her shirt is too tight too

the tunnel of love (erica/kira)

prompted by @bansheesalpha (i hope you like it; i am so sorry about the wait!!)

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Erica is nervous. Unnecessarily nervous. She’s been sitting in her underwear and trying to find something to wear for almost an hour now. Her date with Kira isn’t for another hour and a half, but Erica knows she has to find something to wear and do her makeup before she leaves.

With her palms sweating, Erica frowns and continues to sift through clothes. Everything is wrong. That dress is too tight, that skirt doesn’t match anything, that t-shirt is too stripy. She hears the clock ticking behind her and she lets out a sigh.

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We did have uniforms though, but it wasn't only the school's shirt. They tried to put a dress code and all, but most of our seniors that year were basically feminists and when they pulled a girl out of class bc her shorts were too short, everyone got outraged and they never tried it again lmao

We have a white shirt and grey skirt policy but neither can be tight like at all, and for PE we have shorts and a track pants option (only what school provides) but once they said my shorts were too short (aka halfway up my thigh is too short) and I felt offended af I wore track pants for 2 years after that basically I hate my school a lot and I’m glad I’m graduating in 2 months.

Feminist school sign me the heck up.


// Okay so as I’ve mentioned before, there’s a chance I’m gonna cosplay Yuuki Cross. You see, my friend has bought her day class outfit, but it was too tight for her and since I fit a size M, she instantly thought of letting me try it on. Once she has made the last repairs to it , it can be all mine for just €35,-! 

Okay, so I may have to buy the bow, white shirt, thigh highs, shoes and ultimately the wig myself, but at least she’s going to bring the thing to me (so no shipping!).

I’m so excited! I already put the money aside, and even went to the market today to get me a ribbon for the bow! It’s really shiny compared to the ones I’ve seen on other people’s cosplays… And a little thinner too, but I used the cover of first manga as as a reference when I bought it. At the end of the Night Class Side chapter, there was a useful reference for the uniforms and it stated that the ribbon should be 35 millimeters, which my ribbon is. 

This will be my first female fandom cosplay and my second fandom cosplay overal in FIVE. YEARS. 

So what do you think?

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7 and 25 for the oc meme!

Poppy likes dressing up in skirts and dresses, and usually pairs it up with a sweater. She has the simplest style out of all my ocs. She also likes to wear sandals a lot…

Aisling dresses mostly in black all the time, she dresses in more expensive stuff and is never seen with out heels on.. She hates tight clothes, so her shirts are flowy, but not too flowy if you know what I mean?

And I enjoy my ocs, because I like making up stories that goes with them! (They give me the excuse to draw random people all the time too ;)

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Faith being a thirteen year old girl felt it was unfair that all the girls clothes that the store sold for her age was full of glitter or was too tight for her. So she decided to do what most girls with older brothers do. She stole some of her older brothers clothes. Jeremy thought it was funny to see Faith trying to fit his too large jeans and helped her out getting some of his old clothes that would fit her better than him now. Faith was happy in comfy jeans that fit and her bro's t-shirts.


Easier to paint in too. :)