her shoes tho

sorry temahae you can only study the devil for so long before it eats your arm and you have to do edgy shit like wear really dumb coats

tem hasnt been purple fucking literally ever in her whole life even before i scattered her i dont know why i always draw her purple

things i would sell my soul for
  • the raven cycle as a netflix series

Bio for my gf ❤️
her name is blurred bcuz i think she’ll be uncomfortable if everyone knows her real name, so i usually call her Sin because that’s her wattpad name xD
so this is how im gonna draw her xD for sum reason i didnt give her shoes xD idk why tho-
Personality: ( @nothingbuttrash , you do it cuz its u xD)
Age: 12 or 13
Status: TAKEN
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Ro ( @roxterror )
Nickname: Sin, Buttsie, PP (its initials, bcuz it’s related to her real name so i wont reveal it)
Gender: F
Sexuality: Pan
Species: a banana :’)
Sin is an average, normal banana who lives a normal life :)

“Damn mechanics…”

“Damn engineers…”

nikkiheats - Raven #10 + Bonus Wick #17 (૭ ఠ༬ఠ)૭


too lazy to clean up lol

will write down more info on her later!!

anonymous asked:

Oh I get it. It's the legs. Sorry I'm on mobile and the pictures messed up

no sweat dude lol. tho her shoes do seem a lil off in that model too tbh, but yeah the rigging on the legs seems really uh…. funky. i was checking out some of mercy’s other skins and a lot of them dont react very well to the caduceus emote when it comes to the leg department, including her default

the bend is really unnatural, however the imp/demon skins seems to actually handle it pretty well

thats way more how it should be looking, and i guess you can chalk it up to the imp/demon skins giving her some substantial fuckin calves