowed in the arms. It took about ten minutes for Alex to stop looking at only her. It didn’t help that the brunette pulled up just the front of her hair in a messy bun and let the rest fall at her shoulders.

Alex didn’t understand why they needed a bridal luncheon before the rehearsal dinner that night, especially since they had the bachelorette party a few days before. Maggie explained that they had a lot of aunts, cousins, and distant relatives that wanted to do something but Angie couldn’t find enough jobs. Instead, she just let them take over these activities.

“Why didn’t they just give money for the honey moon or something?” This caused Maggie to scoff and laugh. She helped Alex out of the truck and led her into the small restaurant.

“Alex, we’re Catholic. Unless there are receipts, photographs, and public acknowledgement of the deed, it didn’t actually happen.”  

“I heard that,” her mother scolded.

“What part isn’t true?” Maggie defended. She waited but her mother just shrugged. “See…even Saint Angie Mother Superior can’t argue.”

Alex stopped mid-way through the door and looked over her carefully. Maggie’s shoulders were tense, her brows furrowed and her tongue was rolling around her teeth in the way she did when she wanted to punch something. “You seem extra peeved about this particular event.”

Maggie crinkled her nose and let out a deep huff. “Do you know how many dumb games they are about to make us play?”

“A lot?”

“All of them. All of the games. We are probably going to have to make a wedding dress out of toilet paper or place bets on when they’ll have their first kid.”

Alex gave her a sympathetic smile but then added, “Suck it up buttercup,” with a light slap to her ass. 

Maggie was about to comment something back when her cousin came barreling through the hallway. “Oh my god Maggie, thank Yeezus we have a problem!”

She went into detective mode instantly and focused in asking, “What’s wrong? Is anyone hurt?”

“Everything is ruined,” she said dramatically, real tears making their way down her face.

Maggie grasped her shoulders trying to calm her down. “Waverly what in the world is wrong?”

“Kar- an Ste er sup- bu- bu- they,” Maggie looked to Alex to see if she could understand anything that was being said but she gave her a I have no clue look.

“Waverly, Im going to need you to take two deep breaths and then speak English.”

“Or French or Spanish or Russian…” Maggie looked at Alex like you’re not helping. “I’m just saying I could translate any of those. Not all people speak English.”

In the meantime, the college aged girl got herself together. “Karen and Steve were supposed to play the newlywed game with Erin but Becky just told me that Allison told her that Ashley saw Steve with Katie Donahue making out at a barbecue last week.  So of course Ashley tells Lucy who goes to Pilates with Kim who does the Wednesday morning spin class with Jackson who cuts Karen’s hair.”

“So…” Maggie really just wanted to get to the end of the story.

“So obviously Karen told Steve she wants to go to couples counseling with that guy that Elle-“

Maggie held up a hand. “Please stop the name game.” Waverly nodded wide-eyed. “What can I do for this obviously traumatic and dramatic event?”

“I need you and Alex to play in their place.” Maggie let off the loudest internal scream her body could muster. She stared at Waverly calmly waiting for the dying breaths of her inner self.  

She took one deep breath to compose herself before saying as politely as possible, “No, thank you.”

“Maggie please, you and Alex are the only other couple here. It was supposed to fill up the whole time before all the food came out. We even have a stage and lights and everything.”


“Babe, they have a stage and lights and everything,” Alex mimed.


Waverly grabbed onto her hand and squeezed impressively tight. “Please please please. I’ll guarantee that my mom doesn’t do anything for your wedding.” This piqued Maggie’s interest.

“Nothing at all?”


Between the brown and blue puppy eyes she was getting it was impossible to say no. “Fine but I want that agreement in writing.”

Waverly jumped excitedly and ran back down the hallway to the room to tell everyone it was still on. Maggie stopped Alex from following with a tug at her hand. “Is this still punishment for last night and this morning?”  

Alex pecked her on the cheek. “Absolutely.”


They sat down in their respective seats and grabbed the whiteboard and marker provided. The rules were simple, Gabrielle would ask a question and one partner had to answer it about the other. If they got it right they got a point. Get the most points and your coupledom is secure.

“So all of these questions were submitted by all of you lovely ladies here today and I will pick one randomly to read. We will start with the Sawyers guessing first about their partner.” There were loud cheers from the crowd of about twenty-five.

Eric looked about as comfortable as Maggie in a high seated chair above a bunch of women they knew their whole lives. On the other hand, Alex and Erin looked absolutely giddy about the game. Before everything got started, Maggie leaned into Alex’s space. “If you don’t know the answer we’ll just use morse code on our thighs.”

“That’s cheating!”

“Do you want the straights™ to win?”

“Ugh, fine…but at least try.”

They separated again at the insistence of the host. She dramatically snatched a piece of paper out and waved it to the crowd. “First question, what is your partner’s favorite position in bed?” There were hoots and hollers from even the prudish of ladies in the crowds.

Maggie instantly stood up and started for the stairs. “We aren’t doing this.”  

“Oh come on Mags, it’s just a game!” Erin pouted her lip and ushered her back over.

They all looked to the agent who had actually started to flush a little bit. “Alex if you aren’t comfortable we will of course stop.”

“I’m sorry guys but I can’t answer that question.”

“See,” Maggie held out a hand. “Y’all always take it too far.”

Alex stood up, interrupting what Maggie was going to say next. “It isn’t because I’m uncomfortable.” There was a sudden hush over the room. “I’m not answering it because my favorite position doesn’t involve a bed.” She turned her board around and scrawled on it was The Wall.

Maggie’s jaw literally dropped and her mouth went dry. While everyone else was cheering her answer, Alex gave Maggie a simple shrug and a wink. With reluctance, Maggie made her way back over to her chair and plopped down. She moved closer, whispering in Alex’s ear. “The wall, really?”

“When I’m not ‘too injured for intimacy’, I’ll show you.”

Maggie licked her lip, dying internally. “I’m not going to live that down.”

“Not today.” Alex pushed at her arm, so they could start the next round.

Bad Girl Ch 13: Secrets And Loyalty

Jiyong’s POV

This is just a mini chapter from Jiyong’s point of view so you can see where both his and Jiho’s heads are at, hope you enjoy!

“She is going to do what?” Jiho gaps.

“I know, it threw me off too. But there is nothing we can do about it now, she’s out for blood,” I sigh as I run my fingers though my hair. This is such a mess.

He’s quiet for a second, “What are you going to tell her?” I’m taken back by his sudden hostility, even though the man is never warm towards me I’ve never seen him this on edge. “Are you finally going to throw me under the bus to get rid of me?”

I fake offense, “What?”

“Oh don’t play innocent,” He snaps sneering down at me. “You’ve wanted to get rid of me since we met. You must have thought about telling her a dozen times so you could have her all to yourself.”

I glare at him, “So what if I have?”

“You can’t.”

I scoff, “What do you mean I can’t? I can’t tell her that you are the leader of Block B, the people who kidnapped and tortured her? Why not? It would sure as hell make my life a lot easier, less people to share with. I can just keep knocking people off today, first eleven of those bastards now you.” I can’t help but chuckle, “Now you, all I have left is that cat looking boy.”

“Knock me off? Do you honestly think you can just knock me off? What do you think Jooyoung is going to do without me? I am her rock right now, you take me away and that girl is going to crumble.”

I roll my eyes, “You think too highly of yourself.”

“Me? Do you really think you got rid of those boys that easily? She won’t just give them up like that.”

“What the hell do you know?” I roar at him, anger boiling under my skin. “She told me she would pick me and Xiumin and that is it!”

“What I know is that those boys are poison, just like you,” He seethes in return. “She is completely fine until any of you come around. You cloud her mind with your sweet words and broken hearts making it impossible for her to see anything else. So go head and believe that you will get your happy ending with her. But the moment those boys appear in front of her any possibility of picking will be thrown out the window along with her wedding ring.”

“You’re wrong.”

He chuckles dryly, “I know that girl like the back of my hand. Though you may be her fiancé I am her right hand man and best friend. I know everything that is going on in that little girl’s heart. She won’t pick. She can’t pick. They will weigh on her heart,” His voice starts to get weaker. “She is too fragile when it comes to all of you, she thought she was stronger, she thought she was immune to them now. But the minute she saw that little one on the ballroom floor her face said it all. She will never be over them.” He collapses down on his couch and puts his feet up on the coffee table. I run my hands through my hair, anxiety grips my heart. “You should have killed them when you had the chance, now she isn’t just ours anymore.” Jiho surprises me by pulling a bottle of whiskey from under one of his couch cushions before taking a swig of it and offering it up to me.

“You do realize that it’s only one in the afternoon, right?” But that doesn’t stop me from taking the bottle.

“It’s been a hard twenty-four hours for both of us, I think it counts as an exception.”

We are both silent for a minute, I sit down in the chair next him and hand the bottle back. “What are you going to do if she can find them? Your other members I mean.” The question surprises both of us, I don’t know why I asked but I’m genially curious.

“What do you think I’m going to do? Huh?” He leans forward, resting his elbows on his knees. “Am I going to let Jooyoung find out about me and have her kill me? Kill her to save my group and I? Or am I going to kill everyone before she has a chance to find out I was involved? Oh the options.”

I can’t hid my shock, “I thought you were supposed to be loyal.”

