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The Runaways - Sweet Deliverance  (3/3)

Alright my lovelies! This is it! The answers to all your questions and THE LAST part of The Runaways! Your responses to this story have been overwhelming and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate everything you say. It’s been a lot more fun to play with THIS version of Helwater than the canon. HUGE MASSIVE SHOUT OUT TO @outlandishchridhe and @diversemediums who have helped me form ideas and polish it up so it’s a smooth story. 

If you’ve missed the two previous parts, catch part one HERE and part two HERE

Jamie paced, resisting the urge to tear his hair out. How the hell had this happened? He knew how. He’d fallen in love with a woman above his station and he’d been found out. Geneva had him and they both knew it. One word from her and he’d be arrested, his family would starve, and it would be his own damn fault. If only he could get the letters back, the two she’d stolen, then she wouldn’t have her proof. It wouldn’t solve everything, but it would be a good start.

He couldn’t sleep, not with his mind racing. Near midnight, he snuck out of his sleeping quarters and to the house. Geneva’s room was at the end of the hall, which was fortunate for her plans. Fortunate assuming he didn’t get caught. Moving as quietly as he could, he neared Geneva’s door and felt a sense of dread. This was the last thing he wanted.

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Meet Again AU

- Kim and Trini were friends way back in high school when they had the whole saving the world gig going on

- they were good friends - they spent nights sleeping over at each other’s houses, they had inside jokes that no one understood especially when they would break out in giggles during training, they had summers spent by the lake wondering what life will be like when they’re in their forties

- then college happened, they were on different ends of the country, Kim had moved to New York and Trini had stayed back in Angel Grove, and studies and final exams got in the way of Skype calls and phone calls and any plans of seeing each other seemed to vanish until they just didn’t talk anymore 

- they were both sad about it; Kim had been convinced they would be fifty and still cracking jokes, but she had accepted it after a few years 

- every now and then she would pick up her phone and wonder if she should call or send a text 

- hours of indecisiveness turned into days and then weeks and then months; kim figured Trini got a new phone number anyway, so she decided not to risk the awkward “oh you got the wrong person” call

- it’s her first year as a nurse, she gets the night shifts, and she’s left with wailing newborns and angsty teens and business people who never take resting as seriously as they should

- it’s also the year she meets Adrian’s father; he’s tall and tan with dark long curly hair; piercing green eyes and a smile that lights up a room

- she falls in love - or at least she thinks she does - the minute she meets him.

- he’s her boss, though, and she feels like she’s somehow in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy when they start sleeping around

- it’s a fling that lasts 7 months before he’s moving across the country and she follows him like a lovestruck teenager 

- the night he breaks everything off, a few months later, she’s holding back from telling him about the baby growing in her stomach

- she doesn’t keep it to herself for long; she ends up telling him when she feels desperation claw at her chest as he’s packing his bags  

- he looks at her, mouth agape, green eyes furrowing in confusion, and she thinks he’s about to put his bags down, but he shakes his head and wordlessly leaves their apartment

- she calls and texts and she feels like she’s the embodiment of the crazy ex  

- and she feels so lost; she barely knows whether or not to keep it

- she takes forever to decide, but then she passes the mirror one morning and the bump is there; it’s not big, just barely there, but it’s there and it’s enough to make up her mind 

- when she feels the baby kick for the first time she’s got tears in her eyes and she wants to scream and shout with glee, but she’s standing in a patient’s room, some doctor rambling about some treatment, so she settles with rubbing her belly and promising herself she’ll do everything in her power to protect him  

- eight months later she has a baby boy in her arms, small and fragile and she feels like she’s gonna Mess this up and then he’s falling asleep in her arms and she names him Adrian 

- Jason and billy live down the street (she had moved back to New York when she found herself bumping into her ex way too many times than she would have liked) and they help her when she feels like she’s about to pass out from exhaustion

- they help her out as much as they can, but she slowly gets a hold of being a mom with a wailing newborn in the other room

- things get easier and she starts feeling like maybe everything won’t go up in flames

- she’s shopping for Adrian - anything with dinosaurs - while she waits to pick him up from preschool when she gets a small text from Billy asking if they want to come over for dinner tonight 

- she’s looking down at her phone when she feels someone crash into her and it makes her feel like her brain is rattling in her head (it’s times like these when she misses her powers) and then she’s looking up, apology on the tip of her tongue, her hands outstretched ready to help the person up when she sees her  

- she’s struck silent as she stares into green eyes

- she looks older, but Kim would recognize her anywhere,

 - she’s still short, still has the long dark hair; green eyes that look at her in shock and confusion; even just looking at her reminds Kim of when they first met - Trini’s face twisted into a haughty scowl 

- “I’m so sorry,” kim figures it’s a good place to start, she hadn’t been paying attention anyways, and then their engulfed in silence as people buzz around them

- “hi” it’s awkward and short and kim remembers a time when they’re greetings had been completely different  

- they struggle through their conversation, awkward stares and words stuttering from their lips as they try to grab a hold of reality (this isn’t one of her recurring dreams - in fact it’s nothing like her dreams) 

- and then Kim can’t imagine not seeing the woman in front of her again; she doesn’t know how she’s done it this long, but she’s not about to let her slip by her so easily

- “do you wanna have coffee sometime?” It’s out there before she can think it over properly, but it’s out there and she’s standing there,waiting for the shorter woman to say anything

- she thinks Trini’s gonna say no, she sees it in the way her lips turn into a scowl and her brows furrow (and Kim tries to ignore the way she feels something buzz in her chest because that face is oh so trini, one she used to get when they were younger and talked about becoming beekeepers or something as equally as bad) so when she nods her head with a small “sure” she feels surprised

- she hands over her phone and tells trini to put her number in; when she gets her phone back she notices it’s different than the one she still has in her phone  

- they say their goodbyes and it’s full of awkward smiles and weird waves and Kim feels so many things at once

- she’s happy and excited because it’s been close to eight years since she’s last seen/heard from trini, but she also feels something churn in her stomach because everything’s changed. 

- they’re strangers 

- the thought doesn’t settle well but she shakes it off, trying her damn hardest to forget about it

- her four year old son does a good job at distracting her, his green eyes growing wide when she hands him a shirt w dinosaurs on it

- his bright smile and excitement is enough to quell the weird feeling twisting in her stomach and she kisses his head when he starts on a tangent about what he did today

- it takes a week for Kim to remember she has Trini’s number in her phone. She takes a deep breath and somehow forms sentences asking the shorter woman to a coffee date near the mall where they had bumped into each other

- Kim finds herself texting the other woman more than she would have thought, so much so one of her friends at work gives her a weird look when she giggles to herself  

- she prepares herself for more awkward conversations and heavy silences, so much so she almost doesn’t go, but she’s stubborn enough that she gets there ten minutes early

- it’s quiet enough that she figures she can pull out a book on her phone until Trini gets there, so when Trini walks up to her and says a small “hey” she jumps slightly 

- she half glares at the woman when she sees a small smug look cross on her face, and Kim can’t help but remember them in high school again, when she would sneak up behind zack or Jason and try to scare them

- her features soften when Trini points at her cup and asks if she’s up for another; Kim waves her off and tells her she’ll go for another in a few minutes and then she’s left to see Trini walking to the front counter (she totally doesn’t check her out, nuh uh)

- it’s quiet at first, each woman trying to somehow find their footing, and then Kim asks about Trini and how she’s doing, and everything just seems to click

- of course, they’re still strangers, there;s still an awkwardness that seems to circle around them, but there’s an ease in the conversation that still seems to be there 

- it brings a small comfort to Kim, that they still seem to have this easy going atmosphere around them; she’s missed it, forgot how nice it was to simply relax and not have to always have to be thinking about what she’s going to say next  

- they spend an hour longer than Kim thought they would and it catches her by surprise when her phone rings, the small alarm she’s had on her phone telling her she has 30 minutes until she has to pick up Adrian 

- “sorry, I have to go pick up Adrian” it falls from her lips before she has any chance to take it back and she’s left wondering why she wouldn’t not bring it up

- he was her whole life and while she didn’t like to consider herself one of those crazy moms that always talked about their kids all the time, she wasn’t shy about letting people know she had a son

- Trini gives her a questioning look and while she doesn’t say anything, Kim feels compelled to answer

- “my son”

- “you have a son?”

