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Party Games - Stiles Stilinski & Theo Raeken [Smut]

Author: @writing-obrien

Character(S): Stiles Stilinski/Reader, Theo Raeken/Reader, Lydia Martin

Word Count: 5096

Notes: Drinking, Alcohol Abuse, Oral (both receiving - 69-ing), Slight Bondage, Orgasm Denial, ‘Toy’ use please don’t try this at home), marking, kinda angsty. Huge thanks to @stilinski-jpeg for being my actual angel and giving me encouragement on this and proof reading it because it’s ways different to anything I’ve done before. Also thanks to @dumbass-stilinski and @thelittlestkitsune for the incredible help they gave me all the way through, reading and checking it all.

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In This World
And The Next
And All The Ones Before


“Why did you come here?” Nesta asked as he placed his head in her lap. There were a million other places he could’ve gone. Either of his brother’s, his best friend who thought she was stuck-up… And yet, he showed up at her door past midnight with a request.

“Hold me,” he had asked her, leading her to the couch he had once made fun of for being purely decorative and unreasonably stiff. He was stone cold sober, she could tell, and wasn’t sure whether to be surprised or concerned that that couldn’t be his excuse to have appeared at such an ungodly hour. Especially after not hearing from him for over a week.

“I couldn’t stay away,” he murmured. “I know you don’t mind.” He boldly and correctly assumed, then noted, “You’re wearing my shirt.” The one he had dropped off at her office when she felt like she was suffocating in her tight blouse. It was his favorite shirt, but he thought it looked better on her anyway.

“So what if I am?” She was wearing the watch he had given her, too. It was nothing too fancy, but he had grown tired of her losing track of time and using “no watch” as an excuse when she showed up late to dinner and apologized with a kiss. He never minded the apology kisses, though.

“And you’re about to run your fingers through my hair because I’m so irresistible to you.” He teased, but she could hear the exhaustion that coated his already husky voice.

Cassian had found her and it took a lot of courage and pride-swallowing to do it. No one ever cared enough to do that for her. No one.

Tentatively, Nesta placed her hand on his back as he made himself at home on her thighs.


Nesta ran her fingers through his thick ebony locks. Though still long, he had cut it since she saw him last. As though he had freshened up just for her.

Again, she felt like utter shit for yelling at him, saying that he was both scared or incapable of change of any kind. She didn’t want him to change. Not his personality, not his appearance, not his life, not his friends nor his job. Cassian was the best thing she ever had.

She thought herself a hypocrite… Cassian had come into her life- or more accurately she into his- And what? Showed her what honor was? Reminded her of how suffocating her life in the town is? How much potential she has in life…and love? He shook her, woke her up.

Cassian was an old soul, but it was Nesta who truly didn’t like change.

In her experience, change was bad. Change meant her mother dying. Change meant her father losing their money before joining her mother in death. Change meant her baby sister resenting her and fighting with her.


Change with Cassian meant warmth…unconditional warmth. This was unfamiliar territory.

“What are you doing awake?” He relaxed his body, nearly purring at the affection she was giving him. “Your lights were on.”

She didn’t want to lie. She didn’t want to snap. Not when she had shown that he could be vulnerable with her- in his way. “I missed you.” Truth, as she had barely slept since their fight. “I was writing about it.”

“About me?” His belly rumbled with a laugh for a moment. He quickly became serious, not wanting to ruin the moment. “I missed you too, Nes. I drive past here every day when I take the logs to town… I park at the end of your drive before convincing myself that you don’t want to see me.”


Nesta’s hand slid down his back as she leaned down to kiss his shoulder and inhale the pine scent she had so desperately missed. “I did want to see you,” she whispered. “I always want to see you. Even when I’m mad. Even when I’m sad. Especially then.”

“I’ll keep that in mind next time I lose my patience and let you walk out the door.” He meant it. She knew he meant it. In a small voice he asked, “Can we be okay now, Nes?”

In an equally quiet voice she whispered, “I’d like that.” More than anything she wanted him, wanted them. Wanted their present and future.


It only felt natural when Nesta folded herself onto him, covering his body with her own. As if they had done it in a million worlds before, and she hoped they would in the next million.

Silently, she thought of why and how she had fallen in love with him…

He challenged her, though was never condescending. And he let her challenge him without running away scared. People always thought she was a bitch…maybe she was… But he would ride out a conversation with her till the very end.

When they first met, they thought they could hardly stand one another. She secretly liked that he didn't​ treat her like glass. Like she was worth the breath it took to volley an argument or discussion. No matter how angry, he always listened to her, always saw her.

On the anniversary of her broken engagement and one of the worst nights of her life, she had gone out alone and got utterly shitfaced and was unable to reach a cab service.
She didn’t want Feyre to know or Elain to be worried, and she didn’t have much in the way of friends, so she called him. The person whose opinion she thought she didn’t care for…
Staggering out of the bar, he picked her up and carried her to his truck. Didn’t even complain when they pulled over twice so she could vomit.
That was the first night he stayed over. He got the vomit out of her hair and braided it back before tucking her into bed. He slept on the sofa and left her an omelette and smoothie in the fridge before sneaking out, writing her a note with his home number to call in case she needed or wanted a decent drinking buddy, and that she wouldn’t have to go to some dive that scared even him.

On their first date, he held his hand out for her to take. “In case you get nervous,” he said as she interlaced her fingers with his. “You can hold onto me and hide your face in my chest, too if you get scared.” She did get scared, but he didn’t push it. Though he didn’t have the decency to hide his smug grin when she yelped and clutched his bicep during the big jump-scare scene.
She surprised him by later admitting, “I knew I was safe the whole time.”
He raised an eyebrow, “Because of me? I’m flattered, sweetheart.”
“Because of me, actually.“ She played with the buttons of her coat. “Rules of horror.”
He stopped in his tracks and folded his arms. “I’m not following.”
She felt safe with him, and wanted to let him in. But she wasn't​ used to being vulnerable, so she closed her eyes when she uttered, “I’m a virgin.”
Eyes still closed, Nesta heard Cassian’s soft intake of breath before she felt him.
He put his hands on her shoulders and whispered, “That’s okay.” She opened her eyes and couldn’t stop herself from hugging him. The smug bastard, ex-fighter, lumberjack with a heart of gold. He assured her that there was no shame in her sexual status. “Promise to shield me? I’m definitely not a virgin and I’m not white, so my life expectancy is fucking abysmal. Plus, I probably make too many jokes.“ He shrugged. “I’d outlive Rhys, though, which is a consolation…”
She laughed at him. He made her laugh. She never laughed before him. Not like this, not genuinely.

He made her laugh harder than she ever had before when he karaoked, “I’m the Only One,” by Melissa Etheridge to cheer her up after a long work week. His shamelessness and big heart were the most attractive qualities about this ruggedly handsome man.

When all the trees had been sold because she waited last minute, she went home to find him waiting at her door with the most beautiful Christmas tree she had ever seen in her life. He helped her put the star on top and made his famous eggnog while she baked the only thing she knew how: chocolate gingerbread cookies.

When she needed to talk, he would drive. Even in the middle of the night. Driving until she was ready to open up.
One night he drove to the cliffs just outside of town and they got out. Sobbing and slamming her fists at his chest, she recounted something she never told anyone.
She and Elain had been kidnapped. They had been saved, but not after they had nearly drowned.
A year later, he found them again. Elain stabbed him on sight. Nesta, not wanting her sister to have blood on her hands, finished the job so he could never hurt them or anyone else again.
Screaming in anguish, he held her close. Reminding her that nothing could harm her here, with him. She asked if he was scared of her and he told her he wasn’t, he never could be. He took her hand and placed it on his heart, vowing to protect her and those she loves until his heart stopped beating.
She kissed him that night and she hadn’t been able to stop since.