“My loyalty belongs to Jooyoung,” Another swig, “I will do whatever is needed to stay by that girl’s side, even if I have to kill my own members.”

I glare at him with jealousy in my eyes, “How did she get so deep in your head that you are willing to do that?”

“Same way she did with all of us, I have no idea how but now I can’t imagine not watching over her.”

“Ya!” I flick his forehead, “I don’t have to worry about you trying to weasel your way into her heart too, do I?”

“Of course not!” He gives me a smile, “I’m already in there so there is no weaseling involved.” Jiho is laughing at himself like he had made some amazing joke and instead of feeling angry like I thought I would I find myself laughing along with him. What the hell did he put in that drink?

We are so focused on our stupid laughing to notice Jooyoung entering the room until she’s in my lap, an amused smirk on her face, “Since when have you two been chummy?”

It takes another moment for us to calm ourselves to respond, “You were gone, I had to find someone to entertain me.” Jiho teases.

“And you pick Jiyong? Wow, how drunk are you right now?”

He grins, “Shush, I’m fine. Did you enjoy your nap? It didn’t last very long.”

“I woke up alone and I got kind of concerned so I came down to see if you had seen Jiyong, I wasn’t at all expecting him to actually be here in your apartment.” They continue their banter and I watch silently, their interactions are so fun a playful and light, even with all the horrible things that happened yesterday. It amazes me how peaceful he makes her, as much as it annoys me it warms my heart that she can still smile so freely. My heart is heavy with guilt for making things such a mess for her and for us but I can’t focus on that right now, I need to try and fix this for her.

I look at Jiho, or Zico, a name that would make Jooyoung fall apart with fear and anxiety. He looks at her with so much warmth and love that I almost want to kill him for it but I restrain myself. His words ring in my ears, she won’t pick, she can’t. You are poison, just like them. He’s right and that just makes me even more upset. But one thing is bothering more than anything else, it’s something I’ve thought about for the whole year the three of us have been together, do you really love her like a little sister? Or are like me? Are you lying to yourself like I used to? Do you really believe that you can just be friends with her?

I’m scared of the answers. I don’t want to have to share her heart with any more people than I have to. I try to push these thought out of my head and focus on Jooyoung in front of me right now. That beautiful smile on her face lighting up my world. I wonder if those bastards see her the same way as I do. Do they miss her right now? What about Jiho? Does he see her like this? Does he want to take her away too?

Just wondering if anyone actually wants Jooyoung to find out about Jiho being Zico? If so, how would you want her to react?

We All Have The Same Heartbeat

Okay, there are a lot of tags and people to thank for this one. 

@coop-writes for showing my THIS video of Kate McKinnon which is what initially distracted me from p chem studying. 

@broodyjc for posting THIS and THIS which really got me into the mood to write. Like, argh. Glorious fics btw. 

@foleypdx for sending me the album Chaos and The Calm by James Bay which I repeated the song Best Fake Smile while writing this. Oh and the car idea was from Foley. AND THEN for 100% completely distracting me even further. You’re wonderful and yes, I saved that.

I think that’s all. I have a much more comprehensive tag on AO3 so I’m going to force you all to read it there. Mwahahaha, how evil I am.

(It’s also like 12:12 am, can I make a wish now? so I have about 2% cognitive functioning left.)

It’s months and months, that’s how long it takes for her to realize it.

There are soft touches and close calls and flowers and late night dinner meetings and she just doesn’t see it. She doesn’t have the time to worry. Then it’s too late, she’s in so deep she doesn’t know what to do, she doesn’t have anyone to turn to.

And it’s dumb how it hits her, ridiculous really. A brush of fingers across her hand and a smile that lights up her whole world and there it is. Her heart hammers in her chest and she sucks in a breath she didn’t realize her lungs ached for.

Right there, in her office, her whole world shifted. Then her world walked out, a smile still splitting her cheeks, and Lena all but collapsed into her chair. A lunch, just a salad in a bag and that’s what caused this?

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fs + #14 please, if it inspires you?

Hey there, Laur! “Can I have this dance?” coming right up!  Prompt list here.

This spiraled out of control and is brought to you by that one episode of Gilmore Girls. Small town AU.


“Simmons,” said Milton, “I’m sorry, it’s just—I need a partner who’s more prepared?”

Jemma cocked her head at him, squinting.


Milton looked over his shoulder to where Carré stood, glaring back at the both of them.

“Simmons, it’s just that I really have to win this thing. And she’s French.”

Jemma was about to ask what being French had to do with anything, but it was early, she hadn’t had her tea, and what kind of man ran off with someone else fifteen minutes before he was supposed to be your partner in a dance marathon?

What kind of man ran off with anyone else at all?

It was such a shocking turn of events that she stood there, staring after him, until she felt a nudge at her arm.

“Here you go. Sorry it took so long.”

Before she knew it a large, strong, steaming cup of tea was placed in her hand, and she could only watch Fitz as he sipped a cup of his own. After a few seconds, he furrowed his brow.

“What’s wrong?”

“Milton,” she said. Fitz looked confused before he followed her gaze until he almost dropped his tea.

“He dumped you for Carré?”

Her only consolation was that Fitz seemed absolutely appalled.

“No,” she said, “he just … doesn’t want to be my dance partner, because I’m not French.”

“What?” Fitz looked to his left, then to his right, and then put his tea in her hand.


“I’ll be right back,” he said. “Drink your tea.”

Having been left by two men in the span of five minutes, Jemma thought that drinking her tea seemed the only logical thing to do. She was halfway through her cup when Fitz returned, gasping for breath.


“It’s okay,” he said. “Coulson let me sign up when I explained what happened. Are you done?”

Her only thought that it was usually her and not Fitz who was this chipper at six in the morning. But Fitz must have taken her contemplation as an answer in the affirmative, because he took his cup and hers and threw them both in the nearby bin.

“Okay,” May called out over the loudspeaker, “all participating couples must be on the dance floor by the time the starting bell is rung. The dance begins in twenty seconds.”

There was a mad dash towards the floor, but Jemma stood still, not sure why Fitz was holding his hand out to her.


He looked up at the clock, then winced. “Sorry.” He took in a deep breath. “Can I, uh, have this dance?”

Jemma looked around at the crowd, the dance officials, and the other couples. When her gaze landed on Milton and Carré, she took Fitz’s hand.


They ran to the dance floor, Fitz tugging Jemma along while Jemma tried desperately not to fall.

“Ten,” May counted down, “nine, eight, seven, six …”

She almost stumbled over what looked like Hunter’s shoe, but managed to stay upright.

“Five, four, three, two …”

Fitz practically leapt onto the floor, spinning Jemma into his arms until they stopped, with her right hand in his left, and her left hand on his shoulder.


As the starting bell was rung, Jemma was overcome by a profound and unexpected sense of victory.

[Read the rest on AO3!]

beyond the pale - part 2

tokugawa ieyasu x oda oichi

a/n: so i got a message asking me to write another series of vignettes about this crackship and like honestly they’re growing on me, so here it is. maybe there will be a part three. who knows! @jemchew, @naerial, @pasunny, and @demon-princess-anastasia

There are a few skills of which Oichi is unabashedly proud; one of these is her skill at games of strategy. It is no wonder, she thinks, that the process of achieving her goal (becoming Lady Tokugawa) seems more exciting than the thought of an actual wedding party.

She realizes that it would be easiest to run away with Ieyasu, but the easy way is not the best way—and, as much as she loves him, Nobunaga has never abandoned her. Her loyalty to the Oda Clan comes first, but she will not allow herself to be denied.

The best case scenario is one in which her brother approves the marriage and subsequent stronger alliance.

The worst case scenario is that she becomes her brother’s enemy, and her husband will fight to shed his blood on the earth, divine or otherwise.

Oichi is torn, but no less determined; and she has a plan.

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It Happens In A Bar

Characters: April (OC), Yoo Kihyun, Wonho

Words: 8526

Summary: April meets Kihyun in a bar and she thinks she cheats on her husband

Warning: Mentions of alcohols and bars, don’t read it if you’re under 15 years old

April has learned not to buy Wonho’s words when he told her he would try to be home early for the night to unpack their belongings in the boxes. He emphasised the word ‘try’ to not let her be hopeful but even if he didn’t bring his tone higher on the word, April already knows that she shouldn’t wait for him. It has been countless of times that he keeps on saying he would come home early- but he never did. Those are only empty words, but April appreciates his efforts to sound as if he really means to come home early. Or maybe he does. Maybe he does want to go home early, only he can’t, because work has been too cruel to him nowadays, especially when he has been promoted as the head of the financial department in the company he works for.

“Oh God,” Wonho says on the other line, “I am so sorry. I don’t mean to-“he pauses for a second before asking, “You’re not waiting for me, are you?”

April steals a glance on the clock by the table lamp. 10.13 p.m.

“Not really,” she says, propping herself up from the bed. She heads to the balcony, right hand pushes the sliding door open. “How late are you going to be?” She hears scribbling of papers as Wonho replies, “Very late. I have reports I need to submit tomorrow. The people here don’t know how to do their job well.” It sounds almost like a whine, but April doesn’t mind. She likes to listen to him talking.