- Trini looks at her with surprise, and intrigue, and Kim finds herself looking for any kind of judgments or pitting looks. She doesn’t get any, just sincere curiosity, and it makes her chest ache in a way she’s not used to  

- “I’ll text you soon? Maybe we could do this again?” Kim asks as she stands and collects her things, grabbing at the two empty coffee cups sitting on her side of the table

- Trini smiles at her, nodding her head before she mutters a small, “I would like that”

- kim leaves the coffee shop with a smile - not that she notices - and she definitely doesn’t notice that she has the same smile on her face for the rest of the day

- it doesn’t take that long to meet up again, despite the long hour shifts she has and the fact that her son seems to be adamant about playing outside in the kitty pool she had gotten him this summer

- they meet at a cafe near the park, the conversation is smoother this time, there’s no awkwardness around them like the first time, and they simply catch up  

- kim finds out that Trini has her own company, it’s small and it’s centered around helping kids in rough situations at home or school or life in general. Kim is left dumbfounded and in awe and then she feels that drop in her stomach again; she blames it on that fact that Trini seems so happy and sincere about helping these kids.

- she spends the rest of their time together asking questions and she feels her lips stretching into a smile every time one of her questions seems to light up something in trinis eyes before she goes on to answer her question

- her phone is on silent today, though, and she somehow misses the alarm, and when she happens to look at her phone and notices she’s got 15 minutes to make it there, she’s up and out of her seat in an instant, wobbling the table in front of her and almost spilling the cup of coffee in the other woman’s lap

- “I’m so sorry, I’m running late” she hurries, picking up her purse before hurriedly walking out of the small coffee shop without looking back 

- she forgets her phone, though, and she notices when she’s five minutes away from Adrian’s school. She sighs and wonders how in the world she was supposed to get her phone back

- kim is in the middle of work when someone tells her she’s got someone waiting for her in the waiting room. She’s confused as to who it could be, and then her mind thinks it’s about Adrian, so her hearts racing a mile a minute and she’s sure she’s going to start panicking more than she is now, never mind the unsettling weight of fear that seems to churn deep in her stomach

- when she sees Trini, she’s relieved and mad all at once because dammit she was so close to crying and fearing for her son’s life

- “hey!” It’s light and casual and Kim wants to wrap her hands around trinis neck for a second, but she settles with rolling her eyes and greeting her back

- kim blames it on the relief she feels because she’s suddenly wrapping Trini in a hug. It’s warm and Kim doesn’t want to let go, and then trinis reciprocating it and she really doesn’t wanna let go

- she does, though, stepping back with slightly flushed cheeks - she blames that on the run here 

- “um, you left your phone yesterday” Trini says with a small smile, digging out the item in question from her pocket and then handing it over  

- “thanks!” Kim wants to hug her again - she totally didn’t have to bring her phone here or like wait for her - but she holds herself back and settles for a grateful smile

- kim doesn’t know what to do with herself, she’s still debating on whether or not to wrap Trini in another hug, so when one of her friends interrupts and tells her she’s needed in a patients room she give a shaky sigh of relief

- “um I was actually wondering if you wanted to hang out sometime? Maybe you could bring Adrian?” 

- the question is awkward and Kim can see how Trini keeps shifting from foot to foot, anxious as she waits for Kim’s answer  

- kim doesn’t know what to say, the question catches her by surprise, but she finds herself nodding, a large smile on her face, and when she’s about to say something, she’s interrupted again

- when Trini leaves and Kim’s walking down to her patients room, she blames the fluttering in her chest on the run, there’s no reason she wouldn’t

- they meet at a park two weeks later when Kim finally has a day off and she’s too preoccupied with a four year old desperately running circles around her

- when Trini finds them, Adrian seems to shy away from her, much like he does with everyone, and then Trini’s squatting and introduces herself, a big smile playing on her face

- kim doesn’t know how she does it, but Adrian somehow laughs and giggles at Trinis joke, and then he’s asking if she could play the monkey bars with him

- “mommy always plays w me” he points out, his small finger pointing towards the general direction of the monkey bars “but you can play w me”

- kim rolls her eyes because he practically demands the other woman to play, but Trini barely gives it a second thought before they’re both running  

- kim swears global warming is a thing because her chest feel funny as she sits on the park bench and watches her son play with Trini 

- “he’s amazing” Trini says with a wide smile as she takes a seat next to kim, Adrian busy playing with other kids, and Kim only nods her head because yea, he’s pretty great

- they spend the afternoon together, Adrian yet again demanding that Trini joins them for dinner

- Kim’s pretty sure Trini cancels plans because she’s fishing her phone out of her pocket and sends a quick text before nodding her head and asking what’s for dinner 

- kim watches her son fall in love with Trini  

- stupid heat is making her feel weird 

- she focuses on her sons smile and excited demeanor, laughing when he wraps Trini in a long and torturous class on dinosaurs - he finds a way of including elephants and flamingos into the conversation

- three weeks later and there’s a bug going around the hospital - when is there not - and she gets scheduled for a double shift; she panics and tries almost everyone she trust, but it’s a Saturday night and everyone seems to have plans, so she tries the one person she hasn’t yet

- “I’m really sorry, I can’t find anyone to take care of him for a few hours and “ she trails off because was she really just gonna ask Trini to babysit her son?  

- “I can look after him if you want” Trini says and Kim wonders how calm and okay Trini is with all of it; if anything the thought of taking care of a 4 year old on a Saturday night should cause someone to panic and politely decline 

- “you would?” 

- “yea, I’m not up to anything, and Adrian’s pretty cool”  

- “I owe you so much” Kim says, a sigh of relief escaping from in between her lips, and when Trini chuckles over the line and tells her it’s nothing, she swears she has that weird feeling in her chest again but she blames it on the fact that the other woman is doing her a huge favor 

- when she gets home, it’s close to three in the morning, and she’s totally set to see the house turned upside down because Adrian isn’t the easiest kid to take care of

- instead she finds Adrian asleep on Trinis chest as the woman sits on the ground, her back resting against the couch, her head thrown back as she sleeps

- kim chuckles as she steps closer and sees the mess of toys that seem to circle around the pair

- she thinks it’d be totally weird and creepy if she takes a picture of them, and she almost doesn’t it, but she pulls her phone out quickly and snaps a picture (when trini asks her about it one night after she spots her wallpaper, kim just flushes red before waving her off, changing the topic to stories about Adrian when he was a baby - it works)

- kim finds herself inviting Trini over more often as the months go by, Adrian always asking when Trini would visit next, and she can hardly ever tell her son no, so she almost always finds herself shooting Trini a text wondering if she wants to come over for lunch or dinner  

- it becomes a thing, every three days Trini stops by and just hangs out with them - Adrian loves it, hogs her up and slowly starts learning how to ask Trini if she wants to play legos or color with him

- kim has a feeling Trini can’t say no either  

- she also finds herself trusting Trini, confiding in her after long days, and when Adrain gets in trouble at daycare because he pushes another boy for taking his crayon, Trini somehow ends up hearing about it, the Latina laughing hysterically on the other end of the line

- kim wants to roll her eyes and tell Trini to stop laughing ( her son is not a delinquent) but she ends up laughing along with her, her cheeks hurting after the call and she falls asleep thinking about Trini

- she also ends up crying in Trini’s arms sometimes when everything seems to get overwhelming at work and Adrian doesn’t listen to her (she doesn’t know how trini settles Adrian down after his fourth tantrum, but she’s grateful)

- kim finds herself adding Trini to Adrian’s pick up sheet, her cheeks flushing the next afternoon when she tells her 

- “you trust me that much?” Kim thinks she hears something mixing in trinis voice when she asks and she’s stuck just staring into green eyes  

- “yea”

- when the holidays roll around, everything is hectic and messy and kim finds herself with way too many shifts on her hands

- somehow her friends take turn babysitting Adrian, much to his delight, but Kim catches him one day as he brings out his pillow and blanket with him to the living room before going back and bringing out his favorite toys, linning them all up near the couch

- “what’re you doing, babe?”