They took it fast. They took it slow.
She knew he wanted to have sex with her from the first moment they had been introduced. Cassian was passionate, and he let that passion flow into any aspect of their relationship that he could.
For her birthday, he had half-jokingly offered to go down on her. She dragged him away from the party and to his room, telling him that they could both give birthday spankings… They did. Cassian thoroughly enjoyed getting spanked by his birthday girl.
When she lifted her skirt up and removed her underwear she hoped he wouldn’t notice the few and small opalescent marks above her knee, on her inner thigh. But he did. Of course he did. He noticed everything.
“That’s what happens when your adolescent growth spurt mercilessly hits you like a ton of bricks,” she said as he used the tip of his fingers to graze the slight dips in her otherwise perfect skin.
He tried and failed to imagine a time in which Nesta was gangly or awkward, so he pressed his lips on each of the marks before hitching her legs over his shoulders.
And he went down on her. Making sure she was comfortable before he quickly darted his tongue on her bundle of nerves. It was amazing, and she wanted more. So he gave her more. Inserting two fingers and massaging her insides slowly, dragging the tips along the ceiling of her temple.
When he finished her off, she moaned his name and nearly ripped his hair out.
Before rejoining the party, he held her until she stopped shaking. Whispering phrases in Spanish that she didn’t find out the meaning of until much later…
“Eso fue hermoso. Eres hermosa…”
“Eres incluso más dulce de lo que imaginé. Como la miel…”
“Si me lo pidieras, enviaría a todos a casa y te lamería toda la noche.”

Sighing aloud, she continued reminiscing on the reasons she loved him, then and now. Right now it was because he was warming her heart and body with his own.

Unbeknownst to Nesta, Cassian was also thinking of the reasons why he loved her, why he couldn’t stay away.

Nesta was as tenacious as she was magnificent. Quick witted and scrappy. He knew many fantastic women, but Nesta was on a completely different level.

He could be all of the sides of himself with her. It terrified him, to be like an exposed nerve, but he knew Nesta would settle for no less and would not open up otherwise. Nor should she, after all she had been put through in her life. He could be happy with her. He could let his weaknesses be known. He could talk with her when he needed to, or be quiet and contemplative.

He talked about his childhood. His early childhood. He said he was likely “smuggled over the border with bricks of cocaine” and tossed away. Rhys’s mother fostered him, though he didn’t make it easy on them, and then legally adopted him. A few years later, Azriel showed up and everything changed. He never forgot the kindness and generosity she showed him. He mourned her and Rhys’s sister every day and never again wanted to take for granted any good thing that came into his life.
He counted Nesta on the list of good things.

When he hugged her, even in public, she would let him hold her for as long as he wanted. What a sight they must be, he thought, the prim postured princess and the grass stained flannel and bomber jacket clad behemoth with permanently dirt crusted boots.
Goodie Two-Shoes and The Filthy Beast.

He thought about the time he helped her move out of her shithole and into this new place…

He found a box of old CD’s. He couldn’t help himself pulling out a worn copy of “From Under the Cork Tree” and waving it in her face, her eyes bulging.
“Those are a friend’s.” Nesta flinched at her transparent lie. “I don’t even know how they ended up here.”
“Hmm..” Cassian tapped the CD case and bellowed off-key, “CUT MY LIFE INTO PIECES! THIS IS MY-”
He was cut off by Nesta screeching and fighting to cover his mouth. “THAT SONG ISN’T EVEN BY THEM, YOU UNCULTURED MOUNTAIN MAN!”
Throwing his head back, he howled with laughter as she crossed her arms and asked, “So, Mr. Rompe Will Be My Wedding Song, how do you even know this music?”
“Well, Miss Season Six Buffy Was My Aesthetic,” his eyes gleamed with amusement. “Little sunshine Amren went through an emo phase in her youth as well.” Nesta wasn’t terribly surprised at all by that reveal, but bit her cheek to keep from smiling.
“Do you have mix CDs? What was your profile song? I know you had one.” This was just too good to be true. His mind reeled as he gave a lopsided grin.
“Yes and get over it. I’ll never tell.” Nesta surprised him. She was constantly surprising him. He loved that. He loved her.
He looked at her in a way in which his hazel eyes said, “I love you. I am so in love with you. I am yours and you are mine, and we both know it.” Tilting her chin up with his forefinger and thumb, he kissed her. Slow and steady, but sinking into her completely.
They had passionately kissed before, they had hungrily made out whilst groping each other. When she had gotten comfortable enough, she asked to see his cock that she had raised and made throb. With her permission, he guided her soft hand to it. Experimentally, she pumped it once…twice…It was her first time and she wanted to do it properly for him, so he instructed her through the beginnings…“Lick your thumb and rub it on the tip…FUCK!…Good girl…Tighter!…That’s it…” He hadn’t expected her to finish him and definitely didn’t expect it when she didn’t pull her hand away in disgust as he spilled onto his jeans.
This sort of kissing, the kind they did right there in her emptied house she was soon to be free of, a different kind of electricity sparked when their tongues danced and she pulled herself closer to him by reaching under his shirt to his warm back and fisting the collar of his paint splattered t-shirt.
Toying with the waistband of her skirt for a moment, he proceeded to squeeze her ass with his permanently calloused hands.
They both moaned into each other’s mouths before Nesta broke away. Wiping her mouth and fixing her shirt so that it wasn’t so obvious as to how erect her nipples were, she said, “So are you going to help me move these boxes, or are those tree trunk thick arms of yours just for show?”
Cassian wanted so badly to pick up the bait, but he didn’t. “Sweetheart, I could load all these boxes up within five minutes and still have the strength and stamina to carry you to the truck. Then unload everything without breaking a sweat.“
Though he did accomplish the tasks within the time limits he set for himself, he did break a sweat. Not that Nesta minded.
After unloading the last of the boxes, Nesta led him to the mattress that she had yet to find a frame or box spring for, and slowly removed all her clothing. Then she removed his, kissing each of his tattoos as they became uncovered. Taking his hands in her own with complete trust in her eyes, she laid them down on the bed together.
That night, they christened her new home. It was her first time and she loved that it was with him. He felt honored to be the one she chose. As cliche as it was, they exchanged “I love you’s” before, during, and after.

Nesta had trusted him that night. And again she put her trust in him tonight. One of the many things he loved about her.

Their relationship was constantly evolving and he wanted it to evolve again, so he took a chance. “Move in with me, Nes.”

Not a second later, she responded. “Yes.”



“Take me to bed soon?”


“Love me?”

Again, she kissed his shoulder blade- his “wings”- and assured him, “In this world and the next, sweetheart. And all the ones before.”

Imagine saving Steve Rogers from an awkward situation

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Tending to the Fire {Nessian Collab; Part 1}

Did a Nessian {because were trash} collab with my love, @throne-of-ashes-and-beauty, for part 2, click here (Cassian’s POV. Read it, because she’s a fantastic writer!)! Part one is from Nesta’s pov, enjoy!

I’d been standing outside his door for an hour.

The healer was in with him for the third time that week, examining his wounds, the damage that had been done to his wing. Feyre told me she would get me when she had word, but I wanted to hear it from him. I needed to know, from him, that he was okay.

Needed an excuse to see him again without seeming pathetic.

The door to the townhouse opened and the quiet click of it shutting forced me to distract myself, to make it seem like I hadn’t been standing there all that time. I quickly hurried across the hall to the study, where I grabbed a random book and sat, casually, in the chair by the window. Cassian had been staying at the townhouse since we returned from battle, considering he couldn’t fly up to the House of Wind and he was still too weak to walk the side of the mountain.

The sound of her clearing her throat had me jolt upright and slam the book shut with a snap.

Mor was standing in the doorway in the most casual outfit I had ever seen her wear, a dark pair of pants and a matching, tight fitting shirt. It looked like something Feyre would wear while training with Cassian. I was forced to believe Mor borrowed it from her closet.

Neither of us said a word. She stared at me, and I glared back. She had never been too fond of me, and for a reason I could not put my finger on, I felt the same way about her.

“He’s still with the healer,” I said, after a minute of silence. “Been there for over an hour now.”

She nodded, silently, and took a seat across from me.

Crossing my legs, I reopened my book and pretended to scan the pages. But, I couldn’t focus. My mind was at battle, constantly arguing with itself. He’s fine, it said, right after it sang, he’ll never fly again.

“Interested in the history of Illyrian warriors?” Mor raised an eyebrow, motioning to the book I held.