“I guess I need to be stricter with them. Or else, they will keep giving me a pain in the neck,” Wonho goes on and on. April hums at times, but her eyes are quickly caught by a colourful signboard across the street that reads “X-CLAN BAR.”

“What did you say?” Wonho asks on the other line, startling the petite woman. She doesn’t realize the read the words out loud.

“Nothing. Do you know there’s a bar nearby?”

There is an obvious pause.

“Do you mean the bar? Where drinks are served?” Wonho asks for confirmation.

“Yes. The place where drinks are served. The bar. Do you know it’s just across the street?”

“I do. But, baby…” Wonho breathes, “You don’t drink.”

April acknowledges the fact too well. Her parents forbid her to drink because they are very much aware of their health. They don’t want their only daughter to ruin her liver by drinking alcoholic drinks.

“I know. I’m just going to look. And probably meet some people. I don’t know. Can I go?” April sees quite a lot of people enters the bar as she speaks, and Wonho sighs. He doesn’t really like the idea of his wife going to the bar.

“If you say so, you may go. But stay away from the drunks, okay? I don’t want you to get hurt.”

April nods.

“Call me if anything bad happens, okay? I love you.”

And he hangs up.

April wastes no time as she grabs her denim jacket and her purse from the closet. She manages to check herself out in the mirror – a habit she developed when she started dating Wonho, because the man has always loved the mirror. Once she is satisfied with how she looks, she steps out of her condo for the first time since she moved there two days ago.

The hallway is empty. The clicking of her heels even echoes throughout the space and she quickly pushes down button. Shortly after, the elevator comes with a loud ping. It is oddly cold for a spring night, and April can’t help but to realize how silent the whole condo is.

The elevator stops at 24th floor, the doors open, revealing a man in his early 20s dressed casually from head to toe. He gives April a small nod and a smile that almost shows his teeth as he enters the cold confined space. April wants to say hello, but she is afraid she doesn’t get a reply, so she stays silent the whole time. Only the sound of them breathing rings in her ears.  

“Have a good day,” the man speaks before he makes his way out as soon as the elevator reaches the ground floor. April replies with a polite “You too,” and she makes sure to remember his face with a reminder in her head – Man from 24th floor. Brown swiped up hair. Nice.

The moment she steps outside, the fresh smell of spring creeps into her nose, automatically making her smile. April has always loved spring, for its smell and flowers. The street is quite busy but she manages to enter the bar without having to bump into anyone.

The bar is breathtakingly beautiful. The decorations are simple, yet they look so nice. It is cosy yet elegant. The lightings are one of the best she has ever seen – just enough to give off the classy vibe that makes you feel like you’re in a dreamy world. The tables are almost full with couples or even groups of friends and there are only a few unoccupied seats at the counter. April picks the one in the middle, right before the bartender.

“Hello there,” the man behind the counter greets her a little too cheerful. “New beautiful face. First time here, huh? Never saw you.”

April nods. “I just moved here two days ago.” The bartender has cat-like eyes, and he seems friendly.

“Whatcha want, dear? I make the best whisky in town,” he says, wriggling his straight eyebrows.

“Coke, please.”

The bartender pauses. His eyes widen, mouth forming a big o before he goes behind the bar and serves her with a big cup of iced coke. April mouths a thank you silently before taking a sip on her drink. It is then that her ears catch a voice so soothing that she literally stops breathing. She puts down her cup, turning to the stage. The singer is hidden behind the piano he is playing.

April recognizes the song. It is Shape of You by Ed Sheeran, only this is sung by a bar singer who happens to have the voice of an angel. His voice is amazingly nice that even the sound of him taking breaths between the lines sounds so beautiful in April’s ears.

“Such a wonderful voice, don’t you think so?” The bartender asks as soon as the song ends. He notices how April looks mesmerized with the performance. April turns to the counter and nods. She takes another sip on her coke before saying, “I never heard anyone singing this amazing in a bar.” The tall man with red hair lets out a chuckle, finally introducing himself.

“I’m Minhyuk.” He offers his hand, which April gladly shakes it. “April.”

An hour passes by in an instant because Minhyuk talks a lot about himself, and how people love his whisky that they can come all the way from Busan only to taste his legendary whisky.

“Are you sure you don’t want to try it? I can guarantee you’ll love it.” He sounds very convincing, especially when he bends a little to meet April’s eyes. The lady gives him a small smile, saying, “I don’t drink. But I believe you, really.”

Minhyuk then continues to talk about how he turned into a bartender while he was originally a postman. He would excuse himself at times when people ask for more drinks, but after serving the thirsty people their glasses, he is more than pleased to continue his story. April silently makes a note in her head – Minhyuk. Bartender. Friendly. Talks a lot.

“Do you think I’m annoying because I talk too much? Gosh, I swear I tried to stop talking to you like thirty minutes ago. But I can’t. My mouth doesn’t like to stop moving.”

April assured him that it is fine, that she loves to find someone as friendly as he is. Being in a new place is quite hard, but with someone like Minhyuk, April thinks she can at least feel at ease now.

“Vodka, please.”

A familiar voice comes out from the person who took the vacant seat beside April a few seconds ago. As if on cue, her head turns to her right and her brown eyes immediately recognize the man.

He is the man from the 24th floor.

He offers April a small smile. “We met in the elevator,” he states as Minhyuk comes back with a glass in his hand. The man gulps down his vodka in a shot as if he hasn’t had a drink in days.

“Another one, Minhyuk.”

The lively man comes soon after he leaves, filling the empty glass with more vodka. April scrunches her nose at how fast the man beside her can drink. She isn’t sure why, but amazed isn’t one of the possible answers. His Adam’s apple, however, can’t go unnoticed. The way it bobs up and down when he gulps down his drink bothers April so much.

Oh God.

What is she thinking?

“Are you going to just stare at me or you’re going to finish that drink of yours?” He waves his hand before her face. That startles April, as she doesn’t realize her eyes are fixed on him. She mutters a quick apology before he asks, “Is that coke?”

April turns to her glass.

Why the hell does he make the word ‘coke’ sound disgusting?

“Coke, it is, yes. I don’t drink.”

His face screams amusement, furrowing his eyebrows at her. He sips on his drink and asks, “Then, what are you doing here?”

April pauses. The corner of her eyes see Minhyuk has now found someone else to talk to, and he is laughing with a woman. She doesn’t seem to have an exact answer. “I don’t know,” the truth slips out of her tongue, “I just need some fresh air.” She drinks down the coke until her glass is empty.

“And maybe I want to meet new people.”

The man scoffs.

“So, you think the bar is the perfect place to meet new people?” He props his hand on the counter, smirking. “I’ve heard a lot of cases where girls wake up the next morning with a complete stranger they met in a bar. Are you up for that?” His eyes lit up. April isn’t sure if he is hinting anything, but the man quickly erases her suspiciousness with a laugh.

“I’m just kidding,” a trail of laugh leaves his mouth. “You should’ve seen your face. You look flustered.” He touches her right cheek slightly.

“You’re blushing.”

April touches her cheeks in an instant. Hot. True enough.

“I’m Yoo Kihyun, by the way.”

April looks up to him with a nod. “Lee April.”

“So, you were born in April?” He asks out of common sense and she chuckles. “That is too obvious,” she states. She is about to ask him questions regarding himself when her phone rings with Wonho’s ringtone. She excuses herself before answering the call and leaves the bar.

“See you around, April.”


April doesn’t really plan on going to the classy bar the next day, but when she exits the building she lives in, her feet drag her effortlessly towards the entrance of the bar. It is an impulse; she pushes the door open and sits on the empty seat by the counter. Minhyuk is delighted when he sees her face, at least April thinks he does, because he excuses himself from a man two seats beside her and greets her in his high-pitched voice.

“You came!”

Minhyuk disappears behind the bar and comes with a big glass of coke for April even though she hasn’t said anything yet.

“Your coke.”

April gladly takes her drink in her hand, but she feels odd. Her eyes dart around the bar, looking for someone. To her unfortunate, she only spots empty piano by the stage. No one is singing at the moment and she can’t help but to wonder about the bar singer.

“When will your singer perform? I mean- His voice is nice and I’m- The point is, will he come tonight?” Her sentences are not coming off well. She stutters. Luckily, Minhyuk laughs away her awkward question and answers, “Yes, of course. He is always here, only I don’t know when. He will come when he is not busy.”

“Are you still not going to have a taste of my whisky? I swear you’ll love it,” Minhyuk changes the topic. April refuses to politely, saying that she really doesn’t drink.

“A taste won’t hurt,” the man insists but before April can reply anything, a familiar voice says, “Let her be, Minhyuk.”

It is Kihyun.

“We all know your whisky is the best. But you can’t force someone who doesn’t drink to drink, can you?” Kihyun turns to April and flashes her a smile that almost makes his eyes fully close. April doesn’t realize when he comes but she does notice something – Kihyun always appears out of nowhere.

Minhyuk whines at how Kihyun stands up for April while stating that he has known Kihyun for more than 5 years. The red hair man continues blabbering about how his heart crashes into pieces and Kihyun is going to be the main reason why his life ends if he happens to be dead tonight.

“Don’t be such a drama queen, Minhyuk. And give me my vodka now.” Kihyun runs his lean fingers along his hair in frustration. He isn’t going to put up with any of Minhyuk’s dramas as of now.

