her smile is so gorgeous


when solar’s leader unnie vibe comes out

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This beautiful, sincere, real smile here is so important.

Carol was in tears over her family, over the fact that the Saviors came. She was kicking herself and blaming herself that she wasn’t there to protect them…

She starts hating herself in that moment and Daryl’s not having any of that. So not only does he lie and protect her from that grief and guilt - but he can’t bear seeing her in pain so much, that he tries to “lighten the mood” on top of that. Desperately, he tells a lame joke, teases her, and Carol just bursts into this full, genuine smile. And she giggles.

Her face hasn’t looked like this in ages. In fact, the last time her expression was one of this much real joy was:

[.gif by @benkylorensolo]

And yet again, that was all because of Daryl. Because he was showing her affection and love and she thought it was adorable. It warms her heart when Daryl expresses that he cares about her - in any way - and that is still true to this day.

Even with the bleak place she’s in now, even with everything she’s been through, even though she was trying to run from the very love he was showing her - Daryl can still make Carol smile and laugh.

Even when she’s sobbing and in pain, Daryl is capable of bringing out that smiling, giggling schoolgirl in her.

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Please do a jealous Jughead fic that ends in smut

okay so I am slowly but surely getting through your asks! Thanks to everyone who has sent me ideas! I promise I will get to them all, please be patient with me though haha

anyway thought I would knock a few birds out with one stone with this one! Thanks to all the wonderful anons who sent these requests! Full disclosure most of my asks is smutty requests haha so get ready! 

Anyway hope you enjoy it ;) sorry it’s a bit long! 

warnings: smut, smut, smut, sin and smut. [with a bit of plot for good measure]

ENVY: The colour of sin

Jealously was not an emotion Jughead was overly fond of. In fact he thinks it’s his least favourite of all the emotions on the broad spectrum of human feeling.

The cause of such jealously; Archie Andrews not so subtly attempting to gain the attentions of Betty Cooper.

It was a paradox- Jughead being jealous of Archie’s jealously and he knew it made zero sense. Yet he couldn’t help the green eyed monster rearing its ugly head when he saw the pair exit the doors of Riverdale High on Friday afternoon.

Well actually if he was being honest, the green eyed monster had been rearing its ugly head for a week now. He had noticed Archie’s preoccupation with his girlfriend grow over the weeks and while he had at first dismissed it as missing his best friend and seeking comfort in her after everything with his dad, Jughead now knew it was actually due to seeking her affections. He hadn’t worked out yet whether Archie himself was actually aware of his change in behaviour toward Betty, but it was irking Jughead none the less. And so he had taken it upon himself to brave the civil war-esque dangers of being at Riverdale high and pick his girlfriend up from school that afternoon; rather than endure another tortured afternoon imaging the moves Archie was putting on her while they walked home.

Betty was sporting her usual pony tail and radiant smile, looking gorgeous as ever, so yeah he got why Archie felt inclined to be attracted toward her. What he couldn’t comprehend was his “best friend’s” need to tug on her pony tail and let his hand linger in the golden locks longer than necessary, before slinging his arm across her shoulders.

Jughead’s eyes narrowed despite Betty casually lifting Archie’s arm off of her with a laugh.

Unable to watch the scenes of ‘All American Boy Next Door tries to win heart of Girl Next Door after realising mistake of letting her go’ any longer Jughead pushed himself off the side of the truck.

“Hey you,” he called casually across the car park in the direction of the pair.

Betty’s eyes instantly strayed from Archie, her green orbs landing on him and immediately alighting. The surprised smile that graced her features temporarily dousing the flames of the burning aggravation inside him.

“Juggie!” she exclaimed through a laugh, practically skipping toward him.

Jughead’s blue gaze softened, the iciness directed at his friend instantly morphing into amused adoration as his girlfriend bounded into his arms. Betty’s own arms wrapped around his shoulders while his found perch on her slender waist.

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love, love, unrequited

title: love, love, unrequited

ship: peter parker (17 yo) x stark!reader

wc: 1.3k

a/n: hey! i’m writing a multichapter slow!burn jealous!peter fic and it’s sad but im like. planning on a part 2 but only if y’all want it! (ur name in his phone is bitchin)

tell me what u think!!!!

my previous imagine

Wednesday’s are the best, actually, Because the Stark Internship is an odd one, and he knows that meeting up at the Avengers building across the State line is a hell of a hard thing to do, but given that his friend begged him to take her father’s offer of being an avenger, how could he say no.