I finally looked at the hard, leather bound cover. It was, in fact, the history of Illyrians in combat. Easily, I shrugged. “Considering I have been surrounding myself with them, I figured it would be helpful information.”

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Moody Vampire (part 2)

Pairing: Jughead x reader
Description: Jughead and reader develop a close friendship and reader joins blue and gold. The blue and gold editors are investigating leads on the Jason Blossom murder, and homecoming is around the corner.
Over the next couple of months, Jughead and I hung out quite a lot, which led to me becoming close friends with Archie, Betty, and Veronica as well. They were all incredibly kind people, and I was thankful that I at least had a few friends in this new town. Veronica and I had even bonded over the fresh “new kid” labels we wore.
It was lunchtime, which meant I would be spending my time in the paper room working on an article for the blue and gold. After Jughead and Betty found out I like to write, they would subtly push me in to joining the paper with them. I gave in fairly quickly, writing was a passion of mine and it gave me something to work on.
As I walked down the lunch line to get something to eat, a boy walked in to the lunch room with a big poster and a teddy bear. I watched as he walked up to the girl and asked her to homecoming before she screamed “yes!” and hugged him. The lunch room cheered and clapped before settling down and getting back to their food. I smiled a bit, thinking about the upcoming dance. A small part of me hoped that maybe Jughead would ask me, even to go just as a friend.
I don’t get what the big deal is.” I jumped a bit and turned around to see Jughead standing beside me, his arms crossed and the corners of his lips tugged downwards in his infamous grim face.
“Of course you wouldn’t, you’re Jughead.” Ronnie came strolling up behind him, Kevin and Betty following.
“Is that a comment I should take offense to?” Jughead looked down at her, an eyebrow raised.
“Probably, but you’re Jughead, so you won’t.” Ronnie shrugged her shoulders before engaging in a conversation with Kevin and Betty.
“I just don’t get it, why would you subject yourself to that kind of public embarrassment? It’s a dance, just ask the person privately if they would like to go with you. Why show off and spend tons of money on elaborate gifts and publicly display it with the chance of getting rejected?” Jughead shook his head before turning to the line to pile his tray. I sighed, the re-occurring dream I had been having of Jughead and I at homecoming blowing up in my face. I paid for my lunch and made my way to the office for the blue and gold, not waiting for Jughead and Betty.
When I got to the room, I set my lunch down beside me and grabbed my laptop from my bag, getting to work. Some interesting things had been discovered about Jason’s homicide, and I had talked to Sheriff Keller about some of it. Now I was working on the article, trying to piece my information together and make a decent article.
Jughead and Betty walked in to the room, setting their bags down. Jughead went to the board immediately and grabbed some chalk, writing down some facts and bits of evidence we gathered, trying to piece it together while Betty helped him. After a few minutes, Jughead and Betty split up, Betty sitting on the desk and grabbing a notepad, and Jughead taking a seat by me.
“You want this? I motioned towards my abandoned milk carton and pizza from the lunch room, not really as hungry as I thought I was. Jughead nodded silently and took the pizza, biting into it and opening his laptop.
I tried not to focus on homecoming as the days of the week flew by. It was just a stupid dance. It would be stupid to upset myself with something as ridiculous as Jughead not asking me. Soon enough, it was Friday, and the dance was tomorrow and I was sat at Pop’s with Veronica and Betty hollering at me because I didn’t have a dress.
“It’s just a dance guys. I’ll go in jeans and a T-shirt, or better yet, I’ll just stay home.” I argued, taking a sip of my tea.
“Y/n, even Jughead is going! You can’t stay home!” Betty motioned to the boy sitting next to me, an incredulous look on her face.
“I don’t even have a date, what’s the point?”
“Nope, not acceptable.” Veronica stood up, grabbing my sleeve and lifted me from the booth. Betty and Jughead followed as she walked out the door with my shirt in her fist, dragging me behind her.
“Where are we going?” Jughead called out to Veronica as him and Betty tried to catch up to the power-walking princess.
“My house, we’re getting this kid a dress, and we’re hauling her to homecoming.”
I had tried on dress after dress from Veronica’s closet, everything being too tight, too short, not my taste. Jughead sat on Ronnie’s bed, typing away on his laptop.
“This just isn’t working Ronnie.” I sighed, going back in to her closet and changing out of the dress.
“Just chillax, I’ve got one more thing that might work.” Ronnie opened the closet door and handed me a purple dress before closing the door. The top part was halter style, with a long silk skirt. I tried it on and walked out, showing my friends.
“That’s it. That’s the one.” Ronnie clapped her hands together and pretended to wipe a tear from her eye.
“It’s homecoming, not my wedding day.”
“It’s really nice actually. Jughead, doesn’t she look nice?” Betty hit Jughead’s arm and he looked up, confused.
“What-oh.” Jughead’s eyes widened when he looked at me, making me blush.
“Y-yeah, you look…incredible.” Jughead complimented.
“Alright, I’m gonna go take this off now.” I pointed a thumb towards the closet door, blushing furiously

Later that night, when Jughead walked me home, I tried to bring up the dance.
“So, that dance is tomorrow… ” I trailed off, looking up at him.
“Yeah, I’m just going because Betty wants me to cover it with you guys for the paper.” Jughead looked down at his feet, his hands shoved in his pockets.
“Oh, yeah, the paper.” Of course.
“So, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then.” Jughead spoke again when we made it to my front door.
“Yeah, tomorrow.” I smiled. Jughead began to walk away and I froze at my door. Now was the time.
“Hey! Jughead!” I called out. Jughead turned around, looking at me expectantly.
“Maybe tomorrow we could…” I stopped. What was I doing? This was Jughead. He didn’t want a girlfriend, much less me as a girlfriend. If I asked him to homecoming it would ruin the strongest friendship I have in this town.
“Uhm, you know what? Nevermind. Goodnight Jug.” I stepped in to my house quickly and ran up the stairs. I hung up my dress and called it a night.
The next morning, Betty and I got ready together at my house, since she lived across the street from me. We danced along to some songs and had fun while we did each other’s makeup, and I tried not to think about how I chickened out last night.
“Hey, Betts?” I looked up at my friend as she applied blush to the apples of my cheeks.
“Yeah, y/n/n?” She met my gaze.
“Have you ever backed out of something last minute and regretted it?” Betty gave me a confused look before setting the brush down.
“Spill.” And I did. I told her all about my crush on Jughead, and how I wanted to ask him, and how I hoped maybe he would ask me, all while betty finished my makeup and sprayed my hair.
“I’m sorry y/n, Jughead’s just kinda clueless. Hopefully he will come around soon enough. You guys would be adorabl- “Betty was cut off by the sound of her phone and she answered it. A grin appeared on her face almost immediately.
“Yeah, we’ll be right down.” Betty ended the call and grabbed her purse, handing me mine and grabbing my wrist.
“What?” She pulled me out of my room excitedly.
“Archie and Veronica are here, and so is your date.” Betty hopped down the stairs with me trailing behind her and swung open my front door. There stood Jughead, a clear box with a corsage in one hand, and a sign in another, that said “Can this Moody Vampire be your date to the dance? “
I immediately laughed at our inside joke, unable to control the ends of my lips from tugging upwards as Jughead stood there in a full black suit, his grey beanie on his head.
“I know it’s kind of last minute, I probably should have asked you sooner, but..”
“You’re clueless sometimes.” I quickly glanced to Betty and she cupped a hand over her mouth to keep her laughter silent.
“Yeah, I am.” Jughead chuckled, and I could see two fake vampire fangs sticking out.” I’m hoping I’m not too late?”
“Of course not.” I teased, walking up to him. Archie took the sign from him and I saw Jughead was wearing a purple tie to match my dress.
“You really didn’t have to do all of this.” I whispered to him.
“That may be true, but- “Jughead pulled the purple and white corsage from the box, tucking the plastic container under his arm and lifting my wrist to tie on the flower.” It made you smile, so it was worth it.”
I shook my head, grabbing his tie and pulling him down to meet my lips with his.

A Wild Dog Chase

Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 1200ish

Warnings: None I think

Prompt: Person A’s pet runs away and Person B finds it.