When Minhyuk finally serves him his vodka, Minhyuk exclaims, “And you also don’t drink my whisky! That is too much, Kihyun.”

The man beside April rolls his eyes, taking a sip on his drink. Then, he turns to his left and asks April, “So, why do you come again tonight? To meet new people again?”

April is debating whether she should answer the truth – that she wants to listen to the singer’s voice again – but Minhyuk already cuts her off.

“She is asking if the singer is going to perform again tonight.”

April doesn’t know if it is only her imagination or Minhyuk does actually emphasise the word singer, but she quickly shrugs the thought off.

Kihyun puts down his glass and furrows his eyebrows at her. The corner of his lips curves upwards as he bends over so that the gap between them is small.

April gulps at how close their faces are.

“So,” he breathes, “You come for the singer.”


“Do you think he would come tonight?”

April put her hands on Kihyun’s shoulders and slowly pushes him further before she replies, “I don’t know. Minhyuk told me he would always be here.” Her eyes dart to the counter, looking for the chatty bartender to verify her statement but the red-haired man is nowhere to be found. Kihyun parts his lips to say something, but he quickly swallows the question and gulps down his vodka.

“What’s your favourite song?” The question finally comes out of his mouth.

April seems to be thinking for a while. She lifts her chin without her noticing and her eyes are fixed on the high ceiling. It is a habit.

And Kihyun finds that cute.

The man rests his chin on his palm by the counter and he waits, because April takes quite longer than he expected to answer such a simple question. Well, probably it isn’t as simple as he thinks for her.

“Nightingale by Demi Lovato,” April answers after much calculations. Kihyun almost jumps from his seat and yells, “Finally!” but he manages to control himself. Instead, he grins like a Cheshire cat.

“You took so long to give me an answer. I wonder why,” he keeps it cool. The lady flashes him a glare.

“I never expected to be asked such questions.”

“Why not?”

“Because grown-ups don’t care about songs? I don’t know. I’m not the type of person who socializes a lot. I don’t know what people will ask, besides the weather. I’ve been living under the rock for the past ten months, except the rock isn’t really a rock. It’s called ceiling.”

Kihyun lets out a giggle which shows his dimples. They aren’t really on his cheeks, but they are beautiful. The kind of dimples that makes your smile look gorgeous.

And for a slight second, the thought visits her mind.

Yoo Kihyun is gorgeous.

“Why?” The question catches her off guard. She blinks a lot, trying to comprehend the question. As if he understands the signs, he repeats, “Why have you been living under the rock? Why didn’t you go out and meet your friends? Why?”

April sighs.

“I don’t have friends. I’m awkward with people. And I’m a home person. I don’t like to go out.”

Kihyun scoffs at her last sentence. His dimples are showing again.

“You do realize that you’re here for two consecutive nights, right?”

“But-“April pauses.

He is right.

“Maybe I’ve changed. Or… Am still trying to change. That is why I come here. To meet new people, remember? Throw my old self away from me and find a new one.”

Kihyun looks amused. He is already on his fourth shots of vodka, and his cheeks are becoming red. He looks a lot younger with his reddening cheeks.

“Is going here every night included in your-new-self plan?”

“Maybe yes. Maybe no. My husband doesn’t like the idea of me being here.”

April can see how Kihyun’s small eyes widen, as if he is shell-shocked. He puts down his glass and turns to her.

“Did you say husband? You’re married?!” His tone raises in surprise. A few people from the counter turn to their direction before they decide to mind their own business. April can feel heat rushing towards her cheeks in embarrassment.

He is probably drunk, she assumes silently.

“Yes, I am married.”

She thinks she hears him cursing under his breath, but she wipes the thought away.

Maybe he is really drunk.

“I’m going home. Do you want to come?” April asks as she stands up, leaving a tip on the counter. Kihyun looks up to her in disbelief. He scrunches his nose.

“Come where? To your house?”

“No! I mean…” She pauses, licking her bottom lip nervously. Her sentence sounds so wrong. And his sharp stare doesn’t even help to ease off the uncomfortable feel in her stomach.

“If you- um- we- um- how to say this?” Words are not coming out of her mind.

“Are you suggesting us to do it? At your place?” He raises his eyebrows. April quickly puts her hand over his lips in response, scared if anyone hears it.

“Hell no, I’m not,” she hisses quietly. Kihyun giggles at her funny response as he pushes her hand away softly and holds it in his hand. He gets up and drags her out of the bar, saying, “Come on, let’s go home.”

April only follows, blinking, realizing that the singer doesn’t show up that night.



The exhaustion pasted on Wonho’s face every time he comes home can never be hidden. No matter how much Wonho puts his efforts for his lips to curl upwards when he meets April, he knows that his smile doesn’t reach his eyes at all. It seems so fake.

And April knows it all too well.

She prepares him hot bath and pyjamas the moment he is home late, and sometimes a cup of coffee if he needs to stay up to finish some work.

“You don’t have to overwork your body, darling,” April says softly as Wonho puts on his pants. He looks up to her on the bed, with a small nod.

“I don’t want you to be sick.”

Wonho heads to the bed with his shirt in his right hand. He sits beside April. His glorious abs is now visible under the dimmed table lamp. His fingers then caress April’s soft hair.

“I know.”

April never tells him how she looks forward for his magical touch every time they talk. It feels as if her heart is melting like an ice when being exposed to the Sun.

Wonho is the Sun.

He shines so brightly- or at least he used to, before he got the promotion.

And if April were to speak honestly…

Wonho isn’t her Sun anymore.

“I’m sorry,” Wonho’s soft voice brings April to her sanity. “I don’t spend much time with you.”

April flashes him a faint smile.

“It’s okay. I’m fine.”

Those words are too common that she doesn’t even know if she really means them. It seems like a habit – ensuring Wonho that she is fine. Somehow, at some point, she does realize that she is fine. But the thought of her being fine without Wonho scares her.

Because he used to be her everything.

And now, she thinks she can almost be perfectly fine without him.


April’s visits to the bar are never close to boring. Besides Minhyuk who always chats with her, Kihyun is also there. The brown-haired man is always late – not that they promise to meet at any time whatsoever. But April realizes that Kihyun only shows up after the singer’s performance. Or later. He is never there during the performance. When April tells him about it, he scoffs.

“I’m not into the singer’s voice like you do,” he says bluntly. April makes an annoyed face, disliking the fact that he mocks her. Kihyun rests his face on his right palm, eyes fixed on April.

“You really want to know why?” He asks suddenly. April nods immediately before he mutters, “You’re quite dumb for your face.”

April look at him in disbelief.

“Did you just say I’m dumb?”

Kihyun lays back, enjoying April’s mad expression.

“Really dumb, I mean.”

“I really hate you, Yoo Kihyun,” April says, pouting, before Kihyun bends over and cups her cheeks with his palms.

“Trust me – I’m the reason you come here every night.”

That kicks April right in her stomach. Her face reddens. She freezes. Her eyes widen. She doesn’t even blink for the whole two minutes. She feels as if she stops breathing due to excessive surprise.

Kihyun is the singer.

The angel voice belongs to Kihyun.

“How can you not notice? My singing voice is not that different from my normal voice.”

“Maybe I am very dumb,” April sighs. The person she longs for is right before her eyes. How can she not notice it?

Way to go, April.

“So,” she breathes, “What else about you that you haven’t told me yet? Because I told you about plenty of things. I told you that I bake when I am depressed. And that is the most secretive thing about me. And you told me almost nothing, except for your name.”

She lets out a sigh. Kihyun’s lips curve upwards, nodding.

“I’ve been a really good listener, if you were to ask me,” he replies, before April hits his thigh quick hard. He winces in slight pain before muttering, “Alright. Um- Where do I start?”

“Your family,” she suggests.

“I’m an only child and my parents are always busy. I own a few hospitals around the country, but I’m not a doctor. I just inherit them from my parents. I also own a few restaurants, clubs and bars. This bar is actually my favourite out of the others. I am single since forever, and yes, a virgin.”

April can’t help but to almost choke on her coke. Kihyun glares at her.

“Easy there, buddy. Just because you’re happily married, you shouldn’t seem so surprised to hear the word virgin.”

April mutters a quick apology for being rude before Kihyun continues.

“Minhyuk has been a friend of mine for almost a decade now, and I personally am not into his whisky. My favourite drink is vodka. But you have probably figured that out already.”

“I HEARD THAT, YOO KIHYUN!” Minhyuk yells on top of his voice, making a scene. April slightly covers her face in embarrassment when Minhyuk starts to argue with Kihyun about how Kihyun’s stupid vodka is not at all tasty, compared to his hella legendary whisky. Minhyuk’s high pitch voice manages to attract the attention of a few people around the counter, and April really wishes she can escape from the scene. The bickering lasts for a good 5 minutes before a man with plump lips two seats from her left snaps his fingers, asking for another round of whisky.

“We’re not done yet, Kihyun,” Minhyuk cutely hisses, backing away from them. Kihyun sticks his tongue out at the red-haired man, saying that he is tired of arguing over the little thing that cannot be changed – his love towards vodka.

“Remind me next time not to let you talk about your favourite drink,” April sighs. This is almost like a nightmare – to watch two grown-up men bickering about liquor. And she doesn’t even drink. That makes it even worse.

