her smile is the cutest thing ever

seungkwan is the sweetest boy out there like he’s always looking out for the other members and helps them out whenever they need it and he loves them all so dearly like when minghao was sick and came back on one fine day, seungkwan was the first one to greet him and literally tackled him with a hug saying that he missed him and when seokmin started to cry at their comeback showcase, seungkwan literally ran and hugged him and tried to comfort seokmin even when he was on the other side of the stage and how he always tries to make others smile and is always checking up on them and how much he adores his family like when his sister was on duet song festival he kept cheering for her and how much he loves his mother like we all know how much of a mama’s boy he is and it’s the cutest thing ever he’s always mentioning her and we can see how much he loves her by how his face lights up just by mentioning her and just recently he actually gave tangerines to the reporters who were taking photos of them and said that his dad brought them from jeju and he apologized for not bringing enough and there’s so many more moments that i’m forgetting but seriously seungkwan is a total sweetheart and deserves all the love

Boyfriend JB

A/N - Time for JB as your boyfriend! I love doing these bc it makes me realise how much I want this in my life lol. 

Mark | Jackson | Jinyoung | Youngjae | Bambam | Yugyeom

  • if Jaebum was your boyfriend, you two would the the definition of ‘life goals’
  • he knows how to treat his girl and make her feel special
  • firstly let’s talk about composer defsoul 
  • he’d write so many songs for you
  • most of them wouldn’t make it onto albums but instead he’d self produce a little cd for you
  • and he’d give it to you while blushing and it’d be the cutest thing ever!
  • just imagine him all red in the face with his adorable smile as he handed you a cd with all these amazing songs just for you
  • and they’d all be so good and only you would get to hear them because you’re his girl
  • the songs would all range from super cute stuff to super sexy stuff
  • like one song would be about wanting to spend the rest of his life with you or something
  • and then another would list everything he wants to do to you and knows he will do later
  • he’d love to invite you to the studio as well so you can see him write lyrics or record some lines for a song
  • and if you could sing well, he’d want to record demos with you
  • when he’s not serenading you, JB would be such a cute boyfriend
  • people always make him out to be super dominant but I think with his girlfriend he wouldn’t actually be that dominant unless they’re in the bedroom
  • his girlfriend would have JB wrapped around her finger and he’d do literally anything for her
  • even if it’s 3am and she wants to go outside and watch the stars, he’d do it
  • the boys would constantly tease him whenever you called or texted him asking to buy you coffee after he’s finished with dance practise
  • but he wouldn’t care bc he loves treating his girl
  • we all know JB has an aversion to doing aegyo but he’d do it for his girlfriend without hesitation
  • as soon as she asks him, he’s straight away pulling some cute facial expression
  • and every time he sees her smile and giggle at the cuteness, he’d break out into the biggest grin
  • because seeing his girlfriend happy is the one thing he needs most life
  • now onto Jaebum in the bedroom…
  • so we all know he’d be dominant in the bedroom 
  • daddy af
  • and all cuteness he showed before would disappear
  • it’s like when you see him on and then off stage
  • off stage he’s Im Jaebum, he’s an absolute sweetheart
  • and then on stage he’s JB, aka literal sex on legs
  • like he’d say something really sweet to you and then it’s like flicking a switch and all of a sudden his voice is deeper and he’s looking at you with THOSE eyes
  • and whenever that happens, you know you’re going to be having fun tonight
  • but he’d always make sure he doesn’t force you into anything and would 100% be all about consent (as would all the boys)
  • he’d use the switch in control to get back at all the times you made him do aegyo
  • before you’d be begging for aegyo but now he’s making you beg for his body
  • and you loved every minute of it
  • but let’s face it, anyone would
  • overall, Jaebum would be the perfect combination of cute and sexy
  • he’d do anything and everything for you without hesitation
  • because you’re his entire world and he’d love you with every ounce of his being
Ruff & Tumble

[read on ao3]

genre: smut, fluff

word count: 6.5k

warnings: swearing

extra tags: blowjob, handjob, dogs


Dan moves into his new apartment for the dog park downstairs – little does he know that the town comes with more than just fluffy tails.  

AU where Phil has a dog and Dan almost doesn’t know if he likes the dog or the boy more.


The guy looks up from his kneeling position in the grass, and seeing Dan, smiles. The dog next to him, with her fluffy golden curl of a tail, wiggles her butt at him. Dan doesn’t think he’s ever seen a better sight.