- “It’s trinis day” he says like it’s obvious, giving her a “duh” face, and she smothers a smile as she watches him set up his toys

- “but why do you bring your pillow out?” 

- “we always watch movies and cuddle” he says, his eyes bright as he remembers his nights with Trini and kim realizes that’s why she almost always comes home to Adrian asleep in trinis arms (she tells trini she could take him to his room, but trini just waves her off as she brushes his curly hair away from his forehead)

- “she makes dino nuggets too”  

- she smirks when she figures out why Adrain likes Trini so much. She shakes her head and just lets him continue with getting ready

- “you can’t always bribe him w nuggets” Kim tells Trini when the other woman gets there. Trini just shrugs and sends her a smug look. She shakes her head and totally blames the weird twist in her stomach on the fact that Trini is giving her son greasy food

- long evenings turn into sleepover and kim feels like she’s in high school all over again, and when Trini somehow ends in her arms in the morning, and Kim’s nose is nuzzled into the crook of trinis neck, she finds herself wanting more sleepovers

- when Christmas rolls around, Kim’s parents come to visit and Trini goes to visit her family back in angel grove  

- Kim’s house is full but she can’t help but feel like she’s missing something  

- Kim’s mom pulls her away during Christmas dinner and asks why Adrian seems so sad and why he keeps mentioning Trini

- kim just stares at her dumbfounded because she doesn’t know - well she does, he clearly misses her, but she doesn’t know what to respond - and she ignored the fact that she might not be able to answer because she doesn’t know why she misses her 

- she just says he’s not used to Trini being away for so long and then her mother gives her a weird look

- when everyone’s gone to bed that night, she and Adrian settle on the couch and call Trini over FaceTime  

- “Trini!” 

- “hey, little man!”

- kim feels herself melting at the interaction and when she gives Adrian trinis present ( Trini later congratulates her about being able to keep it hidden long enough and she finds herself wishing Trini were here in person to flick her off) Adrian just freaks out, letting out a loud shriek if joy at the fact that he got one last gift from his favorite person 

- it’s a stuffed dinosaur, almost half of Adrian’s size, and he doesn’t let it go after that. Kim watches as he buzzes with joy and she mouths a thank you to Trini 

- “I love you” Adrian’s admits a few seconds later, his love sounding more like luff and Kim watches as Trini practically melts on the screen

- of course, he’s said it before, mostly when he’s half asleep and asks for Trini to put him to bed, but Adrian seems to actually acknowledge it now, like he’s for real for real

- “I love you too, little man”

- kim doesn’t know what to do with herself when she feels the urge to say I love you too and it surprises her and makes her freeze because she’s looking at Trini when she thinks that

- when it’s late enough and Adrian seems to be falling asleep she tells Trini she’s pretty tired too so she ends the call and hopes that “I love you” she was thinking of was just a friend thing  

- totally just a friend thing  

- you know you didn’t have to get jealous. He’s not the only Hart I love 

- kim freezes. She’s mid way through tucking herself in when her phone beeps and she reads the text

- her stomach does the weird loopy thingy it’s been doing recently and her heart seems to want to race out of her chest and she’s feeling so much so fast and she doesn’t know what to do with herself 

- too bad there aren’t any Gomez’s I love she texts back trying to play it cool

- so cool

- kim doesn’t answer back after that, in fact she kinda goes radio silent for the next two days as her mind seems to short circuit every few hours

- she’s definitely not in love with Trini - she’s her best friend - and trinis Trini 

- her mind seems to be running on one thing and she feels like she can’t breathe  

- and then on the third night when she’s had the same thoughts three times she kinda stops and let’s herself think about everything she’s been trying not to think about 

- her conclusion? She’s in love with Trini  

- she’s barely okay with the fact, reasons after reasons of why it would be a bad idea to date Trini (honestly it’s just like 3 but like whatever) 

- “it’s four in the morning” Jason huffs into the phone, and she can practically hear billy snoring in the background 

- “I’m in love w Trini”

- she kinda doesn’t sleep that night and she practically looks like a zombie the next day at work but like she still feels like these feelings are a mistake, like she mistook something for what it wasn’t, like she’s going crazy

- “is it that bizarre to you that you’re in love with your best friend?” 

- she glares at her mom because yes, yes it is. Of course it is, isn’t it? It was Trini for crying out loud, as much as she liked to think she had a good read on her, she doubts Trini would return the feelings 

- she tells her mother that but her mom seems to just quirk an eyebrow at her before she points out her reason for not being okay with having feelings for Trini was because she didn’t know if Trini would return them

- when Trini comes back for New Years and she comes over before midnight, Her mom just gives kim this knowing, mischievous look

- Adrian just launches himself into Trini, practically gluing himself at her side; Trini doesn’t mind, it seems like shes missed him as much as he has her

- there’s a countdown then, and Trini and kim has been talking about what outfits Adrian needs to replace this year when it catches them at 0

- kim glares at her mother when she somehow finds a way to pass by them and tells them to kiss

- Trini chuckles and then Kim finds herself connecting their lips in a brief kiss 

- it lasts two seconds but it’s enough to keep them in place, brown eyes looking into green as kim wonders what’ll happen next

- shes surprised when Trini leans back and connects their lips again

- the kiss is slow and light, and kim finds herself not wanting to ever not be kissing Trini, and all those weird feelings in her stomach and chest are attacking her head on and she feels like she’s gonna lose her balance and fall

- Trini wraps an arm around her waist and kim feels like everything might just be okay

- “mommy stooop” kim looks at her son in question, confusion on both women’s faces before Adrian seems to circle his small arms around Trini almost as if to say she was his 

- Trini laughs and picks him up, kissing his cheek as he leans into her 

- they kinda avoid talking about it for the rest of the night, just sticking close to each other for the better part of it, and when trinis heading for the door, kim asks her not to leave 

- “I love you” kim says in the dark, she’s got her arms wrapped around Trini and she waits in silence for a response. It doesn’t come and she thinks trinis asleep or completely ignoring her and then trinis turning around in her arms and kisses her fiercely 

- “I love you too”

agenderraskel  asked:

So if many vampires fear Tony, would one try to get Steve to have something against him? I mean if he can always find Steve, that implies a connection that might be used against Tony.

Tony keeps his…arrangement… with Steve as secret as he can for as long as he can. He is careful to avoid certain vampire frequented places with Steve around, tries to space out their meetings, always at a different hotel, or restaurant. 

It has been close to a hundred years since the last time a vamp tried to mess with him. Tony’s power had manifested early, and by the time he had turned a century, most knew to avoid him, but this one had not

Tony had left him dead, nothing more than a smoking corpse in the alley, smeared a message across the walls in the vamps blood, and went on his way.

So yes, it had been ages since someone had messed with Tony, but he still isnt taking any chances with Steve. 

But even being careful, he ends up distracted by Steve’s smile, and the feel of that beautiful blonde hair beneath his fingers and the way Steve shudders beneath him when Tonys teeth are buried in his neck…

Tony is distracted. 

And one night when he steps away from a moment, another vamp moves in. 

