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Can I get preg Yang craving



Blake: Okay Sweeties. What do my two favorite girls want for breakfast? *Blake smiledas she stand next to a very pregnant Yang, Kissing the top of her hand before kneeling down and kissing her belly.*

Yang: Hehe, Aw. Blakey!~<3 *Yang smiled kissing Blake.* Can we get… Five pancake with two blueberries, two sprinkles, and chocolate syrup, 6 waffle all with kiwis, exactly one pound and a quart of bacon covered with caesar ranch dressing and eggs.. OH! sugar.

Blake: Uh, Okay? I’ll see if we have the ingredients.


Blake: Hey Babe. Have you seen my tuna fish sand- *Blake asked her wife until seeing Seeing her in the living room eating a massive sub sandwich.*

Yang: Hmm? Moh, Morrme. *Yang started with a mouth full before swallowing.* AH, Sorry Blakey. Our Kitten was craving a Tuna fish, fried squid, lobster, sushi wrap, shark, sting ray sub with sprinkles.

Blake: It’s… fine…

Yang: … You want s-

Blake: God yes! Please!


Yang: I swear our kitten is going to eat the weirdest shit when she grows up.

Blake: That or have everything with sprinkles.

Yang: That too. Now may I have a another bowel of Snap crackle pop, noodle, ice cream, orange, banana, turkey soup with sprinkles?

Blake: But its you tenth bowel?

Yang: the kitten, SHE HUNGERS!

~Later that night~

Yang: Psst. Blake?… Hey Blake… *Yang whispered, pointing her sleeping wife.*

Blake: Zzz-NuhMuh Huh? *Blake woke up and yawned as she turned to her wife.* What’s wrong Yang?

Yang: Cravings.

Blake: Sigh… Alright. What does our kitten want?

Yang: Nothing.

Blake: Huh? But you sai-Whuh? *Blake began to yawn as Yang moved between her legs and lifted her so her head sh between them.*

Yang: I said Cravings but they aren’t our kitten’s. Their mine. *Yang smiled as she kissed the inner thigh of Blake’s  leg and her butt.*

Blake: 0///^///0


Blake: … I think my new kink is pregnant sex with Yang as she pound me like no tomorrow. Into tomorrow.

Sun: *Sprays the tea that he was drink at Neptune’s face.* Wha?

Neptune: DUDE!