“Remind me next time not to let you send me home,” he replies sarcastically. “You seemed so comfortable in my condo it scared the hell out of me. No female has ever entered my personal condo before. And with you sitting on the couch, wearing the cute little puppy face, was not even helping.”

April blinks.

“What do you mean?”

Kihyun shifts in his seat uncomfortably. He then looks at her straight in the eyes.

“Don’t come to my house anymore…” He takes a deep breath. “Or I might fall for you deeper.”

April freezes.

Her eyes widen.

Everything around her seems to be stopping as well, before Kihyun bursts into laughter, showing his dimples and perfectly aligned teeth.

“Gotcha!” He exclaims, still laughing his ass off. He holds the counter for support and his other hand rests on his stomach.

“Wow,” April rolls her eyes, “That is funny.”

“Hell yes, it is. You should’ve seen your face.”

Kihyun finally gathers his sanity after a minute or two. He then gulps down his vodka before he says, “See you tomorrow then, April?”

She glares at the older man. “If tomorrow exists, then, probably. I am still not over your unfunny joke.”


It feels like a dream come true for April to be having lunch with her husband, on Tuesday. Wonho insists they should eat outside, because it is their third anniversary. “It should be special,” he says as he drives his Mercedes along the highway. He claims that the restaurant they are heading to, is very famous, and it serves food from the best quality, according to his fellow colleagues.

The drive there takes them approximately 45 minutes, but the view is worth it. The restaurant is located in a countryside, surrounded by greens and browns and there is a beautiful mini self-made waterfall outside the restaurant.

“Wow,” April mouths. She is amazed.

The waiter takes them to a table for two, and as they pass a few tables by the windows, April thinks her eyes catch a glimpse of Kihyun’s familiar brown swiped up hair. She slightly turns her head to take a look at the man, just to make sure if her instinct is right. As if on cue, the man looks up to her way.

It is Yoo Kihyun.

And he flashes her his beautiful smile.

Different from his usual casual attires, he is clad in tuxedo and his blue necktie brings the beauty out of him.

Wonho squeezes April’s hand before she can reply Kihyun’s smile, making her look forward and realize that they are already at their table. Wonho pulls a chair for her before he takes his own seat. Foods are already served – cheesy garlic breads for appetizer and sirloin steak for April’s main course. Wonho, on the other hand, has lamb chop instead. April looks at him, puzzled.

“Since when do you eat lamb chop?”

He looks up to her expressionless. “I don’t exactly remember,” he answers, munching on the garlic bread. April nods, her lips form a small smile.

His taste in food has changed.

Wonho she knows is not a fan of garlic bread – cheesy or not – he just doesn’t like it. But this man before her, is eating it happily.

How can someone’s taste in food change in just a short moment?

Or maybe, just maybe, it has changed for quite a while now, only she doesn’t know. They barely eat together. How can she possibly know?

They are silent the whole time. April only focuses on her food and replies yes when Wonho asks her if she is fine. Wonho blinks uncomfortably, trying to find topics to talk about. He has stopped talking about work almost a week ago, because his colleague says that he shouldn’t be worrying his wife about his work.

“You look beautiful,” he finally speaks, gazing into her eyes. Blood rushes to April’s cheeks as she smiles slightly.

“You notice?” She asks, slightly biting her bottom lip unconsciously. She has dyed her hair a little lighter than before just for the occasion. She wants to impress him, and makes him fall for her again.

“Notice what?”

April blinks.

Her shines in her eyes become dimmer as she looks down to her food.

“Nothing,” she answers, voice laced with disappointment which Wonho doesn’t quite notice.

“If you’re talking about your make-up, then, yes. I see you put some efforts on your eyeliners,” he quickly says, trying to console her. April forces herself to paste a small smile on her face, “Yes. Thank you for noticing.”

It isn’t long until the waiter serves them desserts. Wonho has ordered a slice of mango cheesecake for April, but then, the waiter approaches them again with a big cup of ice-cream.

“A gentleman there ordered this for you, ma’am.” The waiter points to Kihyun, who flashes April his sweet signature smile. The waiter somehow manages to pass a small written note to April without Wonho’s realization before he excuses himself.

“You know him?” Wonho asks, worried. April nods. “He is a friend of mine. He owns the bar across the street,” she answers.

“Should I be worried?”


“No,” she replies. Wonho then takes out his vibrating phone, signalling that he will answer the call for a minute, that it is urgent. April assures him that it is fine. The moment Wonho exits the restaurant to answer the call, April reads the note.

Lychee ice-cream with white chocolate and almond toppings – your favourite. As apology for my unfunny lame joke.

Forgive me, please?

P/s: Your new hair colour suits you well ^_^

April grins. She is deeply touched.

How can he even remember her favourite ice-cream while Wonho barely remembers that she loves lychee?

But… Above all…

Kihyun notices her hair.


Wonho barely has time to talk nowadays. He comes home late every night, but he will be off to work before 7 in the morning. April doesn’t say anything about it because she trusts him and she knows that he is also exhausted. Bringing the matter up will only worsen things between them, especially when they are slowly getting distant.

They only share short pecks in the morning. Phone calls are rare now, seeing that April doesn’t really wait for him to come home. She visits the bar almost every night for the past two weeks, and sometimes she orders soda instead of coke. Wonho has expressed his concerns about her going to the bar, but she assures him that she meets really good friends there and she will be perfectly fine.

“I won’t drink, if that’s what you worry about.”

Wonho sighs. He states that there are always possibilities that someone can put alcohol in April’s drink or even sleeping pills.

“I can’t help you if that happens, baby,” he says softly as April buttons up his coat.

“I can take care of myself, Wonho. You don’t have to worry about me,” April replies, tiptoeing to give him a peck on his lips. When Wonho exits the door, April sighs.

She has a secret she doesn’t want him to know.

And it’s a sinful one.


April is a woman of her own words. If she says A, it will always be A until the end of the world. She doesn’t change her mind once she has made a decision. That explains why she keeps refusing Minhyuk’s only wish – to see her taste his so-called legendary whisky. Even when Minhyuk pouts and whines and talks about how no one ever refuses his whisky, April will always say no to his wish.

“I don’t drink,” she says for the umpteenth time.

Kihyun, on the other hand, is effortlessly persistent. He asks April for a dance the moment a soft classical music is being played in the bar, which she politely refuses to, because she is not a good dancer.

“You don’t have to be good in dancing to dance,” Kihyun softly states, offering her his right hand. April unconsciously licks her bottom lip, thinking of another excuse. She can’t possibly say that she doesn’t want to dance with another man because Wonho is a jealous husband, even though it is the whole truth.


April inhales deeply.

“It’s only a dance, April.”

The way his tongue rolls as he calls her name always catches her off guard. It might be his voice, she thinks, the reason why her name sounds so beautiful when it comes out of his lips.

“Okay,” April final gives in. She takes his hand in hers and he pulls her to dance in the middle of the bar, joining the other couples dancing. Kihyun holds April’s petite waist as she rests her hands on his shoulders. She follows his steps nervously, heart beating fast. Her stomach is doing summersaults twice a second.

“Are you okay?” Kihyun looks down to her, checking her out. She weakly nods. To be this close to Kihyun is like a forbidden dream to April, and she thinks he looks better-looking under the dimmed lights of the bar. His skin shines like the stars. His eyes glow up in the dark.

Yoo Kihyun is beautiful…

Until he pulls April closer to his body and tightens his grip on her waist. April fixes her eyes on Kihyun’s face, seeing a hint of smirk pasted on it. He bends over and brushes his lips against her ear. Her body freezes. Her heart is about to jump out of her body.

“Loosen up, April. There’s nothing to lose,” he breathes. The heat transferred from his lips sends chills down her spine, literally making her want to escape from this situation. April hasn’t been feeling this uncomfortably nice for quite a long time. And she isn’t looking forward to feeling it either. At least not with anyone besides Wonho. Not with Kihyun.

The taller man, however, knows exactly how to weaken April’s knees.

His fingers run along her waist in a slow motion, dragging her away from the crowd. April only follows without a word coming out of her mouth. It is sealed tightly. She is mesmerized by him that she doesn’t mind to ask where they are now. She doesn’t even ask why. Her mind is blank and empty, like the piece of paper she always takes when she wants to write a story but ends up discarded because the idea is not coming out.

Her mind is too blank to be true. And Kihyun is gorgeous.

“I wonder if you like it this way,” he traps her around his hands after pushing her to the wall. “You and me. Together. Alone.” Kihyun pulls her chin up to make her look at him, but she resists. April’s eyes dart everywhere but on the man before her.

It is then she realizes that they are in a secluded room. It looks luxurious, especially with the crystal chandelier that hangs in the middle of the room. It is more like a lounge, to be exact. And they are the only ones in the room. The air around them grows intense as Kihyun looks at her straight into the eyes. She can feel it – the gaze. It is as if he burns a hole through her with his sharp eyes. The room feels so hot- or is it only her who feels that way? It is as if the sun is right above her. She feels so much harder to breathe, because Kihyun alone can take her breath away, let alone this hotness she is withstanding.

This is too much for her to handle.

“I am not a bad guy, in case you ask,” Kihyun breaks the silence between them. He notices how April breathes unevenly. “And I’ve never done this before,” he states, finally making April to look at him.