Steve is smiling down at the petite brunette, laughing when she says something funny, nodding along to the conversation. He looks up with a bigger smile when Tony comes back. 

“Hey Tony, this is Maya. She thought she recognized you, but you left before she could say anything.” 

“Maya.” Tony repeats, and the vamp licks her overly plump lips, eyes sparking when Tony stiffens.

“Anthony. I thought that was you. Its been literal ages since we’ve seen each other. When was it last? New Years Eve, 99? Your friend Steve is darling. I would just love to spend some more time getting to know him.”

“Let me make something perfectly clear to you.” Tony puts one hand on her waist, dragging her up against his body, and the other hand on the back of her neck. 

“Let. Go.” Maya demands through clenched teeth, trying to jerk away, but Tony’s grip is like steel, and she cant move at all. 

“Tony?” Steve asks cautiously, worriedly. “Whats going on?”

“Maya.” Tony’s voice drops. “If you or anyone in your nest even looks at Steve again, trust me when I say I will burn you from the inside out and leave your ashes in a dumpster outside a whorehouse. Do you understand me?” 

There is a horrible smell of burning skin and hair, and Maya bites through her lip trying not to scream as the hand on her neck burns red hot. 

“Do you understand me?” Tony repeats, and she nods just once, jerkily. “Tell Killian exactly that. Ashes outside a whorehouse.” 

He lets go and Maya stumbles back, holding her neck, and baring her teeth in a snarl before she runs away. 

“Who was that?” Steve wants to know as Tony grabs him and starts moving towards the door. “Tony, what just–”

“It doesnt matter.” Tonys eyes are blazing. “It wont happen again.”

Betting on you; Part four

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Group member: BTS Jungkook

Genre/ AU: Fluff, romance, angst, high school au

Summary: Four weeks was what Jungkook would get to make a girl fall for him. One week to get familiar. Three weeks to be with her. Until the bubble burst and it was all back to nothing.

Author’s note: It has come~!!! The last part :D I hope you’ll enjoy~

Week four

☑ Otters sleep while holding hands so they don’t float away

☑ Cow have best friends

☑ Rats giggle when you tickle them, but it’s too high pitched for us to hear without equipment

☑ Baby puffins are called pufflings

☑ When male puppies play with female puppies they intentionally let the female puppy win

☑ Worms communicate by snuggling

Scrolling through the list of facts he smiled as he remembered every single reaction of her. It had been four weeks since the bet started and Jungkook knew the last day of them hanging out together would be today. Today he would ask her out and tomorrow he would dump her. He would never hang out with the ones he dumped after just because it would be too much drama and he did not want that.

“Did you know? Did you know? Did you know?” Jungkook kept repeating in different ways as to rehearse for the final one. Walking along the river in the park he looked around and smiled while picking up a pebble. “This one should do.”

Making his way to the cinema he smiled in triumph when he didn’t spot her yet. He wouldn’t be gentleman like to make the girl wait after all but most times than not was she earlier than him. Jungkook learned that the girl hated to be late, even if it was just a few minutes. Very uptight, he noted.

When the girl arrived he instantly walked up to her and showed her the tickets with a smirk.

“Now you can’t pay anymore,” Jungkook said with a grin but the girl only smiled.

“Then I’ll pay for the snacks!” She retorted making him frown.

“Fine…” he answered but smiled at her.

They opted for a big box of popcorn, sweet and salt mixed while taking frozen Coca Cola and Fanta as drinks. You could refill so why not.

During the movie he couldn’t help but chuckle silently as she squealed and gasped here and there. The movie was action packed and it made them jump out of their seats sometimes and whisper to each other to comment on high tech weapons and funny scenes.

“Thank you, Kookie,” the girl said with a smile as they were walking out and took off, strolling along the quiet streets. They had just finished the movie and with their stomachs content with popcorn and their refill of frozen drinks it was enough for the night. Even though it was very late, the lanterns illuminated their path towards her home. She had insisted on walking alone home but he wouldn’t be a gentleman if he didn’t.

“For what?” Jungkook asked absentmindedly and squeezed her hand before pulling her just a bit closer to himself, shielding her from the cold gust of wind. It probably wasn’t necessary because she never forgot the essentials; scarf, gloves and cap.

“Thank you for remembering my favourite coffee and colour and all the random stuff, thank you for taking me out to dinner, doing fun things with me. Thank you for looking at me. Thank you for making me smile. Thank you for being with me.”

Come to think of it, this was the first time he asked her why she always thanked her. His expression stayed frozen in bewilderment. Those genuine smiles, the giggles. They were all real. And so was the sadness in her eyes. The conviction that no one would’ve done what he did in a genuine act, only when it was for a stupid bet. He understood now. It was the glint of feeling like she wasn’t good enough for anyone, didn’t deserve anything. The glint of extreme self conscience and low self esteem. And his further actions would only proof it was true.

His hand twitched and found the peddle in his pocket. This was the time to ask her out before there was a possibility that she would say no to him. He had gotten a bad feeling already, a feeling like she was talking as if their time together was ending.

“Even though it was a bet, everything you did was real. So thank you for these past few weeks.”

Jungkook couldn’t hide the surprise he felt, his feet planted on the ground, his eyes widening and his mouth agape. No girl had ever noticed let alone tell him right in his face. It felt somehow intimidating, but he regained his posture and cleared his throat. The boy didn’t even notice that they had stopped in front of her house.

“Is this the moment you ask me out?” She asked quietly. The question would have sounded rather cocky, but her soft and careful voice along with her look Jungkook already knew it was a genuine question of curiosity and nothing more.

The hold on the pebble loosened in his pocket and he nodded.

“Would you say yes if I asked you? Will you go out with me?”

“Why not? We had a good time. So yes, Kookie. Yes, I’d love to,” the girl said with a smile as if she was reminiscing about the last four weeks. Her answer somehow sounded like an evaluation of how he did, if he had made her happy or not.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.”

The sudden words of goodbye caught him off guard and he could only mutter a little goodbye while he watched her walk to the door, unlock it and close it behind her when she entered. Standing in the cold he decided to start walking his way home.

What just happened? He couldn’t wrap his fingers around it exactly. She knew about the bet and still accepted him?

The walk had felt surprisingly short as Jungkook was still deep in thought. He figured that the girl felt like she was using him as well by prolonging their time together. He couldn’t feel bitter about it though since he started it.

Before he had realised, he was staring at the ceiling as Jungkook laid in his bed thinking about tomorrow. Tomorrow he would break up with her. He should’ve been relieved, happy even by the fact that everything was in the open. She knew about the bet and didn’t make a fuss so she would also know about the breakup that would follow. The girl wouldn’t bother him anymore after like so many girls had done because they wanted something serious with him or they were simply too selfish and wanted the guy for their own.

Without reason he fell asleep with his shoulders not lighter but with a heavy heart instead.

The day came too soon and lunch even sooner for Jungkook. He felt just weird to dump someone who already knew it was going to happen.

Walking casually, passing by tables, he sat down on the familiar spot and smiled up at her silently, his eyes barely lifting from the floor. Was a greeting appropriate now when all he wanted to say was; ‘this is the moment I’ll dump you.’ It sounded cruel, yes, but so was this situation no matter in what way you looked at it.

“It’s over,” Jungkook said softly and looked at her for the first time that day. They stayed silent and looked at each other what felt like so long but it soon got interrupted when she blinked and glanced away. The girl nodded at his words and smiled at him once again.

“I know,” she replied and he could see the glint of sadness again. The girl chuckled in hopes to lighten the mood before she spoke up again. “Don’t worry, I deleted your phone number and such so I can’t contact you even if I wanted to!”

“Yeah, that’d be a bother. Thanks,” Jungkook chuckled along nervously before silence enveloped them.