That is, until he actually looks up into the owners face.

Oh no, he thinks, Oh, no, no.

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Perfect For Each Other- Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader

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request from anon: #5 for a Lin x reader

#5:“ Are you hitting on her for me?”

“Lin, c'mon you’ve performed in front of thousands of people and you’ve never been this nervous.” I overheard Chris say and I looked at Lin in curiosity.

“Yes well in case you haven’t noticed, I care more about what they think then what thousands of people think.” Lin pointed out and I smiled a bit. Lin having a crush was officially the cutest thing ever.

“Well Lin, if you act as cute as you are acting right now, I’m sure they’ll love you.” I told him and Chris tried to stop himself from laughing at Lin’s embarrassed expression.

“You’re cuter.” He said, looking over to Chris to see if he said the right thing. Chris was laughing extremly hard and didn’t notice. I blinked.

“I’m sorry, no one is cuter than Lin Manuel Miranda.”

“I don’t know what you guys are talking about but I agree with Y/N.” Oak said as he walked up to my side and I laughed.

“You just agreed that Lin is the cutest human being on this earth.”

“Well I mean it’s true but sorry for hitting on your man.” He said before walking away. Chris started crying and he sat down on the stage trying to catch his breath.

“Oak sees it too, Lin.” He said and I frowned.

“Sees what?”

“That we are perfect for each other.” Lin said casually before realizing what he just said and he looked up at me. “I mean I’m not say that we are- we aren’t but-”

“I get it.” I told him in a more harsh tone in which I intended. He looked upset and he nodded, shoving his hands in his pockets.

“We should probably get back to practicing anyway.” He said slowly and he walked away.

“Damn that was a bit harsh, don’t you think so?” Chris asked me and I looked away from Lin’s retreating figure and towards Chris.
“It wasn’t supposed to come out that way.”

“I’m not the one you need to tell that to.” He pointed out and I sighed.

“You’re right. Thanks Chris.”

“It’s no problem, just go and make Lin happy and adorable again.” He smiled and I returned it before running to catch up with Lin, who was probably relaxing in his dressing room. I knocked on the door and waited there for several minutes before he answered, in the green suit he wore for most of act two.


“I’m sorry about my tone earlier- I came out wrong.” I told him and he smiled sheepishly.

“It’s alright- it was stupid of me to get upset over it.”

“Please Lin I don’t think it’s even possible for you to be stupid.”

“Oh trust me, you bring out the best in me so you haven’t seen nothing yet.”

“Is that a promise?”

“If you want it to be.”

“I should get to the stage, I am on for ‘What’d I Miss’ and we have one minute before we’re starting again.” I told him and he nodded and we walked side by side to the stage.

After we finished practicing 'What’d I Miss’, we continued with other songs in act two. And after practicing on several other songs, the intro for 'Burn’ started and since there were no ensemble members in this song, I sat with Chris and we watched Phillipa sing. After 'Burn’, dinner arrived at the theater and we all ate together, bringing out the picnic table used in 'My Shot’ and the chairs used in the cabniet battles.

“Oh yeah, that wink in 'What’d I Miss’ was for Y/N.” Daveed said and I looked at him, confused.

“Oh, you winked at me?” I asked him and he nodded.

“Yeah it was from Lin though.” He said and Lin whipped his head towards Daveed.

“Not true!”

“If the shoe fits wear it.” Daveed smirked and Lin groaned.
“Yeah yeah, thanks Thomas Jefferson.”

“It’s no problem Lin- I am only flirting with Y/N for you since you aren’t.” He said and I nearly choked on my food and I started coughing loudly. I eventually stopped and glared at Daveed before taking another bite of my food.

“Wait- you are hitting on her for me?” Lin asked and I started coughing again and I glared at Lin and Daveed.


“Is it that obvious?” Lin groaned.

“That you like her? Yeah.” Daveed said and Lin smiled at me cautiously.

“So I have something to tell you.” He told me and I smiled widely.

“So do I.”


Hey Guys! Happy Hug Day from the Heroes Of Olympus! 

They are the cutest couple ever! Don’t you agree! Definetly my OTP. 

 Percy: Hey Annabeth, C’mere

Annabeth: What’s it?

Percy:(HUGS HER) Happy hug day

Annabeth:(Smiles)Same to you, where did you learn that?

Percy: Drew was doing her s** talk thing again and she suggested to hug because today is hug day, so yeah

Annabeth: What did you do?