A/N: I love dogs. This took too long

Originally posted by mxcali-94

“Sophie!” The chances of the puppy listening to your calls was slim to none, but with no other idea of how to find her in this park, desperate times call for desperate measures. All around you, you saw families, couples, kids, and more dogs but none of them yours. The baby pit bull was nowhere to be seen.

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Wayhaught Pride pt 1

Just gonna be 2 or 3 small parts, just some rambling thoughts in my head. @jaybear1701 would demand like 50k of this but really I’ll be surprised if it gets 5k total. 

Summary: Nicole takes Waverly home to Chicago for her very first pride. 

ps the following gif has nothing to do for the story but exists so… 

Originally posted by nicoleandwaverly

“Is this okay?”

Nicole looked up from the bag she was in the middle of unpacking, unable to stop the grin that spread across her face. Her eyes raked over the short frame that was wearing rainbow leggings under a pair of cutoff shorts and a raglan shirt with a rainbow unicorn on the front, tied tight just at her rib-cage to reveal her midriff. Nicole felt her heart skip a beat for what had to be the most exquisite vision she’d ever seen in her entire life.

“Is it too much?” Waverly looked down at Nicole’s own attire, a simple black tee with a rainbow heart on the front and a pair of shorts, her hair tied up in a ponytail. “It’s too much isn’t it? Damn it!”

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Accidents Cause Accidents

 Word Count: 3043

    A/N: this was requested by Nerdy_Girl1423, and it was real fun and interesting to write. I hope this is what you wanted! Feedback is always welcomed by dudes and it is also appreciated! When i posted this to my Wattpad, i got a ton of requests to do a part 2, but im still debating whether i should or not considering it was supposed to be just a oneshot. I’m sure ill write another one though lmao, i kinda made it a bit of a cliffhanger without realizing i did. Much love ️

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The Darkness - Void!Stiles [Smut]

Author: @writing-obrien

Character(s): Void!Stiles/Reader, Stiles Stilinski/Reader

Word Count: 4493

Notes: Spanking, Bondage, Oral (male receiving), Fingering, Marking, Blindfolding, Over-Stimulation, Choking. Please note this took sort of a darker turn, nothing too bad but if any of the above upsets you or the thought of rougher sex does, please don’t read this one.

Originally posted by assindeto-de-outono

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Kacchako Week Day 7: Fragile

(This was the first idea I had for this prompt. Let’s see if I can pound out the second one afterwards…)

Something Only They See

Years have passed, goals have been gained, and as similar as he was to the boy of his high school years, he was also completely different. He’s learned to compromise (somewhat), he’s learned to not be afraid to lose (even less than somewhat), and he’s learned how to carve out a huge piece of his life to fit someone else in it (a lot).

Most of all, Katsuki has learned to care a little bit more- to look at someone else’s face and see exactly what lay underneath the veneer presented. Though, honestly, he’d only cultivated that skill for one other person and she was walking through their shared apartment door two hours late without the usual spring in her step. Even her permanently flushed cheeks seemed paler. She called out an absent-minded ‘I’m home’ as she toed out of her sneakers.

Katsuki set down the phone he hadn’t been obsessively glaring at for the past two hours and shoved his hand in his pockets.

“You didn’t float your phone into fucking oblivion again, did you?” he asked shortly, trying to sound more angry than worried.

Ochako glanced up sharply, eyes blinking wide, guileless, and bewildered. The bewilderment faded the more her big, brown eyes scanned over him- the casual suit, the yellow tie she’d bought him last year, the almost tidy style to his rat’s nest hair. Her already pale face blanched to ashen, pupils dilating to pinpricks as guilt struck her like a blow to the face.

“Oh no,” she gasped, straightening to her fullest height and covering her mouth with her hands. “I totally forgot! I can’t believe I forgot!”

Tears were brimming the edges of her lashes and that’s when he knew. Katsuki had known since their first year in UA that Ochako was bright, bubbly, and annoying cheerful, but she wasn’t a pushover. Her reasons for being a hero were different from his, so vastly different, but no less important. She would throw herself recklessly into harm’s way to attain her goal, just like him. Only being K.O.’d would hold her down. So, Katsuki knew that Uraraka Ochako was not fragile.

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Not A Bad Day (grayson/reader)

requested by anon

basically your friends are assholes and you meet a cute boy who makes you feel better (yall know how i am w summaries shh)

a/n- this was a lil rushed so i apologize

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You Should Know Better Pt.6

(Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three) (Part Four) (Part Five) (Part Six) (Part Seven) (Part Eight) (Part Nine) (Part Ten) (Part Eleven) (Part Twelve) (Part Thirteen) (Part Fourteen) (Part Fifteen)

Summary: Umm…After a night out with Landon, Natalie is on the way home when Officer Merriweather pulls them over. Things begin to get heated in all sorts of ways.
POV: If you think I fucked with that POV last chapter…Just wait. Natalie, Joe
Characters: Joe Merriweather, Natalie, Landon
Word Count: 3800ish - these chapters keep getting longer
Author’s Note: *Throws the beginning transition paragraphs at you.* BE HAPPY. Okay, the first few paragraphs are a flashback and the single words that break up the interaction are Landon speaking, so, yeah. 
Quote: “I told you the drill before, you move, you fall.” 



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Post 4x07 speculation fic featuring the bed of sex. “Her heart beats thunderously beneath her chest, and she begins to trace the length of his hair, his nose, the curvature of his lips, and the hollow spot on his chin with her curious eyes. His Adam’s apple bobs and Clarke wonders if he’s feeling this too, this strange, exhilarating sensation she’s feeling now. A mix of excitement, nervousness, and familiarity coils at the pit of her stomach, winding and unwinding with each breath she takes.”

Bellarke’s first kiss and first time together. Sometimes it really is about coming home.

Read on Ao3 or below

Her hands move in practiced motions, her right reaching over to grab the tape while the other holds the gauze in place. She zeroes in on the wound, quieting the part of her that won’t stop worrying over him. He needs to be more careful.

After putting tape on the edges, Clarke inspects her handiwork to make sure it’ll heal properly. She’s still worried but mainly annoyed – he genuinely can’t go a single day without hurting himself.

“It’s just a scratch.”

She knows he’s grinning lopsidedly without her even looking, and sure enough, the corner of his mouth is lifted in what can be seen as Bellamy’s first smile in weeks. It baffles her how he can take getting hurt so lightly, but there’s a part of Clarke that knows he’s just as exhausted and angry as she is. It hurts, having to carry the weight of the world. It will never get easier, but Clarke takes comfort in knowing Bellamy will be there, just as he always has.

“Yeah, well, it’s a scratch you could’ve avoided.”

He huffs under his breath but makes no move to leave. He sticks out like a sore thumb in this bedroom. Both of them do – all grimy, angry, and touched by evil. It’s too pristine for them. Even back on the Ark, she slept on a cot with basic bedding. This bed – the entire house, in fact – is too luxurious.

There’s a part of her that feels she doesn’t deserve to stay here, even if it’s to simply sleep. She’s already experienced a lifetime of luxury. She grew on the right side of the Ark, didn’t have to worry about food, or working when she was fourteen just to provide for her family. She doesn’t need it, not anymore.

Taking a deep breath, Clarke steps away from Bellamy and points to the bathroom. “You can shower in there. Murphy probably left food in the fridge, so I’ll warm it up for us.”

He nods solemnly. “Thanks.” Bellamy scans the entire room with a slight scowl on his lips. “I’m scared I’ll make this place dirty.”

Laughing, Clarke shakes her head before crossing her arms. “Feels weird, doesn’t it?”


An odd look crosses over Bellamy’s face, and his eyes flicker up to hers, searching for something. Her stomach flips and flops for a moment, and she doesn’t know what to make of the new sensation. She’s not terribly close to him, but she can spot the freckles on his face, sprinkled out in imperfect harmony. And if Clarke leaned in a little further, she could see the tiny mole on his left collarbone, peeking through his war torn shirt.

She’s spent a lot of time studying Bellamy – back at the dropship, she would study whether his facial expressions revealed his ulterior motives. Then after, she would look to see if his eyes flickered anywhere that might pose danger and follow his line of sight, trusting his instincts. And now, Clarke checks to see if he’s forgiven himself, if he no longer views himself as a monster.