During the lunch period he had stayed with her, eaten with her in the surprisingly comfortable silence, just bathing in the familiar bubble that they created when they were together. Because it would burst after and when it dissolved it won’t ever come back.

A ring of the bell and a short goodbye was all it took for it to end. It was abrupt just as fast the decision of his friends made him go to her.

Standing up, the loud sound made him look down and he found his phone on the floor as it had fallen out of his pocket. Picking it up he picked up the other small object that had dropped as well. Examining the pebble he put it back in his pocket and looked at his phone screen to look at the time. His eyes moved just a bit lower to read the note he had saved.

☐ Penguins only have one mate and they ‘propose’ by giving them a pebble

whovian-gurl  asked:

Can you please do Jesse, Jack and Reaper with a family with their S/O? I liked the idea of Gabe dropping the big bad act for his little one. I also love your writing style! Thank you! :)


When the door opens late that afternoon, your daughter squealed in her high seat, kicking her little legs and waving her tiny arms as she struggled to turn to see behind her. The spoon you held had mashed carrots and potatoes, and you had been struggling for the last twenty minutes to get her to eat more then a single bite.

“How’s my baby girl?” called a out voice, and you couldn’t help the smile that tugged at your lips. The sound of boots being shed, followed by footsteps growing louder told you your husband was home and ready for dinner.

Immediately your daughter squealed louder, blubbering and her face was all toothless smiles as she made noises at her father walking in. It was cute, because despite only being only nine months old, she had a thick head of brown hair and these beautiful brown eyes.

When Jesse smiled, and you could see where she got her good looks from. Walking over, he scooped his little girl into his arms, laying her in the nook of his arm. Waving her little hands, one of them touched his beard, and immediately she cooed.

Eyes softening, you stood and walked over. Smile widening further, Jesse pulled you closer to his chest with his free arm and pressed a kiss to your forehead. “Hi sweetheart,” Jesse murmurs, kissing you tenderly. “Smells good in here, or is that just you?”

“Jesse, you tease,” you laugh, pressing another kiss or two to his face, before the two of you look down at your daughter. “I could use your help, you know. She isn’t happy with her dinner, but you seem capable of making her eat just about anything…” you hinted.

Winking, Jesse started toward the table. “Say no more, darlin’. I got her,” he said, sitting with her at the table. “Ready to eat dinner with daddy?” He cooed at her, and you couldn’t help appreciating how utterly in love with his daughter he was. It had been like that since she as born, and you’d never heard him complain once about changing diapers and coming home to help you with her after a busy day.

It took five minutes, but when you came back Jesse was feeding her without a problem, and you rolled your eyes. How easy it was for him.


“Hey!” Soldier called, giving a warning look to son when he began running toward a stand with a new set of nerf guns. “No running in the store. And you remember to stay in my sight.”

You couldn’t help the giggle you let slip, which earned you a playful chiding look from Jack. It was one of his days off and the two of you agreed it would be best to grocery shop today together. Unfortunately, you couldn’t go shopping though without walking with the kids through the kids section.

“Daddy! Look, Daddy!” squealed your six year old son, holding one of the nerf guns and pointing it at Jack. “Boom!” he pretended to shoot.

Glancing at him, you saw Jack glanced at your son and shook his head. “Not in the store. Come on, we need to start buying some groceries,” he said, but noticed that with a pout his son headed back into the isle.

Frowning when he didn’t walk back, Jack glanced back at you. 

“Go get him, Jack. Just remember…he just wants to play with his dad,” you say gently, giving him a kiss on the cheek. Then you push the cart away, headed for the other side of the store.

Heading into the isle, Jack sees his son sitting on the floor by the nerf guns, playing quietly with it and seeming to study it. For a moment, he thought about what you said. Its true, he thought, he won’t be a kid forever and all he wants is to play…I can’t deny him a little play time.

Crouching beside him, after a moment Jack said, “You know how to load that, right?” he said finally.

Blinking, his son looked up at him. He had a head of blonde curly hair, and bright green eyes…god, was he a beautiful child. After a moment he shook his head at Jack.

Smiling, Jack took off his sun glasses and handed them to his son, before he opened a package of nerf darts and started to show him how to use it. Once done, Jack handed the toy to him and stepped back, opening his arms.

“Okay, aim for me, okay?” Jack said, watching as his son looked surprised.

After a moment, he stood and lifted up the gun, having to use both hands to hold onto it. Taking two minutes, his young son aimed before finally letting loose a shot. The dart landed on Soldiers stomach, sticking for a second before falling to the floor.

“Oh no!” Jack gasped dramatically, arms wrapping around his stomach before he dropped to his knees. “Oh! You got me! I’m bleeding out!” Jack gasped, reaching out with a shaky hand.

It took a second but then his son’s face filled with delight. “I got you daddy!” he squealed, running over and landing on top of Soldier. “I did really good, right?”

Soldier managed to pat his back, still pretending injury. “Ow! Yes, you did amazing! I’ve never seen such a brilliant shot!” Jack gasped, before he pulled his son up and pressed a raspberry on his sons cheek.

The two started to laugh and play, and neither cared for the parents and workers staring down the isle at them in curiosity. You didn’t mind shopping alone, especially since you could just hear their laughter from the other side of the store.


That evening when Gabe came home, you pulled him to the living room and sat him on the couch. Gabe had been excited to come home and see you and the beautiful daughter the two of you had created, but he couldn’t help growing worried from the expression on your face.

“Your going to need to sit, okay? And don’t freak out,” you said gently, sitting on the edge of the coffee table and looking up at him.

At this point, Gabriel was seriously starting to become paranoid. Perching on the edge of the couch, he looked uncertain as he looked at you with suspicious eyes. You couldn’t be pregnant surely. And his daughter was too young…

Staring hard at you, Reaper waited patiently without a word, knowing you’d get to it.

“So…there’s a school dance coming this Friday,” you started off with slowly, and Reaper relaxed. “And it’s dedicated to dads…but I know you work that day in the evening…”

After a moment, Reaper looked thoughtful, pushing off his hood and running a hand through his short hair. “I see,” he says gruffly, wondering if maybe his daughter had asked for him not to go. Gabriel adored his daughter, and the eight year old has been a daddy’s girl since birth.

Smiling ruefully, you watched him. “She really wants to go with you, Gabe. But…she’s worried about making you miss work. She was so quiet during dinner…she even told me that it was okay to miss the dance because she doesn’t know how to dance. Can you believe that?” you murmured, playing with a strand of your hair.

Gabe looked thoughtful for a moment, thinking over the week and after a moment he shrugged. “Well, I suppose we’ll have to change that. I’ll be back,” he said, and pressed a soft kiss to your forehead before going upstairs.

Knocking on his daughters door, he opened it up to see she’d already crawled into bed and sat reading there in little pink princess pajamas. Looking up when the door opened, her face lit up when she saw Gabe and she put the book down, her little braids swishing against her shoulders.

“Hey, baby,” Gabe said softly, eyes softening as he walked over.

“Dad! I missed you,” she said, reaching up for a hug. Gabe swung her up so that she sat on his hip and hugged her tightly.

“I missed you too, baby,” Gabe whispered, cradling her to him and he couldn’t help feel better when he could hold her at the end of the day. Every day he was thankful for his family, for his wife, daughter and the beautiful 1 year old son sleeping in his room next door.

Putting her down after a moment, Gabe took her hands and she looked up quizzically. “Mom told me about the party this weekend…It looks like I need to teach you to dance,” Gabe said gently, his lips curving into one of the smiles that only his children could get from him.

Looking surprised, she looked shy now as Gabe held her hands. “But…but you work this weekend…” she said softly, trying not to look disappointed.

Shaking his head, Gabe ruffled her hair briefly before taking both hands again, swaying slightly. “No. They can handle without me for the weekend. I have a date with a princess at a ball this weekend,” Gabe said, winking down at her.