Percy:I was so excited that I was gonna hug you without a slap in the back of my head that I ran faster than the wind and hugged you

Annabeth:( SLAPS HIM AT THE BACK OF THE HEAD) you idiot 

Percy:there goes my dream :(

Annabeth: (Hugs him harder) I love you. 

 :After smiling a lot, he replied with ‘I love you too’

Hello from Caleo. They wouldn’t go without a hug, would they?

Percy: Hey dude, today’s hug day

LEO RUNS AWAY SCREAMING BLOODY MURDER ( actually screaming Cali here I come)

Leo hugs her while she is surprised

 Soft HUG after a tiresome day. Frazel.

Jason grabs Piper wildly and says “Happy HUG Day, beautiful” JASPER

Will, all bright and smiling walks towards a pissed Nico. 

“Hey” he asks “Why the sour face?”

“Today is hug day” Nico answers

“Will smiles more “Isn’t that amazing?”

Nico chokes up on his spit “Am not used to be in people’s contact becaus-”

Nico is cut up by Will’s bonebreaking hug. “Happy Hug Day,  death breath”

______________________________________________________________Now are we only having couples? No, hug day is for everyone. For instant - mothers

The first hug is the hug of the mother and we should take care that the last hug of the mother would be with us.


Are we done? NO, what about bro and dudes, huh?

That’s Nico and Jase. Nico is itching to get away.

Looks like Jason’s the huggy type, right?

CUTE. Real bro.

______________________________________________________________Now I am a female so I need sis too.

After Annabeth came out from Tartarus.

Time for a display hug, ladies

______________________________________________________________What about other friends. Just hug them all and let them know that they matter

One of my fav friendship is of Percy and Thalia

The original group- Percy, annabeth, grover

The first family- Luke, annabeth and Thalia

The friends




Do me a favour, hug all thepeople that made your life the way it is and let them know that they matter.

I’ve just read one of the very first (or maybe the first) script used for the movie The Lion The Wicth and the Wardrobe and there are so many goods stuff in there I need to share it with you:

Edmund rushing to hug his mum at the train station is the cutest thing ever.

Edmund making Lucy laugh and bringing her biscuits to cheer her up !

The Pevensies mother was supposed to be named Miriam (it later changed for Helen).

This is after Edmund came back from Narnia the first time. FORESHADOW !

Susan being funny and making Peter smile.

Peter and Susan being the Dad and Mum as usual.

Lil’ Edmund being concerned for his family.

Susan and Mrs. Beaver being BFF.

Father Christmas and Lucy talking about Edmund’s gift.

Susan trying Narnian clothes for the first time.

Edmund finally being done with Jadis.

The Pevensies sharing a fun moment with Aslan.

I think this is my favorite !!! 

The Pevensies being at Cair Pavarel (I so needed that scene).

Edmund and Lucy being adults and still making fun of Susan.

lucas looking @ riley pt. 1

alright so y’all wanting this, so i’m giving it to you. i have a folder on my computer that has 179 caps in it, so this will probably be split into like 3 posts so they aren’t too long. they’re gonna be in order, so this post will be s1 and the first half of s2. i’m gonna put it under a cut so it doesn’t clog up anyone’s dash, so have fun, enjoy the suffering !!!

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I’ve kissed several people over the course of my life, sometimes initiating it myself and sometimes not, but I can say I’ve only ever been asked permission ONCE and it was a girl and it was hands-down the cutest thing because we were watching TV and I could kinda feel her watching me, and then she said, ‘So… can I kiss you?” and I couldn’t help but smile and laugh a little and she was like, “What??” then I told her that no one had ever ASKED before but YES of course she could kiss me and honestly it’s probably one of the best kisses (okay… there were more than one… we kissed way more than once) I’ve ever had. So don’t think asking for permission to kiss someone will ruin the moment. It doesn’t.


Whereas many families enjoyed trips to the park, as a weekly thing, you had taken your baby girl to the Movie Premier, after you and Chris both not wanting to leave her. 

Photographers: Chris! Y/N! Over here!

Chris: Look baby! They’re taking your photo. You gonna smile?

Daughter: *Hiding in Daddy’s Blazer*

Y/N: Baby look! Say cheese! 

Daughter: Looks at camera for a moment, then back to Chris

Chris: Where’s the smiley face? *He begins to pull the cutest faces ever, until eventually…*

Daughter: *Giggles*

Chris: Atta girl! Come on, we’re gonna talk to the lady over there, who’s almost as pretty as Mummy!