Okay, yes, you heard that right. Peter Parker is friends with the daughter of Tony Stark, and Peter the idiot, signed up to be an Avenger just because she’d begged him. He found it impossible to say no to her, but he still hasn’t told May, and he’s scared all the time of her finding out but-

But things are good. Things are good, and he’s happier than he’s been in years, everything having settled and the years passing with ease, Peter’s 17 and happy and making it work, He’s about to tell Aunt May and Ned’s still his best friend and-

And he’s totally in love with his other best friend.

It’s a total bullshit cliche, he’s so done with it because she’s not into him, isn’t and won’t be because she’s her and he’s him and he’s got nothing special about him when he’s not in a suit that shoots webs. He’s got just about nothing that could get someone like her interested in him. Besides, they’re friends and he’s happy with that.

He’s happy when he looks up at her and sees the sun and moon. He’s happy when she laughs at his stupid chemistry jokes and rests her head on his shoulder and his heart sings. Because really, all he’s ever wanted was someone who completed him. Even if he doesn’t complete her.

He’s afraid that it sounds like he’s not happy with her as it is. But it is enough, it’s awesome to be with her in any way. It’s the best part of his day when he gets to talk over her chem homework, (which she hates) and gets to make her feel better about the kind of thing that she’s not the best at (which he loves) and he really, truly loves doing.

Really, it’s probably just a crush. He’ll get over it. He will.

And this is what he’s thinking about when he’s walking to their tutoring session and she’s smiling so bright, so so bright, the kind of smile that’s more than like, a picture. Something that makes her laugh and smile that’s real, and he’s happy to see it.

He’s ignoring the bubbles in his chest at seeing her smile, because she is just so, so beautiful.

She’s so, so gorgeous, and it’s just a crush but he still feels his heart skip a beat when she smiles at him. He loves when she’s there and seeing her smile like that- it’s something he’s not used to. Tutoring is the best part of his day.

Until he sees the reason that she’s smiling, laughing like a goddamn vision of beauty- in this case, it is a guy.

A long-haired dimpled tall guy that looked strong and Peter really wanted to punch him. Which, like, totally isn’t fair. Because he could be a great guy for all Peter knew but his blood is boiling and more than that he can feel a sick bitterness in the back of his throat because she is the person he adores, she is the best part of his happy endings and he hates seeing someone take a happy ending even if he never deserved to have.

Just like that, he lost something he never had in the first place.

“Hey, who was that?” he says, popping down next to her on the couch, trying not to let his heart pop out of his chest when she greets him with a hug. Because she’s warm and lovely and smells like roses (is that a new perfume) and she gives the best hugs, warm and tight. He’s smiling when she pulls away.

“Hey! Just this guy my dad wants me to hang out with. He’s new to an internship and he wants me to be friends with people my age. Which is bull, because I have you!” she laughed and his stomach rolls in anxiety because she was made that happy and laughing by another guy and Peter is insecure about a hell of a lot of things, but the most is her going to someone else with her time.

“His name’s Sam. He’s really nice, told me a stupid Chemistry joke, fuckin nerd.” She laughed lightly and he’s trying really hard not to be stoic but he tells her stupid Chemistry jokes, and he’s the one who makes her laugh at corny shit. Him. Him.

“He sounds cool,” he hums.

“He seems it. You know I’m not quick to judge, but he seems really cool. I like his company.” she laughs again and he’s trying so hard to focus on the textbook but he can’t because her fingers are playing with the hem of his sleeve and she’s humming a love song and he’s a little overwhelmed by it.

“So, uh, you’re not gonna have him tutor you, right?” he blurts and he’s- fuck, he’s so stupid. He sounds like a jealous idiot and maybe you would because if Sam got an internship it probably wouldn’t be because he’s a Spider powered guy, it was probably because he was a genius.

“Nah,” she says, seemingly not reacting, “I need this nerd to teach me how chemistry works.”