Clarke hasn’t been able to determine if he has.

But she’s a grown woman, and she can admit he will always be her favorite subject. She is able to study herself through him. If Bellamy is worried, then so should she. And if he is happy, she realizes she should be as well, because life is too fickle to never smile for days on end.

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Originally posted by rikkisixx

This is the second fic in a series of Lana del Rey inspired stories. This fic is based off the song Cola

Title: Cola

Summary: Bianca gets ready to meet Negan, the man who is going to take over her business with or without her permission and so she decides to fight back. (AU)

Pairing: Negan x Bianca

Warnings: Smut, oral sex. 

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Bones imagine - mismatched uniforms

Requested? Yes, by an anon
Word count? 678
Warnings? None

You got to your science station while adjusting your uniform around your neck. It seemed quite big today, and you couldn’t figure out why. Whatever the reason, it was very baggy and looked a bit funny.

“Lieutenant,” your co-worker and friend said, approaching you. “You look … dishevelled.”

“Forgot to tell the computer to wake me,” you admitted, glancing in their direction. “I was scrambling to get ready this morning.”

They nodded and regarded you slowly. “Have you lost weight?”

With a slight shrug you said, “I don’t know. I guess? I mean, I have been forgetting to eat breakfast some days, so maybe that’s it.”

“Huh. Well, you might want to get the tailor to do something about your uniform.” They smiled cheekily. “Wouldn’t want to get lost in all that fabric, would you?”

You smirked. “Yeah, yeah. I’ll get them to take a look at it after my shift.”

Bones tugged at the sleeves of his uniform for about the tenth time since he stepped into sickbay. They just wouldn’t go all the way down to his wrists today, and it was irritating him. To make matters worse, the collar of his uniform was too snug and was very uncomfortable for him when sitting. Bones groaned, yanking the collar away from his irritated neck.

“Everything okay, Doctor?” his nurse asked, frowning as she watched him struggle with his clothing.

Bones looked at her. “I must be crazy, because my uniform is bugging the shit out of me today. First, the collar was too tight, then I realized the sleeves are too short.”

“Maybe it shrunk when you washed it,” the nurse suggested.

Bones grunted. “Hn. Maybe. Never happened before, though.”

The nurse shook her head. “I don’t know, Doctor. Do you have another one you could change into?”

“No, they’re all being washed. Besides, I can’t leave sickbay just because my clothes are uncomfortable.” Bones rubbed his face and sighed. “I’ll be fine. Get back to those readings.”

She nodded politely. “Yes, Doctor.”

Bones pulled his shirt down, noticing it was riding up at the waist. He rolled his eyes and sighed. “Great, not only am I practically wearing a three-quarter sleeved shirt, but apparently I’m wearing a crop-top too.”

You walked into your quarters and nearly jumped out of your skin when you saw Bones sitting on the couch. “Jesus.”

Bones looked up and smiled. “No, just me.”

You rolled your eyes and went to him. “What’re you doing here, Len?”

He held up a blue uniform, and you then realized he was wearing a casual t-shirt he had left in your quarters. “I believe this is yours.”

You frowned and sat down. “What?”

“Apparently, we switched up our uniforms this morning and everybody noticed but us.”

You stared at him. “You’re joking.”

He shook his head. “Wish I was, darling. This dam shirt was too tight all day. Had to keep pulling the sleeves and hem down so they wouldn’t ride up too much. And you … you kind of look like you’re wearing a dress, love.”

You laughed lightly. “Aw man.”


“I thought I lost weight,” you said with a small smile.

Bones chuckled. “’Fraid not. Well, I mean, you could have, but that’s not the reason the uniform was so big.”

“Oh well. At least I didn’t have to see the captain or first officer today. That would’ve been embarrassing.”

“Jim came by to sickbay and said I was getting fat.” Bones smirked. “So I told him I’d relieve him of duty for being, too ill to be in command.”

You laughed. “Poor Jim.”

Bones huffed. “Not poor Jim, he called me fat!”

You patted his stomach and leaned back against the couch. “I think you’re the perfect size.”

“Flattery won’t get you anywhere.”

“Oh no? I’m all ready in your shirt. That’s halfway to being in your pants.”

Bones laughed loudly and wrapped his arm around your shoulders.

You grinned. “Y’know, I’ll say this: wearing your uniform all day was the comfiest I’ve been in ages.”

Jimin | Stuck in the Elevator

(AU in which you work as a secretary and Jimin is the CEO. You two hate each other but yet something shocking happens…)


I take requests too~

It had been a tiring day at work. Being a secretary in a large corporate building was no easy task. You had gotten this job thinking it wouldn’t require much effort but boy where you wrong you fucking dumbass.

You hadn’t even gotten a chance to use the bathroom. And to make things worse, you had just finished drinking a whole bottle of water.

After a few minutes you decided that it would be okay to leave your work place, not many people were coming in by now. It was 7pm anyways.

You rushed to the nearest bathroom, only to have your face fall in dismay as you saw a sign that read, “BATHROOMS OUT OF ORDER, PLEASE KEEP OUT” You felt your bladder about to explode, now you couldn’t even run or even walk properly.

You rushed to the elevator and hurriedly pushed the button. The way to the fourth floor seemed eternal. You finally got to the bathroom and did your business.

The clock read 7:20 PM. I need to hurry home, you thought. You entered your car and rushed home, not caring if you went past the speed limit.

When you finally got home the first thing you did was get into the shower. The hot water felt so good on your body and helped relieve the pain in your tense neck. The smell of shampoo invaded your sense of smell and soon enough you were in a state of bliss.

You stepped out of the shower to go get your phone so you could put some music on. You remembered you had left it in your purse so you went to look for it. But it was no where to be seen…

Shit, I think I left it in one of the stalls in the bathroom. Man, I have to go get it right now before the building closes, you thought.

You got your keys and headed your way. Once you entered the building a whole new aura was present, it was much more dark and quiet. No one else was here.

As you walked the way to the elevator you saw Jisoo… cleaning?? It made no sense because she was another fellow secretary.

“Jisoo? What are you doing here cleaning?” You asked.

“Huh? Oh hello (Y/N)! Well Tzuyu the janitor kept on complaining about how she never gets to spend much time with her kids and how her back is killing her because of this job. So I volunteered to do her job for today!” She replied.

“Aww that’s very kind of you Jisoo! Well see ya around, I need to go get my purse from the bathroom upstairs.”

“Oh sure! Go right ahead, bye bye~” And then she wandered off somewhere far away. You stood there standing until she was out of sight.

You smiled and headed towards the elevator, looking down at the tiled floor you thought about how good your shampoo smelled. Those thoughts were soon interrupted when you bumped into what seemed to be a large broad back.

You started apologizing, “Oh- I’m s-sorry! Please exc-”

The person you had bumped into turned around, and you where shocked to see that it was none other than Park Jimin, the CEO every girl in this building drooled about. You never really understood why since the all times in which you interacted with him he was a complete douche.

He smiled, “Ah no it’s okay! Please excuse m–” His smile was quickly replaced with a frown once he realized it was you. “Ugh, should’ve known it was you, I would’ve maken you fall.”

You scoffed, “You’re lucky you can fire me or else my mouth would be running miles right now.” You went ahead to push the elevator and once the door opened you both entered.

“What are you doing here Miss… (Y/N) right? If remember correctly.”

You scowled at the fact that he had your name in his mouth, “I could say the same thing, Mr. Jimin. What are you doing here?”

“I prefer not to answer.”

“Then I don’t either.” There was an awkward silence after that.

“Where are you headed (Y/N)?”

“Fourth floor.” You quickly replied.

“Huh, me too, wh-” he started but was quickly interrupted by a loud rumbling noise. The lights dimmed and the floor shaked a bit, which caused you to lose your balance. Once the shaking stopped you heard Jimin hiss, “The fuck just happened… Oh my! Are you okay?” He said as he hurried over to you and helped you stand up.

“Yes. Thank you,” Maybe he was a gentleman after all.