“T- This?” she stutters.

Kihyun grabs her by the waist and places his lips against hers in a split second. His sinful tongue slowly explores her mouth, tasting her.

April doesn’t resist.

She doesn’t think anymore.

The kiss is mind-blowingly enchanting.

Wonho suddenly disappears from the back of her head.

Her mind is chanting Kihyun’s name over and over again.

When Kihyun finally pulls out to breathe, April gulps.

Her chest heaves as she gasps for air.

She returns to her sanity.

What has she done?

Damn it.


April stops going to the bar after the incident. She is afraid of the truth. She can’t possibly love another man besides Wonho. She can’t. It is sinful.

But why does it feel so right?

April tries to stay away from thinking of the kiss but she can’t help but to still feel Kihyun’s strong grip on her waist, pulling her closer to him. She kind of longs for the kiss. Just once, her mind begs. She constantly forces the image of Wonho kissing her into her mind, but what she remembers are only short pecks. She forgets how majestic she used to feel when Wonho locks his lips with hers.

April is stressed out over her own feelings.

And the situation isn’t helping at all, because seconds later, someone rings the bell. April rushes to look at the visitor, only to be surprised at the familiar brown swiped up hair.

It is Yoo Kihyun.

She exhales deeply. She turns around, ignoring his presence. She bets he would go away if she doesn’t open the door. She, however, is very wrong.

Kihyun pushes the bell twice every second, and he speaks through the speaker, “I know you’re there. Open up. We need to talk.”

April paces back and forth in the living room, calculating the possibilities that will happen if she opens the door for Kihyun.

Will they actually talk without April stuttering?

Will Kihyun apologize and pretend as if it never happens?

Will she throw her arms around him and tell him how much she misses his lips on hers?


Who the hell cares, really?

April decides that she will go with the flow.

If Kihyun wants to talk, they’ll talk. But if he’s there to make her turn her back away from Wonho, she is going to push him away.

Slowly, she makes her steps towards the front door and turns the door knob, revealing Kihyun, who is smartly dressed in a tuxedo. He seems like a well-off businessman, only he is not, because he runs the most famous hospital in the city, and he also happens to be running the bar across the street.

“Come in,” April manages to say without stuttering. She steps back to let him in before she locks the door behind her. When she turns around, she feels Kihyun’s sharp gaze on her.


She doesn’t get a real answer. Instead, she gets a long passionate kiss. She almost stumbles backwards if Kihyun hasn’t lifted both of her legs so that they circle his waist. She has the wall to support her as she pulls him closer, wanting to taste him more. His tongue is skilfully amazing that she wants to beg for more. Kihyun pulls away for a slight second before April licks his bottom lip and works wonders on his lips.

April is weak against Kihyun. She can’t resist him. She is helpless and somehow, just somehow, she loves it – how Kihyun has the power to seduce her with no words.

April whimpers when Kihyun abandons her lips and starts to trail wet sloppy kisses along her neck, little does he know that her neck is the most sensitive out of all. She throws her head backwards in pleasure as he takes him precious time to bite and suck her neck in the most seductive way.

Talking doesn’t actually happen.

The whole day is filled with sinful pleasures.


April wakes up from her deep slumber with no strings attached, and a pair of warm arms wrapped around her waist tightly. Her eyes squint a little to adjust to the brightness of the lights. She is in her room.

But the hands are unfamiliar.

They are smaller than Wonho’s, and definitely lighter.

Her heart starts to thump so fast.

Her head hurts, recalling the scenes before she fell asleep a few hours ago.

Oh God.

Tears roll down her eyes when she realizes the fact that she made love to another man besides her husband. Thrice. She sobs, feeling dirty. She has committed a really big sin and she doesn’t think she deserves her husband anymore. Wonho has been so nice towards her – so caring. He is always concerned when she goes to the bar.

And maybe, just maybe, this is the reason why he worries about her going to the bar so much. He is afraid she falls for another man. He is afraid to lose her.

And all this time, she has been so hard-headed.

Now look at what happens.

She is doomed.

“Hey,” Kihyun’s voice is hoarse from the sleep.

“Don’t cry,” he hushes her, giving her shoulder a soft peck. He turns her around, making her look at him straight in his eyes.

“No one will know about it,” he says. “This will be our little secret.”

He leans in for a kiss but April stops him.

“You should go,” she manages to say between her sobs. The look in Kihyun’s eyes screams disappointment, but she doesn’t mind. She is more disappointed in herself than he is.

She cheats on her husband.

Kihyun props himself up from the bed, picking his clothes up and slowly gets dressed. April looks at him secretly from behind. No wonder she melts for him.

Yoo Kihyun is mesmerizing.

“I’ll get going,” he softly states after he is fully clothed. He stops beside April and leans in for a kiss. This time, she lets him.

“No one is going to find out,” he whispers, “if you cover those hickeys with some foundation.” He points at her shoulders before turning around to leave.

April is startled.

She is really doomed.


April doesn’t talk a lot after the incident. She bakes and bakes until it is too much for the both of them – Wonho and her. Her husband doesn’t say anything, deciding that he will let her alone for a few moments. He thinks April needs some time to open up her problems. But what she really needs is not time. She needs Kihyun to solve her problems.

“Where are you going?” Wonho asks, looking up from his laptop when he hears April packing the cupcakes she made into two big baskets.

“To the bar. I made a lot. I think I should send them there,” April mutters weakly. She sounds sick. Her eyes are puffy as if she hasn’t had enough sleep for the past week.

“Be safe, okay?” Wonho manages to say before keeping his focus on the numbers on the screen.

April closes the door and makes her way towards the elevator with the baskets in both of her hands. When the elevator finally comes and the doors are open, April’s eyes meet the familiar small brown eyes.


He seems surprised to see April, mouth agapes, but soon after he collects his sanity, he steps back and lets April come in. She hesitates at first, blinking, but Kihyun’s voice kicks her in the stomach.

“I’m not gonna kiss you here. Come on in.”

The doors close after April forces herself to enter the cold confined space. She keeps a distance from Kihyun, afraid if she can’t control herself if she smells his light flowery scent. The way to the ground floor seems to be so long as Kihyun speaks, “I purposely go to your floor these days to check on you.”

“You didn’t go to the bar anymore. It has been four days. I miss you,” he adds.

April keeps silence.

“You don’t have any rights to give me the silent treatment, you know that. I asked beforehand, and you agreed. Thrice. It wasn’t totally my fault.”

April nods nonchalantly.

She is aware of the facts. She can exactly recall Kihyun’s voice when he paused, taking a deep breath before asking if she really wanted it.

“We’ll stop if you want to.”

His whisper still freshly lingers in her mind. She remembers telling him to continue, because she loves him too. Probably. She doesn’t know anymore. What she knows is, that she shouldn’t be treating him this way. However, she can’t do anything to make things right.

“I see you baked,” he states, eyes fixed on the baskets.

“A little,” she finally responds. The elevator stops at 10th floor and a woman dressed in a short flowery dress steps into the elevator, standing between April and Kihyun. She slightly smiles at April before she turns to Kihyun and smacks his arm.

“What is that for?” He asks, wincing in pain. April sees him glaring at the woman from the corner of her eyes, but she pretends as if she isn’t there.

“For being such an idiot,” she replies. Her voice is quite nasal and low. “Stop asking me to help you with your love life in the middle of the night. My husband thinks I’m cheating on him. Gosh.”

“You barely like someone and then poof, you’re in love with a married woman. What the hell is wrong with you, Yoo Kihyun? Can’t you love a decent person?” She sounds quite dramatic for someone with a poker face.

“Because she is wonderful,” he answers in his soft voice, fixing his eyes on April. “She is mind-blowingly mesmerizing.”

April slowly turns to him. Her heart beats fast as butterflies flutter in her empty stomach. Kihyun flashes her his best smile, continuing, “She might be married but I believe that she loves me too.”

Kihyun inhales deeply.

“Do you?” He asks April.

The woman looks puzzled, stating things like ‘I don’t know, why ask me?’ and ‘I am not the one you love’ until she realizes that Kihyun has his eyes on April the whole time. She turns to April with wide eyes, exclaiming, “Are you that woman?!”

April blinks. Hesitantly, she nods to the woman’s question. The elder woman mutters too many OMGs, claiming that it feels so awkward to meet April in the elevator whilst talking about her.

“It is fine,” she assures her.

“You haven’t answered my question yet,” Kihyun states.

“Do you love me?”

The elevator finally stops with a ping before April can actually answer. The other woman whines about how fast they reach the ground floor and that she longs for April’s answer but she has to meet a friend at a restaurant nearby. April clicks her heels, walking towards the front entrance, but Kihyun manages to hold her shoulder.

“Don’t… Leave… Before you answer the question,” he begs, “Please.”

April freezes.

Oh how she misses his touch.

“Don’t you know that a woman’s silence means yes?”

She then heads to the bar to send the cupcakes to Minhyuk.


Crazy is all April is at the moment. She is too deeply attached to Kihyun that he is the first person she thinks of when she wakes up. It makes no sense how a person she met in a bar invades her life this bad. It makes even no sense when her mind begs to see him every day without fail. And to make it worse, she is having an affair with him.