Daughter: Mummy! *Stretches out arms to you*

Of course, there was interviews, and holding a little one whilst both you and your husband were being talked to, was never an advantage. But, all clouds have a silver lining. Or in this case, something a little more flashy. Diamonds, maybe?

Interviewer: So, both of you are new parents, and how are we finding the young lady?

Chris: Well, she can be very demanding for attention, much like her daddy. But, she’s a mummy’s girl. I mean, look at her now!

Interviewer: Yes, she seems to be quite happy with you, Y/N.

Y/N: She’s pretending. A good actor like her father. 

Interviewer: And you both? Had a break from the little lady here-

RDJ: I found you! *Looks at daughter* Hey little one! You gonna come with uncle Robert for a bit?

Daughter: *Giggles*

Y/N: You wanna go with Robert for a bit? Do you promise to be good.

Daughter: *Nods*

Chris: Come here baby, *Kisses forehead,* Now, don’t let Robert do anything bad, okay?

RDJ: As if! Come on baby, let’s go scare everyone

Interviewer: Well, it look’s like you guys have a potential babysitter already!

Chris: *Pulling you closer* No, He’s being a little shit. Downey loves her really, of course, but he think’s he’s the superior parent. He’s got a long way to go before he beats Captain Ameri-Father.

after all this, i just saw a really old white lady offering her seat on the bus to a middle eastern girl so she could sit next to her dad.
she kept gesturing and smiling because the kid evidently didn’t speak german, and it was the cutest thing ever.
we need to remember that all is not lost in the world.

anonymous asked:

Do you agree that Santana crying during the Blame it on the Alcohol episode was the cutest thing you've ever seen? (after they perform and she starts crying)

I disagree. Brittany Pierce making Santana Lopez do her special just for Brittany scrunchy face smile is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen

a Clizzy coffee shop AU where Isabelle is the barista and Clary is a regular customer who is always sketching in the corner with big headphones on, her red hair falling in her face and her nose scrunched up in concentration and it’s the cutest thing Isabelle has ever seen in her life and one day, Isabelle walks over and says to her, butterflies in her stomach and a nervous smile on her face, “What are you drawing?” and Clary takes off her headphones and beams at Isabelle and shows her a sketch of New York City. “That’s amazing.” Isabelle breathes and Clary laughs, the sound as clear and beautiful as a bell. “Thanks. But there’s this really adorable barista here who has the most gorgeous eyes that I’ve been dying to draw. Do you know her?” Clary replies flirtatiously and Isabelle giggles, a blush forming on her cheek. “I might, actually. Her shift’s done in twenty minutes. I’ll let her know.” “Can’t wait.” Clary winks and Isabelle practically skips back towards her spot behind the counter, looking at the clock impatiently and glancing over at Clary all the while, who stares right back and smiles at her.

Ok, Mike loved Eleven. A lot. We can all agree about that. We all cry whenever we see a Mileven post, right? (I did ok, ok, don’t judge) But there’s something the fandoms forgetting.

How much Dustin and Lucas cared about her too








ok yea, he wasn’t the best to her AT FIRST






So basically there are A LOT of Mike and Eleven posts AND I LOVE ALL OF THEM BUT

don’t forget about all THESE

Infinite reacts to their girlfriend snoring

“ Hello! The snoring was super cute! Can you do one for Infinite also?? Thanks a bunch ^-^  “  – For our lovely anon, 

SungGyu: He would have the biggest smile on his face, and carefully cuddle with her before falling asleep.

Originally posted by chandoo

Dongwoo: He would find it absolutely adorable! He would accidentally wake her up from his fangirling.

Originally posted by namwooo

Woohyun: He’d gently kiss her cheek and whisper in her ear that she’s adorable before falling asleep with her in his arms.

Originally posted by namwooo

Hoya: He’d smile at her and hold her tight..so tight that she wakes up and pushes him off. Of course, he’d quickly cuddle her again.

Originally posted by infinitblaq

Sungyeol: He’d take a video to show her in the morning but secretly find it to be the cutest thing ever.

Originally posted by tienyeol

Myungsoo: He would smile at her and kiss her lightly before falling back to sleep.

Originally posted by chandoo

Sungjong: He would wake up to her snoring and laugh softly at her before going back to sleep. Though, he’d make sure to complain all about it in the morning.