He gave a small smile, “You’re welcome, but don’t think I’m getting soft.”

A frown was quicky plastered on your face, “Tsk! And here I thought you finally developed manners! Don’t even look at me.”

“Whatever. We’re gonna be stuck here together for a while anyways, might as well get rid of that attitude of yours.” Jimin sat down on the floor and started playing with his watch.

You ignored him and started to pace around the small enclosed space. It was starting to get hot. You took off your jacket but only to realize you hadn’t put your dress shirt on. You were left in only a thin spaghetti strap tank top and your tight pencil skirt. Oops, I’m showing way too much skin. Well knowing him he probably won’t care at least. Thank God.

Jimin POV

As I looked up I was in complete shock at what I was seeing. It was… (Y/N) and she looked, dare I say, really pretty? I never really bothered to take a quick glance at her because her attitude already said much, and because I’m also not that type of man, but her body can’t go unnoticed.

I must have been staring for too long because my thoughts were quickly interrupted by the sound of (Y/N)’s voice, “What are you looking at? Do I have horns sticking out of my face or what?”

“Not everything is about you, ya kn–” I was so flustered that I stood up so quicky and lost my balance.

Your POV

You were at a loss for words when you saw who was on top of you. His eyes stared right into yours. You finally had a chance to see him up close, and you have to admit, he’s really hot. Your lips unconsciously parted and his eyes were now focused on them. Before you knew it, a pair of soft plump lips were against your own. It took you a while but when you kissed back, the kiss quickly became more heated.

He bit your lower lip asking for entrance, and you gladly allowed him. As he battled with your tongue, you felt your core starting to heat up.

Jimin’s hands slid down your sides and into your skirt. Your legs broke into goosebumps as he slow took it off. Then he took of your top. Next he slowly unclasped your bra revealing your perfect perky breasts. His tongue flicked one of your already hardened nipples as he massaged the other one.

He traced his fingers down your flat stomach until he reached your panties. He kissed down your inner thigh and stopped at your core. He took of your underwear and used one finger to touch your clit. You moaned as he used his tongue to make circles around it. He then used two fingers to pump into you.

When he felt that you were about to come, he swiftly took his fingers out. You wined at the feeling of emptiness.

Jimin hovered over you and took your lips into another kiss. He took this chance to unzip his jeans and pull down his boxers, letting his hard member out. He positioned himself in between your legs right by your entrance. You moaned as he went in and sucked on the skin on your neck.

The pace started slow but it slowly started getting faster and faster, leaving you both panting and moaning. He grabbed your hips and positioned you on top of him. You placed your soft hands on his chest as you went down on him.

You gave a loud moan as you finally climaxed, and he got on top of you once again until he came, releasing inside of you.

You both just layed there, interwined. You nuzzled against his neck, and he smiled down at you, completely forgetting you were still in the work building.

Little Helper(Namjoon Smut)

{Hi, could I please make a request? [I joined tumblr not too long ago and I’m actually nervous putting forward a request since this is my first. I’ve ready your work and it’s amazing] A smut where there is an British exchange student and Namjoon helps her out around school because her Korean isn’t perfect and she’s very awkward and shy around everyone besides him. He likes speaking to her in English and after a while she opens up to him and wants to thank him by giving herself to him. He’s hesitant to have sex with her though, but she says it’s okay and they do the deed. She seems innocent but has a very kinky and rough side which she shows to Namjoon one day after school. After a while she discovers his daddy kink and yeah something like that. Sorry if it’s weird. Thank you in advance :) }

Your name: submit What is this?

Here you go!<3 @kxxkiemonsterx I hope you enjoy!

 Namjoon’s POV:

Sitting there I watched as the multitude of the student body glided across the campus. Everyone in their little clicks and gangs or the cute little nerds that decided to stay alone. It always made me feel a bit saddened to see some people walk alone but then I remembered that some people prefer to be alone and that I, myself have sometimes experienced the joys of a quiet walk by myself. Just to focus on an important test or performance that I may have to deal with that day. But lately I haven’t been able to have me time. It’s not that I dislike it, in fact I think it’s the complete opposite. Chuckling to myself I lifted a hand up to comb through my freshly dyed purple hair blue contacted eyes looking around the main campus for her.

“Looking for Y/N again?” A familiar voice asked me. Turning my head back I looked at Jin smiling sheepishly.

“Don’t sneak up on me.” I avoided the question and he clapped my back before he walked off.

“I know you’re waiting for her because you avoided my question. Have fun Namjoon. Don’t drool too much.”

Rolling my eyes, I stretched out my legs hands moving down to straighten out the lines on my crisp dark black skinny jeans. It was a bit windy today so I had to dress in warm clothes but I think I overdid it at first and I had to change out of it. Ever since she came into my life, I’ve been overthinking my outfits and instead of being myself she had me as a nervous flustered fool. Playing with my black cardigan I heard her melodic voice shaking me to my core.

“I’m sure if no one has noticed you by now they never will.” Her voice shook me right down to the core. How she addressed me in English because we both knew her Korean wasn’t that great. I couldn’t keep the smile off my face hearing the accent of her native home come out of her tongue. Biting on my bottom lip I did my best to give her a full dimpled smile because it always charmed her. “Oh put it away.” She teased moving to sit beside me. I let myself drink in the beautiful sight before me. How her beautiful hair feel down her face. How the simple white shirt and black skinny jeans fit her body not too tight or too lose just perfect accompanied by her leather jacket. She was smiling at me, and fucking hell it made me weak. Her strong scent hitting my nostrils and driving me deeper into a world of bliss. I couldn’t stop taking her in everything was breathtaking and her she was before me utterly perfect.

“Are you just going to stare at me?” She asked in Korean this time, causing a soft frown to etch across my features before I responded in English.

“Ah, is it weird that I stare at you so much? I’m sorry let’s get going then.” Of course it was fucking weird to be gawking at an exchange student. I should have known better but it was just something about her that made my heart speed up a little bit even if it was only for some seconds upon a time. Standing up I grabbed at my backpack slinging it over my left shoulder pushing my right hand into the confines of my pocket walking beside her. I could see how everyone looked at her, with curiosity or hatred. They wanted to know her story, what was she about and above all if we were a thing. At first when I saw how they glanced at us I must admit I was nervous for a few seconds, but then I decided fuck them and their judgment. I’m better off without it.

“So how was homework?” I asked Y/N. She gave me a sheepish smile jumping a bit and it seems like she was out of it too. I couldn’t help but feel a bit guilty like I was the reason she was acting that way. She responded back to my question though with her own answers. I know it must have been hard on her to be so far away from home. But she had come so far and she had done so much in this short little time span of a couple of months. I was one proud teacher of her growth. I continued to smile at her as she explained the things going on with her and how she still kind of fumbles with some speech things and her homework. I had to do my best to motivate her and encourage her because we all make fumbles and falls but the most important part is that we keep going, which she did. We had always decided to talk in English for her sake but I didn’t mind the different language because it helped me make sure I kept up on my language skills as well.

“Namjoon.” Y/N addressed me as we made our way into the building close to her first class. Humming to show I was listening I looked down at her, seeing her pull out a slip of folded white paper with a deep shade of lovely red painting her features. Wordlessly I took the slip of paper from her freezing as she stood on her tip toes and kissed my right dimple. Opening her mouth, I could feel her heat on my skin causing my eyes to flutter. I was pretty sure my own face was burning at this point. “I love it when you stare at me.” Those simple words she spoke to me as she ran into her class with a nervous chuckle waving goodbye.  I stood there like an idiot for some time after until it dawned on me that I had college algebra and I knew my ass would be handed to me if I were late again. Picking up my feet I glided myself through the crowds arriving to the class at a perfect timing. The teacher looked down her nose at me and I bowed my head apologetically moving to the back of my class to my seat.

I sat in class thinking about her. The sound of her voice when she laughed or just simply talked. When she made little squealing noises or random noises of approval as she ate. How she was so full of life and all the energy around her. My perfect little bundle of happiness. I knew deep down inside of me, I would be sad when she had to leave and maybe that was part of the reasons I never tried to be overly friendly. Just then, my mind snapped and with quick fingers I was pulling the slip of paper open that she had given to me in the hallway. My eyes feeling like they were going to pop out at any moment.