“This needs to stop,” April always says to Kihyun, but all he needs to do is gaze at her straight in the eyes to melt her away. Kihyun does that every time April suggests to stop their forbidden relationship. And each time, April finds herself fall for Kihyun deeper.

“You’re all I have,” he whispers, running his fingers along his hair. He lays back, looking at April who stands before the door. He instructs her to sit beside him but she insists that her visit to his condo will be short, and this will be her last time.

“You told me that yesterday and the day before that. But you keep coming back,” he states.

“I know.”

April is well aware of the facts. She, however, promises that this will definitely be the last time she enters his condo. She will end their relationship today, by hook or by crook. She cannot keep on cheating on Wonho and looking at her husband’s face without guilt tugging her heart. She is not that ruthless. She wasn’t taught to be cruel.

“So,” Kihyun sighs, “What will happen to us after this?”

“We’ll part ways. I won’t look your way again. You can find another woman. We’ll live happily by our own,” April memorizes her lines. She doesn’t come unprepared. Of course she has thought of the things she would say, because Kihyun would definitely know that she doesn’t mean any of it if she stutters.

“Will we? Live happily by our own? Is that possible?” He saunters towards April, slighting caressing her hair. April freezes at his touch, but she needs to gather her courage to push him away.

Yoo Kihyun is bad for her.

“We will, eventually,” she replies. Her breathings are uneven, and she is doing her best not to grip the hem of her blouse.

Kihyun stands right before her, taking a good look at her face. His lips curl upwards in a second, muttering how beautiful she is. His hand slowly holds hers, and he can feel how she is startled at his sudden touch.

Kihyun smirks.

“You love me,” he claims softly. Kihyun grips her waist out of the blue, and he pulls her into a kiss. April swears she tries to push him away, but her lips are replying his kiss.

When he pulls away, she mutters curses in her mind, mad at how her lips are of the opposite from her mind.

“Go to your husband,” Kihyun whispers, looking straight into her eyes. “You love me, that is enough.”

April doesn’t know how to react. She blinks her tears away as Kihyun continues, “I read somewhere that to love is not to have.”

“But,” he breathes, “You know where to find me if you ever miss me.”

Yoo Kihyun is mesmerizing.

i needed to hate someone and you’re the one i love the most, so it fell on you (james/lily)

Shit, Evans, what the fuck is your problem?” Potter snaps and this feels different. He’s been mad at her before – she knows she’s frustrating for people she doesn’t insult regularly, let alone Potter who somehow seems to always know how to get at her, make her feel like she’s missing the mark and how does he do that? – but there’s something unhinged in this. The cage coming unlocked, the monster unleashed, and havoc about to be rained down on her with the fury of Avada Kedavra.

(except, even with all those metaphors about curses and monsters, she’s not scared. she’s not. potter would never hurt her; not intentionally. oh, he’ll call her on her shit. call her a daft cow and a stubborn prig and a royal pain in the arse and he’ll mean it. but hurt her? never. not potter.)

Lily rolls her eyes. “Don’t act—”

“No; shut up.” He cuts her off, marching forward until she’s backed herself against the railing. Around them the stairs are spinning but that’s maybe the least unsettling thing about this moment. “Don’t talk. You’re gonna listen to me, for once, Evans.”

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Second Chances

Summary : 
Based on @qookyquiche‘s wonderful artwork on a Married Adrienette AU where the couple had been trying to have a child. A miscarriage happens in the first time, but there are always second chances :) 

Genre : Family, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
TRIGGER Warning! : there’s no blood or gore. but it may be sensitive to some people who had gone through a miscarriage. 

For @qookyquiche because she’s an amazing artist! See her artwork that inspired this story! (x)

Adrien Agreste came home to a quiet house.  The air was still, and the only thing that broke the silence was the clattering of his keys he had set on the table. The silver wedding ring around his finger shone in the orange sunset.  He sighed in exhaustion as he pulled off his necktie. Marinette should be home by now.

He nuzzled into Ladybug’s neck.

“How’s the little one?” Chat asked placing his left hand on her lower belly.

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Liar Pt. 3- Jinhwan

Liar Pt.3

Pt.1 & Pt.2

Request:  A jinhwan scenario where u have been best friends since u were little and u had feelings for him but 1 day he gets this gf that always hated u and was jealous of u but he doesn’t know the gf is only using him 4 fame u try to tell him but he thinks ur lying and only saying this because ur jealous and because u don’t want him to have a gf so u go home and cry because u’re worried for him u don’t want him to be upset later on he finds out u were telling the truth u can decide what happens lame😁M.I

Genre: Angst/Drama/Romance/Smut

Band Member: Kim Jinhwan

Summary: Jamie Taintor (you, the reader) has been best friends with Jinhwan since elementary. She’d been enemies with Sarang since middle school. It just so happens that Jinhwan begins dating Sarang, but Jamie knows better. If she can convince Jinhwan the truth, so be it. If she loses her best friend in the process…

Inspired By: Wasting My Young Years by London Grammar, Girlfriend by Watch the Duck, and Crazy In Love by Beyoncé

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Chance-Part 6

A/N: Last part of this series.Thank you so much for liking this series,your support encourages me to write more.Love you all so much.xx

Pairing:Theo Raeken X Reader.

Word Count:1.44K words

Part 1  Part 2   Part 3  Part 4  Part 5 


*Few Months Later*

These past months were amazing,each passing day I’m falling for Theo a little bit more than the previous day.These past few months were magical.

Currently I’m getting ready for school,Theo’s car broke down so I will give him ride today.

I got ready and headed downstairs seeing my mother getting her stuffs ready.

“Woah mom,slow down,”I chuckled.

“Good morning honey,”my mom hugged me.She’s going on a businnes trip for three days.


“Can you believe?I’m late for the third time this week!”She sighed.

“It’s okay mom,just don’t rush and drive safely there okay?”I said.

“I will darling,now finish your breakfast and go to school and please be a good girl”,I nodded.

“When’s Theo coming?”My mom asked.

“Oh actually his car broke down so today I’ll give him a lift,”I said before eating the toast.

“Are you sure?You haven’t drive in a while,I can drive you there?”

“No mom,I’ll be fine,besides you’re already late,now go,”I said laughing.

“Are you sure Y/N?”She asked hesitantly.

“Yeah mom,why are you worrying so much?”

“Well,you’re my baby so it’s natural for me to worry,okay?”My mom sighed.    

“Mom,I’ll be fine,don’t worry,I’ll give you a call after I reach school,sounds good?”I said impatiently.

“Okay,drive safe,love you,will miss you”she said rushing off.

“Love ya,will miss you too”I said smiling.

I sent a quick text to Theo saying I’ll be there within few minutes.

My phone dinged indicating a new message from Theo,

Drive safely,I love you xx

I smiled before walking towards my car.

It’s been a while since I last drove,ever since dating Theo I didn’t need to worry about driving,he was my personal chauffeur.I teased him about it but he said he enjoyed being my chauffeur.That kid.

I got into my car and started driving it,Theo’s house isn’t that far away from my home,roughly it’s a five minutes drive.

“Seriously?”I muttered silently,once I noticed the sign saying “ROAD CLOSED”.

The easy route towards his house was currently undergoing contruction,that means I gotta take the other road which will take a while.I sighed and begin to drive towards the other way.

We won’t be late for school anyway since we always reach school fifteen minutes before the classes start so we’re good,I thought to myself.

My phone started ringing,I began to reach it and it was a mistake,I glanced at the screen it was from Theo before I can even comprehend what was going on I saw a truck coming from the opposite direction,I panicked and tried to drive the other way.The last thing I saw was my car colliding with a tree nearby before everything went blank.

Theo’s POV

What’s taking her so long?I wondered as I shifted uncomfortably on my couch.I tried calling her phone several times but it just went to voicemail.

“Okay Theo,relax,she must be picking some coffee on her way,”I tried to calm myself.

I heard my phone ringing and immediately sighed in relief when I saw it was Y/N calling.

“Babe,where are you?”I asked.

“Hello,is this Theo?”asked a male voice.

“Yes,may I ask who is this?This is my girlfriend’s phone.”I  panicked,what is going on.

“This is officer Reynolds.The owner of this phone got in a car accident,so we’re immediately taking her to the Beacon Hills Hospital,”spoke the other end.

“Car…acci-accident?”I asked not believing.

“I’m sorry,she’s unconscious right now.”

“I’ll…be.. there.”I barely made a sentence.

I immediately called Stiles and told him what happened before rushing off towards the hospital.

I met Stiles on my way and got in his jeep.

“What’s her situation right now?”Scott asked panicking.

“She’s unconscious now,”I said in tears.

“Okay Theo,we’re almost there please stay strong,”Stiles said,his own voice trembling.

“I’ll call Lydia and Malia,”Scott said before calling them on his phone.

Once we reached the hospital I rushed down the doors walking to the front door.

“Excuse me,I’m here for Y/N Y/L/N.”I said tapping my thumbs on the counter nervously.

“Yes sir,room 124 down that hallway.”I nodded and began to search for her room.

I saw Melissa exiting the room Y/N was admitted to.She saw me and gave me a weak smile before saying,”Theo,she’s fine.She experienced a mild concussion,I gave her pills so she’s taking rest.”Melissa gently held my hand in a motherly comforting way and hugged me.At that moment I broke down.

