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Forced - Request

Requested by anon: Dean x Reader OS about it. It’s basically the Reader gets raped but is too ashamed to tell anyone, but the boys figure it out eventually and comfort her.

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word count: 2,212

Warnings: Rape, gore.

A/N: This is such a hard topic. Please, guys, if it’s your case you have to look for help. I know it can be embarrassing to admit, and to scary, but please look for help. It is the only way to fight back, and to stop that awful people. Sadly, in real life, there’s no such thing as a Dean Winchester ready to kill for us, so please defend yourself by telling the police or any figure of authority in charge of that.


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Running away in that endless street, and the night is darker than ever, and the rain is heavy but not enough to hide her footsteps.  She can sense him coming closer, but she can’t tell where he’s coming from.

She knew it was a bad idea to go after him alone, she knew she had to ask for help from another hunter, but her pride was far too big and she had decided to put an end to his reign of terror once and for all.

If she had only known what kind of monster he was, maybe, just maybe, she wouldn’t have tried to stop him. Maybe she would’ve avoided the town or called the cops, or maybe she would’ve sent someone else – a male hunter – to kill him on his sleep. Because, truth was, humans were far worse than any other Supernatural creature.

He was morbid, insane, vulgar, disgusting. The kind of man one changes to the other side of the street, just so one doesn’t walk by his side. The vibe he expelled at plain sight was enough to reject whoever saw him.

So he decided that, to get his way, he would have to take it without permission.

In his brain, he wasn’t doing anything wrong. He would break into women’s houses and apartments, he would capture them on the streets and drag them to dark alleys, or even so, get them so drunk at the bars they wouldn’t remember their name the next day – not that there’s ever a next day.

He was a supernatural fanatic. If one entered his house they would find all kinds of books, amulets, sigils, and other things related to the life (Y/N) and the rest of the hunters lived. Thankfully, he was still ignorant to the existence of such things.

Because of his fanaticism, the way he “got rid” of his victims seemed to be like some kind of monster had done it, hence, (Y/N) had target him as his next hunt.

When she arrived in town, she found out exactly who he was. She thought it would be an easy hunt, everyone blamed him for the murderers, and everyone ran away from him so, if he got killed, no one would care.

Humans can be real monsters.

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May it please the court

Pairing: Daphne Greengrass x Percy Weasley
Setting: Law school moot court module AU
Word count: 1664 words
Written for: provocative-envy‘s birthday 
Notes: Happy early birthday, Envy! You’re an Actual Inspiration #yelling xxxxxxx 


Percival Ignatius Weasley can recite the headnotes of every case that has been on his reading lists for the past two years. He can name every lord benched in the Supreme Court, the Privy Court, and the fucking Senior Courts of England and Wales from 1993 onwards. He can, upon given a set of facts, reason the judgment out the exact way that the leading judgment did it (albeit only about seventy two per cent of the time, but that’s still a pretty decent hit rate).

Tl;dr: Percy Ignatius Weasley knows a whole lot.

What he doesn’t know, however, is which forgotten but definitely evil deity that he might have offended in order to have landed Daphne Princess Greengrass as his partner for this moot court module. This only five people out of forty get As module. This doubles as the selection trials for the Jessup team module.

This Daphne is probably taking because it involves a field trip to the Hague module. 

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