her shirt is too tight too

May 20

I was upset yesterday because I had realized I had been gaining a lot of weight lately, but I went to try on jeans for the first time in a week & I didn’t fit in the first three pairs I tried on. I think I’ve gained about five pounds in the last month (& about 40 pounds in a year!) I guess I need to go through my jeans & see what fits & what I need to go to Goodwill & replace. It’s frustrating, a lot of my shirts are way too tight too & it’s going to cost a lot to replace my whole wardrobe, even at Goodwill prices. And since I’m apparently just gonna keep gaining massive amounts of weight I probably will end up having to replace everything again UGGGGGGH I just wanna wear sweatpants all the time.

Got home from work & was lazing on the couch when Bandit attacked Layla because she looked at his bone. I grabbed her by the collar & lifted her up so she wouldn’t fight back & he lunged for her throat, she fell backwards onto me & my heel went right through one of my fat tailed gecko’s tanks. Thankfully it was the lazy one, so he stayed inside while I cleaned all the glass up & brought in another tank to replace it. Bandit had been pretty good lately about not fighting with her, but he is so sensitive about food & his bones.

I met Blaze & her mom downtown & we went to a Travis Tritt concert, it was more enjoyable than I expected considering I didn’t know any of his songs. He was a very good guitarist & he did a great Beatles cover. We went out for pizza afterwards, I didn’t get home till after midnight & then I slept for a zillion hours.

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Leans all SMUG onto the door frame. He's wearing, yes, one of her shirts. It's kind of short and small on him. Not flattering at all. FINGERGUNS. "It's a revenge from taking my shirt that one day." But he's loving this ugly sweater too much to let go, no matter how much it tickles his skin. {{ @ Eileen. :^)

WELP. He took her sweater. No matter how large they were, it still looked SMALL on him, tight on his skin. The color didn’t suit him at all, she thought with a small chuckle, hands on her hips, tilting her head. “…The sleeves are so short.” She points out, tugging on them, gently, not to worn it too much.

“Oh, well. I accept the revenge. But don’t think you can keep it.” a sweet smile to contrast his own, though her brows cocked to show her amusement, booping his chin. “Wear it for long so I can sleep with your scent when I’m away, okay? If this is a revenge, I’ll gladly accept it, dumdum.” 

Dallas She wants the D America's Team Men's Funny Football Cowboys Shirt Kraise by Shirt Kraise
Dallas She wants the D America’s Team Men’s Funny Football Cowboys Shirt Kraise by Shirt Kraise

b>Men’s Clothing – She likes the D T-shirt by Shirt Kraise -Guaranteed laughs- If you gave her the D then wear this tee Material: •100% Soft Style Cotton •Pre-Shrunk to ensure very minimal shrinkage Craftsmanship: •Made from high quality materials •Advanced Screen Printing ensures long lasting durability •Shirt Kraise Apparel is Designed & Made in California Quality: •Ink will NOT fade after one wash •Shirt will not fall apart during wash •No holes, rips, tears, or stains •Brand new from manufacturer with no defects Sizing: Classic fit – Not too tight, not too loose Classic Fit style tee measurements S size – Chest : 36′ / Length : 28′ M size – Chest : 40′ / Length : 29′ L size – Chest : 44′ / Length : 30′ XL size – Chest : 48′ / Length : 31′ 2XL size – Chest : 52′ / Length : 32′ 3XL size – Chest : 56′ / Length : 33′ -WARNING- even though she may want the D, you might want to ask your girlfriend if you can wear this next to her.

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100% Cotton,100% Navy cotton Adult men’s crew neck T-Shirt,Perfect funny boyfriend collectibles gift,Classic fit. Not too tight, not too loose.,High quality White Plastisol ink cured for lasting durability (Machine Washable),Original she wants the D design

Bought this for my boyfriend! It fit him perfectly! I think he looks amazing it it. And the color has held up for almost 6 months now… It’s that same dark perfect blue! He gets a lot of compliments on it!

I’m very unhappy with the shirt I just opened it and there’s a red and blue marks on it with what appears to be a bleach stain on it and the D in the star the material is messed up not a happy customer at all

This item was an early Christmas gift for my boyfriend who is a huge cowboys fan. He was in love with it and it fi perfectly. Also, the item came in a day before the expected arrival date, which was awesome. Definitely a 5 star experience with this product and seller!

Shirt was a hit!Fit perfectly and didn’t shrink in the washer. Great buy!

Spent a romantic evening with my love. I made him a gift basket with all sorts of stuff in it and I had this shirt on top!!! He absolutely loved it More Than Anything!! He says I made his weekend becuz he’s a DIE HaRd Cowboys Fan!!!

I hate that I had to give at least one star fire this item! I wore the shirt and washed it once, and most of the letters were washed away. Don’t waste your money!

shirt appears to have been worn and had red/blue marks on front…not happy with this purchase

This shirt is a Gildan brand ($4 at walmart) with a rolled on stamp style painted print. You can tell because on the bottom of the letters and star the ink fades. And the lines are blurry. Total crap quality for the price. Spend the same amount for much better quality on nfl.com

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I tried the shirt dress on Liz to see how the shirt pattern fitted on her. Liz is going to be the model for my 2nd outfit which is the shirt and trousers, however I am going to use the same pattern as I used of the shirt dress and just make it shorter and without the godets. The fit of the front and back of the shirt is fine, as I don’t want it too fitting due to the tight corset/waist coat that is going on top. 

The sleeve on Liz is too tight around the armhole and is also too short for her arms, even with a cuff. I will adjust these two by drawing lines on the toile, measuring and marking this on my pattern pieces to create new toile that will hopefully fit fine after these.

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I remember the Lindsey story too because he looked super hot in his tight red shirt, i won't forget those pics!! At the time the gossip sites named her "mysterious brunette" or something like that but his fans recognized her, i did too from when she was in Supernatural and his people came out denying saying they were just friends. Which i understand because she is married and looked bad. So i wonder the same, why not now? "recently single" still looks bad specially because of the timeline!!

Honestly when I saw those pictures it took me awhile to notice someone else in the picture… Those pictures made me speechless Hahahaha! So hot!!
Cmon Chris! I’m single! No need to worry about cheating rumors with me!!
An anon said that if anyone had to address this story it would be Jenny, and I have to agree. I still find it weird they announced their divorce since people barely knew who they were before all of this …
Dean’s tweet bugs me a bit. Is he saying he’s ok with the divorce, or that He’s ok that Jenny is with Chris?? What do you guys think???