“It’s all my fault,I shouldn’t have asked her to drive me to school,I’m supposed to look for her but see I failed.”I sobbed.

“Shh shh,it’s not your fault okay?Don’t blame yourself kid.”She smiled softly.

“Thank you,”I said smiling weakly.

“No problem at all,now meet your girl,but make sure she gets enough rest.”She said before waling away.

I took a deep breathe and opened the door,I saw the love of my life lying in the bed.She had a small bandage on her forehead and IVY’s running through her arms.My poor baby,I sat down in the chair next to her bed grabbing her hand gently.She was sleeping peacefully.I gently caressed her cheeks before placing a small kiss on top of her head.I tried to held back my tears but failed miserably.

Y/N shifted slightly,groaning a little.

“Baby…” I began.

She turned her head opening her eyes slowing,smiling gently as soon as she noticed me.

“Hey handsome,”she said squeezing my hand gently.

“Hey beautiful,how are you feeling?”I asked softly.

“Other than this headache,I’m fine and also I’m thirsty.”

I filled a glass with water and gently made her drink that.


“Yup,”she smiled.

Oh how beautiful she looked,my baby girl.

“Don’t you dare ever make me scare like this,you understand?”I said caressing her face.

“I’m so sorry baby,it never happened before,I don’t know how it happened and-”I interrupted her by kissing her softly.

“Accidents happen okay?I’m just glad you’re not injured severely,”I said gently.

“Hmm,”I sighed.

“I can’t imagine what I would have done if I lost you,”I said silently letting my tears flow.

“Hey,I am okay,don’t worry,I’m right here.”She said helding my face and kissing me softly.

“Please don’t ever leave me,I love you too much baby girl,”I smiled through the tears.

“You’re not getting rid of me that easily Raeken,”she smiled,the smile that lights up my world.

“I’m willing to spent each and every day of my life with you by my side,I can’t imagine it with anyone else,”I kissed her hand.

“Aww,you’re such a sweetheart,I love you darling,”she said.

I smiled,what did I do to deserve such an amazing person,I always wonder that.

“I’m just glad that you gave me a chance to show you how much you mean to me,thank you for agreeing to be my girlfriend,for always been there for and most importantly loving me.”I said.

“We’re having emotional talks,aren’t we?”she chuckled.

“Yeah,maybe”I said chuckling.

“Well I would have been a fool if I didn’t give you a chance,I’m grateful that you lived up to my expectation,so thank you Theodore.”she said.


I kissed him softly,before getting interrupted by the pack.

“Keep it PG kids,”I heard Liam scoff.

“Oh Y/N,are you okay?”Lydia rushed towards me giving me hug and wore a worried expression.

“I’m fine Lyds,”I assured her.

“Thank God,”Kira sighed in relief.

“We were worried sick,”Malia breathed peacefully.

“My mom said they’ll discharge you tomorrow,”Scott said before giving me a hug gently.

“Urghh,why not soon?”I asked impatiently.

“Hey,the time will pass quickly okay?”Stiles said encouragingly.

“Besides I brought my laptop so we can watch a movie today!”Mason said excitedly.

“Oh yess,”I said happily.

“If it wasn’t for Scott’s mom,we’ll all be kicked out,but she gave us a chance to stay here for few hours,”Liam said before seating in the bed beside me and hugging me.

“Only I have the permission to stay all night,hah”Theo said grinning.

“You okay?”Liam asked.

“Yes,”I said smiling.

He kissed my forehead softly then went towards Mason to choose a movie.

“Okay,I still get jealous by your interactions with Liam,”Theo said pouting.

“Oh baby,c’mere,we’re just friends,nothing for you to worry about,okay?”I said chuckling.

“I’ll try,”he said smiling.

“OKAY FOREST GUMP!”Stiles yelled.

“Calm down Stlinski,”Mason rolled his eyes.

I looked around and saw everyone,feeling the happiest to have such amazing people around me and most importantly a perfect boyfriend.I smiled looking at him,who was currently watching the movie,he’s beautiful.I scooted closer to him and rest my head on his shoulder.

“I love you,”I whispered.

“I love you.”he said kissing my forehead.

The Countdown

Pairing: Rucas

Rating: G

Word Count: 1,486

A/N: I haven’t written anything on tumblr in awhile.  This came to me on my way home today.  Sorry for any grammatical errors.  I wrote it out fairly quickly.

As they neared her apartment, Lucas sighed.  Another perfect week was rapidly coming to a close.  In a few short hours, he would be on a plane back to Texas, back to school, back to life without her in it on a daily basis.  Just when he was getting used to seeing her everyday, just when he started to forget the two thousand miles that had separated them for most of the last four years, it was time to go back.  It was time to go back and start counting down the seconds until he could see her again.

As their steps drew them closer to their inevitable parting, Lucas decided to not taint the memory of their last few seconds together with morbid thoughts of the loneliness he was about to endure once more.  He studied the distance that separated them from their goodbye.  By his estimate, they were ten steps away from her door.  Ten steps.  Ten reasons why all of the pain and heartache was worth it.

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End of a Long Day

Fandom: The Hobbit

Rating: K
Character(s): Thranduil, Little!Legolas
Word Count: 1,313
Prompt: Can i request a modern au where thranduil comes home late from work, exhausted and ready to pass out on the spot, only to smile and feel warmth spread through him when he finds his wife, the reader, and little legolas sleeping on the couch, where they passed out waiting up for daddy. thank you!
Requested by: Anonymous

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**idk why but this came to my head when I looked at this picture** tell me what you think!!

“Wow” you say softly to yourself.
He’s right there. He’s right in front of you.
If you reached your arm out you’d be touching him.

The guy you’ve been obsessing over for the past year is right in front of you, yet he hasn’t even looked you in the eyes.
He looked at her.
The girl in the crowd who stood out more than anyone.

She was beautiful. The long natural flawless hair, the pretty face that needed no make up.
The pretty smile that could light up anyone’s world.
The voice that was so soothingly soft it made you crying just to hear it.
The perfect toned body that would look good in anything.
He stared at her.
And she stared back.
“You’re so cute nash!” She would say, and you would keep quiet.
Watching, observing.
Knowing that if you’d say that, it wouldn’t even phase him.
“Thanks babe you’re too” he’d reply back. Your heart would fall.
That could be you, but he hasn’t even looked at you.
He hasn’t really even acknowledged most of the fans, but you didn’t blame him.
Its hard to pay attention to every last fan there when you have nearly 25 people throwing themselves at you.
You’d watch, knowing you’d probably never see him again.
All you can do is look.
Look for the 2 minutes that he’s remotely close before he drifts away, taking pictures and having short conversations with the other fans that made sure he saw them.
You didn’t though.
And you regretted it.
Because he never saw you.
You never touched him.
It was just like in your dreams or in the stories you read.
He’s there. You see him as clear and beautiful as he is.
But he doesn’t see you.
And he never will.
Not like how you look at him.
And now you’re back in your room.
And you can’t the image of him out of your head.
Those good five minutes that your entire world was right in front of you, and you never got to touch it.
And now you’re back to twitter, as you watch him go about his days, knowing you will never cross his mind.
You will never ever see him again. Not like that.

**Nash’s p.o.v.***
There she is. The fan I have always been looking for.
She’s shy.
Just how I like them.
She’s calm.
Just how i like them.
She’s fragile.
Just how I like them.
But I don’t dare look at her while she’s looking at me.
I don’t dare walk towards her direction.
I don’t dare speak a word to her.
Instead, I ignore her. Afraid I’ll mess up.
Afraid she won’t like me anymore.
I watch her from the corner of my eyes, as she watches in envy as I talk to others.
But she doesn’t say a word to me.
She doesn’t walk up to me.
She just stands there and observes.
I’m being pushed.
Pushed away from the dream girl that I had always imagined seeing.
Pushed away from the one that I’ve been looking for.
I don’t look her direction at first but when I do, she’s not there.
She’s gone.
My world is gone.
I will never see her again.
I will never get the chance to touch her,
Look at her eye to eye.
I will never get the chance to say hi.

And her I am. Back at home.
Scrolling. Tumblr, twitter, even Instagram.
I can’t find her.
Weeks and weeks I try.
But I can’t find her.
And I never will.
She’s gone.

Title: Seeing You

Pairing: NaruHina

Summary: He had to find Hinata. He had to make sure she was safe.

Prompt: Based off this picture. My thanks to gabzilla-z for both permission and inspiration.

Note: This was inspired by the above picture. Thank you so much gabzilla for giving me permission to use it! I hope I managed to do it justice and that you all enjoy. 

The first person he looked for was Hinata.

Amidst the cheers, and the crying, and the overall celebration, Naruto stumbled. The world was out of focus, his fatigue impeding his ability to walk in a straight line. Everything was a blur, from the people to the ground to the sky. An ache had built up in the back of his head and his arm dangled uselessly at his side. What remained of his other arm was wrapped tightly in bandages, only the smallest specks of blood still seeping through. He paid the appendage no mind; he couldn’t feel anything anyway and even he knew that he hadn’t completely registered it was gone just yet. He figured it would hit him later, but right now he couldn’t have cared less.

He had to find Hinata.

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