“Okay, smarty pants, let’s actually do that.”

And he tries not to focus on how she’s so close, how sweet she smells and how in love with her.

He tries not to think about how he wants to fucking punch Sam.

The internship bit of this is really hard. Because when he’s working with Mr. Stark, and when the wiring for the suit is worked with, he can’t seem to get it right. Everything’s jumbled and going too quickly because of that stupid Sam, and he just wants to get this right, get the wiring so he can go home and watch Tv and not miss the space that she’d fill if she wasn’t with Sam.

And that is what he’s thinking about when he shocks himself with a loose wire.

It’s minor. He knows it’s minor. It’s a small burn and it hurts but normal he’d shake it off but today it’s the last thing he can deal with because all he can think about is how much it hurts and how much she hurts.

She’s far away and she’s probably laughing with Sam and he knows how she is with new kids at the Avengers buildings, knows how she’ll wrap him under her wing and Peter can see it.

He can see them starting as friends and making jokes about chemistry and her about literature and how she’s so lovely that he’ll ask her out and she’ll laugh her gorgeous laugh and he’ll be the one to taste it and he’ll be the one to kiss her and hold her and is he crying?

There are definitely tears. Fuck, fuck, fuck he’s crying in front of Mr. Stark over a stupid burn and he knows that he’s not exactly the best with feelings and he’s going to lose his internship, the over emotional fuck-

“Hey, Spiderling- you wanna go home? We can take a crack at this tomorrow. I’ll drive you home.”

Sometimes Peter forgets Tony’s a dad.

When he gets home, after he’s made himself a burrito of blankets, he sees a text.

bitchin: hey, my dad said he dropped you home today, you okay p?

bitchin: hey, p you’re worrying me. call when u can

bitchin: p, honey, you there?

He goes to bed as soon as he reads them.

Maybe he’ll fall asleep and he won’t be in love with her anymore.

He wakes up, and the sun still rises, and he, just as obviously, is in love with her.

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ugh…. i love my girlfriend so much u guys…. u guys dont even… dont even KNOW how much i love my girlfrien d………….. she is so beautiful and kindhearted and special and is a literal ray of sunshine,,, the long distance is killin me dfkjdf BUt we’re gonna visit each other in december and im so excited i can’t wait for these next 2 months to fly by so i can kiss her fifty billion times!!!!!!!!!!!

Fact: I am not now nor will I probably ever be emotionally equipped for a Carol Peletier-less world. Before you say, oh hey. You know she's a fictional character. She's not real. Just back the f**k off because I am aware of that fact. The feelings her character has made me feel, though, are all too real and all credit in the world to the lovely and crazy talented Melissa McBride. She has breathed life into a character that has made an indelible impact on me. Both ladies, fictional and real, have more than earned their status as forever faves of mine, and I love them, I love them, I love them.

So no more talk of a world without her.


{ p o u t y | jean kirschtein x reader }

| jean kirschtein lemon |

| warnings: oral sex; giving |

| word count: 1160 |

“How are you feeling?” Jean asked as we walked hand in hand getting closer to his home by the second.

“I’m a little nervous.” You said as you watched him chuckle at your nerves. He gave your hand a reassuring squeeze as he lead you to the front door of his home.

“You’ll be fine. She’s going to love you.” Jean kissed your forehead quickly before knocking on the door. Almost immediately an older woman with brown shoulder length hair answered the door. As soon as her eyes laid on you both she smile grew.

“Jean!” She greeted her son warmly and pulled him into a hug. Jean laughed nervously feeling slightly embarrassed.

“Hey, mom.” He smiled pulling away from the hug and turning to you. “Mom, this is (Name). My girlfriend.” Jean had a proud smile on his face as he introduced you to her.

“Oh! She’s so gorgeous!” She happily placed her hands on both sides of your face. “You both are going to make precious children!” Ms. Kirschstein exclaimed. Jean’s eyes widened and a very apparent blush appeared on your cheeks.

“Come in, come in, I made dinner.” She said inviting the both of you in.


You giggled at Ms. Kirschstein’s story of Jean when he was a baby. Apparently he ran around the house in nothing but socks and a diaper on his head.