Dear Namjoon,

               I will have to leave in the next month or so, and I have been really grateful of all the things you have done for me. I wanted to give you a present but not knowing what you would really like or how to ask for it in Korean I have decided to give you my body instead. If you want this offer, please come to my address stated below. I promise I will make it worth your wild. I just want to show you how thankful I am.


I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. My heart was beating out loud! I was sure the teacher would look at me. She would notice I wasn’t paying attention. Was the room hot or was it just me? I couldn’t contain all the feelings inside of me. Because yes, I wanted her too, it should’ve been obvious how bad she captivated me! It was no secret I’ve snuck glances at her body especially if she had to bend over to get something and it just so happens her ass is right there to view. I tried to be discreet. Holding my notebook over my raging hard on just so that she would be comfortable. And as soon as I would get to my dorm room, I’d almost die every day trying to get my boxers off and dick in my hand to get myself off. So many tissues had been used I was surprised the cleaning ladies didn’t tell me off for it. But Y/N was leaving! So, what could I do? I didn’t want a few moments with her. If I indulged in her I know that I would want her more. I would want to be in her every waking moment, I would want to hear my name roll of her pretty pink lips. I would want to pull her hair and make sure with every snap of my hips she was a fucking puddle under me not remembering any man but me. No other name but mine. Sighing, I slipped the paper into my pocket jotting down the notes I had so carelessly forgot to take while I was caught up in my own self turmoil.

Standing in front of her apartment I didn’t know what to do. Pacing back and forth I was hesitant, to want it and to go for it. But why deny her of something she wanted to do for me? Especially when I wasn’t the only one feeling things. At least this way I could have some kind of moment with her before she left my life for a while and hopefully not for good. Squaring my shoulders and giving myself a short macho man prep talk I walked up to the door letting my fist knock against it lightly. Standing there I shoved my hands back into my pocket keeping my eyes down on my feet. After a few minutes, I got worried that this was just some joke. She was fucking with me! But before I could get too paranoid about my own thoughts the door opened. Slowly she was revealed to me, standing there with nothing but a towel around her waist. Her hair was wet, the water droplets leaving trails on her body that I just wanted to lick up so bad. My tongue darting out to lick my lips, I had no words for her. And what she did next would probably stay in my wet dreams forever. She dropped her towel revealing her body to me, everything that I had called myself imagining was nothing compared to the real deal. My mouth went dry I was too flustered to even say something beyond ‘damn.’

“Are you just going to stand there or are you going to fuck me?” She questioned pulling me into her place with her hand on my belt. My body went forward, seeming to snap out of the trance I was in, I slammed the door with my foot picking her up and carrying her to her bedroom. Our lips pressing together it felt so good to finally feel her soft lips against mine. Biting down on the flesh I tried to mold our faces together kissing her with every ounce of passion I had. We knocked against some things before I had her in her bedroom and on her back on the small bed. My hands were roaming her flesh touching the wet skin and loving the feeling of it under my fingertips. She was already reacting to me arching upwards and sighing into my mouth. She bit harshly on my top lip and when I reacted with a gasp her tongue slid into my mouth. Battling me for dominance she was grabbing at my shirt, ripping at it a bit trying to get it off. I was so shocked, dizzy almost from the surprised pleasure coursing through my body. She broke the kiss first moving to slam me on the bed, I couldn’t believe my eyes and if my dick was to get any harder I felt I wouldn’t have one left. She undressed me and I let her not going against anything she wanted to do to me. Usually I took the lead and I took pride in it, but today I knew that I could let her have her fun. At least for the first round that was. She gripped onto my raging member, pressing her breast on either side of my shaft she let her mouth take me in. I groaned grabbing at her sheets knowing if I grabbed her hair I was going to bury my dick until she was crying. I watched her move her breast up and down along with her mouth, the tight suction and space had my head rolling back. Loud moans of her name rolled of my tongue slowly the room getting hotter by the second. My vision blurred it felt too good. The walls seemed to be listening to how my voice rose louder in volume and fuck her neighbors let them hear. My chest rising and falling I almost stayed there but then I remembered she said she was giving herself to me.

Leaning up, I grabbed at her hair pulling her off of my dick with a wet pop, spit trailing from her lips to my shaft. I crashed my lips against hers picking her up and slamming her lightly on the bed. Crawling in between her legs I let my lips trail down her neck wetly and towards her ear whispering hotly. “You’re my present remember? Mine to do with what I want. And right now, I want to fuck you.” I admitted ghosting my lips down her body to place more kisses on her skin. Cupping her breast, I couldn’t tease them too much, sucking on each I gave them attention before my mind wanted more of her. Moving to her heat I spread her legs wider, pressing them down against the bed I flicked my tongue up and down her slit before burying it in her tight pussy. She was so warm and she felt snug around my tongue. I was quick with my movements, I wanted to stretch her out for me, but I knew we could play after this. The heat in the air was too thick for us to waste any more time. But fuck she tasted so good, almost close to water with a sweet taste to it. How she grabbed at my hair and moaned my name had my tongue flicking every direction until I was finding her spot and abusing it. Pulling back after a few moments, I licked my lips aligning myself with her entrance. My hands moving to grab her hips, slowly I pushed inside of her, digging my nails into her skin her name rolling off my lips as I filled her up.

“Y/N..” My voice trembled out. My dick buried to the hilt inside of her warm pussy. She was so wet for me, it was sucking me in. How she squeezed around my shaft and wiggled her hips had me snapping mine forward just to feel more. Letting my hooded eyes meet her gaze I was slow to fuck her at first just wanting to stretch her out and really feel her. I wanted my mind to remember how snug her walls were around me. How she moaned out my name softly, her tiny hands gripping at my biceps. How I leaned over her and she gasped from feeling my hit a deeper angle. My hips circling to snap harder against hers and create pleasure that she would always remember. I was gone and so was she. I could feel some of her juices drip down onto my balls and it only made me loose myself more. Building up my speed slowly until I was pounding into her. The bed shaking under us as I gave her everything I had to give. My hard dick sliding inside of her wet walls creating the wet sloppy sounds of skin on skin contact.

“Slap me.” She moaned weakly and I opened my eyes wide growling.

“Excuse me?” I asked her switching my hips to angle away from her spot.

“Slap me.. Daddy.” That was it, any control I had left went out the window for this little vixen under me. One hand reaching up to grab at her throat I used it to pin her down. Shifting my hips once more to deeply fuck her pussy I lifted my hand up slapping her cheek lightly not wanting to hurt her.

“Harder!” She shouted out and I slapped her again just a tad bit harder. “You fucking hit like a girl.” She teased smirking up at me. I don’t know what felt more insulting the phrase itself of the fact that it was said in English with her accent.

Lifting my hand up to land another slap on her cheek to turn the skin red she gave a cry of yes and I smirked. She thought I was done with her. Pulling out of her I flipped her on her stomach entering her from behind without mercy. My hand swooped around her body to grab at her neck pulling her body back against mine. I slammed her down on my dick abusing her sweet little cunt with every thrust of my hips burying my dick forward. She was trying to moan but she could barely get it out, her eyelids dropping closed as my hand clamped down on her airways more. I waited until she was almost out to let her go, releasing her neck my hand went to grab at her hair, my free hand moving down to rub her clit fast and hard. I knew she was going to cum by the way she kept gasping for breath, her voice hitching and body trembling against mine. It was like her juices were a river overflowing and pouring out all for me. She cried my name out loud, hanging on by a thread as she gave me her orgasm, and I took it all delighted to say the least at the state I put her in. Kissing along her shoulder blade, I created a few more hickeys that I knew would be visible tomorrow, while she was here she was mine and everyone would know that I was the one fucking her from behind. Looking down I could see my dick entering in and out of her heat, her ass clapping back against my hips. It was too much for me, without warning I pulled out of her pushing her down on the bed, gripping at my dick I jerked it off quickly cumming thick ropes of cum in the dip of her lower back. Releasing all my pent up want for her (though there was still more) I kissed along her skin up to her shoulder blades and then the back of her head. I left the bed searching for a small wash cloth in the bathroom. Warming it with warm water I went back in the room to clean her off watching as she took deep breaths. She was glowing and she looked so flustered with her hands clinging onto the sheets. After I made sure I was cleaned up a bit I scooped her in my arms kissing her temple as she avoided my gaze.