For a moment she looked like she would cry, she seemed so happy. Then she sniffled and shook her head. “But…I don’t know how to dance…” she said miserably.

Smile widening, Gabe lifted her chin gently. “Baby, your already dancing,” he said, and it appeared she hadn’t noticed when he had started swaying and turning them, or when he spun her slowly. “And your doing so good, too.”

Shock covered her face before she really did start to cry. The tears flooded her eyes and she started to cry hard, stopping to wipe at her eyes. Eyes softening, Gabe knelt down and touched her arm, wanting to sooth her.

Then she flung herself on him, hugging his neck tightly and crying into his shoulder. “Thank you, dad,” she whispered, sniffling. “I love you.”

Heart melting, Reaper held her and buried his face into her hair. “I love you, baby,” he whispered, holding her as if hoping that could keep her his little girl forever.

FIND the pumpkin🎃 in this picture if you want :) This time it’s a little bit harder than last time, the smiling face of the pumpkin is hidden a little better! You might need to zoom 😜
✨Here’s my daily uplifting post for YOU✨
I know an extremely savvy businesswoman💰 who made almost a million dollars online last year. Every entrepreneur I know considers her to be wildly 🏆successful. But guess what? A few weeks ago she told me that she’s 👻depressed. Why? “I’m burnt out and lonely. I just haven’t taken enough time for myself lately” she said. “Wow!” I thought. “One of the most successful people I know isn’t ☔happy.”
I also know a surfer🏄 who surfs almost all day. He’s one of the most lighthearted💖, optimistic🌈 guys I’ve ever met, always smiling from ear to ear. But he sleeps in a van🚌 he co-owns with another surfer and they both frequently panhandle tourists for money. So while I can not deny that this man looks ☀happy, I would not classify his life as a success story.
“What will make me happy?” and “What will make me successful?” are two of the most important questions you can ask yourself. But they are two different questions.

Cup of Coffee 0.4|N.Horan

Summary:  Jade wonders if Niall is rethink being with, and the girls join a rooftop cinema club.

Last Part:0.3

.Smiling at the sight of him waiting for her, he placed a soft kiss on his lips before sitting down across for him. Niall and Jade had made it a thing, were at least three times a week they would meet up for coffee before being thrown into a over demanding day at the office. Today Jade looked too good in Niall’s opinion and he’d let her know that the moment she had sat down making her cheeks flush. He chuckled softly before they both were engrossed in a conversation about their night and morning. Jade’s was much more interesting as she had told him about an app, Libby had recently been testing for the social media aspect of Glamour.

“We still on for dinner?” She asked as he held the door open for her. Luckily for her, her office building was only two buildings away while Niall had a ways walk, not that he minded. She watched as his face fell.

“Rain check?” He asked as she smiled and nodded her head. She wasn’t expecting him to drop everything for her, and she was okay with it. Jade knew Niall was running an empire and he needed to be there to make sure everything when smooth sailing. “I’m sorry..” He sighed pulling her to him as she waved it off.

“It’s fine Ni, you have an empire to run.” She responded as she wrapped her arms around her neck pulling his face closer to her. His cologne filled her sense making slightly dizzy. “Besides, i get you all to myself tomorrow night..” She hummed before pressing her lips on his.

Relaxing into her embrace, he pulled her closer wanting to savor the feeling of her lips on hers. Pulling away he rested his forehead on hers with a soft smile. “I promise I’ll make it up to you..” He state as she rolled her eyes pulling away.

“Don’t worry about Ni, now go run that business..” She winked as she stepped away from him and towards her office. Looking back she smiled as he was still standing there, navy suite, gray tie and all. It made her beam with happiness knowing she was the one he’d be thinking about all day.

Walking into the building she was greeted by Libby and Danielle hanging out in the coffee shop in the lobby. Walking over to them, Libby sent her a wink commenting about how Jade was glowing and how there absolutely no way the hot CEO wasn’t giving her some type of action.

“Of course she’s getting something Libs..” Danielle teased Jade as her cheeks flushed red as she thought back to her and Niall’s steamy night two days ago. Sure, they had yet to actually be fully intimate but had gone down was more then enough to have her mind raving about what was to come. She wasn’t about to admit that to the girls though.

“Anyways enough about Miss.CEO here.” Libby stated as the elevator door opened and they arrived on their floor. Greeting Monica, they walked farther into the office and towards  the social media department. “I have signed us all up for a club..”

“A club?” Jade asked as Libby nodded her head spinning her chair.

“A rooftop cinema..” She stated as Cathy came out of the conference room. Jade gave her a smile before rushing off towards the room where the editors and writers were gathering for the daily follow up.

“Fill me in at lunch?” She asked as the girls gave he a thumbs up as she walked inside the room taken a seat besides Alex who flashed her a smile.

The meeting was quick assignments where giving and switched around. Jade was glad she was giving the weekly update online. It was a simple but yet popular segment online, Cathy had emailed her the subjects to talk about and the ones to stray from. Jade had been planning to write it sometime between Wednesday and Thursday night. Libby had informed her on the club she had signed them up for as they walked into the kitchen.

“It’ll be fun.” Jade agreed with a smile as she looked up. Her gaze catching the man before her, who sent her a wink making her cheeks flush in embarrassment. It wasn’t that Dave wasn’t an attractive male, cause my God was he a site for sore eyes. It was the fact that she was seeing someone unofficially but still she was seeing someone she very much liked.

So far the day has been brutal for Jade. She had managed to spill coffee all over herself forcing her to barrow something from the fashion department, and to top things off Niall called canceling on the rest of the weeks plans. Jade knew she couldn’t let this bother her, they weren’t even official yet and he did have a business to run. She knew things like this would happen but for it to happen so soon when she was really looking forward to seeing him hurt more than anything else. Sighing as she mixed herself up a drink, she picked up last months segment as she skimmed through.

“Alright there?”

Jumping slightly she turned around coming face to face with Dave again. Smiling, she nodded her head setting her glass down.

“Rough day…” She chuckled as he nodded his head. Dave wasn’t a stranger to the editors and writers. They have seen him multiple times when the big monthly issue meetings are held, but this was Jane’s first time actually having a conversation with him.

“Understandable.” He stated as he made himself a cup of coffee. “Congrats by the new on the new position, you deserve it Jade.” He smiled as her cheeks flushed.

“Thanks Dave, that means a lot to me..” She sighed leaning her bodying on the island between them as he chuckled. He’d read many of her articles before and to say he was blown away was a understatement. The amount of talent and potential the young woman had was out of this world.

“Just recognizing amazing work.”

Looking up at the blue skies above, she let out a sigh as Niall continued to explain his reasoning for cancelling their plans for the second time that week. She understood he carried the world on his shoulders and didn’t always expect him to see her every waken moment of the day, but cancelling like this was starting to do a number in head, and had rethinking her choices for perhaps the fifth time since they started seeing each other. Danielle insists its the lack of communication, while Libby believes its the lack of a title the two have.


“I’m sorry darlin’..” He breathed out as she smiled softly knowing he was most likely tugging on the roots of his hair as he tried to come up with a solution. “It’s not okay babe, I should be able to make time for you..” He sighed as he looked down at his schedule trying to see what he can move around to make time for her, he needed to make time if he wanted this work.

“Hey it’s fine babe..” She breathed as she walked into the coffee shop. “You’re busy and I understand that. Plus this week I’m kinda swamped don’t feel bad.” She stated as she took her order sitting down at a table near the window.

Do you need anything?’ He asked as she smiled and looked up meeting Dave’s soft smile. She nodded his head as he made a jester at the chair across from her.

“No, I’m fine I promise..”

“You sure..”


“I’ll see you soon?” He breathed out as the guilt started to eat him alive as he started to think of all that he could possibly do to see her at least once before the weekend.

“Of course.”