“Jean had the cutest little tush I’ve ever seen!” Ms. Kirschstein said with a smile as she set down her cup of tea on its plate. Jean was across the living room slumped in a single chair. He wasn’t the happiest camper at the moment as he listened to his mother tell embarrassing stories about his childhood.

“Oh my gosh! I have to tell you about the time I found in in the garden!” Ms. Kirschstein said and eyes lit up wanting to hear more about your boyfriend’s silly childhood. You thought it was the cutest thing in the world.

Jean’s eyes widened. Not the garden story! Jean thought.

“You know what mom? Its getting pretty late and we have to be back at HQ in the morning.” Jean said standing up walking over to your spot on the couch next to his mom. Jean held out a hand for you and you looked at it. His mother’s voice catching your attention.

“Oh my, it is getting late. You kids should head off to bed.” Ms. Kirschstein said as gently took the tea cup out of your hand. You looked back at Jean and took his hand.

“Good night, mom.” Jean said as he gently pulled you to your feet.

“Good night, Ms. Kirschstein It was fun talking with you.” You smiled looking back at her.

“Get a good night’s rest you two!” She said as Jean took you down the hall.


You looked around at Jean’s room smiling at how clean it had been but also so comfortable. Your fingertips grazed over his wooden dresser and you looked at all the things he had collected over the years. You noticed your very first gift to him. It was a soft brown teddy bear. You picked it up and turned around.

“Babe, I can’t believe you still have this-” You smile faded when you saw him laid on his bed with his hand tucked behind looking up at the ceiling with a glare. You set the bear back and and sat on the bed next to him.

“What’s the matter, hot stuff?” You asked resting your hand on his stomach. He looks at you slightly.

“You probably think I’m a dork now.” He said. You furrowed your eyebrows.

“A dork? Where is this coming from?” You ask.

“My mom’s embarrassing stories of me.” He said and you giggled.

“I don’t think you’re a dork. If anything I think you’re pretty awesome,” You smile and run your hand up his chest to his face squeezing his cheeks together. “And really cute.” You finish. He swats your hand away.

“You’re just saying that.” Jean said. You could have sworn he was pouting.

“How about I make it up to you?” You smile and lean over to kiss his lips gently. He didn’t kiss back. You smirked because you knew what game he was playing and you always win.

You straddled your pouty boyfriend and leaned over and started to leave light kisses all over his neck. Your teeth lightly tugged at his sweet spot making his whole body stiffen as he held in a moan. The corners of your mouth turned upward as you felt his member harden below you.

You shifted your body downward so you were laying in between his legs looking up at him with lustrous eyes. Your hands massaged the inside of his legs and eventually you were rubbing him through his pants. Jean’s hands flew to his face trying to cover the soft moans that were escaping his lips.

Deciding it was enough playing, you unbuckled his belt and grabbed his member from out of his pants. You watched it slap his stomach as it was released from its prison.

You grabbed him firmly and ran your hand up and down his member lightly then placing a kiss on the tip. You ran your tongue under his shaft and his involuntarily bucked his hips into your hand.

“You’re a real sight you know that, right?” You asked looking up at him. He looked down at you his droopy eyes and a flustered face. You took his whole shaft into your warm and wet throat fully making him whimper extremely loudly. Your hands gripped onto his thighs as you working your mouth on his cock.

Jean’s hands found their way into your hair pulling his back into a makeshift ponytail as your worked your mouth. He pushed your head down further making you gag a bit but you kept bobbing your head up and down of his shaft.

“Oh- oh my god. Suck it, baby. Suck my cock. Holy shit-” Jean moaned as he bucked his hips loosely into your throat.

“You’re so pretty- You’re gonna make me cum- you’re gonna make me cum! Oh fuck-” Jean’s moaning was cut short when he pushed one final thrust into your awaiting mouth and released his thick ropes of cum. You swallowed every last bit of it.

Jean release his grip on your hair and you slowly removed your mouth from his softening member. You rested your head on his hip looking up at him with a lazy smile. He smiled back at you and ran his thumb at the corner of your mouth getting some left over cum and putting it back in your mouth.

“Are you done being a pouty baby now?” You asked.

“I wasn’t even pouty.” He said and you gave him a look. “Okay maybe a little.”