“You didn’t want it?” I asked after a few moments of silence feeling my heart sink.

“No. NO! Of course I wanted it!” She slapped at my shoulders repeatedly and I winced squirming. “It’s just that.. Was I good enough for you?” You asked looking down at my hands. I couldn’t believe it, the girl I was so head over heels for was insecure about one of the best sexual experiences I’ve ever had in my life.

“It was all perfect, because it was with you. But of course, if you want to try your luck again.” I teased flipping her over on her back with a crooked smirk. “I’m sure I could give you a lesson on bondage and toys if you’re into learning that kind of stuff.”

Lunchtime Drabble: Training the Inhuman (2/?)

Pairing: Avengers x Reader for now. Relationships develop as I go.
Word Count: 1058 (a little long today)
Warnings: short reader, fluff, fighting, a little angst.

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Y/N found Bruce in his lab, head bent over a computer monitor in deep concentration.

“Hey, Dr. Banner,” she said softly, not wanting to jar him out of his thoughts. It didn’t work, he still jumped.

“Oh, Y/N, hey, what can I do for you?” he adjusted his glasses as he looked up and gave her a small smile.

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Post 4x17 Linstead

This took me WAY too long to write and I’m not even that happy with it


It was when she heard the rattle of his keys against the bullet casing on his keychain and the soft click of the front door, that she knew he was gone. She didn’t let the tears fall until she knew he wouldn’t be back. That he was already in his car, driving towards Will’s. At first, all she felt was utter shock. Sure, she was disappointed in him, but she knew how he wasn’t forthcoming about his life. But then again, he left, like all good things in her life did. Erin Lindsay was definitely used to this feeling.

She didn’t sleep much that night, not feeling the warmth of another body radiating onto her. So at 4 am, she called the one person she knew would never leave her. He had dealt with her stubborn teen years and then again being her boss. She knew she could confide in him, no matter how bad things got.


He walked into the bullpen late that morning after a night of restless sleep. His eyes automatically drifted to her desk, which he found vacant. Consequently, his eyes scanned over to the break room, hoping he would find her making coffee. When he didn’t find her there, Voight’s office was his next option. He turned towards the locker room, stowing away his gym bag, but he too, found the room empty. Walking back into the bullpen, Voight ushered him into his office, clearly annoyed.

“What’s up Sarge?”

“Where’s Erin?” He knew where she was, he just wanted to hear Jay say it, especially since he turned a blind eye to him dating his daughter.

“I-I don’t know. I thought she’d be here by now.” He stuttered over his words and his voice sounded weak but gruff.


“I’m sorry but did I do something to upset you?”

“I don’t know Halstead, did you do something that would piss me off?”

He breathed out a sigh of annoyance, he didn’t need to play games with his boss.

“So I’m guessing she called you.”

“At 4 am.”

“Look, I’m sorry. I didn’t break up with her if that’s what you think. I just need some time to figure myself out.”

“And you did that by leaving?”

“I didn’t want to hurt her more than I already have.”

“Did you at least talk about it with her?”

Jay was silent. He was aware that Hank knew about everything that went down between him, Erin and his ‘wife’. 

“Where’s Erin?” He finally said after a few moments of silence.

“Took a personal day… Don’t ask me for one, I’m already short one detective I don’t need another one gone. Whatever you need to fix can be done on your own time. Now get outta here.”


Work was absolute torture. He sat in the car in silence, not having anyone else there with him. When he sat at his desk in the bullpen, he would occasionally look up to look at her, only to see a chair. When he would go to the break room to get coffee, he would grab her mug from the rack, realizing too late that she wasn’t there, forcing him to dump the coffee. 

He had texted her a couple of times, asking if she was okay, but she never replied. She must have her phone off, because that’s what she always did when she didn’t want to be bothered by anyone. Or she was just straight up ignoring him.


After work, he only had one place he where he needed to go. To her. After likely breaking every traffic law in the City of Chicago, he parked outside of their apartment.

Was this really the right move?

After going up the stairs to the third floor, he stood outside the door, waiting, listening. The TV wasn’t on and there didn’t seem to be anyone home. The hallway light was on, he could see it coming from underneath the door. He couldn’t decide whether or not he should knock, or unlock the door with his key. After careful consideration, he chose the latter. 

It looked the same way he left it. There was no evidence that anything had changed or if even the night before had happened. The living room and kitchen were empty, but there were new dishes in the sink. At least she was eating.

As he walked towards their bedroom, where he had asked her for some space and watched her whole world break apart, his footsteps faltered. He could hear the sniffling coming from their room, and it automatically brought tears into his eyes.

She wasn’t aware of his presence, so she continued to sob into her pillow. It was when the bed dipped down at the side, that she knew she wasn’t alone. She didn’t know how to react, nor did she pick up her face from the pillow. When his warm hand found it’s way to her leg, she knew that this moment was real.


“Erin please look at me.” It took everything out of her to pick up the broken pieces, just like she has done countless of times, but she did and looked him dead in the eyes.

His heart broke when he saw her face. Her eyes and cheeks were pink and puffy, signalling that she had been crying for a while, probably since last night. His hands seemed to have a mind of it’s own, as they came up to her face and dried her cheeks. 

“Why’d you come back?” She didn’t want to sound as if she didn’t want him here, but regardless, her voice came out cold.

“Missed you at work today.”

She scoffed.

“Yeah, just needed a personal day.”

He held her hand as they stayed in each other’s presence in silence. Neither wanting to speak, just to be with each other. 

“You left me.” When she finally did speak, her voice was nothing but broken.


“I guess I shouldn’t even be complaining though, everyone me leaves at some point in my life. I should’ve known that you were too good to be true…”

The words hurt, and as she kept talking about him leaving, he couldn’t hold back the tears that were threatening to fall. 

“… I knew dating Jay Halstead would just-” She couldn’t finish her sentence before she felt his lips on hers, shushing her. She kissed him back, and savoured it, just in case she wouldn’t be able to be in this moment again.

“If you think I left because of you, you’re wrong.” He was breathless.

“That’s what they always say. Do you know how many times Bunny has said that to me?”

“But I’m not Bunny. Babe, I left because I’ve hurt you, a lot, and I can’t hurt you more than I already have.”

“But you never had the intention of telling me about you being married. Would you have ever told me about her if I didn’t find out she was texting you or if she dropped by the district?”

“Erin it’s not about her. When I was married to her, I told you I was in a bad place. I can barely remember anything about those times. And when I do remember it was because I was so hungover I was thinking that I was going to die. Coming back… it wasn’t easy.” He got choked up as he finished his sentence, mentally reliving the person he was when he got back.

“Jay… you know you can come to me and talk about it at any time. Bottling up feelings isn’t really healthy. Over the past 2 years now, I’ve learned to let you in, to let you help me. There’s nothing wrong to ask for help.” He took a deep breath out as she finished speaking.

“It’s not that easy Erin…” His voice was barely above a whisper. She sat up and cupped his face in her hands and placed a soft kiss on his forehead.

“I know… I know…” She moved her hands from his face towards his back as she pushed his head into her chest. She rubbed her hand up and down his back, hoping to bring him comfort, only to be heartbroken when she felt his tears wetting her shirt. She held him tight, making sure he didn’t fall apart, but maybe she had been too late. Maybe he waited too long to talk about it.

She lost track of time, not knowing how long they sat there, feeling each other’s breath of their skin, but she relaxed her grip a little when he stopped crying. She imitated his earlier moments and wiped his cheeks.

“Do you want to talk about it now?”

He smiled and nodded his head. She knew it took a lot out of him to become this vulnerable in front of her, letting himself breakdown and cry. But she would be there for him, no matter how high the walls he had built would be, because one day, those walls will be non-existent, and if need be, she’d pick up the pieces for him.  


Okay reading this again made me hate this piece even more… but whatever I took time out to write it so I’m posting it