Hanging her phone up she looked at Dave who gave her a soft smile. As much as she hated to admit it, Dave was a excellent contender in helping her forget the fact that Niall wasn’t able to see her. Dave had somehow found himself int he group of friends, and felt nothing short of welcome by the group, he even joined them for after work drinks yesterday.

“How’s the article coming along?” He asked as she groaned throwing her head back in frustration. He chuckled as she gave him a glare letting him know just how stressful it was. “Hey, be thankful it wasn’t the monthly quiz.” He pointed out as she nodded her head.

“Thank God..” She winked as they both let out a laugh as Libby and Alex danced into the cafe and sat besides the two. It wasn’t long before the four were walking out of the cafe towards the offices but not before setting plans in stone for a low key dinner at a restaurant following their day.

Sighing, Jade looked back at the empty word document before her, as she heard the from door slam shut knowing Libby is most likely home from work. Looking up she was greeted by her four best friends. A soft smile made it’s way onto her face as she saw the bags of take out.

“Take out and shitty alcohol?” Libby asked with a smile as jade laughed and nodded her head making room for everyone.It wasn’t long before they were all a mess of tangled limbs, as a shitty movie was playing on the screen as together the five of them managed ti collect enough ideas, rather how stupid or observed they sounded, Jade was able to complete her article and sent it in.

“So what are we doing Friday again?” David asked as he watched Alex and Jade play a heated gave of connect four on their group chat.

“Roof top cinema club..” Jade stated as Libby nodded her head with excitement flowing through her body as she went on to explain what would be going down.

“And we are going because?” Alex stated taken a break from his game as Jade took her turn.

“Jade here needs a little break, between work and Niall she needs as much of her free time taken up as possible!” Danielle stated as she refilled her cup.

“Niall?” David asked confused not knowing just who they were talking about.

“Yeah, Horan you know him?” Alex asked as he took a turn and groaning as Jade let out a loud cheer.

“As in CEO Niall Horan?”


“How do you know him?” He asked Jade as her cheeks turned an unhealthy shade of scarlet, causing the group as well as Dave to let out a chorus of laughs.

“They’re dating!”


Memories that conjure patronuses:


  • Seeing Hermione wake up after being petrified 
  • Harry telling him that the Burrow was the best house he’d ever been in
  • Harry saying that Dumbledore knew he’d want to come back
  • Ron tearfully telling the twins what he thinks Harry is going through at Privet Drive and instead of making fun of him, Fred wipes his tears while George says “we’ll just have to go get him then, won’t we?”


  • Being rescued by Harry and Ron from the giant troll
  • Getting accepted to Hogwarts
  • Adopting Crookshanks
  • Ron squeezing her hand when they see Harry is alive


  • Realizing Harry wasn’t killed by Voldemort
  • Luna befriending her in their second year while others have avoided her because of Riddle’s influence last year
  • Winning the big quidditch game and getting kissed by Harry for the first time, all in the same day no less
  • Seeing Ron be impressed by her as she practices curses


  • Dancing around with her mother as a little kid while her father smiled and worked
  • The first time Harry complimented her spellwork in a DA meeting
  • Going to a Wizard Rock concert with Ginny one summer night, her first summer adventure with a friend
  • Ginny asking her and Neville to reform the DA while Harry, Ron, and Hermione look for horcruxes


  • Luna sleepily kissing him on the cheek while he organizes stuff for the DA and Ginny plans
  • Dumbledore awarding him points for standing up to Harry, Ron, and Hermione
  • His grandmother being proud of him for being accepted to Hogwarts
  • The moment he stands up to Voldemort and realizes he isn’t as scared as he used to be


BORN- November 7th, 2008
TUMORS RETURN- November 18, 2014
TUMORS INACTIVE- December 18, 2014
TUMORS RETURN- February 20, 2015
1 YEAR CANCER FREE- September 23, 2016
2 YEARS CANCER FREE- September 23, 2017

@taylorswift, I don’t know if you remember my niece, Khloe. You planned a visit to CHLA in 2014 specifically to meet her after seeing her story and hashtag all over Instagram. You spent about 40 minutes with her talking, laughing, and making her feel loved and important. It was one of the best days. I don’t know if you’ll ever fully comprehend the impact of that day on her and our family during that time. You brought such a breath of fresh air to all of us when we felt like we were drowning. And it’s a day we held onto throughout the rest of her fight. In 2015, she was battling cancer again and it was very serious. The tumors started to impact her eyesight and it got to the point where she could only see shadows in her right eye. They were growing near her optic nerve and there was the big risk that it could spread to the rest of her body if she didn’t have surgery to remove her eye. We actually found out the day before your 1st LA show of the 1989 tour. Since finding out the news, it was all a blur but that night at the show, we forgot everything that was happening outside of those walls. Khlo wasn’t a child with cancer, she was just a child having the time of her life watching her favorite perform all the songs that brought her happiness in her hard times. You did that. I actually blew my savings to surprise her with floor seats to the last of the LA shows. At one point in the show I lifted her up above the crowd and she wholeheartedly believes you smiled at her and she kept asking me if I thought you remembered her. I always replied the same, ‘There is no way anyone could ever forget you.’ I post this all because I remember watching an interview years back when you said one of the hardest parts of your job is meeting children battling cancer and then returning to the hospital years later and them not being there. So I just want you to know, Khlo did battle cancer twice more, and it did steal her sight from her right eye, but it didn’t steal her from us. Her FEARLESS heart still beats strong. She still absolutely LOVES you and still has her dance parties to your music. The difference is that now it’s no longer in hospital rooms but in her own. Thank you for being a constant source of happiness for her. I always loved you on my own but the fact that I get to love you through her, is what makes me thankful for you everyday.

When she hears a soft tapping on her window five minutes after the Miraculous Cure goes out, her stomach pitches forward. Greyling hovers at the pane, a strained look on his face and a hand cupping his right shoulder.

Something happened after she’d left. After the cure.

Something magic couldn’t fix.

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Bygones of the Sun | 07 (M)

Originally posted by hobismole

Genre: Angst/fluff/(future)smut || dance captain!hoseok, bad boy!au, uni!au

Pairing: Reader x Hoseok

Length: 6.7k

Summary: Jung Hoseok was once the sweetheart of the school, the dance captain whom every girl, including you, can’t help but fall head over heels for. But like the force of the ever-glowing sun, everything that rises must also set. A year of inactivity later and he’s now the school’s resident bad boy. You’re a firm believer of allowing the past be the past, and yet you can’t help but wonder where the risen sun has gone into hiding—because perhaps its shadows have out-shined its own radiance.

01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07

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Okay let’s get some really late korrasami week stuff going. When they’re married I’m picturing korra “dragging” Asami on tons of picnics and she would sip her wine while korra rambles about how one cloud looks like naga or a rock she had seen last week. And asami would just nod and hum and smile about how adorable it is because even though she sounds like a little kid, it shows how, after everything she’s been through, she’s still her Korra.

Hopefully some better quality pieces will come out of these prompts…. they’ll get done! Slowly but surely, they get done! I promise!!!!! >:))))))

~College!au Pen Pal Jungkook~ PART FOURTEEN:END

[part 1] [part 2] [part 3] [part 4] [part 5] [part 6] [part 7] [part 8] [part 9] [part 10] [part 11] [part 12] [part 13]

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“Revenge?” You inquired with a smirk as he dragged you out of your room. 

“Come on. We have to make her feel bad, you know?”

“Aren’t we supposed to be the bigger people?” You raised an eyebrow. Stopping in his tracks, he sighed. “Aren’t you mad about what she did?”

“Oh, definitely.”

“Then, for once, just this once, for your…boyfriend, can you agree?” He drawled out the word ‘boyfriend’ as if testing it out and then nodded in satisfaction.

“Boyfriend, huh? I don’t recall you asking to be my boyfriend,” you looked around, aimlessly.