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~ Masterlist ~

sorry in advance for the following cw: heterosexual behavior but this girl in my science class has the cutest smile ive ever seen and the way she talks is cute and every thing about her is so cute but she would never be interested in an ugly like me :/

Daddy! Wonwoo

for @wxnhao , thank you for all the love you’ve given us here’s father Wonwoo, yes it sounds kinky, sorry, it’s also rushed, I apologize in advance

Originally posted by jeonwoof

  • okay, i feel like Wonwoo wouldn’t mind either, but his first child would probably be a daughter
  • would he have another one in the future? probably, but only one more
  • for some reason I see Wonwoo as a slightly confused parent
  • although he’s confused, he’s trying his hardest
  • i don’t know, those feature just look really nice
  • but, whoever looks he gets, he will always tell his child that she’s the prettiest
  • and if she doesn’t like her features he’ll feel sad that his cute ass child doesn’t like it even though she’s probably one of the cutest kids EVER
  • but he’d try to convince her that she’s still pretty
  • I mean he ranks himself pretty far up the visual list in SVT
  • I feel like his child would like to wander around a lot so he always holds onto her
  • probably because she got lost once and he was like, FUCK, WHERE IS MY CHILD, SHIT, MY WIFE CAN’T FIND OUT
  • but your daughter probably ran to you while Wonwoo wasn’t looking
  • when he found you guys he probably grinned at you sheepishly
  • i feel like whenever his daughter would do anything girly he would be so lost
  • he would probably take her out for cheeseburgers, just saying
  • and if she isn’t a big eater he will probably do his best to make her eat
  • but she probably will because she’s a good (???) child
  • although Wonwoo is kind of confused with all the girly things
  • he’d be a pretty good dad
  • like he’d be so conscious of what’s around her
  • like he probably didn’t let Mingyu hold her for the first two months because he was scared he’d drop her
  • I also feel like he wouldn’t want her too be lonely so until her future brother (??) arrives she meets up with the hip hop units kids
  • like he’ll pick her up from school and take her to Baby Cheol, Baby Mingyu and Baby Vernon
  • they’d be like a squad, the cutie squad
  • okay, but her first day of school
  • he’d probably be a nervous wreck
  • l can imagine him giving her like 1243085 warnings about school, but it’s because he just wants the best for her
  • he’d probably pick her up later and invade her with questions
  • I also see Wonwoo as a really patient parent, so he wouldn’t be the strict one, but if she doesn’t listen to you, he would either calmly talk to her about what she did wrong and not to do it again or would raise his voice a little
  • but he’s still pretty calm
  • apparently he’s also really clean so i feel like he would always clean up after her
  • or when you go out she has chocolate on her face, he would probably wipe it of her face
  • how cute :)
  • when it gets cold he’d probably carry her so she can keep warm in his arms
  • so like say you guys went out somewhere in winter and it was hella cold because apparently its cold af in Korea
  • she would probably start shivering
  • and father Wonwoo would come to the rescue
  • he would pick his princess up and keep her in his warmth
  • Wonwoo would be such a caring parent
  • like if she was sad he’d probably sit her on his lap and talk to her about what happened
  • he probably wouldn’t say much
  • but he’d try to cheer her up in some way
  • and whenever she’s happy he’s at least 10x happier
  • tl;dr Wonwoo as a dad would be so cute, he would always try his hardest to keep his baby happy no matter how hard it is.

- Admin Jola🌱

BTS Reaction: S/O having a naturally awkward/aegyo personality


He’d love it so much. To him it’s what makes you so approachable, so he really appreciates it. It makes him very comfortable to be around you.

Originally posted by hohbi


He would find you so adorable! Like he basically fan boys about how cute you are.

“Ahhh! Why are you so cute?”

Originally posted by fkjeon


Your personality is probably one of the original things that attracted him to you. He loves anything adorable. It’s the best.

Originally posted by hohbi


Such a fan, often gushes over how cute he finds you.

“Look at her! Isn’t she just the cutest?”

Originally posted by syurap


He enjoys your personality, but doesn’t voice it often. He’ll often just smile at how cute you are.

Originally posted by mn-yg


He thinks you’re the most precious thing ever. He’ll wish he was as cute as you, often mimic you’re adorable expressions.

Originally posted by theseoks


He finds your personality incredibly charming, especially how awkward you can get sometimes. Will often, on purpose, make you blush.

Originally posted by jinjks