“But Y/N,” Jungkook whined, shaking your hand in his grasp.


“I’ve already told you I love you and I’ve kissed you,” He peered down at you with a raised brow. When you nodded, motioning him to continue, he shook his head as a chuckled released from his lips. “Now, all that there’s left is the question. Will you be my girlfriend?”

“Sure, I love you, too, so it’s very clear that’d be my answer. Now, what were you thinking for revenge?”

“That’s it? A ‘Sure’? You know what, I should’ve expected that,” He laughed.

“Did you expect me to jump into your arms oh so gracefully and give you a kiss?”

“I mean, that’d be nice,” Jungkook shrugged with a cheeky grin. Rolling your eyes, you stood on your tippy-toes and pecked his cheek. He pouted but nonetheless walked along. 

“So, girlfriend, my plan of revenge is messy,” Jungkook smirked, leading you to his dorms.

“You’re not gonna call me that always, right? I like the sound of it but do we want to be that couple?” After a moment of silence you nodded to yourself. “Of course we do. We’ll annoy the shit out of people.”


“So what were you thinking?” You asked again when you reached his room; a room you stayed in plenty of time. You were the one who hogged his bed and constantly fought over room while, Yoongi, poor Yoongi, had to watch from the other side. Unlike you, Jungkook had a roommate. 

Opening the door, you both walked in. At the sound, Yoongi’s head popped up from his laying down position on the bed. “Y/N! I never thought I’d say this, but I missed you here!” Yoongi shouted, grinning ear to ear. You’ve never seen him like this.

“Hyung,” Jungkook sighed. 

“Nope, I missed Y/N. How many times have I told you to apologize to her for ignoring her for so long?” Yoongi stood up and walked over to the both of you. 

“Many,” Jungkook rubbed the back of his neck, awkwardly, casting his eyes downward.

“Oh really? Well, hate to break it to you but it required a Vmin intervention to get him to apologize,” You playfully scowled in Jungkook’s direction. 

“Why, what happened?”

“Remember Y/F/N?”

“That girl I met once when she came over and after she left, I banned her from coming back because she was too damn annoying? Yeah, I remember her,” Yoongi rolled his eyes as if recalling a day he’d much rather forget. 

“She wasn’t my pen pal…Y/N was,” Jungkook still obviously felt guilty for picking a stranger over you.

“Oh? That makes a lot of sense. I liked your pen pal’s sense of humor and I liked Y/N,” Snapping his fingers he shook his head, “Should connected them sooner.”

“Well, now she’s exposed and Kook and I want to get revenge,” You clapped your hands, smiling sweetly.

“And we’re dating! Y/N, can’t forget about the highlight,” Jungkook grinned.

“I sure hope you are. The way Jungkook used to go on and on about you, you already knew he was in love with you.” 

“Oh really?”

“Hyung! Not important right now! Revenge plan, remember?” Jungkook waved his hands around.

“I love a good revenge plan. What were you thinking?”

“Remember the paint war we were supposed to have?”

“The one with the balloons?”

Nodding his head, Jungkook grinned. “That’s a great idea!”

Looking between the two boys who’d be thought being twelve years old with a conversation like this, you were confused. Paint war? Balloons? 

“You think? It isn’t too mean?”

“You’re asking the wrong person…I’d write roast the shit out of them with a diss track. How can I help?”

“Great. More of Jungkook’s friends. Wanna yell at me, too?” You overheard Y/F/N groan when she spotted Yoongi, Namjoon and Jin approaching her. 

Both you and Jungkook were hiding on top of a probably restricted construction structure. It was in front of one of the buildings being repaired from storm damage. Under the structure, was Y/F/N where you had planned her to be. 

“We were just wondering why you lied to Jungkook,” Jin said, innocently, walking closer, but not close enough to be ‘revenge-ed.’

“I have to explain it to you, too? Ugh, honestly if I had known this would be the consequences of being his friend in the first place then I’d–” You nudged Jungkook to hurry up and start. Jungkook sent you a smirk before dropping the blue water balloon so it landed on her head. 

She let out a shriek as you stifled a laugh. The boys in front of her laughed their asses off, and you quickly grabbed the special present Taehyung gave you. Throwing it on the ground next to her, an eruption of purple smoke was released. 

“Smoke bomb. Smart,” Jungkook nodded, handing you a balloon. You both threw the remaining balloons before the smoke dissipated and scurried off the structure. You pretended to be just walking in on the scene, noticing the boys motioning you over. 

“You did this!” Y/F/N pointed an accusing finger at the two of you. Putting both your hands up in surrender you denied, “We just got here, how would we?” You couldn’t contain your laugh as you observed her. She was a rainbow. Her arms were green and orange, while her head and torso was a mixture between blues and pinks. 

“Then maybe it was the other two,” She was fuming. 

“Us?” Taehyung and Jimin genuinely just entered the scene. All the while, other students walked by with snickers and smirks on their faces.

“Wondered why she got that.”

“I don’t care. She deserved it. You know she stole my boyfriend in freshman year?”

“She looks better like that.”

“I’d give a high five to the person who did that.”

Smirking to yourselves, both you and Jungkook returned to your dorm room. “Now, that, was fun,” You yelled, a large grin on your face. Tackling Jungkook in an embrace, you sighed in content. 

“Princess, as long as you’re dating me, it’ll always be fun,” He wiggled his eyebrows, suggestively.

“Says the virgin,” You smirked causing him to gasp. 

“Hey! You’re making fun!”

“No, no, just a small tease,” You leaned up and pecked his lips. Humming in response, Jungkook pulled you onto your bed. Hovering over you and wrapping his arms around you, he gave a cute smile.

“Just letting you know, I’m not letting go. Ever,” He buried his head in the crook of your neck as you laid underneath him.

“Good. Because I don’t want you to.”

The both of you soon fell asleep, your hand playing with his hair, a new thing you did that Jungkook loved. However, like the last time, you managed to move around so you were against his chest and legs tangled together. 

This time, when you woke up, there was no awkwardness. Soft smiles and sweet words were exchanged between you two and man, you wondered what the hell you did to deserve it. 

That day, you were both sent to you Dean’s office where Y/F/N, still some part of her body covered in paint splatters, sat in his chair. You sat in the other two seats next to Y/F/N. 

“I’m sorry Y/F/N, but no one saw it,” your Dean apologized.

“They had a smoke bomb! Believe me they did it!” She pointed another accusing finger at you.

“And why would they do that?” The Dean raised his eyebrow. You and Jungkook exchanged glances. You were both expecting this. If Y/F/N said you waned revenge, she’d have to explain why. And why would be the reason she’d be in trouble. Pretending to be someone else, especially if it was part of an assignment, was a violation and she knew that.

Opening her mouth a few times, she looked down and grumbled to herself. Looking back up sweetly, she apologized, “You know, it probably wasn’t them. I’m sorry for wasting your time.” Then she marched out the door and closed it behind her. 

“I’m sorry I had to have you here. You see, paint was thrown at Y/F/N and she thought you two were the culprits. Do you know why’d she’d think that?”

The both of you shook your heads in disbelief, widening your eyes. “What?” “No way!”

“I thought so. You can leave now,” the Dean motioned to the door. 

“See? Smoke bombs are smart,” you smirked, out of ear range of the Dean’s office.

Intertwining your hands, Jungkook sighed, “What an adventure; First I talked to my pen pal, then you, then back to my pen pal, then you, and then Y/F/N, and then you who was my pen pal all along? Wow, what a story to tell.”

“Yeah, at least we’re both at fault. We both did stupid things.”

“Because we’re both idiots,” Jungkook finished.

“For each other,” you pinched his cheek lovingly, causing him to groan. 

“You’re lucky I love you.”

“As Sarcastic Princess would say, I love me too,” You smiled when he chuckled. “Oh, and I love you, too.”

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